Shyne Explains His Problems With Rick Ross & Diddy, Addresses His Voice Change

Shyne goes on a rant about why he has beef with Rick Ross and Diddy.

Shyne called in to Hot 97's Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg Show to go on a rant about Rick Ross and Diddy, as well as to address his voice change. To start out the interview, Po blasted Rick Ross for his new mixtape The Black Bar Mitzvah, stating that he has a problem with his Corrections Officer past and that Diddy told him that Ross took his whole style.

“Yo listen blood, homebody is a straight cornball, and I been saying that for a minute now. And one thing about Shyne Po, Shyne Po is consistent,” he said. “I always speak my mind. I just find it curious that when Shyne Po do his Judaism thing and I’m on my Israelite thing, dudes was taking shots and poking fun at that and now, fat boy is coming out with Black Bar Mitzvah. I have a lot of issues with him, but my most important issue is that to me, old boy is like Donnie Brasco. Dudes always say, he makes good music. It’s not about that. It’s about the integrity. Like blood, I have no problems with correctional officers. […] But if any of them CO’s would try to act like they was thugs or gangstas, I had no love for them because that’s not what they do. They civilians. So imagine Donnie Brasco, Sammy the Bull, coming out with an album talking about how gangster they are after they did what they did. My thing is, if you a cop, try to stay a cop.

"Black Bar Mitzvah was just basically another example of his pathetic behavior. He sound like me, Diddy told me that he took my whole style," he added.

He also addressed his reconciliation with Diddy and then his recent diss track towards the Bad Boy mogul. He states that he tried to mend fences with his former boss and wanted to do something to benefit minority youth, but that Puff never followed through and ended up being a "creep."

"He’s the ultimate creep, so creeps stick together. That’s why those two [Ross and Diddy] roll hard, because he’s the ultimate creep. Listen, I’m a gentleman. I try to have honor with everything that I do. So it’s not about Shyne being mad and Shyne hating. Proof of that is that I gave this creep the opportunity to redeem himself and correct the mistake that he knows that he made, that he’s expressed to me over and over again. But he’s a creep. He pretends to be sorry. Maybe he even wants to be sorry. But he’s so much of a creep, he just can’t find that part of himself. Like when he say God is great, I think he’s talking about himself. He thinks he’s God. He has no accountability," he said. "It wasn’t no make up. It was an opportunity, like I said. I reformed, I rehabilitated myself. Because if I was the old Shyne, a lot of these dudes wouldn’t be alive right now. My arm is long, I could touch them from Europe. But I’m retired, so I see things different. For me, when he reached out ot me and apologized, it was like, what can we do for young African-Americans and young Latin-Americans? How can we inspire them? How can I teach them something from the terrible example that I set for them by being a gang-banger, by being a gansgers? What can I do to fix that? […] I was looking for the opportunity to reconcile with old boy and do something with the babies.

"He didn’t keep his word for that. He not about that. He’s not about helping nobody but him. It’s about nobody but him," he said.

Finally, Po capped his rant by addressing his voice change, admitting that it sounded "terrible" when he first came out of prison but that being incarcerated was the cause of that.

"I admit that when I first came out of prison, my voice sounded terrible. I admit. This is another thing I'm trying to bring across. This is what happens when you go to prison for 10 years. This is real life, this is how it really goes. This is not one year and six months. And by the way, T.I. still ain't had a hit then. The jail thing is a serious thing. So imagine 10 years," he said. "So for 10 years, the way I'm talking to you now, I would never talk like this in prison. Right, because there's rats all over. There's people reading your lips all over. The point of prison is to get out of prison. So there's a lot of things I had to do in prison that I won't speak about and I'm not proud of, but I did that in a very humble and quiet way where nobody would know and I would never get in trouble because I would always contain myself."

"When I went to the studio, I didn't even realize I lost my voice. I sound dead. If you listen to that Gangland album right now, I don't care how you feel. You feel Shyne Po."

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  • cokobutta

    I meant creative!

  • Cokobutta

    RICK ROSS IS A FAT ASS FRAUD!!!! YEAH HE MAY BE CREATED, BUT I'M WITH SHYNE..... HE WAS ON THE OTHER SIDE!!! Plus it realllly irritates me that he tried to portray to these kids that he never had a job!!!! HE NEED TO GO SIT HIS FAKE ASS DOWN!!! EWWWUHH

  • Anonymous

    Shyne can't get any money until, he is allowed to enter the States.

  • Anonymous

    S.W.A.G srecretly, were, all, gay, yall provong it too!!! lil fukboys swag generation, go choke on a dick for hating on shynee, rick ross ugly ass fuk just cuz yall idolize fake people becuz yall are all fake to so you can relate!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    all yall hating on shyne obviously dont know shit becuz shynes a real as they come yall just GAY n lost

  • Anonymous

    fuk his wallet if real nigas aint eating becuz evryone dikriding the fake people n nigas turin against niggas cuz erryone fake n crazy.

    • Real History

      Cash Money Records was one of the most gangster record label and crew in New Orleans, so stop acting like they fake, because they trying to stay from putting murder hits out again. There ain't nothing wrong with cleaning up your life. That's what all the white gangsters did in the past.

  • realtalk

    funny how people who say ross is fake is only behind the computer. hint. 50 cent jeezy or none of these fools who claimed to say ross was fake has said this to his face on camera. the only person well people that did one of em isnt here today and the other dj vlad got fucked up for it.

  • Anonymous

    "Everybody who grew up during the Golden ERA of Rap knows that Ross is fake" The only real rapper used to be DMX and now he's a fucking crack head with no career. Ross may be fake, but fake is obviously paying off well for him.


    I never had a problem with Ross being a CO. I just didn't like that he denied it for a year straight..and he would avoid that question so much. I remember when he finally admitted it..he immediately followed his confession by saying "But I still sold keys"...cmon..trying so hard to prove that you was a dealer. A true dealer wouldn't do this. I don't mind if you play a character, but you have to step out of that role at times (i.e- in certain interviews). I've never seen Ross "drop the act". Not's annoying. Dude has great features and production.. Justice League is nuts. Have to check for those projects. He's an amazing actor.

  • BeatzGrymm

    This brotha is speaking the truth and these fuckin radio idiots are tryna clown him. Fuck the media... PERIOD!!!!

    • Decatur ATL BOI

      And I agree. What does shyne benefit from lying?, that's what you have to ask yourself. At the end of the day, Ross is fake and so is the majority of rap music. All I say is don't belive the hype. If you listen to music knowing that these dudes are lying, then good. You're smart. If you listen to music and think dude "Is about them streets" then you are ignorant and probably think that "Being about dem streets" is a fruitful life with a bright future. Unfortunatly I can tell you that 2,500,000 (million) people are incarcerated and another 5,000,000 are either on parole on probation. Not too bright huh?

    • MALIKX

      realtalkk smh thats why the gamefukkerx up cuz these dickriding fuckboyz.

  • milehighkid303

    Shyne AIN'T lying. Dudes street cred is THRU the roof. What's funny to me, is how much him and 50 dislike one another and YET they say the EXACT same thing about this FRAUD. Shyne spoke some real real stuff here, I miss the old days of him. Diddy is STILL a bitch too.

  • Anonymous

    Not too sure about the TI comment. Why go there? And I'm pretty sure TI's album hasn't dropped yet, so why bother? Shype Po, that name sucks!

  • Kyle

    ''How can I teach them something from the terrible example that I set for them by being a gang-banger, by being a gansgers?'' What kind of editor are you to ignore such a typo?

  • fuk da po po

    if shyne had not of lost his voice and just came out of jail not talking bout the jewish thing just rocking a hoody spitting gangster shit on sum M.O.P banging type beats he'd be one the biggest rappers around rite now shame he didnt do any of this

  • Brizz

    Shyne is absolutely right about this shit..dont get the talking in 3 person thou but hes on point.


    Ross was a C.O at the young age of 19 for ONE YEAR he dropped his first album around the age of 29-30 there is no record of employment from the 20 yr old kid to when he dropped his album... Thats 10 years people want to ignore and focus on the one year he had a job when he was a kid.. The IQ of us in the hip hop community is embarrassing.

    • Anonymous

      shut up u faggot ass dick ryder

    • Anonymous

      who cares if he lied. you would have condemned him either way

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    • SCAM

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    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      Correct to a point ... But don't forget this dude didn't man up and say yes i was a C/O he came out with some BS about best friend got locked up and b/f pops says join prison service ... And ross dropping it like he was on some I hustle this shit from the inside etc ... I think the lack of I.Q within the hip hop world is that a former prison officer can build a persona of being Pablo Escobar reincarnated and people fall for this ..B.S

  • Anonymous

    i am changing my mind about shyne a bit you just don t know his past really ok he shot a pistol in a club but the dude ain t that ghetto his father was/is the prime minister of belize how ghetto is that? and this jewish 'thing' hi think he is only doing that to show the US he is rehabilated and get back in the states again. i mean come on no sincere jew following judaism would talk like the way he talks and arguing that Ross is a fake thug etc he can rap a bit though shyne

    • Anonymous

      your way off point... shyne grew up with his ma in brooklyn.. dudes street cred is beyond reproach.. you notice any rapper who disses him never tries saying hes fake?? they know whats up..

  • Yamz

    Once you get past the voice change, 'Gangland' is actually a pretty decent project. His lyrical ability is far better that it used to be and the production is dope. You have to understand his point of view though, he sat in the box for almost a decade and Ross used to get pay checks for being on the other side of the fence. Ross is a complete fraud, but I guess music is just music to some people, hence fans being offended at a valid point. "How do I sleep? On a bed full of cash/ Until I'm in the grave, or the Federal max" - Frank Matthews

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea how Rick Ross gets away with the contradiction,makes no sense to me at all.

  • The one

    By The way....WHERE IS SHYNES JEWISH ACCENT...THAT SHIT Disappeared REAL quick..smh..

    • You're an idiot

      How would he have a Jewish accent? What exactly is a Jewish accent anyway? He practices Judaism fool, he isn't Jewish!

  • The one

    smh...Shyne is Fuckin Lame now...Dude Claimed the whole "THUG" image was a Gimmick created by all of a Sudden he sayin Ross Taking his STYLE??!?!??!?!!? REALLY?!?!?!?!?

  • Anonymous

    So ture.. listen up kids.. Shyne may suck at rapping but he is talking the truth!

  • Anonymous

    Nike look Shyne what the hell?

  • yachtbou

    ross is fake and wayne is gay yet 2pac used to strip as a back up dancer and was and a ballerina before he started catching bodies on deathrow. here is a photo, remove the spaces. http:// i1006.photobucket. com/albums/af185/face237/Picture20-4.png pac is the GOAT but the hypocrisy needs to stop

    • Anonymous

      Rick Ross was a C.O. and Wayne kisses his boss on the lips... Pac worked with Shock G and attended a prestigious arts school in Baltimore where he practiced dance. I don't see any comparison.

    • randy

      i wasnt even talking to you

    • P

      Sorry Randy, you should learn how to read..LOL! I never said the picture wasn't real, nor did I type any such argument. Please read again...LOL!

    • randy

      that picture is actually real. theres even footage in a 2pac dvd documentary, and pac even talks about it in his interview with bill bellemy. lol its disgusts you so much you swore it was fake but it acually real. that sucks bro.

    • P

      Your the same person. Dude your fucking loser...LOL! What a shame.

    • nzathedza

      Anon just killed you, you are a dumbass

    • P

      Don't try to point your mirror at me You on here talking about niggas school pictures; thats female shit. What you got his yearbook too? Wayne even kiss Baby on 106 and Park, it was so gay, camera man had to edit and turn the camera away because the show is targeted for teenage audience, not faggots. Just google it, its on youtube. And you don't want me to talk about Ross in cop uniform. And try to equate Pac with these corny ass gay niggas... get the fuck out here.

    • Anonymous

      Bro you are a fucking idiot. That is obviously photoshopped, its not even close you faggot. What do you do sit there and fantasize what all your favorite rappers would look like in g strings? What a pathetic life, trolling on boards to try to get a rise out of people on the internet and making gay fantasy photoshopped pictures. I feel bad for you bro. Its ok, someone will love you some day.

    • P

      Naw bitch, you just got bitch smacked. Put up Wayne and Ross rap sheet. Wayne and Ross ain't pop nobody. Pac is respected both on the mic and on street, you can't say the same about faggots ass Ross and Wayne. Talking about im loser cause I brought his rap-sheet; look at you faggot, your on here talking about his school pictures. .. get the fuck out of here. Bet you jerked off to that picture of Wayne kissing Baby..LOL!

    • Anonymous

      what kind of loser are you bragging about a nigga's criminal record. i can name 20 rappers with a worse "rap sheet" than pac. and since when does getting robbed and shot make you a real nigga? did pac die from getting shot over some petty bullshit? Is that real nigga shit? and since when does serving time for a fake rape charge give you stripes? unless you are suggesting he actually did do it? which would make him a piece of shit... way to ether yourself with your own dumb ass logic. and plus didnt wayne do more time than pac for that gun charge anyway? does that make him "realer"? what was your point again? oh that's right, you did have one... you were just changing the subject to shy away from that picture.

    • P

      Pac got a real rap-sheet (shot 2 cops, servied 5 shots, servered time in the pen) compared to those corney ass niggas that you listed.

  • Anonymous

    How did it change yours? Do tell!!!

  • tRiLLa

    rosay is a fake ass nigga. like the homie said, once 5-0, always the 5-0. police ass nigga don't rap about shit but food and cars anyway. you young niggaz feel that shit and thats whats really sad. yall need to start listening and stop hearing.



  • Anonymous

    radio has the most ignorant, stupid and basic people alive...

  • Ricky Rozay

    most of these rappers aint real niggas. Word, Nas bankrupt never was a drug runner, Lil Wayne aint no blood, Jeezy aint no BMF, 50 a snitch, Game a stripper, 2pac a ballerina. None of these niggas real you guys. If they was all real they all be dead now. Like it or not Ross is the new biggie. BAWSE!!!!!

  • Anonymous

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  • Ramelo

    He isn't making dope music anymore, but S/O to Shyne for just being a Stand Up Dude! He's right...the world has gone wrong b/c everything flip flopped. Bitch Ass Niggas & Hoes run the world right now...Just think for a minute about what I just said. Bitch Ass Niggas & Hoes run the world. Wake Up People..stop selling your soul for $ and just to fit in and be cool.

    • Anonymous

      Bitch ass niggas & hoes always ran the world, Puffy was a bitch ass nigga 13 years ago when he gave Shyne a record deal but it didn't seem to bother him much then.

  • ETK

    like it or not DIDDY IS A LEGEND. $550mil in the bank, got a classic rap album (NO WAY OUT) and made biggie famous

  • Acesun

    Everybody who grew up during the Golden ERA of Rap knows that Ross is fake. 95% of the Industry is fake, it's entertainment, but there are actually MC's who live that Life but most of those true ones aren't marketable, so they get over-looked by the fake ones who clearly don't live that life-style. Cmon grow a brain, if you was really pushing serious weight and bisquits do you really want to Rap about it on Wax? The HIPHOP Police is real and they watch all these clowns, do you think they could sell any narcotics and get away with it? Really? Even in 2012 with 'Big Brother' in the sky everywhere now? GTFOHWTBSSON. Test and Keep an iphone 5 visit:

    • nickrazor2000

      Shynes only album is far from classic. 2/5 at best. maybe 2 good songs. I dont like ross but shyne isnt much better. i think its sad what he is doing

    • Anonymous

      its clear yall dick riden faggots never listen to shyne.he had aclassic album and spit nasty bars that he lived out!!! have fun jerkin ur little dicks to mmg an ymcb albums keep swagger jackin fags

    • ricky

      agree with anon.

    • Styles

      I AGREE big homey! @ Acesun

    • Styles

      I AGREE big homey!

    • Anonymous

      We all know Ross is a fraud we've been over this a thousand times at least The point is Shyne is a horrible artist and nobody cares what he says or thinks because he aint relevant. His whole career he only made one good song and most people remember it best for Barrington Levy's hook then Shynes simple simon bars If Shyne hadn't shot somebody he would be irrelevant by now, and he keeps chiming in his 2 cents on everybodies business when he should be worried about making a record somebodies gonna give a fuck about, cause everything he dropped sine gettin out the bing ie EMBARRASSING

  • Anonymous

    i dont know what you want shyne its a new generation they the ones buying this bullshit. they dont care they will take good music over a real image.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this dumb hypocrite. I used to have mad respect for this dude but now I see hes a straight clown. LETS DO SOMETHING FOR THE KIDS LETS DO THIS FOR THE KIDS. then all of his music the only reason hes famous is based on telling gangland raps with violent content. Dont get me wrong I love all that type of shit but dont come out of prison saying you wanna do shit for the kids ant hen every track out has been about murder and dissing people and just typical gangsta shit. You clown, you aint foolin anyone. At this point Immortal technique has more credibility than you do

    • insanemacbeth

      the person above me's correct. ROSS doesn't business about JUDAISM; it's all about the money/ power that ROSS is referring to. whether that reference is accurate or not, is irrelevant!

    • Anonymous

      rick ross is wack, and he's obviously dickriding the rich jewish MFs running hollywood and CASINOS, but Shyne lame for THINKING Ross BITING HIS STYLE. I don't see Ross Rockin Yamacahs and Them curls nigga, he biting JEWISH MONEY, NOT RELIGION

  • Anonymous

    A BAR MITZ VAH?? ISn't THAT A RITUAL COMMENMORATING A JEWISH TEENAGERS' COMING OF AGE?? ROSS LIKE 35... and He Black... That Shit Makes No Sense CTFU!! #WackRApperzHaveNoCreativity

  • Fuck Shyne & His Family

    10 years sucking inmates' dicks must really change your voice, heh???

  • rt

    lil wayne swabbin spit with dudes again, but because his sponsorship is all over this website you wont hear about it here.

  • lol

    this dude took it up the booty hole. thats why he aint wanna talk bout it

  • SDK

    SHYNE 2012 >>>>>>>>>>ROSS

  • Anonymous

    Nigga aint nobody thinking bout your goofy potato pancake eating Jew ass, go the fuck on wit that bullshit You only relevant cause you shot somebody 12 years ago since you got out you aint put out one song anybody gave a fuck about, now you think you got "Beef" wit somebody it takes 2 people to have beef and nobody cares enough about you to beef back you stuck in another country and you don't sell shit you not relevant just go to temple and play wih your dradel fuckboi

  • Anonymous

    shyne is lieing his mom is not jew he just like the rest who go to jail an the time did him...

  • Anonymous

    shet up fool cut your hair off fool and they tired of you saying the same shit over an over.....get money bring good music an if you change ross gave you props co is a job fool i did ten years they are baby sisters get real....shyne get ya mind right

  • Anonymous

    "Ross is a fake, rap is a fake" You're ranting about a rapper who owes you nothing but some cheap entertainment value. If you don't like him or other artists that have been doing the same thing for years, don't listen.

  • Anonymous

    "Yo listen blood, homebody is a straight cornball" And Shyne, you look like a straight cornball. Don't hate on another man's hustle.

  • Anonymous


    • Bpayne

      Yo.. this dude ^ is prob telling the truth.. I spent about 10 years of my life in various Prisons and You get a Junebug to do shit for u.. like washing socks, washing yo draws.. cleaning your sneakers..shit like that.. so I believe dude when it come to that

    • ricki

      this guy is a fag u saying that he had men washing his drawers real men dont let men touch they drawers son...

  • epinz

    i feel what he sayin, but he contradicting himself too much... how u a jew now, but u still a blood?!?!? you rap about b'in a blood in your music and dissed 50 as soon as u got out. dont try to act all holy and shit but u still dabble in that bullshit...this ngga even showed ross love when he got out b4 he started dissin. i dont like ross and dont care bout puff, but how u gone sell out on them and u got you own issues

  • Anonymous

    Dude is telling the truth. Ross is a fake, rap is a fake. All these rappers do is talk about money and ho's. Fake sh*t. The only genre that talks exclusivly about money & ho's in 95% of it's artist's music. Fake Shi^. There is more going on out here than that. That's why Ross is fake. It's all money & Ho's....and skrimp. Shyne is right about that, everybody that is connecting to his music is connecting to soemthing fake. Music is not like a movie, music is organic, it should envoke your soul, but instead, you are being fed fakeness. I get that the beat knocks...o.k., then what? You got fakeness. The new formula for rap so that the puppets will by it is MONEY, HO's and Club rhetoric=HIT SINGLE. Dumbasses

    • Anonymous

      And your right, which is the exact reason I don't watch much t.v. becuase NBA wives and honey boo boo is for the ignorant. I'll watch the history channel instead. I choose to get a haircut becuase I don't want to have to pick my naps out everyday dude. Your argument is suspect at the very least. What's real is, you purchase or stream music, it changes your mood, you invest your feelings into it and at the end of the day it's about money and ho's. Tell me I'm wrong. Now, if all you like is money and ho's and the club then cool, that's you.That's your reality as distorted as that is, but I would much rather have music that I purchase to tell me something about the artist that I don't know, or expose me to something that I can grow from. Not money and Ho's all day everyday. Moderation is cool, but if you turn on any urban radio station between the hours of 6AM monday to 6AM's MONEY AND HO's. Can we that music should be more than that? Our music? Rap music? Hip Hip? Aren't we more than that? If not, then we are in worse shape than you and I thought. Peace.

    • Anonymous

      How can you say that its not like a movie and that it should "envoke your should" i think you meant evoke but how does film not evoke peoples souls? Think there is a reason why actors make more than rappers? Absolutely. You wanna break it down like that everything is fake. Money is fake, time is fake watching tv is bullshit because tv is fake, cologne is fake because you dont naturally smell like that. your hair cut is fake because your hair doesnt naturally grow like that, no need to style it, thats fake. Whats real and whats fake is all relative.

    • Anonymous

      Great points throughout....

    • Anonymous

      that true iagree with all shyne said cause that is most theses rappers do is spilt same stuff but diffent sound. whoever was born in 80s can understand where he was coming from.

    • Edubb

      Im glad there is at least one person on here who can break down what Shyne said beyond a 6th grade mentality.

  • Neon Voyce

    Real talk from a dude whos been in the backstage of the game


    Real shit, Rick Ross is fake as hell

  • Anonymous

    so basically he's saying he sucked dick...

    • Edubb

      You 2 internet love birds need to hook up and perform your fantasies on one another. How the fuck you get that out of what he was saying is beyond me. You muthafuckas really need to open your minds and look beyond the surface.

    • Anonymous

      yo thats exactly what i got out of his comment

  • Anonymous

    fuck this jew weird c**t

  • FlyQ The Anchor

    I know the artists usually suck posting tracks on message boards, and even I think its corny but I live in the middle of nowhere and gotta get exposure. any listens greatly appreciated

    • Anonymous

      the track is alright for a rookie. keep writing colonel sanders. also, add some pokemon sound effects.

    • Harry Fender

      youre decent. how long you been rapping? perhaps invest in a better mic and hook up with some local producers and create some stuff. follow your dreams man. dont let bitch niggas like the asshole above me let you give up of your goals just because they gave up on theirs. did. if i had listened to clowns like him i would hate my life and my job right now, but instead im happy with who i am and i driven. go for it man. people like him are projectors who never amounted to shit.

    • Anonymous

      Hell naw dude, stop trying to rap and get a job. Dudes still aspiring to rap?

  • Anonymous

    fuck shyne mehn.. make some hits if u can n stop all ur bitch ass rants

    • Edubb

      What was so bitch made about his so called rant. A rant is when a person just goes on and on about some dumb shit. What Shyne was talking about was some real shit.

  • TheTruth

    Shyne is just thinking, "Damn, Rick Ross's mixtape got 200k downloads in a day. And mine only got 55k in two weeks. I'll just bring up how he stole my Jew-swag for some free publicity for my mixtape in a sad attempt to make myself relevant."

    • Edubb

      Your one close minded son of a bitch. The interview was about more than downloads. You probably one of them fake ass cats who be bumpjn ross's shit. Wake the fuck up man and she the bigger picture you fuckin lil faggot.

  • AdebisiLives!

    No Shyne, it's only about the music, that's what it's always been about

  • Fart Knocker

    Slow your roll shyne. Your a holy man now... stick to holy things not gangster rap. In other words.... take your own fuckin advise.

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