Blackground Records CEO Barry Hankerson Clarifies Rumors Regarding Aaliyah's Posthumous LP

Aaliyah's uncle and the CEO of Blackground Records Barry Hankerson weighs in on the controversial LP.

Ever since it was first announced this past summer, fans have been divided over the upcoming posthumous release from the late Aaliyah. Now, in a recent interview with That Grape Juice, the man behind the album Barry Hankerson speaks on the controversial project.

Hankerson, who is the CEO of Blackground Records and uncle to the late singer, weighed in on the news of Timbaland, Missy Elliott and DMX's disapproval of the album. He said that it's unfortunate that they won't get on board with the LP, but said that he wanted to take her work in a new direction with Drake and Noah "40" Shebib. He added that they're still open to work with her past collaborators, citing Dame Dash's support as evidence.

"Due to circumstances, we can’t control the emotional toll of healing of her legacy like others," he said. "The intent is not to disrespect the family, nor do Blackground Records want to shed any bad light around Aaliyah’s legacy. We’d like to go in a different direction with the 16 tracks and have been more than open to work with past collaborators. So, Damon Dash – her ex fiance- is more than willing to assist Drake and Noah in producing the album."

Check out the full interview over at That Grape Juice.

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  • John Milton

    We would like to express our support for Mr. Barry Hankerson. And our respect's for the family of late Urban Icon Aaliyah. Best Regards. /The Independent Blog

  • C'mon Son

    Ur an idiot if you think Drake won't profit...niggga aint doin nothing for free..shiiit I wouldnt...but thats still not the point. judging off the last song..the quality is not Aaliyah level..its Drake sound with Aaliyah a fan I just want to hear her flavor...but then who cares..the music industry is a circus entertained and keep it moving!

  • Anonymous

    Some of yall sayin Drake and 40 are just trying to profit off of Aaliyah. stfu. Despite how you feel about drake and his music what is the one thing that EVERY artist and celebrity says about him? Hes polite and very respectful. I HIGHLY doubt that any of he profits will go to him or 40. Also its good to see that Henkerson came out to let people know that it was his idea to bring on drake and 40. So if any of you have any issues, send it to Henkerson

  • Anonymous

    10 filler/throwaway tracks with new production.

  • History

    R Kelly needs to do most of this album and then whoever else.

    • Raheem

      You do realise Aaliyah and R Kelly broke contact from each other straight after the first album? That wouldn't make any sense whatsoever.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. Especially that he is doing classical R&B lately, not that pop oriented bullshit. Say whatever you say, but Drake and 40 have taste for coherent music. So despite I'd still vote for R.Kelly and/or Timbo for being executive over Aalyiah' new album; but it won't be at wrong place under Drake's guidance. Still better than Chris Brown or any other random popstar ....

  • Anonymous

    mark my words, unless a theres a single or two, or 10 with drake, this album gonna go plywood. kids buying albums these days dont even remember who aalyiah was

    • DontKnowRnB

      First of all this comment above further confirms you know nothing about Aaliyah or her career. It was not dead before she passed so tread light on that topic. "Rock The Boat" was a hit and the last video shot for her album prior to passing away. How was she able to promote it? Her death shed a huge light on all her work. These new MF's comment without real knowledge of music history. Ashanti was not an entertainer Aaliyah was get it right. Reason why Ashanti is let me see not relevant today. GTFOH

    • Anonymous

      first off, aaliyah's music career was over by the time she died. her last album wasn't even top 10 in it's first week. it went number 1 after she died, but her, monica and brandy were on the downside. beyonce and ashanti had already taken over by then. however, aaliyah had a bright future in movies, but them albums wasn't hot no more.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • RC

    Just let our legends rest in peace already!!! Shame on drake & everybody that's ever tried to profit off our dead Hip-Hop/R&B legends. R.I.P. Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G, Big L, Big Pun, Aaliyah, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, Jam Master Jay, Ol' Dirty Bastard, J Dilla, GURU and every other beloved artist that's ever been pimped out after death just to turn over a profit. If you didn't collaborate with them while they were alive you have no buisness touching their shit in the afterlife nuff said!!

  • Anonymous

    Dame is broke - of course he's on board, he needs the $$$

    • Anonymous

      "And how would you know whether I'm broke or not? Keep up the ignorance!" the exact sane thing should be said about you and dame's finances. how can you sit tere and act like such a hypocrite calling other people ignorant. smh i hate the internet

    • Anonymous

      The young boy has $20 million liquid and counting. You need to figure out to get some money.

    • Anonymous

      And how would you know whether I'm broke or not? Keep up the ignorance!

    • TYBO2020


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