Kendrick Lamar Denies Leaving Chicago Listening Party

Kendrick Lamar denies reports that he cut short a listening party for "good kid, m.A.A.d city."

Reports surfaced last week that Kendrick Lamar stormed out of a Chicago Listening party for his debut studio album good kid, m.A.A.d city.

In a recent interview with, the West Coast emcee outright denied the claim.

"Who made that up?" he asked.

The question referred to Editor-in-Chief Andrew Barber's tweets on September 24 that indicated Kendrick played three songs, became angry "because everyone is talking... Pulls the plug on computer and dips. But not before Ab-Soul dissed the crowd[.]"

K. Dot denied any ill will toward Chicago. "Matter of fact - I hate Chicago? Stop it. Half my family's out there. That's like my second home. Get it right."

Watch the interview below:


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  • Anonymous

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  • eggs

    Love lamar, and his music so far. keep up the good work and u got my support. Peace

  • eggs

    my bad, didn't mean to say it like that. Just spewing shit. My fault

  • eggs

    He also refereed to NYC as his second home. hmm...

  • Anonymous

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  • Chicagobulls23

    Fuck all you muthafuckas dissin Chicago!!! Kendrick Loves the Chi! I was backstage with him and his family when he came thru I was lucky enough to have VIP Tickets. He would never have ILL feelings towards his 2nd home. So fuck yall muthafuckas

  • the DOC

    i swear the bigga kendrick gets the more haters he get...fuck yall bitch made niggAz yall see this is real hip hop..I cant fuck with yall Pussy Ass Hoe NIggAz..industry of counterfits. Takin off when you landin...aint nothin gunna happen soon for YaLL

  • Anonymous

    It's saying something when people would rather talk than listen to him premiering music. Find a more fan friendly venue in say L.A. or New York.

  • Facao Central

    Anyone bought Xzibit's new album?

  • Anonymous

    probably did happen ... intricate rappers like Kendrick cannot have listening parties. Especially in Chicago of all places. I don't blame him if it he did leave.

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick Lamar denies taking a shit at Dr. Dre's bathroom.

  • Nat

    He definitely DID leave the listening party and there were indeed hateful words said on that mic. #truestory #witness

  • Anonymous

    but he didnt denie that nobody was listening why would this guy try write the best lyrics when he can shit all and get away with it

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  • ghf

    fakeshore drive, really?

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