Tyga Opines On G.O.O.D. Music Vs. YMCMB & Drake Vs. Chris Brown

Tyga gives his take on his camp's beef with Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music, as well as the spat between Drake and Chris Brown.

Hip Hop has often been likened to a competitive sport, primarily because of its roots in battling.

However, Young Money's Tyga doesn't see it that way. "I don’t really don’t be paying attention to everybody else’s stuff," said the rapper in an interview with Complex. "Like I said, if it doesn’t appeal to me, if it doesn’t appeal to my lifestyle, I don’t really care to look at it. It just doesn’t matter to me."

Naturally, the conversation led to Young Money vs. G.O.O.D. Music, with Lil Wayne and Drake having their issues with the latter's Pusha T. "That shit is stupid," said Tyga bluntly. "That’s just what people want to see. It's entertainment. They can say whatever they want to say because they want to see these things happen. It’s like boxing. People are egging on Mayweather and Pacquiao. 'I don’t care how them niggas feel. I want to see them fight.'"

"That’s the same thing with music," he continued. "That’s how the fans feel. Everybody wants to start beef with people. You could be sitting right next to the nigga, having a conversation, and if they feel like they want to pull something, they'll say that you got beef with him."  

Tyga expressed a similar sentiment regarding the Chris Brown and Drake beef. "I think it’s wack. I don’t think it creates anything positive. Don’t worry about the little shit. Everybody’s rich. Why do you gotta worry about it? I can only speak as a fan and a friend. I can’t really say much about that."

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  • Damn Shame

    Wow. Bitching about music on a website instead of listening to the music that you like. We got a long way to go...

  • Miss Solo Dolo

    check out my Australian friends stuff he is pretty talented! :) And He is AUSSIE x x https://www.facebook.com/TT88875?ref=ts&fref=ts

  • benben178

    Man first off, I would like to say G.O.O.D Music is good I listen to them but it seems like they so stuck up man thats my problem with them. Young I'm a fan of Drake he is my favorite I mean YMCMB are not the greatest label but they are exceptional, but thing that everybody likes bout YM is that they real they don't try to be fake, Lil wayne is talented cause he has done more than one style, Nicki Minaj is one female rapper that finally sounds different, Drake is a rapper who adds emotion to his music, Tyga has a cool flow, I could go on cause YM has just about performed with every label somehow GM was Big Sean, MMG basically all of the artist and drake is making an album with Rick Ross, Grand Hustle B.O.B and T.I., and to top that they have brought legends back when people have almost forgot about them, I havent seen G.O.O.D do that yet. and if you try saying Common stfu please tell me why he left GM and 2 chainz joined, and why Kanye was on a stupid immature song like The Birthday Song if Yeezy is suppose to be so great. frankly almost everybody has some form of thanks to YMCMB in the Hip Hop world. I have never seen such achievements ever in the hip hop world. These people are the best selling. I'm not the biggest fan in YMCMB I'm a MMG guy (Drake Is my favorite rapper though) But I respect YM like somone said earlier YM has been in more beefs than GM. So all I have to say is GM better change their attitude if they want to get somewhere cause frankly the only 2 who are making it is Big sean, and 2 chainz.

  • Anonymous

    fuck these fags wayne on you tube kiisin some stevie j faggot these kids is lost

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    Does this wack wannabe thug muthafucka even know what opine means. Wack ass label. ymcmb and mmg are a waste of fucking space.

  • Anonymous

    YMCMB is wack as hell.

  • Ricky Rozay

    most of these rappers aint real niggas. Word, Nas bankrupt never was a drug runner, Lil Wayne aint no blood, Jeezy aint no BMF, 50 a snitch, Game a stripper, 2pac a ballerina. None of these niggas real you guys. If they was all real they all be dead now. Like it or not Ross is the new biggie. BAWSE!!!!!

  • BOY

    G.O.O.D Music aint SHIT but a bunch of OLD ASS NIGGAS waaaay past their fuckin prime! Common's bald is IRRELEVANT. Pusha T gets ZERO listens, only niggas this nigga attracts are OLD BITTER so called "Hip Hop heads". Kanye is a skirt wearing FAGGOT and Cyhi? HA!!!! Big Sean is the only good one. He made a song with the KIGN of HIP HOP Weezy F. Baby. YMCMB runs circles around this fuckin G.A.Y Music group YMCMB!

  • Anonymous

    slaughterhouse is better than both... by far. oh, slaughterhouse flopped? these guys sell more? then you're just admiting eminems better than all of them cause he sold the most.

  • Anonymous

    "really? cus rack city didn't sell anything?" Not enough to make him rich.

  • Anonymous

    This guys signed to one nigga whos signed to another whos signed to three niggas now thats fucked up

    • BOY

      Shut your ignorant ass up fool. Pusha is signed to Kanye and Ye is signed to Jay Z and Hov is signed to some other niggas so YOU and PUSHA "Faggot" T are gay as fuck! YMCMB!

  • ?

    I wonder if Tyga knows that his crew is the one that appeals to children and young women.

  • PuCho

    Them niggas ain't dying for you

  • Anonymous

    GM vs YMCA Dope shit vs Wack shit Talent vs No talent Rappers vs Hypes MC's vs ... Good vs Evi.......nah.....tey ain't evil YMCA ar a bunch of huggin' teddybears Cause they never want to battle, and you know why? Cause they can't win those type of things, that's whatsup! They always say that it fucks up the money, wich sounds reasonable Let them enjoy this wack rappers/beats momentum that's going on in Hip Hop right now It wl die out ((fore the sake of this culture)...it must die out And the best way to do this, is to battle them into the ground Not just a few rappers need to do this, they have to make a movement Kill all that weak/wack/non-Hip Hop bullshit They (wack rappers) can join the Euro-Dance movement Cause they like it anyway..

    • wow

      Anonymouses 2 and 3 are a bunch of stupid ass YM stans with no valid argument.

    • Anonymous

      Part of me shakes my head at drake not responding to commons stay schemin but the other part of me understands the way shit works. With drake being a big time star, any time that he spends dissing anyone is only gonna bring attention to that person. And speaking of Common, i wonder why common doesnt get the rick ross treatment by the bloggers even though he did the same thing. They asked him was sweet aimed at drake and he said no. Then he comes out and says yes. Ross did the exact same thing. Beanie sigel cant even be used cus a year later hes appologizing saying hes a fan of drakes DMX came out sayin he didnt like drakes face, the way he dresses, and the way he walks. Thats some suspect shit that 90% of bloggers have let slide but if drake had said the same thing yall wouldve called him gay in a quickness. And honestly i dont think Drake even heard Royces freestyle. I like royce and i havent even heard it. And pusha saying ghoulish was garbage is no excuse. Eminem STILL went at benzino and ja after wack ass disses and Em is battle certified AND a commercial success. What makes pusha better for not responding?

    • PuCho

      Pusha said that ghoulish was trash and wasn't good enough to respond to, and lets be honest it really was trash. Wayne made himself look suspect when he said "His head up his ass, I'mma have to head-butt him". Now back to drake,when Common dropped sweet drake spit some subliminal shit on stay schemin. But when Common responded with stay schemin remix calling out drake what did drake do ? He did the bitch move and not respond. So at the end of the day one is left looking suspect and the other a bitch ass pussy. Oh and lets not forget all the other times drake has been called out. You know from beanie sigel, to DMX, and Royce Da 5'9 freestyle on over.

    • Anonymous

      Im just gonna play devils advocate. If GOOD was the ones that wouldve battled then why have NONE of them but common actually said a name on a track? Wayne came out right and said FUCK PUSHA T AND ANYBODY THAT LOVE HIM. Not only did pusha not respond but NOBODY on good spoke on it. You called GOOD MCs but part of bein an MC is battling other artist. If things had been reversed, yall would be callin wayne a pussy for not responding but since its an artist you like you give him a pass am i right? And let me speak more on pusha t. the first time everyone thought pusha was goin at drake was the dreams money can buy freestyle. Drake said he didnt hear a diss, but if pusha was actually dissing him, to make his disses a little more clear, basically saying "say my name on a track". Pusha put out Exodus which had more subliminals. Now if Drake calls you out by saying "make your disses a little more clearer" and you respond with another subliminal, doesnt that make pusha a pussy? and speaking of battles, other than Common, who on GOOD has battled ANYONE? NO ONE. End of story. Before Drake was signed he had diss songs against another rapper named Aristo. Jae Millz used to battle rap and so did Gudda. Thats already 3 people that have went at it on records with other artists. GOOD can only say that about one artist. Also, there wont be any dying out because hip hop is constantly evolving. Everybody has a lane. You got your conscious rappers, backpack rappers, trap rappers, pop rappers, gangsta rappers, etc etc. You cant have good without bad. Thats just what it is. Some of yall gotta learn not to let your hate for an artist or group cloud your logic.

  • what?

    "Everybody's rich" apparently "everybody" on the YM team except for Bow Wow is rich. Get's me thinking, how paid are these fools when a dude like Bow Wow can only be making 4K a month a YMCM, dude sucks ass but he still gets more publicity then 80% of the YMCM team....

  • Anonymous

    "Everybodys rich" Drake and Chris Brown are rich. You aren't Tyga.

  • killah_casp

    since when is young money vs G.O.O.D anything but a publicity stunt i feel sorry for tyga cos his young and been roped into the fakest label in hip hop honestly pusha and drake are both pussys that talk a big game but don't follow what they say chris brown is wack hes trying to be G but beats woman and co-operates with cops. this so called "beef" is sad non off these cats are down for no violence so why the hell is this shit being pushed in are faces like its new east vs west? its sad how clowns who worry about breaking nails and ruining there hair are bigged up for talking shit on camera when they aint doin no street shit period. how hip hop has fallen : (

  • Anonymous

    i mean seriously why post this fags opinion?

    • BOY

      ^ How do you know God aint real you dumbfuck!? You think its cool to not believe in God? You think its trendy and according to you youre using logic? HA! Send me a letter from HELL when you see Almighty Allah judging your bitch ass YMCMB!

    • Anonymous

      What? Thanking magical sky gods? Yeah he sounds real smart.

    • URANTIA2

      cause "tyga" stands for 'Thank You God Always"....so it's very likely that he sees the bigger picture, and they obviously asked him cause he's a part of a young money troll

  • c

    Fuck this bitch made ni99a!! He look like a bitch!

    • tgod

      well all of them have someone important such kanye making it real big in his label as for lil wanye, well all of ymcmb could of suk dick cuz he made the label huge with his platinum album carter 3 and without that album ymcmb wouldnt have enough money to buy nicki,or drake nd purhaps drake and nicki would of suk each others d*** and as for other labels well they have their own artist that made them big....so wat im trying to say is that all labels are unique becuz for their artist anyways why the fuk are yall talking about this type of music fukin suk anyways although every once an a while good music come and go

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