Pete Rock & CL Smooth To Go On Tour In London

Pete Rock & CL Smooth rejoin forces to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their album "Mecca and the Soul Brother."

Pete Rock & CL Smooth's reunion is a work in progress, but it is moving along.

The duo has announced that it will reunite in London in celebration of the 20th anniversary of their album, Mecca and the Soul Brother.

Rock and Smooth announced in December 2011, during a performance, that a new album was in the works. A new album would be their first in 18 years.

The London performances will take place on October 28-30 in the city's Jazz Cafe.

There is currently no indication whether the tour will feature new material, or will focus on Mecca and the Soul Brother.

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  • Anonymous

    Pete Rock and CL Smooth were never on the same page as Dre, thus they shouldn't toute stuff knowing full well they're has been's.

    • Anonymous

      has been nigga you crazy to this day you put on one of dr dre song and put on one of pete rock and cl smooth, bet you pete rock and cl song got more and better meaning that dr dre, straight it up nigga

  • Anonymous

    "that a new album was in the works" It's going to be 2013 in a minute and no album. Why do rappers announce things knowing it probably won't happen?

  • Anonymous

    DAMN Don't forget to drop by in the Netherlands!!! I like both of em, but Pete Rock is a Icon/Legend to me Really nead to see them perform all those classic joints they got Dope

    • Eddy

      @fuckthenetherlands you have no clue youngster! Deams for example made The Legacy 2 years back! Premier, Chuck D and f.e. BDK are jumping on his albums out of friendship and respect!

    • Fuck The Netherlands

      No rapper looking out for a country filled with weedheads. The only Dutch rapper worth mentioning is Cilvaringz, one of Wu Tang's many weed carriers. You people try too hard to be black. Must be the ganja.

  • dentaldamboy

    These washed up niggas have to tour in England because no one in America gives a shit about them anymore. You know you've fallen off when you have to tour exclusively in Europe, and America don't show you love no more. Lil Wayne on the other hand gets love in America and is the greatest rapper of all time, alongside Baby, Juvenile, Mannie Fresh and Nas.

  • GregRodgers

    It would be good to see a new album from these two...but they are like a bad marriage..make up to break up. Act like grown men and get this ish done son!

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