Q-Tip Says His LP "The Last Zulu" Will Be "Lyrical" & "Street," Clarifies Kanye West's Involvement

Q-Tip sheds light on what his next album will sound like, saying he is bringing that "boom bap, unrelenting, lyrical, thoughtful, edgy, street" vibe for "The Last Zulu."

Although Q-Tip is now affiliated with Kanye West and his G.O.O.D. Music camp, Tip is making it known that his next album will be indicative of who he is. When Vibe asked Tip about the perception that his next album would be "all Kanye," he replied by explaining what his next album, The Last Zulu, will sound like.  

"It's gonna be me, straight up and down," he said. "That's the thing about [Kanye West]. He respect me. I respect him. We all know what it is. I'm coming with that boom bap, unrelenting, lyrical, thoughtful, edgy, street...I'm really excited about it. It's gonna be called The Last Zulu." 

Tip also opened up about "I Want to Thank You," a song he did with Busta Rhymes recently. He asked fans to start a petition to make it Busta's next single and he explained that the song is "crazy." 

"Let me tell y'all about this song I did with Busta Rhymes. It's called 'I Want to Thank You.'...The record is crazy." 

More from the interview can be seen below.

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  • Epic

    Dear Q-Tip. You know what would be great to see on your album? A Phife Dawg feature! A track on a Q-Tip album that gives them taste of tribe. We're not asking for a tribe album here, just a tribe nod. Similar to when a Talib Kweli song features Mos Def or vice versa. It becomes the one track that makes fans say oh sh**! Like if DJ Premier would have gotten one last track with Guru (R.I.P.)...or if Phonte dropped a track featuring Big Pooh and 9th out of nowhere. The surprise factor would be crazy.

  • Tricckzta

    "Qtip da gawd" What language is that???

  • Kaamal the abstract

    The BOOM THE BIP...The BOOM BIP...

  • Kilobravo

    The man that coined the phrase "Industry rule # 480...record company people are shaaaadddyyy"! My ni99a!

  • Anonymous

    "this right here is YOUR favorite rapper's favorite rapper" Drake has never said anything about liking Q Tip.

  • Anonymous

    "I'm coming with that boom bap, unrelenting, lyrical, thoughtful, edgy, street" For a second I thought he was referring to Drake's last album.

  • Anonymous

    hopefully phife dawg is featured on it. would love to hear a new a tribe called quest album

  • Anonymous

    title "the last zulu" makes me sad... rip A TRIBE CALLED QUEST rip DE LA SOUL rip JUNGLE BROTHERS

  • Greasy G

    What about The Renaissance though? Great album, huh? Excited for the new one...

  • The_Observer

    What happened to Q-Tip, Nas & Common as The Standard?

  • So Icy Boi!

    lol Lil Wayne raps betta and T-Minus makes hotter beats den diz old ass zulu nigga. lmao. Q-Tip is disgrace to moern hip hop. Lil Wayne saved hip hop. swag

    • ITrollonYou

      Dudes a troll along with his buddy Yessir. Everyone feeds into it and that's what these douches want.

    • Anonymous

      i swear this so icy boi is fucking retarded. Yeah Lil Wayne saved hip hop and YMCMB are gods of rap. riiiiiggght learn about some real hip hop. lil wayne is a disgrace to hip hop with his fucking tight ass leopard pants. he just seems "good" because stupid fucks like yourself accept the garbage he puts out and now everyone else is doing it. all you need is a beat and a catchy hook thats all nowadays.

    • nickrazor2000

      Nah, Scratch that, Q-Tip Is a Pioneer and a legend Who was makin hits when you were just a nutt stain in your moms panties and you and wayne are disgraces to hip hop. learn to spell you faggot ass troll

  • winterwarz

    this album is gonna be fire. check it kids, this right here is YOUR favorite rapper's favorite rapper AND your favorite producer's favorite producer. this man is a legend, responsible for the sounds of Ye, Pharrel, and more. a classic in the making, can't wait for this album!

  • ...

    Take a good look people/fans/haters/trolls there's a living legend right there.

    • Anonymous

      like Diane said I am alarmed that someone can get paid $9751 in a few weeks on the internet. did you see this site link (Click on menu Home more information) http://goo.gl/v65h6

  • update u

    Q-tip is outdated, hip hop washed up with his shit, aotp, chino xl, ft, sean price...get up to date with your shit, q-tip is STRAIGHT GARBAGE

    • KingTut

      Howz about you wash up for a change? Your view is gabbage and you stink

    • ol cheezy mcburger9

      translation:: Q-tip has linked with some fine fellows...is reconnecting and inputting some relevant history in the contemporay hip hop context...and hitting some shit downtown [rather than being your roomy in a ghetto rubbish bin]...

  • Dashing

    That's cool Tip does not NEED Kanye. He should keep doing him. I think some Kanye assists here and there would be cool, but let's not forget that Q-Tip was the man behind all of Tribe's classics, conceptually and production-wise. He's gonna have some fire. Can't wait to hear it.

  • Mike1

    is this gonna be his LAST album?

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