Gunplay Says He'll Never Reconcile With 50 Cent

Gunplay also says that he's unsure if 50 Cent threw a punch during their fight.

During last weekend's BET Hip-Hop Awards taping, Gunplay and 50 Cent's G-Unit got into it, with the Maybach Music Group rapper going head-to-head with Fif's crew. To set the record straight, Gunplay called Hot 97's Cipha Sounds, Peter Rosenberg and K. Foxx to discuss the incident, stating that he wasn't sure if Fiddy threw a punch during the melee.

"I saw the little guy with a bunch of big guys and no words were said. Once I saw him and he saw me, we knew what it was. I laced my boots up and got to it, that's it," he said. "I don't know, he's so small I didn't see him do nothing. He's a little guy. He's like 3'2. Everybody was over him, so I couldn't really see him. It's nothing. I've been through it before, and now I'm ready to hit y'all with this music."

He insisted that he would never reconcile with 50 and says that once he has beef with someone, it's forever. "Ah nah, I don't shake hands. Never, never, never. I never shook hands with anybody. I got beef with kids in elementary school and if I see 'em now, I'ma jump 'em," he explained. "[Rick Ross] was laughing, like, 'Looking good out there little bro.'"

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  • who gives a fuck?

    And as we speak I'm sure 50 is getting ready to...not care.

  • Anonymous

    "fif would whoop everybody in the rap game!!!!!" Wale would drop him with one punch.


    hahahahah he says 50 is a little guy...I NEVER heard somebody say that...fif would whoop everybodys ass in the rap game!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I like the part where he holds grudges like a 15 year old girl.

  • G-Unit hide behind cops

    Clowns like G-Unit soldier proppin their boss who entourage was off duty cops and security?Where they do that it?

  • triPAUD

    I don't know who he is, but just the way he talks, he's full of shit.

  • Anonymous

    you'd think they were little girls..

  • Anonymous

    well i bet 50 don't give a fuck about reconciling with gunplay

  • kyle

    whats retarded is he tries to make 50 look like a bitch for walking with an entourage, yet when hes questioned if ross was alright from his altercation he goes on to say "yeah yeah you can just walk up on the boss like that" like what the fuck did he expect was gonna happen to him if he walked up on a bigger boss than that fat fuck ross

    • Chi Town Bound

      @Anon 50 was the one that threw the first punch, and clearly, got into the mix. Not to mention he's a big ass dude, what makes you think he's scared of a walking toothpick like Gunplay?

    • Anonymous

      exactly, but he say 50 was scared hiding behind his security LOL video shows 50 getting it in

  • >_

    "One second i saw him, then i was in the fucking hair getting tossed into a fucking fence. BUT U CANT KEEP A CRACKHEAD DOWN!

  • G-Unitsoldier

    A bunch of big guys? Yay,Kidd,two others same height and Mike, there was one big guy. Wrong place wrong time. Got tossed like a Ragdoll is right... What happened was expected.

  • Tony yayo

    He making me look like a 5 mic rapper....smh

  • what a crackhead

    These dj's are laughing at his high ass throughout this clip...he so gone he can't see it

  • Anonymous

    Gunplay is so wack. His voice is annoying and his flow is pathetic. He should not even be a part of hip hop let alone get all this attention!

  • Gunplay

    Who the fuck does Gunplay think he is? He should not even be part of MMG and he should not have even been at the awards or in the rap game. His flow is wack and his voice is so fuckin annoying LOL. Fuckin faggot ass fake rapper, stick to being a hard drug user!

  • suckerpunch

    They should have ended your pitiful career and stop embarrassing yourself dumb dope head fuck

  • Real

    Dat fuck bwoy does not rep florida he need to rep AA and think about it or he going be a stat out here and who would even care lol

  • g-unit solider

    if the 2nd vid came out this mother-f would have never been talking like this. He booked all his interviews ASAP before the full footage was released. Hollywood ass n-

  • FGP

    Gun Play is wack that fag running round cause he sucking ross dick. Make black people look silly when they got the shine

  • Anonymous

    Pussy ass Gunplay got his ass handed to him, then runs over after they spread out as if he wants more. Fool lol

  • Murti

    Ok, since people are talking like they know what was happening. I was there, the nigga Gunplay, huge nigga, saw 50, ran up on him expecting to get a one on one. the unit security obviously wasn't letting it happen. This wasn't a scrap it was security doing what they do, Gunplay is hard, but at a place like the BET awards the enviornment isnt like that 50 wasn't about to get involved, on the same not Gunplay was ignorrant to think that he could get that close. STORY CLOSED

  • 617

    i respect dude for folding thumbs and fighting like a man but then he opens his mouth and loses it all

  • Anonymous

    he has beef forever which means he's a demon haha

  • Anonymous

    genuineness! if dont Reconcile you live forever! ;)

  • Anonymous

    how in the fuck is 50 lil?

  • Anonymous

    And idc if Gunplay got beat up its all about respect and 5 niggas on 1 is not respectable.

  • Anonymous

    Yuu Joo Mayne nigga your a pussy ass bitch. Do you know how to fight one on one not one on five. Your a pussy nigga who thinks jumping people makes you look badass. It makes you weaker and Gunplay still got up after all those shots he never laid down and took the beating something your ass doesn't know how to do after fif is beating your bitchass.

  • ummmm..

    Itz awww act uzzzz fuckzzzz thiz dudezzz mad corneeeezzzzz and MmG and Gunit both bite awwwww COX SWOLLAAAAAZZZZ!!!!!!!D.I.T.C or BOMB SQUAD AND REAL RAP SHIT AND HIP HOP SHIT NEVER DID THIZ FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!BDP AND JUICE CREW FEUD WAS MIC HANDLING AND BEATS SOUND SYSTEMS!!!!!!!!SHIT OTHER THEN GUNPLAY AND 50 cent piece!!!!Old head out fackin funkin jokerzzzz!!!

  • Edubb

    After getting beat the fuck up like that I wouldnt want to reconcile either. Whoever this gunplay dude is he need to quit cause he got an old fashioned beat down fo real!!Also you cats on here tryin to defend this dude just cause you dont like 50 are just as sad as he is. The video does not lie this gunplay cat got his ass whooped.


    okay gunplay...soooo lemme get this straight... u saw the "little guy" and went at it...but you dont know if he hit you? riiight... lol the way the media has been mocking this fool makes him look more of a fool than that 2nd worldstar video lol... "The ambulance asked me if I wanna go to the hospital...." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay gunplay...if you so G, why was you the only one in the AMBULANCE getting treated? You can even hear Yayo beatin the shit outta gunplay in that 2nd video too...this dude is DELUSIONAL man lol...

  • jimmy

    ok so if u watch the video gunplay gets manhandled, and then gets up and attacks a pepper sprayed mike knox, the people commenting in the video say he tried to hit 50 and run, he got what he deserved if thats the case "gunplays a real nigga" well considering how much coke he does he probably didnt feel the pain till the next morning

  • Anonymous

    MMG stay losing, Jeezy won against Officer Ricky, G-Unit beat the shit outta Gayplay

  • Anonymous

    why would 50 have to do with such a crackhead, 50 is gettin MMG stay losing, S/O to Meek Mill he's nice

  • Anonymous

    HADOUKEN, peep this gunplay gif of him soaring through the air

  • Anonymous

    gayplay joke of the year 50 cent will kick ur fuckin ass

  • Anonymous

    Gunplay got that ass Watch it here at:

  • Anonymous

    50 got the same size of mike tyson

  • Anonymous

    Gun Play represented himself like a real man of respect. He should be proud of the fact that he didn't run from 5 much bigger men.

    • CommonSenseYouNeedSome?

      The nigga tried to sneak punch 50,so he got what he deserved if 50 tried to sneak punch Ross with Gunplay and his bodyguards the same shit would have happened to 50. Niggas always taking sides with the one they like right or wrong.Dumb

    • Anonymous

      he got his ass saved by the security and cops, only reason he isnt in critical condition or a coma he needs to send those guards that broke it up some flowers and a hallmark card because it would have been over for him after 1 more minute

    • GOTCHA

      L M A O maaaan please...dude got tossed like a javelin get off the bullshit man lol...

    • newyork

      I agree, dude surprised me... I actualy have more repsect for him now..its nothing 50 or mike knoxx can say now the whole world seen mike get beat they were surposed to kill/beat gunplayn into a death.... they lost..why 50cent wasting his time on little gunplay????? he needs to worry why all his singles never touch the charts... that song new day been out a month..go on Ross got like 8 songs on rotation

  • DAA

    LMAO go on worldstar and look at the new video, gunplay got his ass whooped and they stole his chain. 50 tweeted "Jeezy got birthday coming up OCT12 can you guess what I'm a give him fool? SMSaudio"

  • 909 here the footage of this guy

  • jonny

    5 on one?gunplay did well he was still standing at the end and dropped one of 50s goons they left behind? did no1 else see that i dunno about anyone else but a skinny dude like that 5 guys should of left him on the ground

  • Anonymous

    this crackhead faggot talkin that shit hahahah 3'2? nigga 50 is around 6'0 is not mistaken fuck this junkie anyway

  • Gunplay = FAG

    Look in the new video ... gunplay got fuckes like a little girl :D

    • S6BOY

      "flying through the air like that dog from Never Ending Story" hahahahaha thats the funniest shit I've ever read!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      g-unit gave gunplay the fucking hadouken!!!! the junkie flying through the air like that dog from the never ending story

  • Anonymous

    nobody gives a fuck you crackhead homeless looking heroin loving faggot.

  • Anonymous

    This cokehead is funny.

  • planbcirca

    This nigga snorts entirely too much crack.

  • Anonymous

    yall gotta see the new footage on worldstar they def handed him a beating but it was over in less than a minute

  • Anonymous

    If it wasn't for the steroids 50 would look small.

  • Humz

    All of this guys interviews lately just show he's such a newbie to the game... Over time he'll mature... or he'll get killed before he gets to.

  • pintom33

    He doin what anydody wud do. If 5 niggaz jump you, run to the media and make the shit seem trivial. Thats all hes got and personally I agree with his stance. What is he gone do? 50 got way more money to PAY a crew of niggas to go at him. Money is power aint know two ways around that. Hes gotta strap up his laces and keep goin. If Mike Knox knock em out 1 on 1 then he shud shut the fuck up, but gettin yo ass whooped by 5 niggas is not a reason to hide. It happens everyday in my hood(Oakland Ca) and every other hood. He playing politician "see which lie sounds the best" mine or theirs. Smart move.

  • Anonymous

    Gunplay only thought he seen 50 Cent. he was knocked into confusion. dazed n*gga.

  • 2012 Niggas Are Soft

    Let use common sense here. 5 on 1 gunplay isnt ko'd by the time the vid starts and hes a "dopefiend". Hes smacking one of the 5. If i 5 on 1 a "dopefiend" hes ass would be sleep by the time the vid started. Wouldnt start with the "dopefeind" slappin my ass. Soft ass niggas

  • Anonymous

    Another L for MMG Circus.

  • DookieLuv

    When your name is Gunplay, you shouuldn't be fighting.

  • Goes to show

    This little bastards little rant goes to show how delusional some of the these rappers get. Yea I know Ross made more than Fiddy this year but he and his entire came is smoking crack rock if they think he has more money than Fiddy. And that whole "I don't squash beef" shit is for punks. It takes a real man to be able to get over differences and move around the bs without violence.

  • Anonymous

    bumplay gonna milk this shit for all the publicity he can get since he a nobody in the industry i think we can all remeber that video of gunplay sleeping on the sidewalk after he got rocked

  • paddingtonburr

    50 cent a little guy? wtf is this skinny crackhead talking about

  • Anonymous

    wow, i'm sure Curtis is devastated... the sooner "Gunplay" kills himself the sooner black society makes it's comeback... hell, the sooner HUMANITY makes it's comeback, though we should probably get a chromosome check first on Mr. "Gunplay."

  • Anonymous

    sorry crackplay 50 really dont give a fuck about

  • Anonymous

    he should just stop right now, knowing 50 could fuck up his whole life if he really wanted to

  • Anonymous

    yo how he gonna call hardbody 50 cent a lil guy and 3'2 when he a junkie who weighs 130 lbs soaking wet??

  • Anonymous

    Hard to believe a word coming out this guy's mouth having seen that video with him getting ready to snort that huge boulder of cocaine on world star. Coke heads lie 100 times a day, trust me I live in florida there are guys like this everywhere, dude would tell his mom he needed $250 to join the seminary and become a priest just so he could run and get another quarter ounce of blow.

  • Anonymous

    wait till the footage of when this junkie got banged on comes out. go listen to mike knox interview everything he says about the situation is real. this fag is just looking for media attention

  • J.D.

    Dude is a comic act, so you hold on to grudges to the death? Your life will be short and painful dumbazz.

  • Anonymous

    50 is 3'2? lololol

  • JMG

    This is sad...why is dude continuing to mention 50's name? 50 hasn't even spoke on this dude in particular, and apparently wasn't involved. If that isn't a scream for attention, I don't know what is. Gunplay did get jumped, he survived, he wants to tell the story, but, why tell it WWF style if you want to be a nigga that is about being "real"?

  • Anonymous

    When I see a nigga like this calling himself Gunplay, fuckin with a known former CO, talking about being a Real G I don't believe him. I've seen this story a million times, and it never ends well for the nigga playing this role.

    • Anonymous

      Except for the fact Rick Ross vehemently lied about it and said the pics were photoshopped. Kept saying nah I never did that then the records came out he did and he started dissing Trick Daddy over it. He kept lying which is where the issue lies. We all know he didn't sell drugs though. "Act G on the internet" the same way someone brags about selling blow. You wouldn't talk about it honestly if you did. Why implicate yourself? Dude makes nice songs and I'm a fan because I don't let personal lives infect my opinion of the music but honestly he didn't do half of what he claims and I'm sorry if you believe it.

    • J.D.

      DITTO! Dudes start beliving their own lies man. The dude with the biggest mouth, is the weakest one in the clique. Real dudes move in silence, not make a damn spectacle & movie out of. Gun Play? NEGRO PALEEZE.

    • Anonymous

      Nigga CO's the main one gettin it in the pen, u cant knock a nigga for a J.O.B., hell he aint a police officer, he a correctional officer nigga, he don't patrol or lock yo azz up, it's some str8 azz CO's in tha pen, they betta than some of them snitch azz niggaz in there... Ya'll niggaz fool, ya'll act all G of tha internet, but ya'll finger more gangsta your resume!!!

  • jayvon28

    Is it me or has this story just changed up....first he said 50 cent punch him and sent the security guards after him, now he is saying he isnt sure who threw the punch. Was it Mike Knox explanation of what happen that made him switch it up, or did that coke high he is always on finally subsided...

  • Nuff said...

    This nigga is a laaaaaaaaame ballllll, Rap dont need cats like dude. Cant spit to save his life, he a fuckin junkie, and he stay gettin his ass whooped. Who the fuck r his fans!?!?

  • Anonymous

    OK, 5 professional bodyguards vs. one 170 lb. nigga...and this nigga can get up run and swing at the end.....You 5 niggas and your boss are bitch....that's the only conclusion to be ascertained here.....

    • Anonymous

      The only thing I come away with is that this clown doesn't know when to fight and when to run. I said this on a different post but niggas like this clown get bodied daily because they don't know their limits. Remember when this nigga got layed the fuck out next to that beamer? What do you think would really have happened to this nigga if the body guards really thought he was a threat?

  • Truth

    Who is Gunplay? lmao get lost bum. No more publicity for this wanna be.

  • Anonymous


  • milehighkid303

    They really tryna push this man back to those days of Boo Boo, huh? Not sure where all these "fans" and "rappers" get they info from. But the need to save face and check the track record of the man they are bating. Ask Supreme McGriff, or Bang Em Smurf, or Domination how this man REALLY gets down and then we can have all this "gun" and "fight" talk. These phonies ain't even in the same tax bracket. sheesh....

    • milehighkid303

      To answer your question nothing. Besides 50's physical shape is comparable to an NFL athlete. I could care less about 50's pockets fam. Next.

    • Dollars Don't Make Sense??

      You talk about how tough 50 is, and how his street cred should ascend the resilient chatter from Gunplay, then the last thing you mention is 50's tax bracket? What the hell does that have to do w/ 50's (physical) muscle?? Stay outta 50's pockets

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