MC Eiht Explains How He Connected With Kendrick Lamar For "good kid, m.A.A.d city"

MC Eiht is one of the few guests to make Kendrick Lamar's upcoming major label debut.

MC Eiht ended up on the track "m.A.A.d city" for Kendrick Lamar's upcoming major label debut good kid, m.A.A.d city, releasing October 22nd. During an interview with DubCNN, the Compton, California rapper explained that they connected through some of his relatives and that an idea for the song was already in place by the time they hit the studio together.

“I’ve been hearing about Kendrick for a minute as one of the youngsters coming up from Compton. I had been hearing about him through the grapevine, and it just so happened that we had some people in common – he knew some of my relatives. He was in the studio with some of my folks and I guess they mentioned that they knew and he asked them to holler at me,” Eiht explained. “They gave him my number and about two weeks later, he hit me up and asked me to get on the album. Once we got in the studio, he already had a clear idea in mind about what he wanted the song to be. We vibed in the studio for a while and it was all good.”

Eiht said that people will be "thrilled" about what the produced, and said that the track has some West Coast flavor. "I think people are going to be real thrilled with it. What he wanted from me was that authentic, West Coast Compton flavor, some of that old school Eiht/CMW type of flavor. I keep it old school West Coast for real and Kendrick sprinkled it with some of his lyrical viciousness. It came out hot!“

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  • Jermaine1

    Eiht is washed up. When was the last great or even above average album that Eiht released. Dj Quik is also washed up but not as bad as Eiht. Mc Eiht is probably on the same level as Daz when it comes to washed up MCs and that is saying something!

  • Anonymous

    Damn that's an old ass pic of 8hype. Now he got them dumb ass face tats with grey hair all over the place..

  • Anonymous

    You young fags dont know shit about real og's fuck off and die skinny jean faggots

  • Anonymous

    this is actually a song that i'm looking forward to checking out.

  • Anonymous

    Man I was just bangin' Muzic to Driveby last week...

  • Young Lou

    MC EIHT will always be relevant. People still take his game, slang and story telling abilities and use them for these hood tales they rap about. Props to 8 HYPE for continuing what has been a long productive career from a lifelong fan

  • Fuck MC Eiht & His Family

    Worst nigga to ever come out of Compton.

  • Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d city

    1. Sherane a.k.a Master Splinter's Daughter (Produced by Terrace Martin) 2. Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe feat. Lady Gaga (Produced by The Neptunes) 3. Backseat Freestyle (Produced by Digi+Phonics) 4. The Art of Peer Pressure (Produced by Rune Rask, add. Dr. Dre) 5. Money Trees feat. Jay Rock (Produced by Digi+Phonics) 6. Poetic Justice feat. Drake (Produced by Scoop DeVille, add. Noah "40" Shebib) 7. good kid (Produced by DJ Khalil) 8. m.A.A.d city feat. MC Eiht (Produced by DJ Khalil) 9. Swimming Pools (Drank) [Extended Version] (Produced by T-Minus) 10. Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst (Produced by Digi+Phonics) 11. Real feat. Anna Wise (Produced by J. Cole) 12. Compton feat. Dr. Dre (Produced by Just Blaze) Deluxe: 13. The Recipe feat. Dr. Dre (Produced by Scoop DeVille, add. Dr. Dre) 14. Black Boy Fly (Produced by Hit-Boy) 15. Now or Never feat. Mary J. Blige (Produced by Dr. Dre, co. Dewaun Parker) 16. Collect Calls (Produced by Digi+Phonics) 17. Swimming Pools (Drank) (Produced by T-Minus)

  • The Fixer

    DJ Quik ended MC Eight's career and street credibility a very long time

  • Anonymous

    Yeah!! Glad he showed luv to the OG. I wish more youngstas would do that.

    • westside rolla

      im Glad to see eiht back in the news on some good shit! eiht been in the game for 25 years name one rapper that still puts out bangers after all this time! Eiht is just being overshadowed by "relevant" rappers like drake rick ross and all those other untalented overnight rappers.....anyone that hates on eiht has CLEARLY never heard his music or even heard his new mixtape that was released a month ago! hes the only one that isnt rapping about money and cars! he openly admitted that he cant compete with todays rappers simply because of the generation gap and "SWAG" that they have lol he stays in his lane and makes music that niggas who are 25 and older can bang to! so why hate the nigga for doin what he do! Eiht drop that album we all waitin for it!

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