Tech N9ne "Boiling Point" EP Tracklist & Cover Art

UPDATE: Tech N9ne preps yet another release on his Strange Music imprint.

Though he just released his new E.B.A.H. EP, Tech N9ne isn't slowing down with dropping projects. The Strange Music rapper has announced the release date and revealed the cover art for his upcoming Boiling Point EP, releasing October 30th.

The EP features tracks including “URALYA” and “Paint On Your Pillowcase," both produced by Seven. It has not yet been revealed how many songs will be featured on the EP.

Fans can pre-order the project over at and receive the Boiling Point EP as well as a Strange Music Snake and Bat sticker. The first 1,000 to pre-order will recieve an autographed copy from Tech N9ne.

Check out the cover art below.


[October 1]

UPDATE: The tracklist has been revealed for Tech N9ne's upcoming Boiling Point EP (via HHNM).

2. Fire in AC (feat. Krizz Kalicko and Smackola from Dirty Wormz)
3. Should I Killer
4. Hunger (fear. Brotha Lynch Hung and Bishop)
5. Paint On Your Pillowcase (feat. Aquaelo)
6. Heavy
7. Alone (feat. Krizz Kaliko and Eric “Ezikuhl” Boone) 

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  • Anonymous

    URALYA!!! damn this must be why lil wayne went to the hospital. heard the first track and got a "stroke"

  • Anonymous

    another great ep by tech

  • Anonymous

    i hoping everything after all 6's and 7's was just to get his name bigger and now that hes there he can go back to his older style

  • chris

    people REALLY?! The fact is each of the 3 eps were different Klusterfuck was all produced by Plex Luthor & Gianni cash, it was a EP of alternative sounds, and styles for tech to play with, and it grows on you. EBAH is a Sexual based ep (more for the ladies if you will...its also a play on the fact the evil brain is your dick, even if u got a good heart) to the overly "religulous" your a bunch of close minded individuals...EVERYONE is both good and bad, HELLO!!!! thats why Tech N9ne's fans tend to relate to him.."devil worshipper" is still being thrown around because its all anyone knows how to throw when they dont wanna accept DIFFERENCE...Listen to "Holier than thou" thats something from the "Killer" DOUBLE album that talks about Christians & Muslims NOT understanding each other..Tech Born & raised christian till his mother married a Muslim and then things changed, Its a part of who He as a person and artist is...Maybe everyone should quit callin 1 person a "fag" or another person a "devil worshipper" you wanan talk about "evil" listen ot the majority of these whack ass rappers who only talk about sellin serious dope (not pot) to ppl, and shooting each other cvonstantly thats hella fuct up and yet motherfuckers promote it....ya'll got shyt bent like a cheap spoon. Strange music fans Want the music, there's more material to keep fans held over while artists are touring OR starting a new album it keeps the music and artist in the peoples mind...a mixtape is all nice and dandy but really the e.p's are slow growers it expands an artist sound and dynamic....if ya dont like it dont buy it, but knock it the hell off with all the name callin and idiocy.

  • rawlsroyce

    so psyched for more tech. i was hopin for another ces cru feature, but i will take a lynch verse anyday. also, i am very surprised to hear all of this hatred towards tech, he is the hardest working rapper in the game right now. the fact that he even has time to put out another EP is astounding.

  • Anonymous

    fuck you tech and your bitch ass ep's. im sick of your 5 song bullshit, its worse than these other faggot rappers dropping mixtapes that arent even mixtapes all the goddamn time. make a fucking quality album not another all 6's and 7's and maybe you wouldnt have to drop these wack fucking ep's.

  • Anonymous

    "but Tech loves God" No, he's curious about God.

  • Gunn Starr

    i wish he would use varied beats-this 'miami bass bounce shit is really dead now. Every beat sounds either the same or just non musical...and i do love tech.. but come on man

  • Anonymous

    gonna be nasty good to see lynch on board

  • openYOURmind

    Fuck this Satanic clown!!!! He is a good rapper, but I will not support a devil worshipper!!

    • michael lloyd

      uhm tech n9ne is infact not a devil worshiper. he is in fact religious in christianity. he raps about getting the demons out of his future, and how god is next to him in all of his shows and albums

    • TaZzZ

      God is not real... Satan is a fairytale.... Doesn't mean it doesn't make for great lyrics, imagery and metaphors.

    • Anonymous

      theres more proof about rick ross then tech ross was caught "devil worshiping" before a show he was chanting weird shit ina circle

    • livelifetodafullest

      YOU are not very bright young nigga..... !!! GOD IS LUCIFER you stupid asses... IF YOU worship SATAN than you think he is GOD Tech ALWAYS raps about demons inside him... hello.... wake up

    • Anonymous

      Yet again more stupidity... you live in a fucking bubble of religiosity - where your retort to someone being called a "devil worshipper" is "but Tech loves God". Do you people even hear yourselves? Talking about Gods and devils... SMH.

    • dk

      fuck you and your religion too

    • Anonymous

      but Tech loves God... sooo you have no idea what you are talking about

  • pocketrocketz

    is it me or are people starting to replace the words dope and Ill with the word cute??FUGGIN FAGS

  • Anonymous

    hopefully this ep is cuter than ebah i still think anghellic was the cutest thing he put out, but most of his music is cute to me though

  • One

    i hope this one comes out in stores. I don't like the internet only releases. i gotta give respect to tech's work ethic. the dude did a record breaking tour. barely took a break and went to do 20 shows or so in Canada and still cranked out 2 eps

    • anon

      EPs on Strange Music are only available in physical copies through online orders As someone who doesn't buy EPs from Strange very much, i suggest you wait for them to hold a sale (probably during Thanksgiving or in December) and buy all the EPs the label has lmao.

    • Anonymous

      not to mention all of the sick guest apperances..if anyone hasnt checked out chino XL's new double-album, i highly advise you to do so even if its just to check out the song with tech called "hell song" guys like bun b, tech n9ne, immortal technique, b-real and somehow, chino one -ups then on every track

  • TsuNamI

    He'S great. It doesnt matter 5 songs or not. he's running his biz on his own and I respect this man. He is not babbling. Respect Tech 9 !

    • TaZzZ

      No not business-wise, but musically. He built a brand with no major funding, cosigns or radio support and has become the most successful Indie artist IN THE WORLD. Travis had little to do with the creative process, and for Tech, his music speaks for itself. I'm not saying he'd be here without Trav, cuz he wouldn't, but you can't take that way from Tech. Dude's an innovator, inspiration and a motherfucking boss...

    • anonymous

      He DOES NOT run Strange on his own. Strange Music arguably would be nothing without Travis O'Guin. Tech has one of the best work ethics in hip hop today, but he did not do it all on his own.

  • P43

    Anyone complaining about 3 EPs in one year is missing the point of them. The full-length album was NOT going to come out this year no matter what. So, would you have rather gone a year with no new Tech N9ne music? Or get a few EPs to hold you over until the big release? I'd much rather have a few sprinkles of new music here and there to hold over til the next big project.

    • anion

      Tech has put out enough music in the span of his career that he could take 3 years on an album and i wouldn't mind at all. honestly Tech needs to stop worrying about putting music out, and just focus on making an album that can be as good as possible. 3 EPs that he spent such little time on could have been turned into the time he worked on music that he didn't release that he can go back and perfect further on. Because to be honest, Klusterfuk was mediocre in my opinion and EBAH was only slightly better, being mostly hit or miss for me.

  • Trent

    EBAH and Kluster were solid enough to justify this.. I think.. Though I want another 6's and 7's

    • TaZzZ

      Another 6's and 7's? I want another Absolute Power, Anghellic, Killer, or K.O.D. but its not gonna happen. He's grown as an artist. want his old shit? get his old albums.

    • anonymous

      Let's be honest, everyone has their opinion. But I agree, EBAH sucked, so hit or miss and most of it was filler.

    • gavin

      I love it when a nerd doesn't like something that everyone else does cuz they always start their critique with "lets be honest". Like they have the final word or some shit. So alright let's be honest. EBAH was great and you're a fuckin retard

    • 1

      Let's be objective and honest. EBAH was crap. Ebah was the only decent song on there.

  • BTMoney

    This is starting to annoy me, I'm sick of buying EP's with only 5 songs in it, of course it's great quality music, but give me an album Tech. Stop stealing my money.

    • Anonymous

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  • jester

    Sealed & signed for me

  • Brenda

    Looks like that nigga got bukkaked by team of squids.

  • Joe


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