Bow Wow Announced As New Host Of BET's "106 And Park"

Bow Wow will now take over a quarter of the hosting duties for BET's "106 & Park" TV program.

This past May, news broke that hosts Terrence J and Rocsi were planning to leave BET's "106 & Park" after nearly a decade of hosting duties. Now, HipHopWired has broken the news that YMCMB rapper Bow Wow will help take over hosting duties for the music video countdown program.

Bow Wow will be one of four new hosts for the TV show, which recently entered its twelfth year on the air. He will join recording artists Miss Mykie and veteran hosts of BET's "2011 Notarized Countdown" Shorty Da Prince and Paigion in presenting the program.

Cash Money co-founder Baby spoke on Bow Wow's involvement in the program. "Bow has this in the bag! In addition to being a great rapper, he is a natural personality with great star power and style," he said. "His brings a new air to the network and my brother 'Slim' and I couldn't be more proud. This is another great example of YMCMB expanding our presence in the television and film world".

Bow Wow's hardly a stranger to BET's daytime program; the rapper has racked the greatest number of appearances and fan-voted #1 singles on the show since it began.

Bow Wow and company officially began their hosting duties today.

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    Couldn't BET find a better role model for teens?

  • Anonymous

    "Bow Wow is a millionaire. If thats broke then we all need to be there" Big deal. He made some money making shit music and shit movies. True, alot of people might like his money, but most people wouldn't want to have to get it by makin a fool of themselves either.

  • chance

    i mean ill be mad as hell hosting with bow wow when u trying to get your shine shorty the prince to laid back not enough energy bet knew this going in since paigon and shorty already work for them lol four host they knew they couldnt hold it down mr 106 and park will overshadow all them

  • Anonymous

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  • cya

    career over. host of a sinking ship. this is the cast off. the industry built bow wow. now they are taking the steps to finally destroy his worthless ass. can't rap. can't act. now gets to host a show that's gearing up for cancellation. and he thinks he's winning. hip hop "artists" aren't really artists they're just sad desperate ppl with an undying need to be "famous".

  • Lol!

    What's up with all these Bow Wow trolls? Anyway, it makes sense for him to host the show. He's got to pay that child support and his ghostwriters somehow.

  • em

    ROCK ON BOW WOW! Fuck these haters. They still gone tune in to the show anyway just to keep hating.

  • ETK

    The worst thing here isn't the fact that they picked Bow Wow, hell I could live with that, the worst thing here is that this was basically a YMCMB power move. they got one of their goons hosting the show, it's only going downhill from here.

  • Anonymous

    This is the final nail in his coffin, no one can take you serious as a rapper when you start hosting a family friendly show every week, he might as well say hes retiring from the rap game, film does much more for him than music now

  • Anonymous

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  • youngsta

    so many haters, so little time. bow wow don't give a fuck about you losers.

  • Anonymous

    I saw this episode and although its only their first show hosting all of them are wack. Bow Wow stayed shouting out YMCMB like a bitch, and both ho's were annoying. Fuck BET.

  • Anonymous

    106 & Park became shit when Free & AJ left.

  • Bom919

    Not that I give a fuck, but I will say I know quite a few ppl who tried out for the host search thing and you mean to tell me they chose all already established celebs??? I the ppl I know are broke as hell but got really good reviews on their audition. Thats fucked up. Nobody gives a damn about BET anyways, its like the new UPN

    • Anonymous

      he didnt call bow wow broke, he was talking about the people he knows who tried out for the show, saying they could use the money a lot more than bow wow

    • Ninja Please

      Calling him broke should be by someone who is close to his tax bracket. People always want to get on this site and call someone broke and irrelevent but what have you accomplished in your life time. How many zeros do you have in the bank. Bow Wow is a millionaire. If thats broke then we all need to be there.

  • Anonymous

    damn this is the best move he's done in a while. This is a great look. Knowing his history with 106 & park this makes perfect sense.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga been taking nothing but L's since the move to Cash Money. Nigga has officially been "shelved" and probably will be getting dropped soon. That show has been irrelevant for ages.

  • Anonymous

    Actually he's the perfect host considering 99% of the home and studio audience are teenage black girls.

  • Anonymous

    needs to stay relevant bad..this is wack as fuck official rip bow wow rap career .. this 106 hosting is a downgrade

  • Fuck Atlanta

    Nigga took an L so hard...

  • Anonymous

    No wonder BET is in a ratings graveyard. They bring in the worst people to host these dumbed down shows.

  • Deezy614

    Good Move! I mean the move does make sense cause he is Mr. 106.

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