B.o.B "Fuck Em We Ball" Mixtape Download & Stream

UPDATE #4: B.o.B enlists T.I., Mac Miller, Juicy J, Snoop Lion and more for his new mixtape.

B.o.B is getting back to his roots with the announcement of a new mixtape titled Fuck Em We Ball.

Taking to Twitter last night to break the news, Bobby Ray revealed that he's got a street project on the way, though no release date was given. "Announcement: Mixtape Title... #FuckEmWeBall !!!" he wrote. "The world would be entertainment-less w/o wack a$& niccas !!! #FuckEmWeBall !!!"

The Grand Hustle rapper helped build his name as a mixtape artist, dropping standout releases including Who the F#*k is B.o.B? and Cloud 9. Last year, he unleashed his most recent mixtape E.P.I.C. (Every Play is Crucial).

[October 1]

UPDATE: B.o.B has announced that his upcoming mixtape Fuck 'Em We Ball will release on his birthday, November 15th.

[October 25]

UPDATE #2: B.o.B has revealed the cover art for his upcoming mixtape Fuck Em We Ball, dropping on November 15th.


[November 12]

UPDATE #3: B.o.B has revealed the tracklist for his upcoming mixtape Fuck Em We Ball, releasing tomorrow.


[November 14]

UPDATE #4: B.o.B has released his new mixtape Fuck Em We Ball. Download the tape over at DatPiff.com and stream the project in full below.

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Fuck this gimmicky ass nigga. Tired of these new cats peddling to mainstream then always wanna do a mixtape to try to keep their "street audience." Niggas want to clown veteran acts like Cee-Lo and Black eyed peas for sellin out to get paid after years of making good music, but praise niggas comin thru sellin out callin them original and unique. GTFOH B.O.B. is corny as fuck. Period

  • xccxc

    New Eminem Album Titled, "The Show Goes On" Release Date: April 2013 Tracklist: 1.) Curtains Open 2.) Tough Act to Follow feat 50 Cent and Dr. Dre 3.) Forget and Let Live 4.) Circus Ride feat Andre 3000 5.) Haunted Memories feat Royce da 5'9 6.) Dare to Dream 7.) Growing Pains feat Hallie Jade 8.) Meeting of the Minds Feat Nas and Jay-Z 9.) Change of Pace 10.) Bob Your Head feat Akon 11.) Waiting for Them Gates feat TI 12.) Follow the Money 13.) Iller Than You feat Slaughterhouse 14.) Will They Remember? feat Skyler Grey 15.) Till Another Day 16.) Curtains Down

  • Daniel


  • Anonymous

    Dope much better then the 2nd album, A MUST DOWNLOAD!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I don't fuck with B.o.B too much, but this will probably be pretty decent. I heard some of his mixtapes, and that shit was not bad at all.

  • gsonii

    Going to check this out.

  • MusicIQs

    Working with some dope producers..may just check it on out!

  • Anonymous

    Download this - bit.ly/RY51Eu

  • what

    Of course this is going to be a DatPiff exclusive. I'm really getting tired of their shitty tags.

  • youngsta

    downloading this tomorrow. b.o.b much respect.

  • yeaaahh

    You can say what you want about B.o.B but he gets respect from REAL artists and musicians. He's one of the most talented artists in the game, but all people seem to care about is the "hip-hop image". He's bigger than hip-hop so you hip hop heads can just shut the fuck up. He makes real music.

    • LoveLife&Music

      wtf you talking about he in the same lane as every other mainstream artist he ain't bigger than hip hop. So retract your statement and shut the fuck up

  • Anonymous

    I hate it when pop rappers sell out fuck up and then try to come back to hip hop we dont want you either

    • ETK

      did he fuck up when he dropped Adventures of Bobby Ray? he had two platinum singles on his first fuckin album & he went back to hip-hop on his next mixtape. shows you have no idea what you're talking about.

    • Anonymous

      You obviously haven't heard B.o.B's discography. This dude has always been pop rap since his first mixtape. So when his album came out, his fans (the ones who were there since the 1st mixtape) weren't surprised.

  • Fuck B.o.B & His Family

    LOL man I feel sad for this nigga, his last album had fucking Taylor Swift on it and it still flopped like a muthaphucka

  • Anonymous

    An aggressive title for a pop rapper.

  • jd

    made a mixtape with the hottest songs that came out the past 2 weeks and his single "we still in the this bitch" was the best one in my opinion. if that is any indication of the tape it should be very good but anyone that plays instruments makes their own beats and raps is gonna get my money and attention.

  • taylor

    this should be pretty dope

  • Joe cool

    ^^^ Exactly! Eminent was helping promote his strange clouds album, don't know why I feel the need to argue with a high schooler. Also there is NO WAY b.o.b can go head to head with eminem. Em's in a whole nother league!

  • yeaaahh

    This is gonna be another dope project from him!! B.o.B is the most talented rapper in the game---and if you disagree then name another person who can rap, sing, produce tracks, play multiple instruments, and cross genres as easily as this guy...

  • gsonii

    Probably gonna be good.

  • Anonymous

    b.o.b has enough talent to go head to head with eminem but he makes moves with taylor swift so he got to go

    • WTF!?

      WTF? Better than Eminem's verse man you are fucking retard. B.O.B is dope, but not better than EM. All of you fucken hate on EM Fuck you. He is the G.O.A.T, and his recent shit ain't trash explain to me please how it's trash? You obviously have no rebuttal, but I shall wait.

    • Josh

      B.o.B wouldn't go after Shady. Bobby ain't that blood thirsty, he just wants to do what he does. That being said, anything B.o.b has ever made is better than the garbage Eminem has been putting out for the last couple years.

    • ETK

      uh you only forgot one thing... the fact that Eminem personally co-signed his last album Strange Clouds, so if you think B.o.B is going at him then you a god damn fool

    • youngsta

      ^^ yes, he can compete with old ass shady. his verses on airplanes pt. 2 were better than eminem's trash verse. why do you think b.o.b. named his mixtape "fuck EM we ball"? it's really fuck "them" but it's also a subliminal diss to eminem.

    • aaaa

      fuck no he can't compete with Shady

  • Chris

    B.O.B mixtapes are always better then albums, expecting some solid rapping and some tip features.

  • Cudder

    Bobby Ray always comes correct with his mixtapes

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