Additional Footage Released Of Gunplay & G-Unit Brawl

UPDATE: Gunplay got into it with G-Unit backstage at the BET Hip-Hop awards.

The BET Hip-Hop Awards was certainly eventful, as news has emerged that even more conflict took place during the ceremonies.

As previously reported, Young Jeezy and Rick Ross' camps got into an altercation which was followed by gun shots. However, that wasn't the only extracurricular activity going on. Maybach Music Group's Gunplay had a fight with G-Unit affiliates backstage.

Apparently the event occurred during the Chris Lighty tribute, which featured 50 Cent and Fat Joe sharing the stage.

Footage uploaded to WorldStarHipHop of the event is below. Apparently, the man pepper sprayed was Gunplay:

[September 30]

UPDATE: Additional footage of Gunplay and 50 Cent's brawl has been released. Watch the clip below.

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  • Anonymous

    And if you say pussy go try it and see what happends. bet they jump on you like lions on a gizzal cuz if it was you and your boy you would do the same. handle before getting handled!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow tuff gay!!! wat do u think is gonna happen if you try a sneak someone with a group of people. you gonna get ur ass whooped. fcken show off thats what you get. no jumping bullshit thats what happens.

  • Jay

    Anyone notice Gunplay hasn't shown his face once on radio when he was dry snitching to the breakfast club, hot 97 & TMZ he phoned in hmmmm wonder why. He wants to hide his face so no one can see them scars & bruises haha MMG took a L

  • Anonymous

    however you look at it, it ain't a fair fight until its a one on one...this is a one against the mob

  • Anonymous

    it was raining L's at the BET awards this weekend and MMG forgot they umbrellas

  • Logic

    Wow, the fact that people are still talking about this, & arguing about who won, must mean that this 'fight' is one of the most important issues affecting our lives today. C'mon y'all, let's be real, it don't matter if Gunplay got stomped out or if he handled his business with 5 guys, this is some true ignorant niggafied foolishness. Are people really giving this fool props for running up on 5 people and being fortunate enough to not got his skull cracked open? What possible reason could a no-name like Gunplay have for running up on 50 anyway? And then homeboy is running around acting like he beat down 50's whole camp. The whole hip hop culture is filled with fake Gs that try to bring the streets into everything, and wind up making all of us look like a bunch of monkeys. All of the while, this white record company owners get broke off something from all this stupidity.

    • Logic

      Wow, you speak truth in a clean way and they block it. But Hiphopdx lets people post racist, sexually explicit, violent, ignorant comments up here all the time and those comments never get blocked.

  • OnemikE

    Dat nug gunplay got airborne lol.. Fifth must've body slammed his ass!! Everyone clowin' on gunplay but give him sum credit he might've got his ass whooped but he stood in there and fought dolo... 99.9% of you nugz wouldn't do dat..

  • ETK

    Nas was Nas Escobar acting like he was some kingpin drug dealer. Pac was Makaveli the Don like he was the ringleader of killers. Biggie was the black Frank White and rolled with a crew called the Junior Mafia and made himself sound like a bigger dealer than he was. Jay Z says he's the new Sinatra and proclaims himself J Hova aka God of Rap...all lies and/or stretches of the imagination and these are my favorite artists of all time. I own each one's discography. No joke Ross is nowhere on their levels. But in 6 years he has released 5 No. 1 albums 3 (about to be four) very good mixtapes, 2 group albums, and has signed artists who come out with high charted Billboard singles, not mention his own singles and multiple endorsements. Like it or not, he has the best production and is coming out with some of the best music. Not lyrics, but music. He has surpassed a 5 year run and it's clear he is here to stay. As a hip hop head, I understand that he's far from the best of anything. Put he plays his part, stays in his lane, and is feeding his group so that earns my respect. If it doesn't earn yours just shut up and stop putting money in his pocket by hating and making comments

  • Ricky Rozay

    most of these rappers aint real niggas. Word, Nas bankrupt never was a drug runner, Lil Wayne aint no blood, Jeezy aint no BMF, 50 a snitch, Game a stripper, 2pac was gay. None of these niggas real you guys. If they was all real they all be dead now. Like it or not Ross is the new biggie. BAWSE!!!!!

  • Brooklyn

    these so called rappers claim to be rich and shit and yet they behave like hobos, have you ever seen any fights at the oscars or emmys, NO.why? coz thats where you get real rich entertainers. fuck these broke uncivilized American rappers.

  • Kingz

    We in Africa just chillin watching this shit. We glad we sold yall to white folks

    • BLM

      I'm glad you all sold us too. Africa is the poorest continent on earth and the Chinese are colonizing it as we speak. Now, if we could just send all the poor Blacks to Africa, where they belong, then all our problems would be fixed. P.S. Don't catch any new diseases or get hacked to death with a machete for being the wrong tribe.


    No disrespect but black folks don't know SHIT called LOGIC. Listen, if NO ONE (including you) wanna FESS UP and TELL then how the fuck are the police supposed to know anything and how the fuck are you or anybody else gonna cry about justice? Niggas talk all that snitch stuff when it's another statistic but when it's their family member or their man they wanna cry justice. Look, niggas in LA KNOW Orlando killed 2pac but no one wanna fess up cuz they'll get labelled a snitch. Instead they rather go at Funk Flex or Suge Knight and use them as scape goats and act tough with them on the Internet or via records. How is the police gonna lock any of these criminals up if nobody is fessin up? And then when the feds DO lock niggas up y'all cry "the police is lockin' brothas/rappers up". I feel sorry for african americans, y'all have the most fucked up mentality out in the world, but yet still think it's worse overseas LMAO. I live in both places btw and yes i'm black.

    • NOSIR

      You're ignorant and hasty generalizing an idea on an entire race, you dumb uncle top ass nigga. First of all, contrary to popular belief there is a great majority of black americans that would inform the police of a crime but the media would lead you to believe otherwise. I promise you if someone went and shot a litte girl in the hood people would tell who did it. The whole "No snitch" motto was intended for gangstas and thugs who lived by the code of the streets. If you kill someone from my set...I kill someone from your set and if I get caught or the nigga that killed my boy gets caught then it's on the cops to figure out what happened. Once you adopt the street code you handle shits in the can't go to the cops for assistance like a normal, hard working person who conforms to the laws of soceity because the laws of society don't apply to a gangsta. Problem is the media and ignorant people have taken the motto and bastardized it to the point that even hard working individual who give cops tips on REAL criminals(killers,rapist) and not petty drug dealers then they are labeled a snitch and this is incorrect. Nevertheless, this mentally doesn't apply to all blacks so you're wrong on that front. And while things can get really bad here in the states for black americans...there is NO WAY you can compare having to fear about having bombs dropped on your head daily, random terriorst blowing themeselves up, no clean water, no medicial assistance, unhealthy food, GENOCIDE, and etc. to the liberities that we have. If the people overseas went to the projects here and could get on welfare and etc. they would think they were rich smh. Get your facts right uncle tom before spewing igonrance.


    Game is the best rapper alive like He says on the city GAME BIGGIE (HOV) PROBABLY PAC NAS and EMINEM so all u lil wayne rick ross drake lovers eat a cock. Game is a fuckin g filthy rich and at his worst (the red album) is better than that carter 4, watch the throne, and tm103 and jeezy that nigga. red is the dopest rap album since Em's recovery. Red is stillclassic shit. all Games cds since 05, even if not better than the Documentary are better than theze other shit rappers albums doc advocate and lax are still the best rap albums to come out the years they dropped 06 and 09 and whoever disagrees is just a big fuckin hater he only features these wack fucks on his cd cause the record lable makes him Games mixtapes are killin these clown ass rappers albums Games mixtapes are real g lyrical shit and cali republic is the last of those features left from red. Game stay rich AND FUCK THESE DUMB ASS SUBURBAN NOT REALLY FROM THE HOOD ASS NIGGAZ WHO SAY A NIGGA WIT 25,000,000 is broke yall internet niggaz make me laugh. If game was a stripper in any of the years in the 2000s as much as game destroys niggaz and talks shit they would been had that shit on the summer jam screen, them bitch ass brick squad and 40 glocc and all them hoe ass niggaz still aint put the tape out of them knockin out a 6'5" nigga in a public mall. GAME is a G and u hoe ass niggaz just hate hate hate. When jesus really come back yall hoe ass niggaz gonna hate cause thats what yall do!!! That aint jesus fuck that nigga man!!!! To hell you go bitch game time!!

  • So Icy Boi

    Carter I = Wayne stepped his flow, lyrics, and delivery. Carter 2 = Wayne was on some heavy hood/gangsta songs, perfecting his flow and lyricism. Carter 3 = Most diverse Carter album. Had songs that gathered attention from several audiences making it the most popular. Carter 4 = Most mainstream. Not up to par, especially for a Carter album. Only a small amount of songs were memorable such as Mirror and President Carter. Carter 5 = ? Carter 6 = ? Hopefully the next two Carter albums are better.

  • Anonymous

    only reason people know this wack ass dude gunplay is him tyring to create a buzz going at 50..aint the first person to do it. plus he must be on some good drugs thinking he cud get to 50, or even if he does 50 wud brk that stupid clowns jaw quick

  • Rick Ross

    Sorry but this the only AirPlay GunPlay will ever get...Bawse

  • Z-RO


  • Killa R

    lol Gunplay imitated the Jumpman logo by flying through the air like that

  • The 1

    The dude saying yeah nigga yeah nigga sounded like Tony Yayo. But I didn't see 50 cent or anything.



  • You Smoking Dope

    That aint no G move Gunplay did. First off, if you think you bad enough to steal on the Don of a camp with his GOONS...then you must be ready for the reprecussions. I mean what the fuck you think us going to happen? You can't go walk up to a mob boss, or an emperor, or a general and think that their men are just going to stand by and say,"Oh wow...this guy wants to fight my boss one on one. Let me step back and let 'em go at it." What the fuck planet are you guys from? All throughout history from the great Chinese empires to opponent is just going to be allowed to walk up to the emperor or commander talking about lets fight one on one. That's the head you fuck clowns and you ALWAYS protect the head. It's basic military strategic that is used in organized crime as well. If you are a fucking street level nigga then yes. That one on one honor shit is all gud. If this nigga was a samuari then that one on one shit is all good. But not for a boss/general/emperor. Nigga thought he was a super nigga off that crack and got wrecked like a car on some train tracks. This is what happens in the real world. You do stupid shit and pay the consequences. Now go read a book dumb fucks.

  • jet li


  • pope chuck paul

    let me clear something up about mike knoxx. he aint a soft nigga. he stomped out beans at lil kim welcome home party in philly years back.

  • Anonymous

    gunplay got handled for trying to run into 50 but redeemed his beatdown with the sneak punches on mike knox.... it may not have been fair but then again the whole incident wasn't...still a fif fan tho

  • Gunplay

    I know a real n!@@@ named GUNPLAY, and all he want is GUNPLAY. Gunplay stood his ground half of you clowns on here would have run from a pack of n!@@@Z. Gunplay did not. Remember 5 on 1 and he still got a few blows in. I don't care that 50 won a Golden Glove. I know they jumped that man and he still did not end up in the hospital. Had they not pepper sprayed them it could have been worse. But that man did not back down after gettin tossed around. He stood up and did like any man with sense go after the one that was on the ground. Stop tryin to make it seem like Gunplay on some crazy stuff. He manned up. F 5-0 & G-Unot.

  • NPFB

    Let's just keep it real. Gunplay tried, failed, lost his chain and lied to save face. Knox was already face down from the spray. I was in the military. We trained with that shit. It will leave you helpless for a minute. Gunplay still didn't get a good shot in. Also to the idiot who said why didn't 50 fight him one on one, 50 is a brolic ass former New York State Golden Gloves Champion. He would kill Gunplay like Drago did Apollo Creed. Stop being Stans. It is what it is. This is his second recorded ass whooping.

    • Gunplay

      I cosign that Really???? F that clown...

    • Really????

      Spoken like a true bitch nigga...Now while this Gunplay character is obviously a clown. 5 on 1 and you still don't get the job done?? It fact you leave one of ya goons, Knox (who is a true dick riding lame who has been screaming G-unit for years with no product and in the streets of Philly is a non factor on and off record) behind to catch lumps from a dope fiend (who again 5 against 1) ya team couldn't take out, to catch get caught slippin and lump him up. I not sure where you from but in my book that's a L for ya team.

  • Anonymous

    Mike Knox Tossed his ass lmao

    • PhillyFam

      Then got caught slippin and lumped up after his team couldn't take out 1 lone dope fiend....and that's G??? While bout side clowns G-Unit gets the L for this one for allowing that cat to pop right back up off a 5 on 1, and catch the fat nigga rollin on the ground looking for dropped french

  • Oscar

    Gunplay lost his chain! LOL. Yo, he is lucky Ricky works with them people.

  • JanusCL

    The funny thing about these clips of fight between enemies in the rap world, is that u can really see what u wanna see. Foreaxample: 1.If you like 50 or just dislikes MMG, then u can see 50's crew knocking Gunplay to the ground twice, before cops comes to his rescue by pepper spraying 50's crew. And then u see Gunplay, probably high on drugs, getting up again and then attacking and cowardly slapping Mike Knox, who at this time is unable to defend himself, due to be suffering from pepper spray on his face. 2.If you love MMG or just hates 50, then you see a whole crew of guys cowardly attacking Gunplay, with Gunplay unable to defend himself, because he's alone against 4-5 people. But yet he is being so hard, tough and strong, that he, even after getting knocked down twice, still is able to get up, and even lay some punches on Mike Knox, getting his revenge that way, showing who is the real man. It's like as if u can just choose the who won the fight, yourself, by just choosing which view and perspective you want to watch theese to clip through.

    • Anonymous

      so he coward for beating on him when he was pepper sprayed but its not cowardly to jump a crack head. My question is gunplay would have seen any of them one on one would they fight him or they can only fight when they have back up.

    • Anonymous

      I don't like either, so all I see is a dumbass getting thrown around and fucked up. Reminds me of the early 90's.

    • Anonymous

      choose your own adventure bet awards addition

  • 666

    gunplay should thank the cops for saving ever thought

  • Grim Logik

    MMG fans... Dont fool yourself thinking when you chillin with fam and a crackhead runs up SOLO on some punk shit that everyone there isnt going to get a 1-2 tump in. use your brains

  • BwS

    nah nah nah gunplay did his thang he caught one nigga, he stood his ground real nigga, they jumped the nigga first then he came back like a G

  • yungdubz27

    Don't know any of these fools or their music...but nothing shows how un-hard you are by jumping somebody and bragging about it like it was one on one.

  • Cash

    All the White boys support 50, gunplay won the fight.

    • Anonymous

      naw he gets points for standing up at the end but you cant get thrown through the air and have your chain snatched and get decked in the face by 50 and call it a win, especially after he went and lied about it on radio and tmz

  • Anonymous

    I'm tired of that ugly face on main page. Delete it please

  • Jazzo

    Haha This is worth watching this extra footage of why this all went down

  • haha

    you'd never see white people doing this stupid shit...


    You niggers love watching each other get beaten half to death, don't you? I been reading these posts and noticed that when someone Black is outraged by this video, like any ordinary human should be, you all are quick to shoot them down. You all are the weakest males on Planet Earth. The African continent is the poorest, Black neighborhoods the shittiest and you all point the finger at everybody else instead of looking in the mirror. What a disgrace. Watch you all gang up on me and call me a racist. I don't care because tomorrow you all will be back killing each other. Dumb niggas never learn.


      Didn't I say you all would gang up on me and call me a racist? It is the only pause you all take in between killing each other. The White Man rule's the world. Why do you think you all had to march just to get freedom a few decades ago? Huh, forgot didn't you, too busy being hoodlums to remember shit. Probably is mostly white boys posting up here, mostly white boys writing the blogs, buying the music, owning the major labels,etc, etc. Before long it will be ours. Words of advice, instead of attacking me when I criticize you all for being violent, self defeating morons how about change your communities and ways of thinking. But you all won't will you?

    • Checkyafacts

      Hahah...I love these crackers. Now lets check the facts. I guess Hitler killing 7 million white Jews doesnt count or the 618,000 of crackers killed by crackers in the Civil War or the 37 million crackers killed by crackers in WW1 or the over 15 million crackers killed by crackers in the WWII, need I go on?? Ok lets talk about savagery. Who on this planet have murdered more human being than the European?? Millions of Native Americans, Tano Indians of the Caribbean, Africans during the Slave trade, Arab during the Crusades, Asian during the Opium Wars??? The Inuit indigenous people of Russia, Aborigines of Australia, Aztec and Incas of South America??? Need I go on??? Now lets talk about true poverty. Let look at the African continent which has more diamonds, gold, oil and all around natural resources than any continent on the Earth. Let compare their true natural resource wealth to Europe or the stolen lands of America.....not even close. But what I will give you crackers is soulless wicked nature and devilish spirit that allows you to turn the World backwards and fool mankind into your perverted worldview that allows people to truly believe they are the savages, the poor when your own history tells the real story. How your nations wealth is thieved from others who were caught off guard by the level of savagery you displayed?? Who because they recognized you as human being (although barely) allowed you into their lands only to be betrayed and murdered by you. You crackers now have the audacity to now call others savages and animals?? Much less your forefather who gave birth to mankind, built civilization and empires that existed thousands of years before your recessive gene carrying mutants were even misinformed cells in my ancestor nut sack. Now before you spit more nonsense do your research...check the empires of Nubia, Ghana, Mali etc. who ruled this earth for thousands of years. Ask your own history teacher about the Colonization of Africa and the Americas. Google Kemetic spirituality and learn how your whole Christian doctrine is based on the beliefs of yours and mine African ancestors. Read up on your own White scientist findings on the origins of mankind and your existence merely as a mutation of GOD original plan. Learn for you own biologist however trait that makes you a so called WHITEMAN is recessive in nature, from eye color, to your dog hair to your melanin defiant skin, Now while I agree with your overall point that these clowns on this site glorifying nigger behavior is foolish, you could add up all the dumb niggas in the hood killing each other plus all the brainwashed African dictators slaughtering their own people times it by 10 and it still wouldn't come close to the number of human killed by these recessive gene carrying mutants we call white folks.

    • Anonymous

      Well I'm a part of these people you've just criticized and I just took a look in the mirror, and guess what I'm (still) WHITE!

    • Chicasal

      Most the people that post on here are probably white

    • Anonymous

      fuck ur mother u worthless dicksucker terrible parents u must have nolife racist scum i hope when or if u have kids they get raped

    • Anonimus

      This supports your comment it's worth watching lmao

    • Anonymous

      mufucka this ain't no whiteman's world, nigga, its the asian man and jewish mans world

  • Chicasal

    Normally I would say 8 on 1 is some bullshit. But I hate this fuckin dude and rick ross. The shit they rap about is bullshit. Never lived it. Telling kids this fucked up shit. Beat his ass again.

  • Anonymous

    This is the dumbest nigga on earth. You ain't hard when you do stupid shit like this, muthafucka, you made a fool of yourself and fucked up your own money. See, this is the problem when niggas are allowed to call themselves Gunplay, they start believing their own lies. Dum dum should take advantage of every opportunity that is available to him in the music industry to get his fam right, but nah, niggas wants to be Pacino in Scarface. Now 50 that dude did it right. He took advantage of the opportunities available and set up his fam for life - respect.

  • Anonymous

    AS U CAN SEE GUNPLAY GOT JUMPED....THEN HE WHOOPED MIKE AZZ LMAOOOOOO You can see in the corner that somebody in front of the bodyguard or the bodyguard himself swung first!! Gunplay was just standing there.

    • Anonymous

      your boy bumplay got saved by the police or he would be in critical

    • Anonymous

      what video did you watch? since when does 2 punches to the body of a fat man who didnt feel it count as an ass whooping? did you listen to what the people filming said? they said gunplay got his ass beat! that shit aint up for discussion

  • Anonymous

    he just mad cuz 50 stopped serving him so he swung on him and got mopped

  • JMG

    So.....Mike Knox was telling the truth. Can we move on now? They could have killed that dude if police didn't intervene. And he did attack a pepper sprayed dude. Funny how a 2nd camera tells a different Ok, back to not giving a fuck tho...

  • Sir Kones

    Good footage. Why? Cuz you get to hear what happened, from an unbiased source, who was literally as close as could possibly be to the actual event. What did that source say? That GunPlay tried to run up on 50, hit him and run off but instead he got his ass kicked. You see him get tossed like a ragdoll. So Gunplay can quit frontin. He's only doin this for publicity - which is proven by the fact I literally NEVER heard of this dude before this happened. So while he's running his mouth about a "donkey's dead career" he aint had no career to speak of and knows that mixin it up with 50 will get him attention. What a pathetic scheme. Even more pathetic that people buy into it. Simple minds *smh*

  • Anonymous

    I straight up hope this happens wit Ross , cept it'll be the REAL Ricky Ross pumpin that fat mother fucker. fake ass bitch

  • Crack Pipe

    Gunplay? Oh you mean the former crack-head with a swastika tattooed on his neck? Someone shoot this muthafucka please.

  • milehighkid303

    LOL this is HALARIOUS. Video EVIDENCE showing 50 GETTING IT IN and you people still try to throw stones. LOL, just ADMIT IT he's ABOUT what he RAPS ABOUT. He grew up in a REAL enviornment and was bred from it. As for the POLICE/SECURITY where?? All I see is cats from G-Unit.....the police came in RIGHT ABOUT when GunPlay was gunna lose his life lol. Did you PEOPLE NOT SEE HIM FLYING THROUGH THE AIR LIKE THAT DOG FROM THE NEVER ENDING STORY?? Fuck outta here....EVERYTIME someone runs up on this guy it pops off. 50 continues to win whilst fans and OTHER RAPPERS try to discredit this man......he pushin 10+ years in the game he ain't goin nowhere....

  • yungyung

    i got it yayo, i got it yayo, (MMG CHAIN) lmao

  • Souljaaa

    My diamonds are sarcatic rims rap in plastic im in outerspace chillen with the jetsons my flow is perfection my goons are over protective smoking presidential my weed ia elected i am well connected im in the hood in the hodd nigga secrion

  • Anonymous

    Serious question. Why's everyone call Gunplay a crackhead? Cuz he looks like one, or is actually one? Just curious, don't know shit about him...

  • Anonymous

    They whooped his crack head ass all over the place like a rag doll...lmao

  • Anonymous

    fucking idiots it wasn't 50 and his crew if 50 was performing while this went down and it also means gunplay is a lair on top being a junkie



    • boy wonda bank$

      your a tard to think gunplay threw any good punches. knox just got sprayed and still didnt get hit in face. gunplay was slapping his back

    • Anonymous

      no if the cops didnt spray mike knox and break it up he would have got his head caved in the fight was over by the time he got his licks on mike knox, fuck you guys are stupid


    ross dont like 50 because 50 didnt acknowledge him then ross post pics of 50 son photo shopped dj khaled starts talking shit then 50 finds out where his mother works then he didnt do shit about it crackplay runs his mouth and now he got his ass beat but all of you blame 50 somehow smh

  • Anonymous

    mmg always taking a loss

  • Champ1

    I'm just dissapointed when hearing that all kind of crazy stuff happened in an altercation between Jeezy and Rozays crew, and all we got on footage, of any scuffle during that event, is these too tapes, and some other tape where u almost couldn't tell who did what to who. I ain't criticizing the ones who taped these thing's at all, I just wish that there had been some tapes that showed more of the altercation between Rozay and Jeezy.

  • landslide

    50 and his crew was just chillin you got to be a real crack head to do some stupid shit like tha

  • Chilla chill

    Didn't Mike Knox say they was all chillin with Meek before this incident? I wonder will that cause friction in MMG. Similar to the the issues Game and 50 had.

    • Anonymous

      yeah meek and 50 cool its a eastcoast thing 50 even post meek music on his website and nah its not gonna be a problem meek not gonna support that crack head he a customer haah

  • vtech

    he wants to snort coke and call hmiself gunplay well thats what the fuck he get

  • 1

    I dont care about Gunplay, but 50 and his crew are a bunch of hoe ass niggas.

  • Anonymous

    if you with your fam hanging out and one of them gets attacked by a crack head yall gonna beat his ass so stop the BS

  • jr


  • anon

    Yal sukn fitty so hard damn. Dnt yall kno fitty by now he alwaya got a ulterior motive always. He wasnt n the spotlight. All yall niggaa can do is say he a crackhead idc bout that dude can spit n his shyt hotter then fittys wack ass tapes this yr. If its five on one wtf can u do. Bra did wat he did and dude wulda got punished if go neva got pepper sprayed. He waa on his knees lyke a bitch. Yall niggas dumb ill beat wll u niggas up

    • boy wonda bank$

      anon stop writing on blogs and take a English 101 class

    • ChiTwon

      "officer ricky radioed for backup!!" laughing so damm hard! Joke of the week!!!!

    • Anonymous

      lmao did this fool really say Gunplay makes better music than 50?

    • Anonymous

      he was on his knees because he was the first one sprayed, the shit was over and gunplay got a few shots in, that dont make him a g... if the cops didnt spray them to break it up gunplay would be comatose, never wanna hear this guy say fuck the police cause they saved his life officer ricky radioed for backup!!

  • LOL

    I don't know why you cats are making this shit complicated. Gunplay tried to run up and punk 50, who is a boss and he got handled by his crew. He needs to stop with the coke, that's probably why he kept getting up cus he high off coke. but he was dumb for that shit. MMG keep losing. first Torch got beat up and now Gunplay.

  • Anonymous

    Do us all a favor. Kill yourselves. Save Hip hop.

  • beast

    people talking that gunplay was all by himself yet ross crew comes in sprayin on fools. he should've just stayed with the pack rather than run up by himself stupid fucking crackhead

  • Really?

    This generation of men are the weakest ever. We give props for somebody getting jumped. If 50 was really about that life like he say on his records. He should have fought him one on one. Yea you get props for jumping a crack head. Thats real these days damn thats crazy and lame. Smh. You fight a man one on one. Gun play not some random dude. They have beef if you got beef you handle that right there. 50 was a bitch for that and just cause you dont like MMG and from New York doesnt mean you have to side with bitch shit. Jumping niggas is bitch. I give him props for not running away. 5 niggas jump this skinny so call crack head and he didnt get knocked out. All those dudes was bigger than him. Plus he light skin and I really didnt see a lot of bruising. He stood there toe to toe with all of them and didnt run He gets my props because a lot of you cowards would have ran. If it was one on one with 50 and got k.o. then thats props but to jump a nigga then think you did something is wack. Case Closed I dont give a fuck if you dont understand what I said at the end of the day 50 a tough you got money and good lawyers you should have done it. He wouldnt have done time but 50 always say he is tough. But when its time to handle up you dont do it. If you not about that life anymore act like. A bully that doesnt fight their own battles is lame as fuck.

    • Anonymous

      of course you would say that you from NY. Typical NY hater

    • NY

      LOL you must be smoking the same damn crack that BitchPlay had!!! you made absolutely no sense in what you said (N)

    • queensstandup

      I agree, ilove 2pac but when 2pac ran in Oakland that was a coward move.... I agree Gunplay doesnt have anything to lose..50 surpose to be this guy.. Gunplay stood in the paint and he pop off

    • 1

      Co-sign, dude's right. 50 and his crew are a bunch of hoe ass niggas.

    • Anonymous

      damn Really sounds like a disgruntled groupie

    • You're a roach

      Only a roach and a solider would think with a mindset as what you described. If you a Don why would you risk your empire to step on a roach? Mob Bosses and true gangstas do their shit behind closed doors so if they met in the alley way and if 50 cent CHOOSE to handle him one on one then so be it. I don't believe in jumping a nigga but to call 50 cent out for not getting physical with him one on one is dumb. He is beyond that. He did his time. You nor anyone else can deny that what the man rapped about was true or not. You can doubt about Rick Ross's street cred. Nigga's shit is more spotty than a bitches period.

    • Anonymous

      if mmg would have jumped tony yayo i bet you would be singing a different tune

    • Anonymous

      LOL, what did 50 ever to do yall, you guys are mad!

  • D-Nutz

    Hope that G-Unit and Game and Wall Street once run into each other, then G-Unit would get their ass whooped ;)

    • boy wonda bank$

      game prob to busy on the striper poll

    • D-Nutz

      Oh u real tough huh, mr. anonymous, real shrewd, well what R U doin' here that is so cultivated, huh? Looking for clips of a brawl, well that is soooo sophisticated. So u look for clips of a brawl and diss me for hoping for another brawl, wayyy to go champ, wayyy to go, that's just so classy. Can I please get some advice from u, 'coz u most be really really wise hahaha ;)

    • Anonymous

      you have nothing else to hope for? well, keep hoping loser

  • Brizz

    I dont get how people actually can tell who was runnin up on who but its clear that these dudes fucked up gunplay and after that gunplay jumped up wanting more haha. Funny shit...or not..pz.

  • Anonymous

    gunplay looks like a total retard

  • Anonymous

    so tough guy 50 cent needs his crew to jump one man??????

    • Anonymous

      people hate 50 so much they side with a cracked out bum who started a fight with a crew of guys knowing he was gonna get publicity because no one knows who the fuck he is

    • Anonymous

      totally agree. People hate MMG so much that they would side with som punk shit. smh.

    • Anonymous

      he didnt need them but he was trying to get to the chris lighty tribute and gunplay was being a junkie so he got dealt with on the quick

  • hu

    This crackhead better worry about CTE coz him and his fat boss still gon get it. bunch of C.O eatin donuts mo'fuckers! These MMG niggaz are watchin us people,i'm tellin ya'll except Meek, wale and them other niggaz.

  • jik

    Come Play is a bitch. When 50 says move, nigga u better move....Now look what they did to your ass. And all you HipHopdx dick suckers stop sayin 50 did this, it was G Unit affiliates..50 is about that paper not fightin in the streets like these bummies do!

  • Anonymous

    Gunplay should change his name to Airplay now!

  • JanusCL

    Perhaps this wasn't the smartest move for Gunplay hehe don't run up at a guy who's with his crew, if you're all by yourself. What was this guy thinking??

  • Anonymous

    you not gonna hear nothing from meek about this ahah or wale

  • Anonymous

    hip hop is sad when a over hyped crack head gets props for starting a fight and getting his ass kicked homeboy looked like he was in 3D the way he got tossed up i thought he as about to jump out of the screen.

  • really

    bunch of bitch ass niggaz who aint did more than some kindergarten fight between infants. I'm sad, but 50 gon' get his, and it might be the end of his life. really stupid.

  • C'mon

    Kudos to my homie Gunplay,you stood tall no matter how many gorillas attacked

  • Anonymous

    gunplay stared this shit they was just walking i guess he felt like he had to do something for ross ahah

  • Anonymous

    hhaah only a crackhead would start a fight with 50cent

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    thats what he get for tallking that slick shit fucka CRACKPLAY

  • Anonymous

    now you mother fuckers want peace in hip hop but you want everybody to keep it real smh bi-polar stans

  • donmegashel

    I guess Mike Knox's story checks out! Gunplay did get dealt with & the pepper spray story does too. MMG took some major L's this night...

  • The Truth

    End welfare!!! Stop feeding these bastards!! This could have been prevented like 30 years ago. Ghetto Blacks have been holding Black people back for too long. END WELFARE!!!!!

    • welowe

      the G.I. bill was the start of welfare it was made for white soilders coming home from the war blacks couldnt get funds from the g.i. bill because your america was so racist you need a history lesson hah

    • Anonymous

      you a stupid ass whites are the majority on welfare white single females all the farmers are on welfare what do you think that government aid is thats welfare for share croppers do your homework you bitch ass and thats the truth

  • anon

    Wat is fittty wearing? I cnt make nobody out n this cheap family dollar phone camera

  • Anonymous

    Gunplay got the fade, but he has my respect for not laying down. They didn't really fuck him up because he did not get laid out. 50 lost

  • anon

    Bra got tossed.up but he gave ole boi a solid shot to the dome u can hear it sound off

  • ITrollOnYou

    wow, in the first video, Gunplay didn't whoop no ass, he was pussy slappin fat boy in the back while he was on the ground after getting pepper sprayed as you can see from his flailing punches to fat boys back and the spray still in the air, then he got sprayed. 2nd, video, what a moron, gunplay runs up on 50 with his security around him...of course he's gonna get shit on....stupid some of a bitch....and that one dude tossed his ass like a rag doll, then he got stomped the fuck out. I don't see all the reports of Gunplay whoopin anybodys ass other than slappin the bacon on fat boys back, nor do i see where 50's crew "jumped" him-Gunplay started that shit with all them dudes and all of them reacted at same time by beatin his ass after the one dude slapped him up, and he got tossed like a frisbee, then he got stomped out by 4-5 dudes. Shit, natural consequences.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO THIS NIGGA CRACKPLAY!!!!!! fungay is soooo lame crack junkie

  • willbill

    I cannot believe you guys are trying to give Gunplay any credit for getting beat up. How can he get any credit for getting beat up and hitting all the media outlets to tell the story from his point of view. Now that the footage is out it clearly show that this guy clearly exaggerated his story bc he got his ass kicked big time and that was all that happen.

    • v

      i can tell your soft ass never won a one on one fight you can see clear as day they jumped him thats pie as fuck any nigga giving props to 50 cent cant fight soft ass niggas talking like its ok to jump a nigga smh

  • Anonymous

    dumb ngga, why try 2 act tough when u know u aint got no backup. plain stupid.

  • dope

    50 running like a lil bitch

    • Anonymous

      in the video i saw 50 was running after gunplay trying to get a few more kicks and punches in before it got broken up

  • Real talk

    GunPlay is the real man.He took them on

  • Anonymous

    so gunplay was lying, i knew it, i hate these Miami fakes

  • Dey beat dat niggas ass

    "Gunplay just got his assss whooped didn't he?" lol also "You pick up dat phone that was on the ground?"

  • diiiiz

    Is it just me, or was that a pussy move 50 and his crew??

    • Anonymous

      how is protecting yourself from a junkie coming at you a pussy move? they was trying to go to the stage for the chris lighty tribute and this nigga came at them

    • Anonymous

      Everyone involved looked stupid. In all fairness to 50 cent his image is based on being a thug who raps (if you can call it that) about being a gangster/pimp. He's a role model for low life thugs and wanna be thugs. If he just laughed it off a large amount of his fan base will accuse him of being soft. I have a bit of sympathy for Gunplay. It's not his fault he has down syndrome.

  • 635AS743

    The Fat Man Got Shitted On. I Hope He Rap Better Than He Fight. He Look Like 40 Glocc On The Ground Covered Like A Bitch. He The Only Reason Gunplay Doing Interviews. If Fat Boy hadnt Duck For Cover This Cokehead Woulda Prolly Went Away And Killed Hisself. When He saw The Big Nigga He Was Like "Shiiiit Ima Bad Mothafucka, Ima Take Me A Blast Then Call TMZ (sniff...sniff)Shiiit Whe Dem Niggaz Et? (sniff...sniff...sniiiiff)

  • Anonymous

    he just got off stage with joe fake ass , after tellin him he cool with him & not a bad person & went and beat up gunplay , 50 sneaky he don't forget nonthing ..

  • 4Fingaz2Twisted

    Two crews with pussy niggaz out front. Ones a cop and the other run with cops. Both soft as cotton. Get Active! Weird Homos! WHAT UP?

  • jack

    Gunplay is a heroin junky. When gunplay dreams, those dreams don't even have as much money as 50cent has.

  • Unit

    This is better than 04 vibe awards fight when young buck stabbed that guy on camera

  • Veezy

    Much love to ol boy for manning up and standing on his own. I honestly have no idea who he really is or what type of music he makes, but he has heart and kept scrapping. Good look

  • Anonymous

    crack head or not the nigga stood his ground. they threw that nigga like he was a rag doll.

    • Anonymous

      stood his ground? he had nowhere to go, he didnt stand up until the pepper spray was out and 50s crew ran from the cops

  • TylertheDestroyer

    Gunplay stood his own.. He got back up and did what he could.

  • Anonymous

    jumping a crackhead is like shooting a dear in cage. this nigga aint but a nothing smoker and coke sniffer

    • sagempower

      they didn't jump him. based on the footage and the statements from people who saw Crackplay attacked first...

  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    This is a disgrace. A lot of you guys are reacting positively to what happened like this is cool and acceptable. I hate what 50 Cent represents, he doesn't represent success, he represents the predatory, violent and immoral environment he came from. What a disgrace BET. Damn, I am so tired of this ignorance. Please, Black people, WAKE THE FUCK UP!!! Welfare produces these fools. We have generational garbage that we have been feeding and breeding for decades. Hip-hop isn't Blacks' to lose any more, it is niggas', they been destroying since the nineties. I'm out

    • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

      You guys are idiots. SMDH. Why don't you all start examining how other people handle disagreements. Dumb ass niggas. I swear. Responsible for the backwardness of a whole race. Never want to take responsibility for anything, from your illegitimate kids, neighborhoods to the violence you all perpetuate on another. Its not the government's job to feed anyone, you cut off welfare violence will peak at first but then subside once you get enough of the knuckle heads in jail.

    • SC

      50 makes positive music, hes too soft. 50 defends himself the way he says he would in his lyrics, hes "violent and predatory".. you clowns want too much from people.

    • anonymous

      "the predatory, violent and immoral environment he came from" is EXACTLY the reason i support 50

    • HHHH

      now imagine if welfare starts getting taken away hell would break loose

  • jet li

    Enuff already, shit just a normal day in the hood. It would be cool to see Mike Knox and the junkie in a fade up. My coins on the junkie Mike looks like he was crying on his knees. That nigga look like he was praying for a intervention. He look like he was on first name basis with Jesus. The junkie too quick for ol fat boy

  • 4 Fingaz 2Twisted!

    What ever happened to the nigga the swiss cheesed Yayo moms house? Whatever happened to the G unit affiliate that got murked by Henchman boyz? What ever happened to 50 taking that tough act to Cali and Slim? He aint no fool, everybody know these niggaz aint bout it. Go at Slim, last I heard he dared 50 to PLAY these tough games with him. Real niggaz see right thru 50 he dont want war he wanna "SMILE"..What up? Stay off the internet pussy you aint bout shit but frontin like you live. You know who shot yo man crib...GET ACTIVE PUSSY! You best to "SMILE" and dont provoke some real active niggaz. Weird Homo! Yayo food to real niggaz str8 food.

    • Anonymous

      slim was talking shit and look where it got him! dropped from aftermath records LOL!!

    • kin folk

      Curtis is that you

    • Anonymous

      U got soo much 2 say bout 50 so y don't u do something 2 him! 50 got real estate & fleets of luxury vehicles in Cali even crips & bloods say they be seeing him about in LA riding heavy so he ain't hiding from u internet-bustaz nor any of these socalled street-niggaz-wannabe-rappers.... Put ur life/health/well-being on the line like B*tchPlay did and u too will get washed just better hope there is security. like BET had to get them goons off you that's the only thing that stop that washing!!!

  • yoyo

    fuck gunplay, but then again you cant knock a crackhead out.... they just pop back up...hahaha


    No disrespect but black folks don't know SHIT called LOGIC. Listen, if NO ONE (including you) wanna FESS UP and TELL then how the fuck are the police supposed to know anything and how the fuck are you or anybody else gonna cry about justice? Niggas talk all that snitch stuff when it's another statistic but when it's their family member or their man they wanna cry justice. Look, niggas in LA KNOW Orlando killed 2pac but no one wanna fess up cuz they'll get labelled a snitch. Instead they rather go at Funk Flex or Suge Knight and use them as scape goats and act tough with them on the Internet or via records. How is the police gonna lock any of these criminals up if nobody is fessin up? And then when the feds DO lock niggas up y'all cry "the police is lockin' brothas/rappers up". I feel sorry for african americans, y'all have the most fucked up mentality out in the world, but yet still think it's worse overseas LMAO. I live in both places btw and yes i'm black.

  • lion i

    ayo id slap the fuck outta yayo if i ever seen him just cuz i do what the fuck i want number one, and number two cuz that fraudulent ass lookin nigga is just mad annoying b

  • lol


  • jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

    now 50 gotta watch his back even more and more of a target

  • nick helms

    Gunplay thought he could run up on fifty and sock em and this is what happens. What did he really think would happen by running his mouth around 50cents security. This dude needs to go pop another xanax and stay high in the clouds because MMG will always be known for being some of the fakest niggas in the music genre.

  • Anonymous

    "This is nothin' but horseplay" And you should know. You get your ass kicked all the time.

  • Sensaye252

    Ass whoopin's ain't what they used to be. This is nothin' but horseplay. All you little girly ass niggas get your panties wet every time you see someone scuffle. Rap is for kids, bitches, and bitch ass niggas.

  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross officer buddies saved his ass! Smh

  • Icepick Vick

    Any grown man that runs around with a camera recording niggas fighting is the epitome of a BITCH ASS NIGGA. I'm sorry. I can't condone all these bitchery that takes place in hip-hop these days.

  • G5

    This dude got tossed like a child fighting a giant but it was a regular sized dude that tossed em. LOL. God dang, I mean it would have been different if it was some 7 foot dude but all these dudes was regular sized dudes and 1 of them grabs dude and just lifted him. Dude needs to stay out the beef because fighting ain't his strong suit. LMAO, damn.

  • ahha

    yayo goin "yea nigga!" lmao this crackhead got beat up. so did ross by jeezy MMG got washed at these awards

  • Anonymous

    NEW EPISODE OF THE NEW WEB SERIES THE RAPPER!!! If you fuck with THE WIRE, You'll fuck wit The Rapper

  • OMG

    Dude got lifted up and tossed acrossed the street!! LMAO!!

    • OoNo

      WORD THE COPS SAVED HIS LIFE, HOW DO YOU GET THROWN OFF YOUR FEET INTO SOME GATES THAT EQUALS A L. I got jumped and I saw other niggas get body slammed but thrown nah thats some wrestling shit right there!

  • BigFozzyBear

    Thought 50 didn't see Yayo anymore?? lol this shit comedy LOL just wish it was Rick Ross hate that fat fuck

  • Ass

    I can't tell when 50 punches him, someone point it out for me.

    • me

      the :12 mark on the upper left hand corner. Gunplay was standing there and said something and all you heard was crack and the camera starts to shake

  • big1eight

    "got them paws put on em" its da unit bitches!

  • big1eigh

    "got them paws put on em" its da unit bitches!

  • Gunwhip

    Gunplay a bitch str8 up! Dumb fool gets into a situation like that and trys to come out tough. bitch please, ima glad someone got the second footage.

  • Anonymous

    5 on 1..............enough said.

    • row

      it is fair cuz gunplay tried to sucker punch 50 and run away. 50s boys grabbed him and threw him down and started goin in on him. gunplay is the pussy for trying to punch and run

    • OoNo

      I've been in street fights but my man have you, not anyone else seen a niggah get throw like that! Thats a L. In NY niggahs get jumped on tha regular no lie thats that standard getting jumped fair ones is in the 80's

    • remaster

      ya only a crackhead would approach someone with a entourage especially a guy like 50

    • G5

      True but it was only 1 guy that tossed his ass across the street. LOL. I mean yeah he got jumped but you can get jumped and keep you dignity not getting tossed like that by 1 of the 5 guys. LOL.

    • nuh uhh

      True. Theses dudes killing me talking about GP got whooped. For a 5 on 1 he held his own. Everyone one started spreading out once the police got involved. GP stood up ready to go. #HEART

  • mikeboogy

    i knew gunplay was lying...he clearly got his ass beat...and then try to lie like he stood his ground like a saved his ass otherwise he could have possibly been stomped out...and then he hit a dude that was already on the ground...nothing wrong with that but dont act like he was holding his own because he wasnt...did you hear how hard he hit the ground...mike knox told the truth and gunplay lied thats all there is to it...lets see where it goes from here

  • so

    oh well let the niggas kill each other the rap game about to belong to the white man in a minute, look at enmm, greatest rapper alive, black people are stupid

  • jet li

    I would give anything to see 50 try this shit on Slim....on second thought maybe a smile is the way to go at Slim.

  • Anonymous

    5 on 1 and the nigga still gets up and tries to give it to one the assailants?....Salute Gunplay.....

  • Ricky Rozay

    most of these rappers aint real niggas. Word, Nas bankrupt never was a drug runner, Lil Wayne aint no blood, Jeezy aint no BMF, 50 a snitch, Game a stripper, 2pac a ballerina. None of these niggas real you guys. If they was all real they all be dead now. Like it or not Ross is the new biggie. BAWSE!!!!!


    All ya'll hatin on Wayne, dumb af. No matter which way you look at it he is and always will be the greatest rapper ever, who gives a shit if he went "mainstream" wtf do you want him to do, sell cd's and shit outta his garage or some shit? All you haters go play in the road, dumb asses

  • TubbsStern88

    They beat his ass good. The evidence is there. The evidence also shows Mike got his ass beat. NO, it wasnt fair that Mike was pepper sprayed but it wasnt fair that Gunplay was jumped by a whole crew. Mike is actually crawling on the ground with his fat ass hanging out. Mike takes a big L. How you pack out a crackhead, end up on the ground getting tagged, with yo ass cheeks hanging out? smdh. Mike looks stupid as fuck! If Gunplay got up after that beating he got heart,cuz he got BEAT and looks bad. However, my donkey goes to Mike K. aint no way that shoulda happen. BTW...I wonder just how many times in 2012 Mike K has been able to reach 50 by phone? Is Mike dropping a album this century? This dudes music is wacker than the crackheads shit. Mike Knox is another $5 hoe, rappers 50 fucks up the ass nice and slow then toss em away like a dirty condom. I wanna see that album drop but first I wanna see: Spider Loc, 40 Glocc, Beanie Sigle, BaNG Boogie, Mazerati Fox and etc all niggas who went to war hopin for a album release SMDH

  • Anonymous

    all these niggas fake a real g wouldve grabbed their booty first if they grab yours back that means its war if not then they pussy i wouldve grabbed all they booties i bet they wouldve ran

  • G-Unit

    Yea nigga...50 did what he had to do n then gunplay ran his mouth..props that he stood up after..but at the end of the day..50 hit him his crew did a bit but didnt get the chance to finish him off..haha

  • EAducated one

    some niggas saying they jump him and 50 ain do shit n 50 is a pussy..50 WAS THE ONE WHO THREW THE FIRST PUNCH N HE HAPPENED TO BE WITH HIS obviously theyd get in on this nigga.. it was 2 short of a fight cause clearly they were all pepper sprayed before the real shit broke out..50 hit him how is 50 a pussy again??? and some niggas forgetting that gunplay was the guy who came out n lied about the entire thing..i dont hear em talkin about that...

  • hahahahaha

    stop smoking crack bro!!! Gunplay tried to make his name buy punching the bully of the industry (50 cent) but things didn't go the way he planed !!!(but u got respect what crack can do to a human being). I remember when a guy tried to suck punch Dre at Bet!!hahaha...Gunplay u lied us but this is 2012 bro everything is on video .u should remember to thank the police (including your boss) without them things could have been worse !!

  • KeepingItReal

    This nigga don't care for his life. 50 worth too much money, when you coming for a nigga of that stature there is no fair one.

  • mac DIESEL


    • hahahah

      stop it bro!! anybody who've been in fight can see that Gunplay had no control for the fight so the police saved him bro. And he should remember that!!!(never say fuck the police cz u don't know when u will need them)

    • Anonymous

      it was actually police not security we all know the cops bodyguard fitty

  • Anonymous

    Gunplay wilding out after didn't see the first time after everyone ran he punched dude on left of him continued on to dude on ground which is fair game after getting jumped and started banging on him I heard fist on skin didn't hear as much as I should've when Fake Unit was jumpin his ass tho.

  • Anonymous

    Dude got wooped guy said on video? You kidding me that was some hoe shit 4 to 5 guys and that's all they did? Wow dude good for Gunplay anything is fair game afterward don't care if dude is on ground getting mazed you get that dude and bang on him which he did. He barely even fell down got his shit together and looked for first dude to bang on good for him man that's whats up he definitely did not get his ass beat as the dudes in video say. Fake Unit is annoying this is all I read is affiliates jumping people or it seems that way maybe I'm wrong but I swear it's like once every couple of months, bunch of bitches hope Gunplay gets dudes back somehow, and no not with actualy GUNPLAY.

    • RealWorld

      How was that hoe shit? You run into a gang of niggas throwin your fists and you expect only one person out the whole group to fight while everyone watches? It's not about hoe shit its about common sense. You dumb enough to throw yourselves to the wolves then you deserve everything you get. I know if I'm Fif, I ain't on this dudes level I got power enough to have my goons take care of it for me, I'm trying make more money, not fight crackheads.

  • mac DIESEL


    • Anonymous

      not even a scratch? yeah right, im sure he was bruised and bleeding? how would you know anyway? you checked out his naked body when you were fucking his asshole ?

    • Truth Hurts

      the additional footage just proves that it was a cowardly jump by 5 boys, that didn't even leave a scratch on a grown man.



  • TJ

    Around the 45-50 second mark you can see 50 right in the mix. None of the 'Bodyguards' that have been mentioned. From what I can see it's KidKid in the white tee & blue hat, Yayo, Knox, and 50

  • Anonymous

    Them niggaz gang a nigga, 50 bitch azz shoulda square off wit dawg, them some ole hoez azz niggaz real talk, it deserve to be some gunplay action after that, U cant play a nigga like dat brah!!!! Not In Charleston

  • Anonymous

    What a bunch of fucking savages. They fight while the rich bosses walk to their cars.

  • Heuy Freeman

    This would be what we call "A Nigga Moment"

  • mac DIESEL


  • Thugnificent

    LOL!!!!! Yayo be sounding like Riley off The Boondocks"YEAH!!!,NIGGA,YEAH!!!!" ROFL


    Wooo from the first video I was thinking okk he got some licks in.. after seeing that 2nd video dude got dealt with a pounced on first guy he saw. Gunplay got TOSSSED !! lmao

  • Fuck Gunplay & His Family

    Funny thing is, this guy is all over the net talking shit about 50, while he doesn't even give a fuck

  • Anonymous

    Tony Yayo is the biggest faggot in the game. He just sits back and says "yea nigga' he never does anything but talk. He such a waste of fucking time seriously someone just murder this cat.

  • them niggaz weak for that

    Only weak motherfukaz who think its cool oh ok to jump people will say Gunplay got beat up but damn it was like five on one and you mean to tell me they couldn't knock him out especially after he got tossed into the gate...SMDH thats why I got my license to carry a concealed weapon.

  • Anonymous

    Ghostface needs to be 30 again and come with his crew and whoop 50s ass the real way.

  • Anonymous

    Did Gunplay get at least one of them at the end? You see him punching someone who is on the ground.

    • Tramp

      He punched someone that was on the ground that got pepper sprayed

    • Anonymous

      yeah he kinda caught the big guy who got sprayed first, got a few shots at the last guy left, yayo was about to stomp him out when they sprayed the mace again

  • Anonymous

    50 clocked him at 0:12 pause you see gunplay face on the left getting smacked. And how ya gon big him up for getting mike knox? the dude was mased to fuck stumbled on the floor and gunplay punches his back? face it dude get thrown around for acting up. junkie ass nigga

    • Anonymous

      Don't care if dude is on ground getting mazed he got jumped after being jumped anything and anyone is fair game. Rules went out the damn window which there actually are none in street fight, but yea you'd get tossed too if 5 guys jumped you, but that's all they did to dude? I mean come on man a bunch of girls can do more than that...And good for Gunplay not backing down after he looked for anyone who was still there that's not bitch at all after getting jumped while all of 50's crew is bitch of jumping him to begin with. 50's a punk, Yayo is a bitch, and they haven't made any good music since like 05 anyways. Bla

  • d4

    can somebody please answer me this question.. WHY did they fight? I feel like every motherfucker is just beatin around the bush and when someone asks why they fought its just not answered.. Was is cuz gunplay is associated with ross and he said some slick shit about it when 50 n them passed? I just wanna know what the fuck the point of the fight was cuz obviously it was about somethin. Like what the fuck does fat joe have to do with this? What the fuck does gunplay being a dope fiend have to do with this? All i see in this shit is gunplay gettin thrown around and yayo's dumb ass hypin it up as usual not doin shit. Somebody jus answer me what was the reasoning for this shit

    • Anonymous

      lots of videos of this junkie running his mouth about putting hands of 50 and shooting him,

    • Anonymous



    hahahaha MMG takes a L. Gunplay you a bitch such a cold world!! MMG bout to get some ass whooping left and right now

  • Anonymous

    wow i didnt realize there was still so many g unit riders but you all sound dumb as hell. its not fair for gun play to hit a dude that got a little pepper spray after getting jumped? but its ok for a skinny ass dude to get jumped by 5 security dudes trained to do this shit and 50 to keep his hands clean. gun play was never scared and never stopped coming back at them. real g. call it how it is. people always talking about real. come on now.

    • Anonymous

      you sound real dumb, talking about being sheltered. nobody said shit about a fair one. the fact dude is getting stomped and still gets up and goes after the first cat he sees is g. while all YOU 50 d*ck eaters are like wow 50 so g. he had gun play jumped blah blah. round my way mr sheltered , you get jumped you aint getting up for a while and i m def not getting stole after jumping someone. get off 50 nuts. he didn t do shit and gun play seemed un fazed. real g

    • Anonymous


  • OoNo

    Gunplay said he had 8 BIG bodyguards them look like regular niggas to me and 50 was walking in the front of them lol They threw has around like a rag doll lol

  • 617

    to all those talking about 50 security papoose said it best...when a rapper get caught with his piece you say how stupid is he, but then when he have security you say he roll with police

  • iddle

    Why would u start shit with a guy who has an entourage.... He tried to sucker punch 59 n got whooped... How is 50 the bitch? He's rich of course he'll have body guards... Case in point this situation.

  • haha

    i was hearing the breakfast club interview and he said he lost his footing and fell down..and got back listen to the interview its hilarious ..

  • showcase

    something always happens that involes 50 especially when he has an album coming out whether it's planned or not

  • PETE


  • david

    Nigga got his ass whip, MMG needs to just move on. 50 going to use this to sell his album ! -------) opinionguy2011 com (-------------

  • 909

    yayo talking like he rapping ...i can hear 50 laughing ..fucken doll...i dont care if he got up or not ..he took an L FOR lying

  • Fish

    well well gunplay, the additional footage puts a bit of a different complexion on things. you got exposed - you were lying and Mike Knox was telling the truth. But then again, why would we expect honesty from someone who runs with Officer Ricky...

  • Anonymous

    watch this on full screen and you can actually see gunplay get rocked right in the face around :12 sec mark, may have been 50

  • Anonymous

    fuck what anybody say , gunplay talkin shit , bout G-unit he thought he could take em' all and got stri8 jacked up and beat & only reason he beat one of 50 dudes cause the dude got paper sprayed and feel , then gunplay seen him down and snuck him , plus gunplay pussy for going on the radio lying about the whole thing 50 stri8 stomped that nigga till the cops came and started pepper sprayin things # bet gunplay mad that there were more than one camera around at that time cause in that first video everyone thougt he was that nigga .

  • Anonymous

    8 people jumpin one dude i will agree but the way mike knox got chased around like a pussy as soon as his men disappears show he a shook nigga

    • Anonymous

      hey Nick, thats what happens when you jump 1 get peppered sprayed then get punched back while crawling on the floor lol.

    • nick

      I could be mistaken but it did look like Mike Knox took a face full of pepper spray...I am pretty sure anyone would be more "shook" from that then Gunplays hands.

  • Chris

    Listen to Gunplays interviews then listen to Mike Knox, Knox was telling the truth and Gunplay just lying his ass off

  • Ross

    Everyone giving gunplay props for punching a dude who had been maced lol lame little fuckboys

  • Jay

    Can someone please point out where the 8 of 50's bodyguards were because all I saw was 50, knox, heard yayo lol and some others. Gunplay lying hahaha

  • no gunplay

    HA! This is dude with the swastika on his back who rolls with the CO. He got the crap beaten out of him - just manhandled. THEN waited for Knox to get maced....then jumps on his back and still couldn't get in any good shots worth writing home about. This guy would get raped in prison, which is probably why his best friend is a Correctional Officer. Honestly, how tough can someone be if he calls himself gunplay and professes a swastika tattoo but rolls with a CORRECTIONAL OFFICER. He's trying too hard. P.S. Someone tell Gunplay that ridiculous hairstyle does NOTHING to hide is receding hairline.

  • mikeknox

    They gta jump this nigga n they still cant keep him dwn all you bitch ass niggas should be embarrased and then big mike gna take his chain 2 a radio station 5 0n 1 nigga i hope u got sumthin SMDH

  • Gunplay

    yo i was just mindin my bizzness, see the jeezy and ross shit was poppin i had to duck out jeezys boys were actually real dudes, so i see fif and them thinkin dam this crack smoke got me lifted and i test them....i didnt realize this niggas was real too, am i the only one whos fake out here in these streets, tyrone biggums lookin like muh fucka



  • Anonymous

    so mike knox was right !! you can see on this additional footage gunplay gettin jumped than the police macing up the g-unit affiliates and gunplay punchin one of them g-unit dude who was so maced up he couldn't fight back since a couple days gunplay pretended he acted like a real g but regarding this new footage he actually acted like a bitch waitin for some dude to get maced up to jump on him and i'm not even talkin bout rick ross throwin mirrors at jeezy backstage like an angry bitch maybach bitches

    • @wtf

      it ain't the point. everybody can take on gunplay. he's just a skinny dude on crack. so when the first footage was released he pretended to be a tough dude and shit. now this additional footage comes out we can he was not THAT tough cause he jumped on a dude who was already maced up. now to be more specific, i don't think gunplay was on his own at that moment. he definitely was movin with his crew. so i guess when the g-unit affiliates jumped on him they might have expect some maybach dudes backing their boy but they didn't. instead they leave gunplay on his own while he was jumped by five people. so the true pussies are the correctional officer crew

    • wtf

      are you retarded? it was 5 on 1, thats true pussy shit, the goon that got maced up and tuned by gunplay deserved it for taking part in a bitch move

  • Anonymous

    You can clearly hear Yayo voice in the back saying "yeah nigga" a 1000 times. LOL

    • Anonymous

      Tony Yayo is the biggest bitch in the game period....wait Gunlplay is...wait Yayo is. Whatever they both should just be shot already.

  • Anonymous

    Black folks should be proud of themselves!!!

  • Anonymous

    5 guys against 1 big up to gunplay for standing his ground

  • Anonymous

    if you look good you can see 50 punch him and gunplay flys like an eagle. haha


    Niggas jumped me cause they couldn't beat me one on one-

  • shawn

    the only reason 50s crew backed off was cause they were getting maced by security. gunplays lucky cause a little bit longer of a beating like that and he woulda been in the hospital

  • at

    you guys hate fifty real bad because you obviously not seeing that gunplay was on the grown get his ass whooped until the mase came out he was getting tossed like a hot potatoes

  • Anonymous

    Where are the so called big bodyguards with 50 that Gunplay was talking about? "50 got them big dudes with him blablabla. All I see is G-Unit with 50.

  • Anonymous

    I dunno but I saw gun play get tossed around by about 10 dudes and then they ran away he got right up and whooped on some dude, then got mased. Thats some pussy shit, 50 actin like hes hard. standing behind all his dudes haha what a pussy

    • airplay

      50 was right there in it you can see he landed at least one punch on the crack head. funny thing is, in the interview gunplay talkin like it was security whoopin his ass, but now we can clearly see it was 50, yayo, kidd kidd, and mike knox. ahahah we dont play that we dont play that we dont play that G UNIT we dont play around!!

  • Laid out

    This aint nothing . Nigga went to New York talking shit about Fif and a few hours later then nigga was laid out like a Mummy hahahaha. I thought the nigga was dead hahahhaah smh. You can't come back and act heard after being exposed like that but a bunch of you butt buddies with him and still ride his dick. Faggot boyz.

  • Rag Doll

    Man this nugga got slung around like a rag doll. Rick Ross's pig buddies came to save his ass and fat boy couldn't take the pepper spray and was crawling on the wrong like a bitch. I've gotten p. sprayed before and I kept it moving. Like the people said...they beat Gunplay's ass. 50 cent was minding his own biz and Gunplay must have thought he was playing some tuff gangsta in a video shoot and tried to front and got his shit pushed in lol.

  • lmao

    hahaha gunplay new name is air play. that nigga got thrown!!! lmao

  • Anonymous

    He held his ground,at least he did the energizer bunny and kept going. Gunplay and nobody else gone whoop 5 dudes. If thats true.

  • Anonymous

    that 50 cent who he beats?

  • John

    A lot of hiphop "artists" need to go back to school so they can be re-educated. They are a disgrace for our race...

    • Anonymous

      what does getting educated at school have anything to do with fighting? last time i checked people fight in school everyday. What is your correlation between this video and school? im missing the link. i actually dont think that there is one. i think you are just talking down to your race.

  • Bom919

    The BET Awards is like the new OZone awards. This is why nobody takes the BET Awards seriously. Rappers who grab awards there probly couldnt give less of a fuck.

  • Wtf is this bullshit

    Nice footage

  • Anonymous

    haha them weak ass punches the guy got maced and fell then gunplay threw them weak crack head punches and grazed his shoulder ahaha

  • Anonymous

    Crackheads gone wild (Gunplay Edition)

  • Anonymous

    who buying this crack heads album?

  • Anonymous

    I didn't GunPlay had it in him. Skinny Gun Play whopped that big dude until the police sprayed him.





    • bnh

      stfu jet li go get ready for romeo must die pt.2 gunplay woop that nigga azz and u know it and they tried to jump hims stop riding them gay unit niggaz dick

  • 111NHC

    Gunplay looked all sloppy LMAO Not even making contact with dude @Don'tCrywolfHoe on twitter could've knocked all of them niggas out while giving game head

  • Jet LI


  • Jay

    Gunplay fucked that nigga up lmao Any other bitch rapper woulda ran after trying to get jumped..he stayed.

    • P

      you must be watchin the wrong video, airplay only fired back on dude when he was sprayed with mase and slipped to the ground...airplay was just tryna save some face...crack head ass nucka

  • Anonymous

    GunPlay is a crack head. dude dont even know what real life is

  • Tim

    yall lucky Ja Rule wasn't their he would have knocked out everyone

  • Anonymous

    Fake Ass Unit always jumping dudes why can't tough guy 50 fight man up? Why can't anyone fight man up anymore? Good for Gunplay woopin dude's ass and got peppersprayed I'll get jumped before I ever get peppersprayed again if you never have try to keep it that way shit really does burn ha. But I'm sick of G U Not members man always reading shit like this a bunch of pussies...Only women jump people or shook dudes. And of course he's the only one who gets arrested because what they fail to mention is the G Unit Affiliates are COPS..Ha fake ass bitches for real fuck 50 his music is straight garbage now too Idk who's worst at times DMX or him. WHen you're vocabulary is only so large like X and 50 it's hard to be around for a decade or so.

  • Aye

    Why didn't Fiddy b!#$# @$$ see Gunplay one on one...Gunplay would've knock his @$$ out. It took FIVE so called men to try an jump this man...but he still took down one of your crew members...G-Unot members weak. Reports say Gunplay had bruises, but Mike Knox was crawling for help...I guess Fiddy's crew know they can't beat this man one on one so they have to jump him. F Fiddy & G-Unot and Jeezy & his weak @$$ crew as well. 5-0 will snitch now because one if his boys got knocked down.

  • RO

    How are you gonna stand there and watch gunplay get jumped by g-unit and then when they leave its just a 1 on 1 fight and then at the end of that fight you decide to take you're phone out and start recording? Someone had to of recorded the whole thing

  • Anonymous

    gunplay is a fake-ass pussy and i would love to suck it