Kendrick Lamar Gives Advice To Fans, Talks Why He Doesn't Smoke Weed

Kendrick Lamar gives some pointers to young artists and explains why weed isn't an issue for him.

With his Aftermath debut good kid, m.A.A.d city just weeks away from its October 22 release, Kendrick Lamar is quickly becoming one of the strongest voices in the younger Hip Hop generation. Now, in a recent interview with Mr. Peter Parker, the Compton emcee relates his advice to aspiring listeners.

He said that he wants his younger fans to know that anything is possible with a little bit of effort. He put his own Compton upbringing into perspective, saying that despite the city's socioeconomic woes, he was still blessed with a number of opportunities that many people worldwide do not have.

"[My advice is] anything is possible," he said. "Actually, my little brother just graduated from that same high school [I attended], so he's got his friends that actually [ask me for advice]. Me coming up out of there lets them know that anything is possible; it don't matter where you at. You could be in the slums - people in Africa...don't have schools or food or anything like that, and you're saying you're coming out of a school in Compton, saying you can't make it, that's foolish."

Kendrick also spoke about why he doesn't smoke marijuana. He said that he used to partake when he was younger, but he grew out his habits and made sure to never use drugs as a crutch in his career.

"I used to smoke," he said. "[Smoking weed] wasn't ever a dependen[cy for me]. A lot of people use it as a dependen[cy], they wake up in the morning angry [and smoke]. It never was a dependent for me, so it never was a crutch, really."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • Jake

    maybe if he smoked weed he could write his own songs!

  • paddy

    couldnt agree more. every1 nowadays is under the assumption that weed isn't a drug which is just a joke. i mean kids grow up with no fear of weed at all bc every1 glorifies it and its pretty much legal in diff areas. but it is a drug and it's really all in how you use it. a lot of ppl def use it as a crutch. if it's the first thing u do in the morning its a crutch believe me lol n if u think not ur fuckin kiddin urself. im not saying don't smoke but be real w/ yourself

    • Youranidiot

      That's because it's a plant not a drug. To be a drug you have to do something to it chemically. Weed is a fucking plant just like tobacco the only difference is its effects. Why do think hippies are known to be happy and peaceful, if everyone smoked there would be way less wars in the world and a lot less violence. People have the right to use weed if they want it doesnt harm them or anybody else so whats the fucking deal

  • Anonymous

    weed addiction is something that out there that people never want to speak about. for some people its not a problem for other that pay out 400 a month for weed when they can't afford it, it is.

    • Weedisanonaddictiveplant

      you do realize weed isnt physically addicting right? You can only be addicted to weed mentally from enjoying it. You never become physically dependent on it. And the only people who smoke $400 of weed per month are dealers who can afford it. And if they cant afford it they buy reggie( crappy weed) which is dirt cheap and you can buy it with pocket change. Also weed is plant put on this earth by whoever made us. So explain to me how it is so bad when it doesnt cause you to harm other people and is better for you than alchohol or cigs? Not to mention it makes people happy and most people just use it to have fun. No problem in that.

    • Anonymous

      instead of 20 mins its like 1 hour 2 hours

    • T

      weeds kinda like crack get high ... yo wanna sell me another

  • Anonymous

    lol all these people clicking on kendrick articles and songs just to post a comment bout how "he is overated" LMAO WELL IF YOU THINK HE IS THEN STOP GIVING HIM MORE ATTENTION. Im a huge kendrick fan and i honestly dont give a shit what mans online be talking, he's my fav MC right now, you dont like it? change the channell

  • Anonymous

    i heard from a teacher that if you smoke weed you have problems your running from (fucked up life) ... guess kendrick lamar was just a good kid in a mad city

    • paddy

      very true thats why kids never learn to deal with their fuckin problems n end up so fucked bc they just drown their body with toxins to forget about. then they wakeup at 50 and realize they have the maturity of a 14 yr old bc theyve never actually learned to deal with problems, stress, anxiety, anger in a constructive manner. a lot of ppl live their whole life completely lost of what's truly important.

  • K9 tha Pedigree

    Kendrik i like some of your music, but get your facts straight we have schools in Africa, nigga i have 44 pairs of Jordans, fuck you men we dont have schools? Typical narrow minded fuck

    • Anonymous

      he said some, dam people need to read. Not everyone can afford 44 pairs of Jordans. Last I heard, Africa had the most poverty in the whole world. He is not narrow minded, you are, because you think you're rich doesn't make everyone else rich.

  • Roy

    I know niggas who are angry without weed too...If u have an addictive personality and the mentality of a drug addict ur gonna wanna be under the influence of something all the time

  • Jamaal

    And that's y he is moving up, because while I'll r dissin n gettin riled up in ur own little world, he is using his free time to actually do something! At the end of it all, only time can tell us what Kendrick is ant, so find sumn better to do than hate n watch ah screen.

  • Anonymous

    FIX YOU WEBSITE HIPHOPDX. Mozilla keeps crashing because of your ads, script stops working and gives me a error!

  • tops350

    he says he doesn't smoke yet that's what most of his songs are about? explain?

    • Anonymous

      he has a song where he goes threw the process of cooking crack but no says shit when i was first fiqureing out his songs i was a little confused but i didnt think it mattered intill intill some one said "kendrick lamar made me smoke weed" and i told him that he doesnt even smoke

    • Anonymous

      it doesnt matter anyway there never should of been an article on whether or not he smokes weed , if you listened you would already know

    • Anonymous

      I know right

    • Anonymous

      YOU'RE A TOOL. Overly Dedicated - H.O.C. "Bet you think that this some high shit that I wrote Probably think I'm off the kush or the hydro I don't even smoke" "I go in studio sessions and feel like a nerd cause I'm the only nigga there not smoking no herb You telling me the kush make you think on level four? I'm on five, you saying I can level more?"

    • Anonymous

      what's wrong with talking about weed, but not doing it yourself? he hangs around Soul and Q who smoke weed every single day, so i bet he knows a thing or two about it. doesn't mean he has to smoke it himself.

    • Anonymous

      rick ross never sold drugs and thats all he talks about wayne aint no blood these rappers aint shootin no body

    • The MH

      he talks about(mentions)weed in more than a few songs. not gon go through the whole discography to find em. but he doesn't do it enough to say that most of his songs are about it.

    • Anonymous

      Name a couple of Kendrick songs aside from The Recipe where he's talking about weed.

  • 905

    Dudes hella overrated...but whatever floats your boat I guess.

    • Anonymous

      So because y'all personally feel he's not all that, he's overrated? That's a tad bit self-serving ...

    • Jay

      He's actually the first artist on the mainstream level since Lupe who actually isn't overrated in my opinion...I think he is very lyrical....Elzhi, Reks, and Blu are more lyrical but K dot is up there

    • Realist

      co-sign. Tried listening to section80...can't get into it. He's got a couple joints, but other than's rap fans give him too much credit than he deserves. Overrated as hell.

    • HiiiPoWeR

      You can't be everything to everyone at the same time.

  • TheSkeptic

    I dont trust these "HiiiPower" niggas, especiialy Ab-Soul. Crazy how Alori Joh "committed suicide" around the time they got signed to Aftermath. Jumping from a radio tower in the broad daylight WHILE this chick was on the cusp of success doesn't sound very logical to me. Y'all might wanna check this website out.

  • Anonymous

    GIVE ME A CHANCE Youtube is all about finding new artist, & though I been rapping for a while im still consider a new artist. I just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that. I do music to help change the lives of others so what you'll get from my music is all POSITIVITY! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support

  • Crack Pipe

    Ab-Soul is better though :-) Still gonna cop that new joint Oct. 22nd, this kid does his thing.

  • jason

    i really like this dude. he is growing mad respect from me as a human being. we need angels from projects like this more often to shine through and push creative conscious rhymes.

  • Eye Control

    This dude is playin with yall. Yall can't be that stupid, what the hell do you think High Power is about? Good Kid, Made City will have at least a couple stoner anthems, you can bet that. I remember that one song from Kendrick where he talks about it, I think it's called druggys with hoes, but Kendrick definitely does drugs people, you can hear it in his voice. I personally think the whole high power thing is corny, and Kendrick is definitely overrated. Kendrick should sign to shady and join Slaughterhouse, because I know he looks up to Em and Em can help him with his craft, Kendrick definitely has potential.

  • GDP

    But he has a swimming pool full of liquor that he dives in? Which is worse?

  • Anonymous

    I think most of you miss the point basically he is telling folks that they have been given opportunities and need to take advantage of them. The truth is in some parts of Africa and closer to home in some countries in the Caribbean, education, or better yet instruction is not free, and in places where the government subsidies edu/instruction it tends to be inadequate.

  • Anonymous

    wtf this nigga dnt smoke weed anymore God put this on earth for all of us take advantage man, take adavntage

  • Fred Sanford

    This nigha is talking out of his ass. Africa doesn't have schools or food? What Africa has he been to? He's probly web to stupid to realize that Africa is far to broad a term to even say some stupid shit like that. Africa is a huge continent with many countries , many of them filled with white people moreso than blacks running around with ribs showing and sticks and dirt and straw houses. Fuck this nigha.

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick overrated, album will flop commercially and critically

  • Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d city

    1. Intro 2. Money Treez (Produced by Digi+Phonics) 3. Secret Rivals (Produced by DJ Khalil) 4. The Recipe feat. Dr. Dre (Produced by Scoop DeVille, add. Dr. Dre) 5. Unspoken Word feat. J. Cole (Produced by J. Cole) 6. Poetic Justice feat. Drake (Produced by T-Minus) 7. Cheraine (Produced by Dr. Dre, co. Dewaun Parker) 8. You'll Never Know (Produced by J. Cole) 9. Dying of Thirst (Produced by Digi+Phonics) 10. Swimming Pools (Drank) (Produced by T-Minus) 11. Righteous Way feat. KiD CuDi & Kelis (Produced by Hit-Boy) 12. Partynauseous feat. Lady Gaga (Produced by Terrace Martin) 13. Lovely Lady feat. Pharrell & Snoop Lion (Produced by The Neptunes) 14. Second Coming (Produced by Digi+Phonics) Deluxe 15. Now or Never feat. Mary J. Blige (Produced by Dr. Dre, co. Dewaun Parker) 16. Tears feat. Jhene Aiko & Ab-Soul (Produced by Digi+Phonics) 17. Get Down (Produced by Mr. Porter) 18. Hungry feat. Black Hippy (Produced by Digi+Phonics)

    • Anonymous

      the tracklist has already leaked fools. google that shit.

    • Anonymous

      this is fake kendrick said he wasnt gonna have alot of features, he stated he's selfish on this album when on 106 and park

    • ...

      Soundwave &Taebeast are part of Digi+Phonics.

    • Anonymous

      the only guess spots that im not that excited about are drake, kelis and lady gaga ones. everyone else is cool and production credit for the most part are dope. nice to see dr. dre himself, dj khalil and mr. porter contributed to this album. though it would have been cool to see soundwave and taebeast produce a couple of tracks on the album

    • Anonymous

      Enough with the fake tracklists!!

  • Anonymous

    If you want to go platinum Kendrick, tell the world you smoke weed, sell guns, and have been arrested at least fifteen times.

    • Anonymous

      the most he'll do first week is 100,000. you have to be crazy to think he has a fan base outside of the hip hop world yet

    • TDE

      You last two Anonymouses are crazy. He'll do 150k 1st week.

    • Anonymous

      He'll be lucky if he does Slaughterhouse numbers, definitely right though, it would take a miracle for Kendrick to go gold. Selling records is tough these days, most albums I'd like to buy I can't even find locally.

    • Anonymous

      this dude ain't going Gold. What's wrong with you? Nas ain't even Gold. Ross ain't even Gold yet. Nicki Minaj is barely over GOLD at 600k. What makes you think there are 500,000 people who are going to buy his album? Aint no suburban white kids rolling around singing "Swimming Pools". You have to have a huge effect these days along with a top 40 record to go Gold. He will do Slaughterhouse numbers. 50k-75k first week. Stop the madness.

    • yugang08

      lol forreal. fortunately, kendrick's platform and fanbase are sold enough to get him to sell at least gold. fuck it, he can just make most of his profits from shows, tours and starting other business as most rappers (especially rappers signed to a major label) aint making a killing off record sales alone anyway.

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