Talib Kweli Criticizes New York City's Stop-And-Frisk Practices

Talib Kweli appears at a police reform rally to speak his mind.

Talib Kweli appeared earlier today at a police reform rally outside of City Hall in New York City, New York. The Brooklyn native gave an impassioned speech that criticized the stop-and-frisk practices, claiming that it encourages racial profiling through legislation and that he will not support it.

“In a fair and equal world, stop-and-frisk might make sense,” he said. “But we don’t live in a fair and equal world. We live in a world where not everyone starts at the same place. We live in a world that was built on the backs of slaves, some of them are still buried right here under City Hall. You understand what I’m saying?”

He continued by addressing Mayor Bloomberg's position on stop-and-frisk that says it's only done on reasonable suspicion and not the color of one's skin. "I heard that man say that no one should ever be racially profiled,” he continued. “What world does that man live in? I don’t know, I don’t live in that world. You can’t stop racism with laws. You can’t legislate compassion. We will not allow you to support policies that encourage racism.  We will not allow you to support policies that encourage racism. We will not stand for it. We will not stand to the side, we won’t have it."

Kwe also spoke with AnimalNewYork at the rally, explaining how he thinks that the police have a poor relationship with the community by focusing more on control than protection.

"Police have an adverse relationship with any poor minority community, because they’re brought in to control it and to protect the rights of the people who own the property as opposed to supporting and protecting the rights of people. I think the main problem is that we have police who don’t have to live [in] and have to deal with communities. They deal with it as a foreign entity, instead of something that’s part of it," he said. "An ideal NYPD? It’s something that benefits and serves the people. It’s something that the people can depend on. With policies like stop and frisk, they’re destroying the little… whatever’s left of the relationship that the community has with the police."

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  • Onemike

    Yea not feelin NYPD's stop and frisk! Mutha lovers be stoppin peeps for no reason!

  • Up North

    Good to see Kweli doing his thing. NYC isn't nearly as bad as Chicago right now but with Active Shooters popping up more commonly the focus is beginning to shift from petty criminals to crazy, delusional, nut-job, religion freak type of people who feel the need to open fire in a highly populated area and kill/injure as many people as possible in one fell swoop. Sometimes the things we need we don't want. And what we want, we don't need.

  • Anonymous

    is Brooklyn really as dangerous as rappers make it out to be?

    • Anonymous

      Brownsville, East New York, Canarsie, much of Bed-Stuy, much of Bushwick, half of Crown Heights, parts of Williamsburg, the pjs in Coney Island, Red Hook, Gravesend... ALL those places are grimey, though Brownville is grimiest of all, year in, year out.

    • NY

      Not all of BK. Brownsville (BK), yes it's pretty dangerous. Crown Heights, BedStuy, East Flatbush, Flatbush are dangerous too.

    • rn506

      The guys who rap about it...dont live there anymore for the most part, they are rapping about what they grew up around...dont get it twisted, every city, every borough has its bad spots! just not as bad as the 70,80s and even the 90s. Crack is still around, so is heroin....

    • Anonymous

      No, it isn't. Most places in New York haven't been really dangerous since the crack epidemic and like the early and mid 90's. Based on the population the overall crime rate isn't as high as it used to be, cause the police cracked down on em.

    • pppp

      thats wat i wanna know

  • Anonymous

    STFU dipshit... Let me see/hear Talin protest even ONE fucking black on black murder in Brownsville, East New York, Bed Stuy... And I hope the next goddamn thug they DON'T frisk gives this bum a couple shots to the dome... Dumb motherfucker.

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  • Hoodgrown Magazine

    NYPD stay doing that shit. They always use "you fit the description of such and such...." I seen MALE cops on Halloween search a female (illegal in this city) for EGGS. In those tight ass pants she had on.. no way was she carrying fucking eggs in her pockets.

  • Farrakhan

    crackas stop being racists! stop racially profiling!

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