Lyor Cohen To Reportedly Launch Talent Management Company

Lyor Cohen has reportedly spent the past two years setting up a talent management company.

Lyor Cohen unexpectedly announced his departure as CEO and Chairman from Warner Music Group earlier this week without a solid explanation.

Now, NYDN is reporting that the music executive has been secretely developing a talent management over the past two years while at WMG. A source says that Cohen has "decided the time is right to move forward."

The source continues that the goal for the company is to "bridge the gap between label and management" and assist bands and record companies working closer together.

In an internal memo addressed to the staff at WMG, Cohen alluded to a new endeavor but wasn't specific. “As WMG enters its next chapter, I’m ready to begin mine,” he said. “I can’t yet announce what I’ll be doing next; I can only say that it will be something where I can work my entrepreneurial muscles and partner with artists.”

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  • Issachar Bey

    Lyor Cohen : The Great Music Executive I remember working in the mail room at Def Jam and taking mail up to lyors office. He was always smoking a Cigar. Lyor is a Great Visionary and Trailblazer. I am glad to see that he is expanding and opening another Chapter in his life as well as the Music Industry. Lyor is a very smart and powerful man and I expect him to bring something new and exciting to the Music Industry. While celebrating his birthday next week I can almost guarantee it will be a party to remember. Lyor is Perfectionist and handles responsibility very well. He is responsible for some of the greatest names in HipHop. I look forward to seeing Mr. Cohen take his brand and his no non-sense work effort to a phenomenal plato.

  • Anonymous

    Ha! This clown used to brag about how he made more money than anyone in hiphop. I guess it was eating him alive to see Jay, 50 and Diddy making that much bread outside of music. This is the same reason LA Reid broke north.

  • Ahmadinejad

    fuck this parasite

  • Anonymous

    Sounds good. Just hope there i no shady business with this.

  • Shone Jones

    If Lyor is going back to artist management, which acts are gonna be willing to sign with him these days?

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