Ludacris Eyes Early 2013 Release Date For "Ludaversal"

Ludacris hopes to release his new LP in the first quarter of next year.

Ludacris has been working on Ludaversal for a minute, but he's finally got an idea of when it will hit stores. During an interview with Hot 107.9 Atlanta, Luda said that he hopes to get his new LP to fans during the first quarter of 2013 and that despite his time focused on acting, he's always a musician.

"You gon’ hear a lot more records from the Ludaversal album, coming first quarter next year," he said. “The music is always gonna be number one for me. It’s been a minute, be we coming back strong.”

Luda most recently released the offering's second single "Representin" featuring Kelly Rowland, and previously dropped its first cut "Jingalin."

Check out the interview below (via RU).

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  • Anonymous

    "Luda at least had bars, got dope albums" None of them are classic.

  • Eye Control

    I used to like Luda until he sold out and gave in to the elite. He joined illuminati ever since he worked with Justin Bieber, just to get more views on youtube vevo. Ludaversal isn't about Luda and verses. It's a play on 'Universal' in reference to Universal Music Group, which I think is the label under which luda is a puppet and slave. It's sad because Music Theater Mind was a good album but then he sold out with battle of the exes. Well it was nice knowin you luda. Thanks for shitting on your fans for more money. And why another album anyways, don't you have a movie you have to be doing? Sellout

  • Fuck Atlanta

    Nigga talks like people are actually willing to buy his album.

  • Anonymous

    Luda's makin that Hollywood paper now. I'm surprised he's even working on an album.

  • Cwigg

    Wow...shocker!! Our vets are slackin' on the album releases cause they ain't hungry anymore! Take the grub out of their stomachs, and pull them out of Hollywood so we can get some quality hip hop again. Again, thank god for some of the recent new lyricists coming up...they're on the grind, hungry and want it.

  • Anonymous

    was expecting this before 2013 fu@k him

  • Anonymous

    well theres a shock (NOT).......... jingle flopped so he went back to the drawing board hip hop has gone to the dogs, way too many fuc@ing push backs - so fustrating

  • Anonymous

    is anybody even checkin' for luda like that anymore?

  • me


  • woodrow

    damn they pushed his shit back and 2 chainz hot as fishgrease right now...karmas a bitch...what happens when you dont want share the spotlight chingy blew and then chainz shawnna and i20 going double plat before ludas album comes out

    • Uh no

      Chingy? Epic failure

    • Anonymous

      Even tho i get your point what does that really mean? You must be in High School still. Luda has at least been in the game since 2000 and 2Chainz just got hot and wont have a long shelf live. Hes a gimmick rapper thatll last a few years. He isnt even that popular in terms of sales. Luda at least had bars, got dope albums, have longevity in the game. Being hot doesnt matter.

  • harveybabyyy

    I only bought his last album it was okay. more than likely going to get this one as well.

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