T.I. Says He'd Like To Finish His Music Career At Atlantic Records, Talks New Book

T.I. speaks on the process of creating his second book, hopes to stay with Atlantic Records once his contract is up.

Atlanta rapper T.I.’s contract with his label home Atlantic Records may be coming to a close, but the Grand Hustle founder revealed in an interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club that he’s happy where he’s at and if he can finish his music career at Atlantic Records, he’ll do just that.

“Aye man I’mma say this, I’m happy where I’m at if they happy to have me. I’m happy where I am…I’d like to finish my career there if that’s possible, but that’s not up to me, it’s up to them,” said T.I.

While T.I. is preparing for the release of his eighth studio album he’s also pushing another project, his second novel titled “Trouble & Triumph: A Novel Of Power & Beauty.” During his interview with The Breakfast Club the rapper spoke on the process of creating the book.

“Well, I’mma tell ya, I don’t sit down and write. We have conversations. We have conversations and I discuss my ideas and theories,” T.I. explained. “He has a tape recorder and then from my ideas he creates what is called a manuscript. I overlook the manuscript make corrections, and add to it. And that process goes on back and forth for as long as it takes to come up with that book right there…I think the success of the book will determine whether or not it deserves to be made into a movie."

“Trouble & Triumph” was released this week and Trouble Man is due out this December.

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  • Anonymous

    "with no hit record on top of that. that sound like a flop to you?" This very site had it listed well below the 500,000 mark which last time I checked was the marker for gold status. How it suddenly went gold is a farce. Numbers aside, the album was garbage, so if you liked it, then I guess that makes you garbage too.

  • Anonymous

    He is atlantic flagship Rap artist you stupid fuck. 12 million albums sold dummy

  • Fuck Bankhead

    LOL at T.I. dickriders defending that neega like he's their husband or some chit. Wake up y'all, this nigga'll flop.

  • Fuck Bankhead

    Atlantic should drop this neega, his last album flopped like a mothaphucka.

    • NY WTF

      It sold more then any other rap album released this year..! Why bitches always hate on TIP i dont get it.! They worried about their own favourite rapper sales i guess.!

  • Anonymous

    damn the breakfast club!! there all so rude, and this is nothing compared to krits interview

  • Anonymous

    snitch aka rat kang

  • ShambaMenelek

    You can tell TI was annoyed during the interview. He doesnt like charlemagne and the girl and they were doing the most talking.

  • Truth

    lol @ T.I. "wrote" his book. What a fucking joke. I can't believe there are actually people that read ghostwritten celebrity trash "fiction." Jesus Christ.

  • Mitt_Romney

    Dearest TI, Why would you marry that ugly dog that you call Tiny?

  • Mitt Romeny

    Dear TI, Why did you marry that ugly dog you call a wife? That is all for now. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    The only book T.I. should be releasing is one with alot of pictures. He is not intellectual, or interesting. Just release the album, watch it flop like the last one that was generously awarded gold when it was nowhere near it.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ ah No Mercy has been certified platinum and has actually sold 900 thousand

    • HATER NR1

      Dont HATE fuckin CLOWN.!! His last album sold 650 thousand in the US We talkin a dude who got 5 PLATINUM albums Trap muzik 1.3 milli Urban Legend 1.5 milli KING 1.8 milli T.i vs T.I.P 1.6 milli Papertrail 2.3 milli No mercy 680 thousand So dont front bitch look @ your own silly fuckin life.

    • Sco*

      "it went gold in your mouth"..lol......yeah Tip is finna scan with this release....

    • Chris

      If you think T.I.'s album is going to flop then you are crazy...No Mercy is Certified Gold with no hit single, no promotion, and he was in jail when it was released....He will get promotion from Atlantic for Trouble Man, it will sell, and you will continue commenting on HHDX as "Anonymous" so don't have to eat your own words...Say what you want, but T.I. makes hit records that get radio play, like it or not.

    • BP

      when was it nowhere near it? it went gold in a month you imbecile. with no hit record on top of that. that sound like a flop to you? idiot

    • sheknows

      T.I. is the man! Get off his tip.

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