Big K.R.I.T. Defends Yelawolf, Says Their Collaborative LP "Country Cousins" Will Be Released

Big K.R.I.T. defends Yelawolf's lyrical ability against criticism and says their collaborative album "Country Cousins" will be out by the end of 2012 or the start of 2013.

With rapping and producing, Big K.R.I.T. has his hands full. However, he has found time to collaborate with Yelawolf on an entire project. According to K.R.I.T. the duo will likely drop Country Cousins later this year or early next year and it will be an album, not a mixtape as it seemed to be when it was first reported

While promoting his tour, K.R.I.T. stopped by Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club. Faced with criticism about Yelawolf, K.R.I.T. defended his partner-in-rhyme and explained a bit more about the album. 

"What are you talking about?" K.R.I.T. asked, speaking about criticism for Yela. "Everyone's entitled to their opinion but I can't feel that way. Once you break down the lyrical content, the homie got something to say. You've got to listen, though...You are missing out on some good music."

Though some thought the Country Cousins project would be a mixtape, K.R.I.T. explained that it will likely be an album instead. 

"We're trying to make it an album," he shared, before saying it should be out by the end of this year or the start of 2013. 

K.R.I.T. also added that he has been producing for several rappers but declined to name too many names until the collaborations are locked in and confirmed for release. The video of the interview can be seen below.

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  • Pheonix

    some wack shit comes out some peeps mouths. how the hell peeps don't know about yela and k.r.i.t

  • MC Cuss Words

    My mixtape is coming out called Cussing for a Purpose Tracklist: 1.Lyrical Cussing 2.Curse the World 3.Cursing Fast feat. Twista & Tech N9ne 4.Bad Motherfucker 5.Curses and Slurs feat. Emilio Rojas 6.Cussin' Cousins feat. Big K.R.I.T & Yelawolf 7.Shit, Fuck, Ass, Damn 8.Sorry For Cussin Momma feat. Twiztid, Hopsin & Brotha Lynch Hung 9.My Love Bitch 10.Cursing With a Purpose feat. Ab-Soul & Lupe Fiasco 11.I Curse, He Don't feat. Chamillionaire 12.What The Fuck is Wrong 13.Shitty Living 14.The Fucking Outro This will be on datpiff soon so come check it out

  • bama

    these radio people are such assholes.... wow... Go KRIT!

  • just sayin'

    Black intelligence on twitter don't fucks with Krit.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one that thinks Yela's flow is more reminiscent of Bizzy Bone than any "white boy"? This is a dreadful interview, all three of the hosts treated KRIT like an idiot, he dealt with the situation brilliantly. He made them all seem like idiots.

  • Anonymous

    Def Jam been Wac As FUCK since Jayz!!!! nas said it best fuck jayz

  • nick

    I hope Yela makes a diss track toward this fag charlamagne.... actually idk if yela should even acknowledge this fag. charlagmane is about to get killed one day

  • stevefrench

    big krit on that flyers tip!!!

  • Anonymous

    smh at the description of the video calling Yelawolf , YELLOW wolf? and charlamagne has to stop hating on yelawolf for his fast flow , i bet he doesn't say the same when he's talking about twista or busta or tech n9ne

  • YounC

    how does a DJ on a big hip hop radio station give out so much hate? you would think he would get fired cuz its so annoying

  • lol

    Brooklyn "cuz your in the coolest city in the world" - charlamane ....what a tool!

  • fuck char

    yeah that charlamane dude was so disrespectful wtf is up with that guy he was just talkin shit the whole time.

  • Anonymous

    krits's too respectful. charlamagne needs to get knocked the fuck out

  • Eye Control (get it?)

    Charlamane is right, Yelawolf is average, and he's the worst member of Slaughterhouse, he doesn't even fit in. He's 35 and he'll never see a major release, he's just a mixtape rapper. Only reason Krit wants to work with him is because Yelawolf is from mississippi, otherwise Krit doesn't care to fuck with him. I'll admit that Trap Muzik had some okay cuts, but overall it was just too gimmicky. Not for me.

    • nick

      your an idiot. you realize everything you said here is completely false. literally everything. get some facts right. not a single thing you commented about was close to being accurate. haha

    • Anonymous

      he's trolling guys ... look at his screenname.

    • ShinbrigGoku

      Okay I understand how you don't like Yelawolf and that's cool but at least know what you're talking about!! First of all he's not part of Slaughterhouse, he just hangs with them, Second Slim Shady record released his album "Radioactive," last year as a major label album, third Yelawolf is from Alabama so know who he is before you open that ignorant mouth of yours

    • Anonymous

      Yelawolf is from Alabama.

    • jt3000

      I hope you are trolling cause you dont know shit. First off yelawolf is not part of slaughterhouse and second he is from alabama and third is mixtape is called trunk muzik, and fourth he has had two major releases. And him and krit go way back working together at tree sound studios.

  • Trent

    Yelawolf can do it when he want.. Big K.R.I.T. is DOPE AF ...

  • Anonymous

    Charlemagne ur a dick riding loud mouth clown!

  • Anonymous

    yeah i usually don't mind charlamange but he's gettin fuckin annoying

  • Anonymous

    yelawolf kills all those muthas

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this guy charlemenge he a fag

  • pienman

    Keep spilling ur heart & those Southern roots 4 em'....

  • Anonymous

    Trunk Muzik was hard....Radiactive was wack....Yelawolfe can spit tho....

  • GoReadABook

    Charlemagne's a bitch....this shit was disrespectful as fuck. I'm suprised KRIT didn't check these clowns

  • So Icy Boi!

    2 wack ass niggaz. Big KRIT's beats are wack ass hell and Yelawolf cant rap. smh. deze clown ass niggas shud stop making muzik. bitchez. Lil Wayne is da man. swag

    • Ho Bustas

      Don't feed tha troll!

    • So Icy Boi!

      fuk u dude. everyone knows skaters are sexy

    • ChevyStixXx

      Dude u dum af. Krit and Wolf wud Wreck that so called sellout Wayne, Wayne has been ass since he was a hotboy Niggaz a Blood right, But when a hotboy nigga was rockin blue like no other.YMCM whatever period is ass Nun but a bunch of singin wack mainstream rappers. And Fuck Swag too thats was with Music today PPL LIKE WAYNE , Fuckboy gave up rappin for skateboardin SMH, aint got no problem with that but MOst niggaz is On that niggaz nutt sack i bet if wayne was to wear diapers niggaz like you wud follow it. Not for the music But because ppl think hes a fuckin rappin god or sum shit. GO to Bama like in Huntsville or Out TN shit even come out here to VA and say wayne better that wolf or krit smh

  • Anonymous

    Charlamagnes favorite rapper is 2 Chainz ... why is he on a New York radio station ? this is blasphemy. It's a slap in the face to hip hop fans everywhere.

    • Anonymous

      2 Chainz album = Warm Garbage. However, he really has dumbed down his lyrical presentation. Check out the Player's Circle album (2008) and the Trapavelli and All Ice on Me mixtapes, dude can actually spit....but like Hov said "spittin' intricate will get you wood, critic"

  • Anonymous


  • Rival X

    Fuck that nigga Charlmagne. What pissed me off he kept bringing it up. Alright you don't like Yelawolf. You made your point now shut the fuck up. #BamaRepresent

  • jt3000

    Charlamagne Tha God is going to get his ass kicked one day. I respect krit for backing up yelawolf and keeping it real.This fool made himself look stupid by saying bubba sparxx is better than yelawolf. You wonder why people dont like ny when you are always clowning on the south. How are you going to tell krit all your album was not supposed to come out man thats what i heard from someone at def jam, thats just plain disrespectful.

    • jt3000

      Yea i just remembered where dj envy was from queens. I guess my facts are straight. He was clowning to just not as loud as the god.

    • jt3000

      Where is the other guy on the mic from that was talking shit about big sant. I thought he was from ny?

    • OUCH!

      First of all, Charlemagne has nothing to do with NY, Hes from SC so basically hes clowning his own people. No one else was "clowning" southern people so get your facts straight. Second i agree it was disrespectful but not just Yelawolf comments. The whole interview was but that was from your "southern" boy tha god...


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  • Anonymous

    Big krit and yelawolf , southern lyrical monster bros!

  • Anonymous

    assholes, fuck them



  • Anonymous

    Is there really any difference between mixtapes and albums these days?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah. If you like actual hiphop you like Mixtapes. If you like shitty radio rap, you like albums. Except for the new Lupe album.

  • yeller

    lol @ criticizing Yelawolf. He's one of the nastiest rappers in the game right now. Stereo, Arena Rap, Trunk Muzik? Stop doubting the man.

  • OUCH!

    The worst & the most disrespectful interview EVER! they should all be ashamed of themselves in power 105.1..Proud of how KRIT handled himself.

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