Kendrick Lamar Says Joint J. Cole Album Is Still In The Works, Confirms "A Few" Lady Gaga Collaborations

Kendrick Lamar also explains how he met Lady Gaga.

Kendrick Lamar recently chopped it up with MuchMusic to promote his upcoming album good kid, m.A.A.d city, releasing October 22nd. During the interview, K. Dot spoke on his supposed album with J. Cole, stating that they hit the studio as recently as two days ago and will focus on the project the moment they have gaps in their schedules.

"We was in the studio two days ago when I was in New York, just vibing out," he said. "So we constantly making music, and just the fact that he’s aware that my album is coming out and he’s aware that I’m focused on that. That’s the energy I’m exerting right now, it’s my debut. So once that’s off the ground, you’ll definitely see that."

Kendrick also spoke on his relationship with Lady Gaga, explaining how they met. While they have a collaboration in the can titled "PARTYNAUSEOUS," he says that the duo knocked out more than one duet.

We got something in the works. She reached out just being a fan of Hip Hop, being a fan of music. It was unbelievable at first, ‘til she called me on that line and rapped my lyrics, and I was like, this is true. She’s incredible. I love her originality and that’s what I think music is built on, it’s supposed to move people and move people to be their own individuals and that’s what I love the most about it," he said. "['PARTYNAUSEOUS'] one of them, we did a few."

Head over to MuchMusic to watch a performance of "Swimming Pools (Drank)" and check the interview clips at MuchMusic.

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  • Fado

    I hope this project isnt just song after song of Kendrick shittin on J.cole. I want to hear concepts. and I want J.cole to step his game up on this one.

  • Anonymous

    god help us. the nigga who made hiiipower is fucking the illuminati's bitch.

  • GBtha G

    So dat nigga fucks lady gagashit??????????

  • Anonymous

    everybody is big on this guy including many legendary rappers..but i just havent been able to get into his music, ive heard he can spit like no other, but i really havent heard anything special...anybody know of some good songs that this guy does that might make me change my opinion?

    • ETK

      then if you wanna get into his more mellow tracks, ADHD, Members Only & Cloud 10 fit the bill

    • Anonymous

      Rigamortis by Kendrick Lamar is one of the best ways to be introduced to his music.

    • Anonymous

      Depending what types of songs you're into I would recommend the following tracks Poe Mans Dream- About his life Keisha's Song- Great story Hiiipower and Ignorance is Bliss- Positive messages Look Out For Detox and Rigamortis- Lyrical slaughter I couldn't get past his voice/accent at first but he is really incredible.

  • truth

    as long as the song is hip hop and meaningful, i dont have a problem with this.

  • Anonymous


  • King

    i won't say i'm a fan of Kendrick but the saddest part is instead of featuring artists like Game Snoop and Ice Cube he's giving out features to Drake and Gaga....i know this is Interscope's involvement but still that sucks...what makes it worse are Kendrick's famous "dickriders" face it Kendrick is just as mainstream as any other artist signed to a major label....and i've said it before his album "Will Not Be Able To Top Game's - Doctor's Advocate"

    • ETK

      not a good look for who? at least that demographic is more prone to buying albums... that outlook shows why hip-hop is digging its own grave, we don't wanna let these lyrical rappers sell, if a nigga tries to make a buck, y'all gon exile 'em. Nas tried to crossover over 10 years ago, did he turn out so bad? Kendrick isn't gonna start makin dance music & MTV concerts because of this

    • Anonymous

      I'm Glad I'm Not The Only One. He Reminds Me Of slaughterhouse or MURS or , He Got Rhymes, But He is def Trying To Crossover, If It happens, thats cool, but he ain't getting no play over here, especially with Gaga cmon, now you just want that 14 year old white girl demographic... which in hip hop is not a good look. He shoulda at least got snoop, or Jay electronica

  • FuCC Nigga

    ah bet gaga got bigga dicc den dat nigga dot daaawwww

  • Anonymous

    So some Interscope exec plays Gaga some of Kendrick's music. She loves it, hits him up on twitter, say's dude you're dope love your music. Let's meet, hangout, maybe even see if we can cook up something in the lab together. Kendrick is supposed to say no I have to stay away from you because of what my idiotic ass fans will think? GTFOH!!!

    • ETK

      2nd anon's a closeminded nigga. you'd say peace and keep it moving? you lame for that, homie. at least teenage bitches buy albums & give artists airplay, people like you are probably trigger-happy on the next torrent link to download your favorite rapper's album. like 3rd anon said, you mostly care about the image over anything else, nothing says Kendrick will turn pop because of one god damn collaboration, and hip-hop's not tied down to what you think it is. chuuch

    • Anonymous

      for the dude above me, you are saying that he should have declined lady gagas offer because of how other people would think of you..his reason for doing songs with her is because she is original and different from everyone else and doesnt care what people think about her...hip hop is about being original, being yourself,and expressing yourself through music...sounds to me like you are so fake that yu care about your image more then your true yourself homes, maybe thats why kendrick is making millz and your sitting on your computer talking shit about him

    • Anonymous

      No it don't, seems to me ya'll listen to pop. This is hip hop, fuck that bafoonery. Lady Gaga hit me up like that, I'll say peace and keep it moving. how the fuck is working with gaga going to really give him credibility?? With teenage bitches? nah, he lame for that. Remember Wale's major label release with gaga?? exactly. #NotHipHop

    • dafdf

      forreal, this comment has more sense in it then anything else ive read

  • just me

    everyone just out this young cat!

  • jg

    the last thing Kdot needs to further his career is an album with J.Cole wtf

  • Typical Hip Hop Head

    I used to like Kendrick, but now that he's gonna do a song with mainstream garbage like Gaga, fuck him. He sucks! I hate his music now. Now excuse me as I go dickride some other random underground nobody, even though I won't pay a cent for his album. Real hip hop motherfuckers!!

    • Cudder

      ^and you sound like some butthurt stick-up-the-ass sumbitch who indirectly tries to threaten a nigga. who give a fuck if what he said woulda gotten him knocked out, maybe ignorance does run rampant cause what he said was the truth. y'all anti-pop soldiers who've probably bought two albums in the last decade ain't nothin to consider. Kendrick's gonna stay winnin while you gonna stay mad

    • Sarcasm Can Get Your Fucked Up.

      @typicalHipHopHead You Sound Like Some Bitch ass White Boy who Thinks He Knows whats Good For Hip hop, so to be funny, you write sarcastic comments under an anonymous account on a wack hip hop site because deep down in your heart, you know if you would have said that to a thoro hip hop nigga, YOU WOULDA GOT KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT. Go head with ya lil kendrick lamar records, we know you love dancing it up on hipster night to that Gaga bullshit faggot.

    • SMH

      @ShinbrigGoku lmao pay attention nigga

    • Anonymous

      That was actually literal not sarcastic. That's the sad part about it.

    • Anonymous

      he was fucking being sarcastic...

    • ShinbrigGoku

      Hey have you heard of a human?! They make their own choices and do things they like, so what Kendrick does a track with Lady Gaga if you hate on him because he works with someone who's mainstream then you never loved his music from the start, J. Cole works with Lil Wayne, so I hate Lil Wayne but I won't hate J. Cole because I know he has a lot more talent than Lil Wayne will ever achieve, and besides you wouldn't know real hip hop if it gave you a prostate exam to find out you had AIDS

  • Anonymous

    Wale has a song with Gaga and it was decent so everyone just needs to chill. And I find it funny that people are calling him a sell out. He is in this to make money and support himself. That line of thinking just shows that every rapper is a sell out and those that aren't would like to be. There is not really such a thing as a sell out.

  • CDOT

    I don't care if you do some tracks with gaga just please not gay cole.

    • Anonymous

      You A Faggot. Lady Gaga Kendrick lamar And J.Cole is only heard by hipster faggots and elitist rap niggas like kanye stans

    • Anonymous

      Did dude fuck your bitch or something is she obsessed with him? Stop worrying bout another nigga's dick that's gay in itself you hoe ass nigga

  • CDOT

    Cmon Dot don't do an album with this hoe ass nigga.

  • BTMoney

    People are quick to call someone a sellout, the track didn't even got released yet and people are already hating on it. I admit, I didn't really know how to feel at first when I saw that Gaga and Kendrick did a song that's going to be on Kendrick's album, but now, when I think about it, I'm not that worried anymore. Kendrick's been spendin' quite some time with Lady Gaga, he probably got to know her before he did these songs, so you know it's going to be real music. I hope I'm right about this, but Kendrick never let me down yet, so I'm quite positive.

  • Anonymous

    Lost respect for this bisexual when he started doing music with Satanists... Kendrick will NOT bring the West Coast back, he will flop

  • killah_casp

    "A few lady gaga colabarations" well i may like black hippy but i aint got enough respect for kendrick to back this up.... selling out seems to be a trend in hip hop these days : (

  • Anonymous

    Interscope is the overhead so if they say work with this person or that person he's gotta do it stop throwing around the term "sellout" when you don't know how shit works. If that's the case then everyone who signs that dotted line for a major label deal is a sellout. If you've settled for a 9-5 being overworked and underpaid then you are the biggest sellout

    • Anonymous

      Do you need a link to the 50 interviews that DX ran where Kendrick says "Dre allowed him to have creative control of the album? " So I don't want to hear that "Interscope made him do it" bull. One of the 2 is a lie.

    • trent

      Damn, co-sign. Side note: This song might end up being dope.

  • FuKKK KKKendriKKK Lamar

    Sellout negro. It's sad to see all the good rappers working with washed up pop singers.

  • MMG Uncut

    Chief Keef is much better than this fool.

  • Anonymous

    i refuse to insult this until i actually hear the song.

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