Missy Elliott Says "There's Nothing Like" Her New LP, Mourns Chris Lighty

Missy Elliott says this album will show how she and Timbaland "never left" and she mourns the passing of Chris Lighty.

While promoting her latest singles, "Triple Threat" and "9th Inning," Missy Elliott went on BET's 106 & Park. Elliott explained that she feels her new music will show fans that she and Timbaland still have a strong connection in the studio. As she clarified, she thinks their new music will show that they "never left." 

"This album is so crazy," Missy said. "People be like, 'Welcome back. We glad you back.' No. This will say we never left. There's nothing like it."

During the interview, Missy also shared her appreciation for Chris Lighty, who recently passed. She expressed how he was a one-of-a-kind individual who will be missed.  

"There will only be one Chris Lighty and one Violator and such great memories," she shared. "We're gonna miss him so much. Great man, great man. If anybody don't know Chris Lighty, they should. It's almost something you have to learn in your history books." 

More from the interview can be seen below. 

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  • Anonymous

    Yet another this album is crazy, it's so different, i'm getting pretty tired of artists saying that shit now smh. Let us the people be the judge of your album, fuck what you think about it, you're only making like 30% of the whole product. I bet Missy hasn't written or produced the majority of this....

    • Anonymous

      lol you must NOT be familiar with Missy. She produces & writes ALL of her own material, do your homework and check her production / songwriting credits. The most successful female producer PERIOD. Fuck outta here

  • Mr Dalvin 2912

    I wish that Missy Elliot and the rest of them, would start giving DeVante Swing the credt he deserves. He raised them and now they try to act like he didn't.

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