Timbaland Spoke To Noah "40" Shebib Regarding Aaliyah Album, Says LP Is "Fabricated"

Missy Elliott also explains that she and Timbaland have not been contacted by Aaliyah's family.

Timbaland and Missy Elliott continued their promotional run in support of the latter's new singles "9th Inning" and "Triple Threat," appearing on Power 105's The Breakfast Club earlier this morning.

Continuing their thread from yesterday's chat with Hot 97's Angie Martinez, the pair touched on the posthumous Aaliyah album in the works, which will be executive produced by Noah "40" Shebib and Drake. Contrary to reports, Timbaland said that he spoke with 40 yesterday, stating that news of the LP was blown out of proportion and that he doesn't think it's actually happening.

"Is it really real? What’s one record to say there’s an album? Some people can… I don’t know if this is a real topic. I know people… We hear people, but we know, I think it’s just fabricated. I think people blowing it out of proportion. I don’t think it’s all of that. I think something maybe occurred and I think it might have been pulled back. I think people made it more than what it is. I don’t think it’s real," he said. "I talked to 40 and that’s what I’m saying, it’s all misconstrued. I think that it was presented in a way where it wasn’t that picture. He called me like, ‘Yo, what has happened? I think we was just doing a song and it blew out of proportion.’ I was like, I don’t know, because when it comes to Baby Girl, it’s very sensitive."

Missy chimed in, stating that no one from Aaliyah's immediate family reached out to her but that she would only participate in the album out of respect to them.

"I can say this. Nobody has reached out to me. It’s not even about reaching out to me. I personally want to respect her family. If her mother or her brother or father has come and said we’re ready to do an Aaliyah album because I always say as fans - we are still fans too - as fans, we would want to hear Aaliyah but there’s a respect that has to be given and shown. Because for us, we can go on about our lives and we still mourn, but not the way this family – her mother, her brother, her father – they knew her before she was Aaliyah to the world. So until they come and say 'Missy and Tim, we are ready to do an Aaliyah album,' we just felt like we would pull back from it. But nobody reached out either. But Tim, I think someone reached out to Tim yesterday."

Watch the full interview below, where Missy also talks about her battle with Graves disease.

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  • Timbaland

    Ummm....Timbaland - head and shoulders for that dandruff perhaps....Jus Sayin. Having money is no excuse to carry poor hygene

  • Anonymous

    "or in it for the chance to piss on someone again" Ironically, he's been trying to reach Kim Kardasian on Twitter to see if she wants a few gallons splashed in her face.

  • 1980

    Aliyah's family asked Drake to make that song. They didn't go to Timbo or Missy cause Drake is hot right now. Point Blank.

  • Anonymous

    They all playing a blame game, its really all a front to get some media attention!

  • Articulate1

    Figures...everything associated with Drake is fabricated, manufactured, fake bullshit! That effeminate actor does not rep my city properly...no one bumps his gay, forced love songs up north...

  • Jcot

    If you want to blame anybody blame Aaliyah's family. They own her estate and apparently the rights to her music. So if they wanted to sell those rights to Drake then who cares?? Timberland and Missy were even thinking twice about releasing her music. Now that Drake wants to release suddenly they HAVE to be involved. If they cared about her, her music and her legacy they would have secured the rights to her music a looooong time ago.

    • Anonymous

      Where did you draw the conclusion that this Drake/Aaliyah album is like Michael Jackson buying The Beatles' publishing catalog? Where's this press release saying "Drake buys rights to Aaliyah publishing for $________, plans to release posthumous album"? And what makes you think you DRAKE FANS will listen to Aaliyah and enjoy her talent and music when you are checking for Drake, because YOU'RE A FAN? Is he carrying on her legacy or making HIS OWN? The Tupac and B.I.G. albums were AWFUL. When you want to hear a posthumous album, you want to hear what was UNRELEASED, STILL ON THE DAT MACHINE/BURNED CD music, NOT a product of Pro Tools editing and enhancements. The people who have that music aren't a part of it. Honestly I see Drake doing 3 feature songs and putting them on his future albums and this money grab project bought to you suckers by Blackground Records and Universal Music won't happen. And if it does, y'all will DOWNLOAD whatever Drake is on and leave the album on the self and overlook everything else on it.

  • Anonymous

    drake is a pussy but instead blaming them blaming the family they are the ones pimpin em. they want to get all the money they can get right now and tim and missy are cold right now.

  • Anonymous

    @Skateboard T...imagine if your boy made music and was an amazing talent that blessed us so briefly before he tragically passed away. 10 years later some kid who makes garbage tracks who didn't even know you're boy decides to make an entire album with your boy as a backup singer.

  • anon

    tims theeth were noticeably yellow. aint u rich nigga.

  • MBTM

    ..i think that the internet and computers are going to be the death of music...not only do people just download music instead of buying it these days, but lame ass muthafuckers go on the computer and think they can actually make music themselves...its sad...thats why i respect groups like the roots, mayday!, and heiruspecs a hell of a lot more then any other group out there right now, they actually have skill and use instrumentaion instead of downloading a beat, hooking up your mic, and thinking your good...fuck all these wannabees, shit i would much rather have a physical copy of an album over some illegal shit you slap on your ipod...2012 is a sad generation, maybe we are all doomed

    • Anonymous

      "downloading a beat, hooking up your mic, and thinking your good" what does that have to do with producing music. u sounding mad bitter now.

    • @Shone Jones

      Are you high? You mean to tell me that Illadelph Halflife, Things Fall Apart, Phrenology, Game Theory, Rising Down, How I Got Over & Undun don't connect with people? Tell me, are you listening to the same Roots as I am? Because if you are, I seriously think you might need to find a different genre to invade, we don't want you.

    • Shone Jones

      Anybody can play an instrument. The key is to make songs that connect with the public. The Roots haven't done that yet and the clock is ticking.

  • Anonymous

    "r kelly should be first in line to do her album" He would be in it for the money just like Drake.

  • Skateboard T

    Timbo's old ass need to stop bein bitter that Drake makin an album with Aaliyah. Timbo beats are wack and he been irrelevant the last 4 or 5 years. Timbo just jealous cuz Drake gettin money while his old ass cnat give away his lame beats.

  • Anonymous

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  • 80s baby

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  • Mike Vicks Pitt

    Wow!! Great interview. Two legends in the fame kicking down that science. It's going to be tough for missy. It really is a new generation of music and entertainment business. I'm interested to see how she fares affter 7 years. I'll be listening for sure.



  • 70's Baby

    damn Tmbalad are big ass titties side effect fom getting off sterois.. HEY busta betta start going bra shopping.

  • Anonymous

    Her uncle Barry and her writer/producer R Kelly had her when know one knew about her. Timberland and Missy Elliot only came after she was rich and famous already.

    • Anonymous

      You acting like Timbo & Missy prowled, no they worked with her because she thought they were talented and they thought she was talented and in the resulting work they got close... They're not claiming anything else!

    • Anonymous

      and the deafening silence of R Kelly be a sign to you people that this Drake/Aaliyah album is not a good idea.

  • disdick

    ja rule is a hard ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    drake is just the biggest stan ever

  • Anonymous

    ciara doesnt write none of her own music of course we dont know shit about her

  • Anonymous

    damn charlemagne is a hating ass nigga. like the shit he says...its not "real", ts just unnecessary and spiteful. thats not real. guy is just an asshole. like he went in on ciara for no reason

  • Anonymous

    this makes NO sense. so where did all this "executive producing" shit come from? and why did they not shoot the rumors down before it all got blown out of proportion? something is going on here

  • Anonymous

    I actually liked this conversation a lot of truth and real talk.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody reached out to you guys because you motherfuckers SUCK

  • HiiiPoWeR

    If it is real I don't get why Drake would be hesitant to get in touch with Timbo, I mean they've worked together before.

  • Real Aaliyah History.

    Them 2 clowns named Missy and Timbo weren't even friends with Aaliyah, when she first came into the game. The only reason they got a chance to work with her, was because R Kelly married her when she was only 15 yrs old. R Kelly and Aaliyah had real chemistry in and out of the studio. Missy and Tim were just watered down replacements for public relations purposes. Haters need to stop trying to rewrite history, by acting like Tim and Missy were responsible for baby girl's success. They were not there until after she was rich and famous.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck that R Kelly pisses on kids.

    • Anonymous

      you hit it right on the money. r kelly should be first in line to do her album.

    • HiiiPoWeR

      "While Aaliyah did sell 3million albums before she worked with Timbo / Missy" She didn't sell 3mil before working with Timbo & Missy, it's just her debut album sold that number eventually over time.

    • R.Pgh

      1. R.Kelly was 26 years old when he started dating a 14 year old, then illegally marrying her a year later. I wouldn't call that chemestry, I'd call that pedophilia. 2. While Aaliyah did sell 3million albums before she worked with Timbo / Missy, the work they did on her softmore album helped lift her next album to more than double the success (8.7 million albums sold). 3. How do you know how close she was to anyone? Unless you are directly related to her, you likely have no more info than the rest of us.

    • randy

      how u gonna sit from behind your computer and try to tell everybody how close they were and shit. like who the fuck are you nigga. gtfoh

    • Anonymous

      nothing worse than a desktop commentator acting like he knows shit he couldnt possibly know about. get a life nigga seriously, u sound stupidd

    • HiiiPoWeR

      I don't recall ANYBODY saying they were responsible for Aaliyah's success, they just worked together and were very close friends.

  • Anonymous

    Once again, i cant see why Jomo Henkerson would go to Drake and 40 before he would go to Missy and Timbaland. Its easy to blame drake because hes the big name attached to it but Jomo was the one to give him and 40 the unreleased material.

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