Timbaland Questions Drake's Tattoo & Aaliyah LP, Missy Elliott Hesitant To Work On Drake's Project

Missy Elliott says working on unfinished Aaliyah records would be "touchy." Meanwhile Timbaland says he questions Drake's tattoo of Aaliyah and says the album may not even be in the works."

Controversy surrounding a posthumous Aaliyah album has been seen since it was announced by Drake. The Canadian emcee said he and his producer Noah "40" Shebib were on board to make a tribute album using unreleased recordings from Aaliyah's vault. However, when it was found that Missy Elliott and Timbaland weren't involved in the making of the project, some, including DMX, felt it was disrespectful. 

Recently, Missy and Timbo spoke with Hot 97's Angie Martinez to discuss the album and Drake's role in the situation.

“I don’t think that’s even in the works,” Tim said, as heard on Rap-Up. “I think it’s blown out of proportion.”

He continued by saying he also doesn't believe Drake's tattoo of Aaliyah is real, though it has been seen in pictures online.

According to the duo, they haven't spoken to Drake about the situation. When asked what she would say if Drake called, Missy said she would be hesitant. 

"My response would be a little different because I have to respect her family and until they come and say, 'We’re ready to do an Aaliyah album,' then I don’t really want to try and get into that because it’s really sensitive...We’re talking about unfinished music and we don’t know her reasoning for not putting those records out. Maybe she didn’t feel like they were her best work. We don’t want to tap into that. It’s spiritually something else, very, very touchy—unless her parents came in and conducted that.”

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  • www.beatsfor20.com

    This reminds me of when Michael Jackson bought all the rights to the Beatles...of course that was Michael Jackson...a musical genius. Drake is still a new booty in the game compared to Timbaland and Missy...he's not qualified to touch any UNRELEASED Aaliyah...too sacred. He's just not qualified for that...

  • Hip Hop Fan

    I wonder what Dame Dash thinks about all this as he was engaged to Aaliyah just before she died.

  • Anonymous

    Her parents don't own her masters, Her uncle Barry does so it's on him. R Kelly is the only person who should be allowed to comment on his ex wife. Tim and Missy need to stop stealing DeVante's style.

  • Anonymous

    if they are so worried about it why dont they have her publishing rights? how did drake get them? I could understand how they feel its like who the fuck is he thats our bitch! R.I.P.

  • md23

    all you guys hating are dumbasses, especially if you are from toronto. Dont ever bite the hand that has fed you amazing music for the past 4 years and a hand that has been feeding you from your own city. And i bet you bitch ass niggas would be so quick to change into a friend if drake was face to face with you and you guys are gonna question if drake is real or not. dumbasses, who else raps and sings in the same calibre as drake? Trey songz? Stupid fucks

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Damn, md23 let me know if you need any ice for that burn.

    • ^

      Pure unadulterated ether right here.

    • Anonymous

      Whatever Drake's feeding you must have something in it because you're hallucinating. He's not a life saving surgeon or the savior of mankind, he's a rapper with mediocre singing ability and that's a #FACT any singing coach will tell you. Enjoy the music and work on that man crush you have, you probably don't even stand up for your mom the way you just did for Drake.

  • Anonymous

    They need to be thanking DeVante Swing for giving them life...........Stevie J too!!

  • Anonymous

    Drake is a bitch first he take credit that he was the only one who did the sing/rap successful then this. He is a damn fuck boy

  • truth

    drake is a little bitch. aaliyah never even wrote her own songs, both completely overrated.

  • Anonymous

    Drake has not responded yet to DMX at all. you know hes scared. I love it.

  • Anonymous

    Drake is a front. These rappers arent't "executive producers" of shit. The era of the "executive producers" are dead. Drake, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Rick Ross are not REAL EXECS because to have to answer to the real bosses. The don't have REAL RECORD LABELS. Young Money, MMG, and Good Music, S.Carter Records are PRODUCTION COMPANIES. Find out the difference between a production company and a record label. There are only a handful of REAL EXECS left, Damon Dash, Baby and Slim, Tony Draper, and J.Prince. This executive producer title that "they" gave Drake is just some shit to keep Aaliyah's name relevent. A lot of the young people who listen to hip hop and RnB today were young when Aaliyah died. So to make sure that generation recognizes Aaliyah, lets plastered Drake's name on the album. The only royalaties Drake will receive from this album will be the song(s) he is featured on. He was probably paid a straight up advance just to have his name on the album. It's fake, just how hip hop and the entertainers in hip hop are. Hip hip is dead.

    • Anonymous

      Word. Drake's love for Aaliyah is well-known for so long, I believe he has a place a posthomous album from her (both music- and business-wise), but NOT as an exec. That title should go to Timbaland, who probably wouldn't dare to fuck up Aaliyah's new album with that dance / techo crap he is doing lately. Give that man a full creative control for production, get Missy, Drake and a few other real R&B singers (like R. Kelly or Usher f.e.) and they're done. Maybe they won't do marvelous numbers, but I'm sure a solid profit would be guaranteed.

  • Anonymous

    These washed up fuck's would jump at the chance to collaborate if Drake called. Fact of the matter is they're mad because they didn't think of this project first. If it gives her fans some new music in a sense, so the fuck what?

    • Thehell

      Lol OP, you're retarded. Did you actually read the article, or did you see the headline and blindly dickride Drake? This is not about riding anyone's hype on a collab. Timbo and Missy have moral issues with the project. P.S. Good job replying and agreeing with your own comment. Dumbass.

    • Anonymous

      Chunk is for real. Whats with you guys defending Drake. He is the most feminine rap artist I can ever think of. What is the basis "because hes hot?" I mean come on. Cher was hot, you like her?

    • Chunk

      Whats up with people blindly loving this drake guy? Listen to some real hip hop and move on. this guy is a fraud and wack as hell

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign. They sound like a bitter old couple.

  • deathtoDRAKE

    Is anyone else sick of drakes fake acting wannabe hip hop r&b ass ??? Research this herb ass muthafucka and tell me hes still ur hero. Everyone that is fooled by this guy and buys into his shit is a fucking potatohead american that doesnt think for themselves and goes along with whats "cool" for the moment, the shit was never cool tho, it was always built for lames to pretend to feel themselves. this young generation is cowards wearing skinny jeans with no knowledge of the world and its on us 80's babys to put the game in perspective, cause these lil kids that were 5 when hip hop went commercial have no fkin idea.

    • G

      Your statement started very good but to say all people who wear skinny jeans are cowards is a little deranged? your on facebook for sure maybe not gone so full fledged as Twitter but your still part of the reason so your exactly your definition of 'cowards' just you may or cannot wear skinny jeans.

  • Got Money In My Ghetto

    Am I the only one who never liked this mix of R&B and Hip Hop???

    • 617

      can you explain more in detail what you because i can think of many examples of great hip hop/ r&b mixes... aaliyah and dmx.. come back in 1 piece method man and mary j... all i need big and 112- sky is the limit etc

  • G

    What the fuck can anyone possibly say the stupidity is infinite I'm done.

  • NoToDrake

    Please remove the "Canadian" part.. he's from Toronto.. No one up north fucks with Drake, or the GTA.

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Actually, Drake grew up in Forest Hill which is a very lavish part of Toronto, basically super rich people live there. Secondly, of course people from Toronto like Drake, its like any other artist and their hometown, they would get nothing but love.

    • G

      I think the chap was referring to the fact that where he is from is not Toronto and where he lives in the woods they don't like drake. But he knows full well they both live in Canada. That's the poster and drake. It's all abuuut logistics.

    • MrBTY

      Just checked Google. Toronto is, in fact, a part of Canada. You may want to update your records.

  • Reezen

    its crazy u see all these he didnt know her comments, but eminem didnt know 2pac. neither has the other million on djs that rehashed pac n biggies cuts..

  • @skibolive

    This record should not be done without the blessings of her family number one and then it needs to incorporate Missy, Tim, X, Kelz and people who knew her...no hate on Drake but he was not around, probably auditioning for Oscar Meyer commercials or something #ijs

  • SBMobile

    The very first time I heard about this, the first conclusion I came to was: this will never happen + Drake's only commenting on this "publicly" for a bit of attention from a project attached to R&B's most loved artist, EVER!!

  • G

    We are commenting on this piece of shit because that's what they want it's publicity the album will happen and drake will be the poster boy you can't have a middle aged lesbian or a steroid freak to get the generation who drake can get and earn more money from an already very tapped corpse.

  • wolfman

    I respect Missy's position. Timbo's just bein a straight hater. Why he can't acknowledge that Drake wants to show genuine appreciation for Aaliyah's music is retarded to me -- enough to question the man's tattoo? It's not like Drake's tryin to build his career off Aaliyah, the kid already has some success.

    • wolfman

      So the fuck what. Timbo and Missy don't own Aaliyah either. She's gone, and no one is going to say this is some Aaliyah stamped project. It's OBVIOUS it's a posthumous album. Drake just wants to show love to one of his idols in a positive way. No surprise everyone around here gets there panties knotted up when another artists shows SUPPORT for another artist (even if dead). After all, everyone loves to hear dumbass and played out diss songs about completely petty shit -- no one's complaining about that.

    • MrBTY

      I'm not sure if Anonymous knows the whole "make money" part of the music world. You see if a project has the potential to make money you do whatever you can to get it done. It's called good business.

    • ChiTown

      ^^^^^^Co/Sign WolfMan probably a lil sinteen yeard old drake folower, oh well

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Lil wayne said fuck new york drake fucks up the aaliyah album, and all you americans love young money so much. fuck that bitch pop music bring back real hip hop 2 the spotlight

    • MrBTY

      Yes because as these comments have shown ALL Americans love Drake and everything Young Money. Boy, you sure nailed it here.

  • Anonymous

    R Kelly is the only writer/producer, who deserves first option on an Aaliyah album. Haters need to chill with acting like Missy and Tim were more than just R Kelly's watered down replacements. Tim and Missy are still using the style they borrowed from DeVante Swing anyways.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule is a hard ass nigga.

  • Anonymous

    DMX is cool, but Ja Rule is where it's at.

  • Anonymous

    Timbaland, MIssy ft Ja Rule - we don't like you (drake diss). Soon on itunes.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule could fuck drake up.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule thought he was gettin' a little too soft for these industry niggaz... So he decided to go to jail for 2 years to harden up. That's some real shit.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule as an og should shoot drake.

  • Anonymous

    Ja rule needs to bitch slap Drake with his balls (he's not gay for doin' that, he too real), and then tell him it's disrespectful to do that shit. Ja Rule the REAL DOG.

  • Anonymous

    Ja RUle needs to be on that album, at least!

  • animalovich

    ... drake ... HA Ha HA .. u must be jokin

  • Anonymous

    All these niggaz need is some Ja Rulin' in their lives.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule will produce this album... Fuck drake.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule needs to approve of this first, you niggaz need to ask him for the permission.

  • poncho

    drake is fucken homo - why would they want that lame to do her album

    • G

      Don't know about homo, maybe just wishful thinking on your part. I do know Drake is the biggest pile of shit to ever disgrace the mic and whoever listens to him is a plankton. Simple.

  • Trent

    If it were to happen.. Tim, Miss, and DMX SHOULD be involved.. Drake shouldn't even get a feature, let-alone production..

  • Anonymous

    drake is playing with fire...when the burn starts y"all wil watch it in awe

  • Kozz

    I'd Have 2 Agree Wit What Timbo Is Saying. I Too Wouldnt Go & Start On A Another Aaliyah Album Without Permission From Her Family Unless They Said "Hey, Why Not Lets Do It". It's Cool That Drake & 40 Wanna Do A Tribute Album For Aaliyah But If I Was Drake Or 40 I'd Ask For Permission PLUS whats a Aaliyah Album Without Timbo's Beats & Verses From Missy Elliot. Their Crazy If Their Not Gonna Have Timbo On It & Drake's Tatt Of Aaliyah????....No Comment.....LOL

  • Anonymous

    Drake is a fraud and should stay of aaliyahs music.

  • Truth

    Remember what happened when Eminem did that 2pac album? lol All G-Unit/Shady features, slowed/sped up vocals to match the beats, poor mixing quality, etc It sounded nothing like a 2pac album...It was more like a cd of Aftermath throwaway garbage...This sounds like it's headed in that direction. I'm all for stuff like this, but the right people have to be involved. Like REAL PRODUCERS who knew her and knew her sound. Not some random fanboy (And I use the term loosely, because I feel he's not a real fan and is just doing this for attention) who didn't even know her.

    • Da Spaniard

      @ truth: all g-unit/shady features? the fuck are you talking about? g.unit on one track, obie on one track and eminem singing 2 hooks. then: jadakiss, e.d.i. mean, young noble and kastro (2 tracks), dj quick and big syke, sleepy brown, nate dogg, dido and elton john. i didnt know all of them were signed by g-unit/shady...lol.

    • jay415

      truth be told all of tupacs albums after he died sucked except for makaveli which i could of swore came out right before he died, and better dayz, and makaveli 5,4 bootlegs

    • yeah...

      i get what you're saying but "40" is a pretty good producer, his beats would seem like a fit for her album. But if Drake puts a bunch of Young Money features on the album then the cd would become instant garbage.

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