Producer Kenoe Accuses Just Blaze Of Stealing His Beat

Producer Kenoe says that it was him, not Just Blaze, that Fabolous's "I'm So NY."

Last Friday, Fabolous released a Just Blaze-produced track titled "I'm So NY," featuring the hook, "I'm so NY that Weezy probably hates me." Now, in an exclusive interview with HipHopWired, producer Kenoe disputes the claim that Just Blaze made the beat.

Kenoe says that he originally made the beat, but told Fab's people that he didn't want anything to do with the song after hearing Fab's hook, which references Lil Wayne's dislike of New York. Later, however, the "Beez in the Trap" producer heard the final version of the song credited to Just Blaze featuring the same the same drum pattern and musical elements that he had contributed to it.

"Fab hit me on the phone and was like, 'Yo I got this record and I want to drop it,'" he said. "He was like, 'I had the beat for a minute,' and he called Just Blaze 'cause he had been working with him to see if he made the beat. Just Blaze said no, it wasn't his beat. So then he told me how he had Wayne in the intro, etc. After I heard it, I told his people I didn't want no part of it because Wayne is my people. If he want to use the beat take, Wayne off the intro and change the hook cause I felt like it could be a big record if he put the real hook on it."

He added, "I check back with [Fab's people] and he told me they decided to not use the beat. Then I get a call today from my people and they like 'Fab drop[ped] this record,' and they sent it to me and when I heard [it] I hear[d] the same elements and exact same drum pattern. I'm like, damn. Just Blaze [is] supposed to be a big-time producer but he is not creative enough to make a whole new beat on his own?"

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  • Fuckouttahere

    Bullshit I call buullllshit. I heard the original version of So Ny record. It was all samples. Ken Lewis revamped it for Just Blaze and came in and played guitars and so on.

  • YEBO


    • Anonymous

      First off,turn your caps off.Second,English do you speak it?Thrird here is the guy who took Maino and Just to court and his version

  • problemz/problema

    Wouldn't be isn't the first time Just has been accused if stealing a beat.Supposedly he stole the "PSA" beat from Da Beatminerz and Boot Camp,The "All the Above" record he did for Maino etc...It happens all the time unfortunately..It's some grimy muthafuckas in the industry with no morals who only care about the money and nothing else...

    • Chin_Check

      he didn't "jack" the Dj Muggs track, he used the same Isaac Hayes sample. He used an "interpolation" of the Public Enemy track by re-imitating Flavor Flave's voice on the Show Me What You Got song. I wish he would have given him more credit but Just Blaze did not use the actual "sound recording" of the Public Enemy record. Just sayin'

    • Anonymous

      he jacked the show me what you got from a PE track. he jacked the joint he did for games album remedy from an old DJ MUGGS track called puppet master. just blaze is an unoriginal hack with a super sized ego. rappers that break the bank to get a just blaze beat are lost. jay-z doesn't fuck with just anymore cuz he knows just is tapped out.

  • Anonymous

    all these fraud ass producers do this. timbaland was stealing beats off the internet before anyone was doing that. just blaze is a hack. this shouldnt surprise you. like kanye west being called an all time great producer when he has co-producers build him the foundation and he just adds elements. these guys aren't that good. they're hip hop producers and not musicians for a reason. just blaze is an ego maniac but he has been in a creative dry spell for nearly a decade. his signature sound hasn't been evident in YEARS and his output has slowed waaaaayyy down. he's washed up. period.

  • That Bloody Nickel

    I remember when Kenoe was a student at Southern University in Baton Rouge. Master P's brother C Murder went and hired him to be a producer for TRU Records. He was a member of Deadly Sounds production team, until C Murder went to jail and then he joined Sucka Free Records in Houston. He ended up leaving and wrote and produced a diss song against Lil Flip. He started his own label and his first artist was Turk from The Hot Boys after Turk left Cash Money Records. Once Turk went to jail, Kenoe went back to doing whatever.

    • Anonymous

      If the beat was on par with a Just Blaze classic like Song Cry you wouldn't but just because the beat is ehhh it's easy to believe.

  • Anonymous

    Rappers don't usually get too salty because someone made a damn beat... he wasn't dissing Wayne. YM & CM don't pay there producers anyhow, but then again...dude isn't complaining. He just knows that Beez In The Trap money is way better than Fabolous mixtape money. Follow @Noles506

  • Anonymous

    the beat aint nothing special...just a simple pattern with kicks and snares with a 1970's keyboard...the dude never signed a contract or nothing and said he could use it...yea the dude got played, but thats how it cant trust anybody, hell figure that out someday though



  • HM

    Shit I believe this cat all the way, where is the signature tag at the begin of the song. I didn't hear his Just Blaze moniker and every song he does has it in the begining. And like one comment said it doesn't sound like a Just Blaze production, so can you say law suit coming soon.

  • Mel

    Well thats how the game works, he should have just told them 2 pay him for the beat. he basically give away a beat. should have gotten it in writing.

  • Anonymous

    Didn't even know Kenoe produced Beez In The Trap...

  • Really?

    WOW. I thought it was another phony claim but that sounds straight up like industry politics. Fab probably told Just Blaze some crazy story in order to get him to do it. "We can't find the kid that did it but he's unknown" or "you my dude did this but I need it redone". Something. Just got played if this is true.

  • Anonymous

    No wonder it didn't sound like a Just Blaze beat.

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