Lil Wayne Raps "No Frank Ocean, I'm Straight" In New Song

Lil Wayne raps, "No Frank Ocean, I'm straight" in his recent take on Future's "Turn On the Lights."

It's been months after Frank Ocean opened up to fans about his sexuality, and it looks like the issue is still making headlines. In a new song the dropped on RapRadar yesterday, it looks like Lil Wayne spit a line about Ocean's sexual preferences.

In his remix to Future's "Turn On the Lights," Weezy F. cracks a joke about the Odd Future Wolf Gang singer's sexuality. In the line, Wayne flips the "No homo" phrase popularized by Cam'ron, rapping "No Frank Ocean, I'm straight."

"Tell her I skate/I ain't got no worries/No Frank Ocean, I'm straight," he raps.

As previously mentioned, the track is Wayne's take on Future's latest single "Turn On the Lights." The Auto-Tune heavy track can be heard here at DX.

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