Sean Garrett Sued For Over $108,000 American Express Bill

Sean Garrett's financial issues continue, according to a new lawsuit.

Sean Garrett is being sued for not paying his American Express bill.

TMZ reports that the producer, who has worked with Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Usher, and others, owes the credit card company $108,084.62.

This isn't Garrett's first financial problem, as the State of Georgia filed a tax lien against the producer earlier this year, amounting to $732,553.57.

Garrett's representative claims Garrett had nothing to do with the charges. 

"The lawsuit has no merit," said the rep. "The charges in question are result of identity theft and fraudulent transactions that have been in dispute by Sean's accounting team with AmEx for quite some time. He and his team are currently looking into all options including a private investigation."

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  • Anonymous

    American Express don't care about excuses. They want their money. Pay!

  • 70'sBaby

    hey sean why not invest in businesses, a studio, help someone pay for college or buy property you dumb ass pound puppy.. identity theft my ass,you cant stop buing louis vutton doggie clothes.

  • Phil A

    First thing you should do when you get signed by a record label is hire a financial advisor. It seems that too many music artists (especially those associated with urban music) like to spend more than what they earn and that's how they get into financial trouble.

  • dentaldamboy

    Birdman is flithy rich. As an accountant for Cash Money Records, I've seen him spend millions on things other than cars, homes, boats and planes. He buys the flyest shit and then makes it all back the next day. Everyone should look at Birdman as an inspiration. Faggot rappers like Common teach people how to be poor. What a bad lesson to learn.

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