D.L. Hughley Calls Out Lupe Fiasco Over Voting Record

Lupe Fiasco takes an L courtesy of D.L. Hughly over his non-existent voting record.

From Chief Keef to enthusiasts of the word "bitch," rapper Lupe Fiasco has been drawing the ire of an increasing number of industry figures as of late. Now, in a recent report from Hot 93.7, comedian D.L. Hughley took Lu to task over his claim that he's planning on not voting.

Hughley said that it's irresponsible of Lupe to promote political apathy, especially with Lupe occupying such a position of influence. He added that Lupe is ignoring some very serious issues in not voting, specifically social security.

“He’s bright as hell, but dumb in the weight of the world,” Hughley said. "Young black men are going to listen to him. They are the ones who have decisions made for them, [decisions] that they are not even involved in, which is silly to me. You can’t go through life and not be a participant, and hope things work out for your benefit. When you vote or not vote, you are saying yes or no.”

He continued “They want to raise the age of social security from 65 to 68...black men die at 67. Lupe Fiasco forgets that he’s going to be an old man when he’s looking for a social security check, and he dies right before he gets it!”

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  • Andy

    Lupe obviously isn't a democrat or republican....when you take yourself out of the left/right paradigm, there isn't much left to vote for...

  • werefuked.gov

    voting really dosnt matter the gornment will do whatever the fuck it wants to regaurdless of who is in office. and D.L. needs to stop worry about lupe and work on his jokes because that fool aint funny.

  • Bayo Preperat

    The average length of a black man's life is 65, but averages are often misleading. Black men have a disproportionately high rate of adolescent death which brings the average lifespan way down. A black man who lives a full life can expect a similar lifespan to that of a white male, provided with a healthy lifestyle of course. DL is wrong about the numbers in a way, but it isn't completely his fault. Numbers have a way of being misrepresented easily.

  • zeke

    it iz what it is smh...danczilla.com

  • Lupe Minaj

    Lupe is pretty much a dumbass. Some entertainers and often times writers who make a living off of the ideas in their heads and things that come out of their mouths get this idea that EVERY thought is gospel. This motherfucker has been talking out of his ass for a loooooooong time though.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga is crazy vote so that when i'am almost die i will get some peanuts. haha let jesus himself could fix this countries problems and really matter who is out front. i'm balling now i give a fuck less about 67 life is bore any way.

  • Anonymous

    nigga fuck some hand lets get over with lets go war. we lost long time ago when africa was raped whats going on now is butter for biscuit. i dont give fuck weather my bread is butter or not. either go to war and every day you see for black folks will look somewhat similar to this give or a pile or dog shit or two.

  • find ure mind


  • DontVote

    Good, he shouldn't vote. Why vote for a system that doesn't represent you. And if Florida didn't teach you that voting doesn't matter, then you're not paying attention

  • 70's baby

    The problem is this, the States are stillrunning the show, so unless we stop getting hype every 4 years and pay close attention to what is going on at the state level things ont change. Now, oncethings change big business will do something to let you know its still in charge ie: raised gas prices, higher food cost, more pollution, selling off our natural water supply to China. So i say activist before a vote...

    • $ykotic

      So the solution should be to become more active and tell your community to pay more attention to state laws and the congressional people you send to represent your state when the laws are drawn up than waiting every 4 years for miraculous results. Many are responsible for allowing the current state of our society due to misinformation on how the system actually works. Activism starts here and now. Thanks for the conversation people.......

  • Booky

    I feel DL is right. There are some real serious issues going on right now. And to be apathetic toward them is completely ridiculous. As it stands right now they're more black men in college then there are in prison ( being a black man myself I feel that's a big accomplishment!!!!!!) however, we're paying to go to school with Pell grants and other Government programs. What Mitt is trying to do is put a cap on Pell grants which limits the amount it covers for school. Making it even more difficult for us to live the American dream , and that's up to the individual what such dream is. Besides that issue if you feel your vote doesn't WHY THE HELL DID THE GOP PASS THE VOTER ID ACT!!! The GOP deliberately passed a bill to put obstacles in front of elderly and lower class, thats us, from voting. Its hard enough for the average American to go down to dmv to get a ID, due to the busy life style we have. But for lower class.... their working all the time to support their families. So there would be no way they could get down there and the wait in line to get ID, because like everyone says, time is money, and if put in a position of either am I going to eat or vote. People are going to eat. Now the elderly HAAAAVVVEEE such a hard time founding transportation, because the lack the physical capacity to get around on their own. The GOP knew this when they wrote and passed this bill. The GOP went way out of the way to write this BS up. Besides that for American democracy to right properly, American citizens need to vote. So please even if you dont care and you agree with Lupe, just humor us go out and do it, I just meet a lady who know. But if you dont KEEP IN MIND IT TOOK ONE JUST ONE VERY TRIED, VERY OVER WORKED WOMAN TO START THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOMENT!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      i dont care about those peanut i dont fuck i live to be 67 and wont get check. haha i want my now and i'm willing to die to take it. there nothing polite about running shit.

    • $ykotic

      yes sir. I heard about a couple hours ago on radio talk where an older gentleman from Indiana was trying to spew venom about this same voting topic until the radio host actually had to school the older male about how elections actually work. When asking the older Indiana gentleman "did you know this?" he replied "no". Do not take for granted that all the American voting constituents really know what's going on to make the right decision.

  • Anonymous

    Black men die at 67? word.. why didn't he just say people who eat unhealthy foods and live in bad neighborhoods die young? Yea.. there a shit ton of issues.. one of them being the electoral process is all fucked up.. Obama Romney Bush Clinton.. all of them are puppets.. who gives a fuck.. just boycott their shitty wars and stay out of prison.. unless u motherfuckers wanna start a revolution, which we all know isn't gonna happen anytime soon.. u fucking love being a puppet

  • MP

    Fuck voting & fuck the Government. Voting is rigged anyway [along with pretty much anything else where a lot of $ is involved]. If the Government gave a shit about anybody, they wouldn't put chemicals in the water & food that we all eat...which eventually is what kills a lot of us anyway. Obama is not changing shit & neither will Romney. Being a Republican or Democrat is absolutely silly too, because neither side has all of the answers. Shit is so corrupt, it's even funny. People go against each other for no reason, when the real problem are the clowns that running shit keeping us confused. Oh yeah....Fuck celebrities too.

    • Bayo Preperat

      $ykotic: You used "whomever" incorrectly. It should be "whoever" there as the "who" is the subject of the sentence. Also, no one has ever been denied emergency care in the US because they didn't have health insurance. That's actually against the law. That person would be subjected to incredible debt as a result of not choosing to have health insurance, but that is a risk some people take.

    • MP

      lol smh....Since I "poured" out my emotions [supposedly], maybe you should do you do your homework on what "Obama care" is all about [both pros & cons]. Learn both sides of the problems, instead of being so obvious [& dig deep too. All the info is out there, but the ignorant follow...hence the reason things are so fucked up now]. Oh, & when it come come water & produce being "clean" as you say....believe whatever you like. :-)

    • $ykotic

      Where I'm at the are no chemicals in water. The FDA is around but they are non-existent these days because of the major payola but where I live there's plenty of fresh produce and food to have. If Obama didn't change anything, whomever was shot yesterday with no insurance will be taken care of even if they do not have medical insurance. Please next time know what you are talking about with specifics before you pour your emotions out to the public.

  • Anonymous

    DL you are an irrellevant old comic. Lupe is a millionaire he dont need to SS Check....

  • Ren

    This country was bought and sold a long time ago, if you thinking voting between the lesser of two evils is really gonna fucking change anything you past ignorant D.L Hughley. If voting really changed anything it would be illegal. This is known as an illusion of choice, in the words of carlin the one choice we really have in this country it paper or plastic, vanilla or chocolate, . The elites have a stranglehold on this country and the system. The game is rigged folks and you have NO fucking say in it. The only course of action is revolution, not voting.

    • $ykotic

      If voting meant nothing there wouldn't be super-packs and new "voting legislature" to circumvent the ballots. The stranglehold the elites have can be attributed to people like you just giving up so they can do how they please while you concern yourself with the schillings you have at your disposal. Please move to the side and let us who understand do something for us.

  • Idiocy is rampant

    Lupe is an idiot along with all of you dumbasses especially the dumbass who thinks change doesn't come from voting. The reason why dumb ass niggas so behind is because you sit your shiftless asses in your house and let other motherfuckers make decisions for you. Old white people get what they want because they get out and vote for the shit that favors them. I bet a lot of you dummies didn't vote in 2010 because you thought Obama was Jesus and he was going to solve all your problems but a lot of the issues that directly affect you comes from voting in your local elections and not the national one. Lupe is an idiot and most of you all are too because you can't see that this nigga is a fraud. He saying the shit he saying just to be different but in the process he's just following. First he wanted to be the "different" skateboarding rapper but then he wanted to be the "cool" guy then he wanted to be Lupe X GTFOH then he wants to criticize the young black youth in Chicago but at the same time he want them to not cut their hair so he could look like them wtf go read Malcolm's autobiography and read up on Huey and see how they used the laws to benefit their movements. A lot of you niggas never leave yall neighborhoods so a lot of you have this belief that yall can run shit but you're outnumbered damn near 10 to 1 by whites so if you think you can influence change without working within the system you'll have a very rude awakening.

  • $ykotic

    great reads TaZzZ, Mr. Wow, and Schwarz... @ dl is a house negro that is nothing new what you typed. Lobbyists and special interests have been around for over a century. Still doesn't mean you cannot vote down a state law that wants to put you in jail for 15 years for a minute marijuana charge or a corporation seeking to buy a state park for a dollar to pump toxins in the air for profit while the people absorb all tax liabilities for said company. In Prineville, Oregon Google wanted space there under the guise that it would provide a town hard hit by the recession with needed jobs and hope. It went to voting and the people voted yes. What happened? Google moved there, and moved previously employed people there, received their tax break and the people are still hurting for economic boosting. Why I don't feel bad? The PEOPLE didn't do due diligence on what were all scenarios of voting yes, they just listened and decided. A big problem America seems to have. This year, take the red pill and be set back 60 years. Take the blue pill, society has something to stand on while we figure and weed out these lobbyists and special interests.

  • Anonymous

    DL is speaking grown man shit. Something that Lupe knows nothing about. *cues the Lupe Stans*

  • 70'sbaby

    Lupe is a truth speaker and we know what they do to truth speakers. Lupe watch your front I got your back (no homo or should i say no lil wayne, mwah)..

  • 70'sbaby

    call out Jay Z for being a sellout or callout sean combs for profiting from Hip Hop and giving nothing back. call out Obama for not openly discussing the unjust prison industrial complex call ou these African American millionaires who come from the ghetto and leave others there to waste. stop being sheep to get a press clip or interview on CNN

    • 70's Baby

      @sykotic... I do remember Russ simmons advocating against those unjust laws that targeted nonviolent drug offenders, however when you have his amount of money,power and respect he and all the other wealthy athletes and entertainers should be doing this on a daily basis.. especially if your def Jam label is partly to blame for the ignorance and lies that dominate rap music. I dont need a rush card i need help getting my business and book ideas off the ground.

    • $ykotic

      You missed when Russell Simmons was a strong advocate against the NYC Rockefeller laws. Do you remember what happen to those laws recently? Go find out.

  • 70'sbaby

    loss alot of respect for DL over this one. In 2012 you can no longer expect a vote to change the unjust policies in our country. You want change we have to set aside the bull**** like race, politics and class. We the people have to protest, rally and boycott big business to bring about a change. Bush showed you that politics and business control the votes not the people, so fuck the political system, you sissssy...

  • Anonymous

    Voting is pointless when it comes to the two party system. This D.L. dude is a fucking tool. Presidents work for the interest of rich corporations not the people! We ride with Lupe!

  • TaZzZ

    Voting for ideas and laws is absolutely necessary. With that said, people are malleable, they adapt to the environment they are placed in. I don't vote for individual candidates because it is the system of lobbying, corporate corruption and money politics that makes it so regardless of who sits in the big house, they well eventually cave to corporate interests at the expense of the American (and foreign) people. In the end, politicians do not become politicians to change the world. They do so to be influential and powerful, as any of us would want if presented the opportunity. The two party, two candidate system that we have boiled down to isn't working in today's America. Let us use our minds to decide on ideas rather than harness our emotions and support a person rather than an idea or position. Once it becomes possible for the average American voter to weed through the bullshit and engage in politics in a way that is meaningful, voting will continue to lose its significance. I'm not saying that DL is wrong, but he is acting as if the only way to participate in politics is by checking a box for one candidate or the other. The way in which Lupe presents controversial ideas and forces you to THINK, in my opinion, ends up forcing more people to really look at the issues that face America and form an opinion, much more than a presidential election could. Think outside the box, there are more ways to participate in politics (activism, music, writing, etc.) than simply ticking a box. Once we discover that the road to change will not be a voting booth, but by masses taking the the streets and making themselves heard, then we can work toward a world thats better for all of us. One...

    • grampy

      voting is only part of the soltution. one of the problems is we vote and there is no follow up. To vote and then wait for the next election is playing offense with no defense no work on the ground. Lupe said in a forum recently thatif DL would put up 50k he would match it and they could donate to some intercity community group. no response from DL. And for Dl enlightenment President Obama has already rasied the retirement age for SS to 67. And cutting entitlements, his term, is part of his"grand bargain" with republicans to cut deficit. No hits on wall st. but main st. pays the bills.

    • Anonymous

      Congrats on being the first person to make some goddamn sense on this site.

  • Mr. Wow

    How many times have either of you voted to say that voting doesn't count? How is it that niggas is buying weed in California if voting doesn't count? How is it that gay marriage is legal in some states if voting doesn't count? How is that blacks even have the right to vote, from others voting to allow them to vote? How many of you and your homeboys been shot and didn't have to pay the medical bills because of healthcare bills passed to help the poor? Why is it that the top 1% spends billions of dollars to elect the people they want in office? If voting doesn't count wouldn't these wealthy american save they money instead of investing in promotional runs? You niggas are dumb. And if you consider Lupe rich you are kidding yourself. What you niggas consider rich the 1% considers middle class, what you consider middle class the 1% considers poor. You niggas need to step away from hip hop sometimes and learn some reality, all this fantasy rap is shaping and forming a nation of selfish dumb mofo's.

  • dl is a house negro

    '' So lets go back to the evidence that we have, rhetoric and actions. Rhetoric we know, but what are the actions? So far the major actions are selections, in fact the only action, of personnel to implement Brand Obama. The first choice was the Vice President, Joe Biden, one of the strongest supporters of the war in Iraq in the Senate, a long time Washington insider rarely deviates from the party vote. In cases where he does deviate theyre not very uplifting. He did break from the party and voting for a Senate resolution that prevented people from getting rid of their debts by, individuals, that is, from getting rid of their debts by going into bankruptcy. Its a blow against poor people whove caught in this immense debt thats a large part of the basis for the economy these days. But usually, hes a, kind of, straight party-liner with the democrats on the sort of ultra naturalist side. The choice of Biden was a, must have been a conscious attempt to show contempt for the base of people who were voting for Obama, or organizing for him as an anti-war candidate. Well, the first post-election appointment was for Chief of Staff, which is a crucial appointment; determines a large part of the presidents agenda. That was Rahm Emanuel, one of the strongest supporters of the war in Iraq in the House. In fact, he was the only member of the Illinois delegation who voted for Bushs effective declaration of war. And, again, a longtime Washington insider. Also, one of the leading recipients in congress of funding from the financial institutions hedge funds and so on. He himself was an investment banker. Thats his background. So, thats the Chief of Staff. The next group of appointments were the main problem, the primary issue that the governments going to have to face is what to do about the financial crisis. Obamas choices to more or less run this were Robert Rubin and Larry Summers from the Clinton--Secretaries of Treasury under Clinton. They are among the people who are substantially responsible for the crisis. One leading economist, one of the few economists who has been right all along in predicting whats happening, Dean Baker, pointed out that selecting them is like selecting Osama Bin Laden to run the war on terror.'' - Noam Chomsky

  • dl is a house negro

    '' The goal of advertising is to create uninformed consumers who will make irrational choices. Those of you who suffered through an economics course know that markets are supposed to be based on informed consumers making rational choices. But industry spends hundreds of millions of dollars a year to undermine markets and to ensure, you know, to get uninformed consumers making irrational choices. And when they turn to selling a candidate they do the same thing. They want uninformed consumers, you know, uninformed voters to make irrational choices based on the success of illusion, slander, and effective body language or whatever else is supposed to be significant. So you undermine democracy pretty much the same way you undermine markets. Well, thats the nature of an election when its run by the business world, and youd expect it to be like that. There should be no surprise there. And it should also turn out the elected candidate didnt have any debts. So you can follow Brand Obama can be whatever they decide it to be, not what the population decides that it should be, as in the south, lets say. Im going to say on the side, this may be an actual instance of a familiar and unusually vacuous slogan about the clash of civilization. Maybe there really is one, but not the kind thats usually touted.'' - Noam Chomsky

  • dl is a house negro

    ''The public relations industry which runs elections here-quadrennial extravaganzas essentially- makes sure to keep issues in the margins and focus on personalities and character and so onand-so forth. They do that for good reasons. They know- they look at public opinion studies and they know perfectly well that on a host of major issues both parties are well to the right of the population. Thats one good reason to keep issues off the table. And they recognize the success. So, every year, the advertising industry gives a prize to, you know, to the best marketing campaign of the year. This year, Obama won the prize. Beat out Apple company. The best marketing campaign of 2008. Which is correct, it is essentially what happened. Now thats quite different from what happens in a functioning democracy like say Bolivia or Haiti, except for the fact that it was crushed. And in the South, its not all that uncommon. Notice that each of these cases, theres a much more extraordinary display of democracy in action than what weve seenimportant as it was-here. And so the rhetoric, especially in Europe is correct if we maintain our own narrow racist perspective and say yeah, what happened was in the South didnt happen or doesnt matter. The only matters is what we do and by our standards, it was extraordinary miracle, but not by the standards of functioning democracy. In fact, theres a distinction in democratic theory, which does separate say the United States from Bolivia or Haiti. Question is what is a democracy supposed to be? Thats exactly a debate that goes back to the constitutional convention. But in recent years in the 20th century, its been pretty well articulated by important figures. So at the liberal end the progressive end, the leading public intellectual of the 20th century was Walter Lippman. A Wilson, Roosevelt, Kennedy progressive. And a lot of his work was on a democratic theory and he was pretty frank about it. If you took a position not all that different from James Madisons. He said that in a democracy, the population has a function. Its function is to be spectators, not participants. He didnt call it the population. He called it the ignorant and meddlesome outsiders. The ignorant and meddlesome outsiders have a function and namely to watch whats going on. And to push a lever every once in a while and then go home. But, the participants are us, us privileged, smart guys. Well thats one conception of democracy. And you know essentially weve seen an episode of it. The population very often doesnt accept this. As I mentioned, just very recent polls, people overwhelmingly oppose it. But theyre atomized, separated. Many of them feel hopeless, unorganized, and dont feel they can do anything about it. So they dislike it. But thats where it ends.'' - Noam Chomsky

  • dl is a house negro

    ''I mean, what's the elections? You know, two guys, same background, wealth, political influence, went to the same elite university, joined the same secret society where you're trained to be a ruler - they both can run because they're financed by the same corporate institutions. At the Democratic Convention, Barack Obama said, 'only in this country, only in America, could someone like me appear here.' Well, in some other countries, people much poorer than him would not only talk at the convention - they'd be elected president. Take Lula. The president of Brazil is a guy with a peasant background, a union organizer, never went to school, he's the president of the second-biggest country in the hemisphere. Only in America? I mean, there they actually have elections where you can choose somebody from your own ranks. With different policies. That's inconceivable in the United States. ''- Noam Chomsky DL HUGHLEY is a house nigga who loves bending over to take that white corporate dick up his black ass

  • dl is a house negro

    ''For many years, elections here, election campaigns, have been run by the public relations industry and each time it's with increasing sophistication. And quite naturally, the industry uses the same technique to sell candidates that it uses to sell toothpaste or lifestyle drugs. The point is to undermine markets by projecting imagery to delude and suppressing information, and similarly, to undermine democracy by same method, projecting imagery to delude and suppressing information. The candidates are trained, carefully trained, to project a certain image.'' - Noam Chomsky READ SOME BOOKS AND TURN OFF YOUR TV YOU RETARDS

  • QUIThollin

    Lupe don't need social security, im sure he's hedged his wealth in liquid and non-liquid investments bruh... and voting is useless long as the electoral college exists. so chill out bruh

  • So Icy Boi!

    who is da best rapper alive? who??? say Lil Wayne! say Tunechi! say Weezy F Baby! Mr. Carter saved hip hop wit Tha Carter 3. Dwayne iz da best rapper alive, cuzt he da best sellin rapper of all time. he outsold 2pac and Eminem. YMCMB we da best. swag

    • @So Icy Boi

      HAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!! Nigga please. Wayne is far from the best. He didn't save hip-hop, he fucked it up. Tha Carter 3 sucks. Besides, he's not the best selling rapper of all time. Do your research dumbass because Eminem and Tupac outsold Wayne. Here's some facts: Eminem: 40 million albums US, 90 million worldwide Tupac: 30 million US, 75 million worldwide Lil Wayne: 8 million US, 12 million worldwide

    • Taliban

      He has not outsold Eminem or 2Pac idiot.

  • GQ

    I like DL, but he has a few facts wrong. Both Romney and Obama want to cut Social Security by raising the age requirement. Romney would probably cut more, but both want to cut it. Obama supports the Simpson-Bowles plan which calls for the retirement age to be raised by 3 years. He is also wrong on another point. I'm a huge Lupe fan, can't wait for F&L II. However, I make my on decisions on voting. I think Lupe is wrong when it comes to voting. I know black people before me struggled, fought, and died for me to have the right to vote. So I vote, even though my vote may not really matter.

  • the truth

    dl hughley is mistaken. lupe isn't saying be apathetic. he's saying that voting in this country is a waste of time, there's better ways of making a difference. check out the breakdown to the lyrics to his outty 5000 freestyle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8m5p5GlwLKM skip to 1:00





    • midrev

      Wow pot kettle dumbass... "UR POTUS VOTE DOESN'T COUNT ONLY IN THE POPULAR VOTE LIKE A FCUKING FACEBOOK LIKE BUT UR VOTE COUNTS TO ELECT THE ELECTORAL DELEGATE" Don't you know that the popular vote in each state decides what electors cast their vote for president? So if Obama wins the popular vote in Virginia, guess what candidate wins the electoral votes for Virginia?

    • Anonymous

      I thought the same when I first starting reading his comments...that brother is sharp...he knows exactly what he's doing...

    • gnigga_pleeze

      lmao i feel like the most retarded person ever put me up on some knowledge. typin all stupid like that and actually havin a theme to what you were sayin seems ironic

  • Anonymous

    You guys won't put in time to vote because "it won't make a difference anyways", but you go out of your ways to gossip on a hip hop site. Why? Will it make a difference? Damn, this generation is something else...

  • Anonymous

    A lot of DUMB dudes commenting in here. Yawl are the definition of SHEEP. DL is right.

  • Lazy MFrs

    D.L. is right. Yawl making it real EASY to control you stupid monkeys. You not voting ain't helping you or hurting anybody that actually wants to control you. Lazy excuse.

  • Sigh

    Shut the fuck up about what Obama's doing you fucking dumbasses. The man is the POTUS like all the presidents before him. He's not sitting up there doing anything extra devious that any other president hasn't done. You see a black man in charge and all of a sudden you mother fuckers get uncomfortable and want to attack every move the man makes. BUT YOU FUCK BOYS DIDN'T SAY A FUCKING THING when the white boys was squeezing your nuts. Get a fucking job, vote or shut the fuck up.

  • smh

    yes they are both liars, BUT you can't ignore that a Mitt Romney run White House would be A LOT worse than a Barack Obama White House. To even suggest otherwise is ignorant and irresponsible. Lupe obviously doesn't give a fuck because he'll be rich regardless, but for the young men that are going to listen to him and not vote it is a lot less simple. I agree with Huhley. You people need to get over this fascination with your respective idols. I understand Lupe is your favorite rapper, but he is just a person and he can be wrong.

  • WOW!IThoughtUWasDeadNigga

    DL is the dumb ass. if he sitting around waiting for the gov't to make decisions for him then he's gonna be the one thats fucked.

  • MauriceMajesty

    Well who does he expect Lupe to vote for? A republican liar? A democratic liar? or.... Someone who might not be so bad, but has NO CHANCE of winning?

    • MauriceMajesty

      That was...exactly what I was saying. Why vote when you don't like any of the candidates, the lesser of two evils is still evil.

    • The_truth

      Do you know how a two party democracy works? Its pretty much vote for the lesser evil. Because you will never agree with everything or disagree with everything...

  • Anonymous

    D.L. is sayin' ever black man dies at 67? pshhhh.. Always gotta make it racist.

  • real shit

    If DL was so bright then his show wouldn't have gotten cancelled it would've made me laugh

  • Anonymous

    grown ass man talking like this is scary...oh DL Hugley

  • Anonymous

    lol what a clown...hugley that is...how many ppl give a rat's as about voting in a fake ass system? how about u build ur families up so that old ppl are taken care of the way human's have always done? out here looking for daddy (govt.) to take care of u..lol boohoohoo

    • midrev

      your dumbass lol, you voted down a property tax sales increas? WTF is "property tax sales", that doesn't even make sense.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    D.L. isn't too bright i see

  • Anonymous

    oh yea i go to DL for my voting advice

  • thatswhathappens

    seems like the author of this article doesn't like Lupe too much. I personally wouldn't say Lupe took an L with this, but I guess whatever HHDX says is what goes, right?

  • Anonymous

    Damn, could've swore I met a black dude older than 67 one time?

  • Anonymous

    Lupe lives in Chicago and Barack was going to win Illinois regardless. So I guess his one vote would've changed that?


    The Electoral College determines the President. When you vote, you are conveying your right to vote, and consenting to the Electoral College process. Voting is just a ritual in which you give validity and consent to the outcome. Your vote has no bearing (for you illiterate motherfuckers). You have no business participating in U.S politics until your commercial and economical game is tight. To gain power you are going to have to pay lobbyist and bribe the legislature, that's how it works in this corporate machine.

    • Assassin221

      I half-agree with PHNCN, that's not really conspiracy theories. If I remember right from my government class, the Electoral College votes in accordance with what the popular vote of each state did, i.e. if 53% of Indiana votes blue the College votes blue, etc. So technically the popular vote has a direct bearing on the outcome. But I do agree that by voting you give consent to the outcome, which is why I respect Lupe's right not to vote but still voice his opinion. "Fuck all these dudes" is a fair opinion to me. And ultimately, people unifying and building organizations with some money behind them will make a lot more difference than the votes of a few people in a specific election.

    • Anonymous

      you need more people. i hate you internet pseudo intellectuals who are always acting like ure informed because you read a few articles on the conspiracy forums. you dont know shit. stop posing. ol' wikipedia ass nigga go to sleep.

  • RC

    It's pretty sad when the general public at large see's Lupe Fiasco as the "political rapper" today when this fool doesn't say shit. All the while artist like Immortal Technique who talk nothing but real issues, no bullshit go unnoticed. Also "The Art Rap" aired on VH1 last night gusse who got completely removed from the film? Yep Immortal Technique, FUCK viacom! But I digress, if this is what the Hip-Hop community considers "political" them we're really fucked.

    • Anonymous

      I was planning to watch it on VH1, but got caught up in other shit. That's whack that they took out IT! I'm glad I didn't see it on VH1 in that case.

    • ETK

      one, I bet Lupe says a lot more than you do. and two, there's no 'correct' political rapper or a correct WAY for a political rapper to act, all that matters is how you perceive shit... however the hip-hop community considers someone political doesn`t make anything fucked, you`re your own man, look out for yourself and vote/think/express your own opinion

  • I'm At work and bored

    right... because Obama couldn't save us last 4 years but this time it's different? ahahaha. Give me a break. It don't matter who you vote for, if they wanna raise social security? they are going to raise it. end of story. If DL cares so much he would be doing something beside bitching about rappers

    • I'm At work and bored

      Huh? what's "FCUK" ???? ahahahaha, go back to home school and learn how to spell before attempting to kick some knowledge to others pal.

    • Anonymous


    • Joe

      I rather vote for Obama than that bit*h Romney...

  • Assassin221

    That shit is stupid. I like DL and Lupe irritates me, but who says he has a responsibility to vote? For one thing, maybe if we raise the age on Social Security it'll be one step toward not bankrupting the country, the cuts need to come somewhere and that's one of our biggest expenses. For another, there's a lot more issues on the table than just Social Security, DL makes it sound like that's the only thing on the ballot. The fact is we have a fucked up political process and basically only get two choices, or so we're told, and to me deciding not to participate in this bullshit and therefore keep maintaining the system as it is is a legitimate political choice. Aside from that, I hate how people act like black people have to think and vote a certain way. That's the most racist shit to me.

    • Assassin221

      I don't buy "politically irresponsible," for one thing individual voting is more a symbolic act than anything else. It's like adding a single grain of salt to a recipe and then saying you helped cook it. Not saying people shouldn't vote but I don't buy that it's an obligation either, people should do what they feel and if I don't feel strongly about the candidates I'm not dragging my ass to the polls and wasting that time, effort, and gas money. In reality we make the most difference not by voting ourselves but expressing our opinions. Even though I might not agree with a lot of activists and demonstrators, I respect that they're at least putting in the work toward something that could affect the outcome somewhat. Celebrities have a major advantage as far as that goes because a lot more people will hear what they have to say. And if Lupe believes neither candidate is worth voting for because they're both wrong and the system is fucked up anyway, why shouldn't he say that? That's just as valid a political opinion as Snoop coming out and endorsing Obama.

    • Gdubb

      that is because based upon this political system, we only have two choices, and it would be politically irresponsible to vote any other way, especially if you personally are not advocating for this person. But even then its better to vote for a third party than not voting at all, because not voting at all means you dont care about this country, and that is very irresponcible.

  • Anonymous

    ......niggas who don't vote and complain about the state of their existance are bitch....if you're old enough to remember 1992-2000, you know that we as African Americans saw heights economically and educationally as whole that we had never seen before. This phenomenon occurred because as a collective we voted for someone who had our best interests at heart. Vote again this election and I predict OUR PEOPLE will be in a better state than we are now in four years.....Remember Obama could not just show out this term because he had to be re-elected.....VOTE NIGGAS.......or shut the fuck up about everything....

    • Anonymous

      yes its real. americans are stupid.

    • i'm at work and bored

      shut up with that brainwashing bull sh*t they taught u to repeat in school. They pick the candidates every 4 years and they don't even count every vote and u really think people have a choice? just work hard and live your life. voting is a joke. They made Bush Jr president twice and people still think this sh*t is real?

  • cmonson

    here we go again. Lupe is NOT the only rapper to make public claims about not voting. Kendrick Lamar has recently said the same thing. But once again just cuz Lu said it he catch all the heat.



  • FACT

    voting cant save us from the federal reserve's actions. If you want to make a difference, take a part in your community. Fuck who the president is.

  • Anonymous

    if you dont vote dont complain about the government, cause you aint doing shit but but complaining. ask lupe what he's done to make things better

    • ETK

      it has nothing to do with it. but what else do people do in their everyday lives that has to do with that 'grand scheme' you`re talking about Lupe is still doing more than the average person, the average person who's either bitching about everything or the average person whos just adding to the problem.

    • qq

      but what does donating some money and climbing a mountain that have to do with government in the grand scheme of changing the country. while youre at it you may as well say he tithes every sunday.

    • ETK

      Let's see, he fed hundreds of people in Chicago, he climbed a mountain for awareness, he donated to several charities I get your point but he's the wrong guy to ask what he been doin'

  • yeah ok...

    another Obama shill..Speak the truth Lupe..Like Sean P said "You the type to vote Barak cause dude's black."

  • Anonymous

    Alot of people don't believe in voting. It's a choice that alot make and others don't. If DL Hughly believes his 1 vote matters, good for him, but maybe the next person won't think so. It's a free country.

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