Freddie Gibbs "Baby Face Killa" Download & Stream

UPDATE: Freddie Gibbs enlists Krayzie Bone, Young Jeezy, Curren$y and more for his upcoming mixtape.

It's been a long time coming for Freddie Gibbs to release his DJ Drama-assisted mixtape Baby Face Killa. Now, in a recent report from HipHopWired, it looks like Gibbs has finally settled on a release date for the impending tape.

The Corporate Thugz Entertainment emcee revealed that he will be officially releasing his Gangsta Grillz project this September 25 through DatPiff. The project was intially set to drop this past September 11, but was pushed back for unspecified reasons. 

Although little is known about the project's contents other than DJ Drama's involvement, confirmed tracks include "The Hard" and the Kirko Bangz-assisted "Bout It Bout It." Most recently, Gibbs released his Shame EP with Madlib.

[September 13]

UPDATE: has released Freddie Gibbs' new mixtape Baby Faced Killa. Download the project over at DP and stream the project below.

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  • yall niggaz late

    Freddie Gibbs and madlib shit is the shit too!!!

  • BOY

    P.S. Dedication 4 is FAR BETTER than this gay ass niggas album/mixtape or whatever the fuck this trash is... YMCMB!

  • BOY

    *YAWN* This old-ass bald-ass nigga is only gonna go Double Wood, thats IF he gets lucky. Damn its niggas like these that kill Hip Hop and make it more boring than watching golf! Good thing we got Weezy F. Baby. Wayne is KIGN of HIP HOP. Freddie "Bald-ass nigga" Gibbs should learn from Weezy and sign to YMCMB! YMCMB!

  • M-80

    Track#1 - "BFK" - Intro produced by ME! @M80_Beats (404)-410-6385 for Beats!

  • woop

    Amazing mixtape. This shit goes in.

  • G5

    This shit is so dope ain't even funny. All I'm listening to right now is Food & Liquor II, BFK, Life is Good and Cruel Summer. Shit is lovely.

  • junMaf*ckn

    Been Waiting On This. Freddie Is a Beast. Now I Need That MadGibbs!

  • Francis' the Savannah Chitlin' Pimp


  • Anonymous



    this nigga is dope mixtape of the year!

  • T.Dolla

    This nigga fuck with DJ Fresh... aye!!!! Yee!!! Cali to Indiana bruh!!!

  • Anonymous

    Im from Gary and Freddie is not a gangsta. He is a military guy. He dropped out the military because he was scarred to fight in Iraq so he smoked weed to get out of the service. But you a gangsta yea right. He can rap but he is not a bout that life.

    • junMaf*ckn

      What about them gun charges he caught?

    • Anonymous

      We only have 80 thousand people its not that big. Its not hard to find out information on anybody in Gary. Did I answer your question. I know you love Freddie but he is not who he say he is. Go to youtube and check Ivory diss thats his homie and speaks all on it. Niggas in Gary know he not real like that but they give him a pass because he put Gary on the map.

    • ...

      So does EVERYBODY from Gary know each other?

  • Anonymous

    this shit is for sale on itunes without dj drama, hhdx maybe you should mention that,

  • Lloyd

    U plain stupid if u think freddie gibbs is about that life.....Feds are not paid to just sit and do nothing

  • Anonymous


  • Yamz

    lol @ that backcover. Ill

  • Anonymous

    I'll smack Ross on spot n the nigga won't do shit... Jeezy n Gucci are the realist niggaz out point blank period, if u thinking twice man up and face one of em.. Pussy boys !

    • Anonymous

      You act like everybody in the world meets face to face on a regular basis. You're an idiot. Acting like you know these dudes on a personal level.

  • razzygher33

    jeezy got you stupid ass niggas brainwashed. Jeezy not a real nigga. His own fucking crew turned against him. Jody breeze, gucci, blood raw. Jeezy even got taken to court for robbing his business partner kinky b. Jeezy a bitch and ross proved it. Now jeezy trying to get gibbs involved with ross to do his dirty work. I gurnatee you if gibbs come at ross, ross will respond within 3 days. Another addition to the mafia music series. Gibbs got talent but ross is too big. After gibbs mixtape, niggas go go right back to listening to gfid and rich forever. Jeezy is a clown and all cant see the facts. he wasnt even real enough to admit he diss ross. Yet still ross never backed down from jeezy. Ross even went on radio and addressed that shit.

  • thetieisnow

    my nigga. Ross aint scared of gibbs nigga. Last time i checked jeezy is the one who dissed ross then ran like a bitch when ross responded. Ross shitted on jeezy wth summers mine, then rich forver and jeezy still didnt respond. Didnt jeezy go on live radio and say he didnt diss ross when he blatantly did? Whats even sadder is the fact that wack ass jeezy is gassing gibbs to diss ross cause jeezy cant do it cause he know ross will ether his ass again. And ross a real nigga. Staright out of dade county. Ross was crooked co my nigga. Ross was fuckin with boobie boys, lynch mob, poe boy before he was even famous. Gibbs is not a fuckin gangsta. He was a cops kid who went to the military. Jeezy a bitch nigga too. BMF dont even rep him anymore.As a matte rof fact, bmf gives shouts out to ross all the time. Ross is even gonna be on blue divenci mixtape. On some street shit, cte aint fuckin with ross homie and Im a cte fan. Ross got killa gorilla muthafucas backing him and jeezy know it. Ross got connects

    • T.Dollaz

      & that just goes to show you money rules the world.. homie stated all facts you can just you tube the shit for yourself..

  • Anonymous

    curren$y dom kennedy jadakiss jay rock krazy bone dope features

  • Anonymous

    No Wayne, no drake, no nicki minaj, no roscoe dash,no j. cole, nodiggy simmons, only real niggas.

  • Bhanehoe

    My nigga Spaceghostpurrp finna blow da fuck up soon got Gansta Gibbs Reachin out dhats love and dhis mixtape finna fuck da streets up gata put dese South Florida boy's on him doe

  • Anonymous

    freddi gibbs has a flow like none other...definitely gonna have to check this shit out, especially since it features my favorite rapper of all time, z- ro the crooked

  • So Icy Boi!

    who da fuck is Freddie Gibbs? oh I remember Rick Ross ethered dis lil nigga and Young Jeezy. fuck CTE. dey are fake gangstas.... fuckin clow ass niggas shud stop makin music. MMG real gnagsta niggaz. swag

    • Anonymous

      this guy is a cunt troll, do none of you get it? STOP FEEDIING THE TROLL

    • Craig

      Freddie the realest out there. and the best. rick ross the fake ass one that should stop makin music. smh to stupid hip hop fans

    • Smoke

      Rick Ross didnt ether anybody lol. Rick Ross too scared to reply cause he know he fuckin with real niggas, and the shit can easily get bigger than just rap. Ross scared, thats all

    • Anonymous

      haha yea, rick ross is real gangster alright...the same ganster that lies about pretty much everything he raps about..i mean come on, dudes a snitch, he was a CO...if you dont like gibbs, why click on the article and be ignorant saying rick ross' fat ass is better...only thing hes better at is eating chicken wings and snitchin on people

    • nastie30

      another one dat thinks his favourite rappers are real gangstas.

    • Anonymous

      You SLow, Freddie Gibbs album "STR8 Killa" is harder than anything Rick Ross has ever put out. And if you never heard it then, then here it

  • wordtx

    Freddie Gibbs spits tough

  • lo3o7

    cant wait four more days!!!

  • Anonymous

    That "Kush Clouds" is a hit!! Classic shit.

  • BPSN

    I want to see Gibbs smack the shit outta lupe and chief keef

  • Anonymous

    Gibbs go hard fuck all u niggaz on this website, first mc I heard in a minute, Killin everything he's on.

  • Really??

    Update: Freddie Gibbs baby face killer mixtape to have a Halloween release damn this shit was pose to come out in May!!

  • Anonymous

    cover look almost as gay as wiz album cover

  • Yamz

    Auto download. Gangsta Gibbs, hoe

  • Sir Smoke-A-Lot

    THis N-Word stranger than a mofo first he holds a listening session for a mixtape now he's pushing his tape back he's taking this mixtape game 2 serious

    • craig

      WRONG! Gibbs never gave a release date. people (like this sight) reported it unofficially just because he had his listening party, without fred saying anything about it.


      @BPSN why the fuck would the labels buy back their own albums? to make it look like they sold more then they did? that would be so fuckin pointless they would be losing money doing that. Everything else u said is right though

    • BPSN

      lol @ Sir Smoke-A-lot. Gibbs also has his shows as well, I mean the nigga was just touring in Europe. The game is different than it was when pac was spittin. Rappers have to make all of their bread from doing shows and promos and selling clothes, etc. I bet pac wouldn't approach his music the same way in this era as he did back in the 90's, cause niggas are down loading shit for free, not buying the albums. I'm pretty sure the record labels buy back a good percentage of the albums. And pac was a workaholic, he wbe in the studio writing 24/7. gibbs problem is he probably isnt takin this rap shit seriously

    • Racha

      So if Jay Electronica comes out with the album of the year are you going to be critical that it took him so long? Or what about Nas? There was a 4 year gap between his solo albums. Every artist is different and oh fyi Gibbs is currently working on 4+ projects and his last mixtape dropped last Oct so it's not like he's not hustling

    • Sir Smoke-A-lot

      @Racha 2pac made his all eyez on me LP in 2 weeks and in turned into a classic Say something about that this nigga wanna be just like pac dont he

    • Racha

      You're 100% right. I wish all my favorite artists would half ass their projects.....

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