Wiz Khalifa Explains "O.N.I.F.C." Delays

Wiz Khalifa provides an unsurprising explanation for his album's delay.

While fans continue to wait for O.N.I.F.C (Only Nigga In First Class), Wiz Khalifa has an explanation for the album's delay.

In an interview with Complex, Wiz cited some minor creative differences with Atlantic Records. "Atlantic likes O.N.I.F.C.,” said the Pittsburgh emcee. “But they want more obvious singles because that’s what sells it for them. My belief in the record is what sells it to me."

"It’s not a conflict," cautioned Wiz. "You just have to communicate so everybody understands it.”

Khalifa continued, explaining the balancing act that artists face. “When you’re working with other people, you figure out how much you do for them and how much you do for yourself,” he explained. “You can’t just be an artist fighting for your opinion and that’s it. The label has to understand artists. I wanted to make Rolling Papers when I made Rolling Papers, now it’s time for O.N.I.F.C. Now we’re going to do it exactly how I want to do it to see how that works. It can’t be one-sided.”

“When you start forcing things, you lose people,” added Wiz, who looks to some of his musical influence for guidance. “I never want to do that because none of my favorite artists have ever done that to me—i.e., Juicy J. You know what’s right and you know what’s wrong. You know when you’re forcing it and when you’re just laying it down. I’m trying to do more laying it down than forcing it. That’s how you become legendary.”

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  • Anonymous

    he's another flo rida ha ha ha

  • WZRD

    "Now were going to do it exactly how I want to do it to see how that works. It cant be one-sided. Wiz stoned ass can't go two sentences without contradicting himself hahaha. Whatever tho if he makes this record the way he wants it should def be some good shit. Taylor Alderdice was alright, better than the "hit singles" off rolling papers.

  • Anonymous

    And this is exactly why talented new acts like Wiz need to stay independent. You cant make quality music or become a legend anymore cause the labels make you do shit that is not natural. Artist need to stop catering to what the labels want. You are the artist you should have control over your product. They cant make shit without you, remember that.

  • Yamz

    So in other words they're fucking him around like they did Saigon and Lupe Fiasco before him. Fuck Atlantic

  • Anonymous

    "Thats how you become legendary." this dude is a clown whom real hip hop heads don't take seriously. he will never, ever be a legend or anything close to that

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ if you fuck wit Wiz Khalifa like that then you cant be a real hip hop head case closed

    • Anonymous

      I am a real Hip Hop head and what you say is some bullshit. Like Wiz said "shit cant be one sided" and your shits one sided. Take that shit somewhere else.

  • mental yoga

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-gf-LyQysU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-gf-LyQysU

  • Anonymous

    "when you start forcing things you lose people" aint that what happened with that piece of shit rolling papers album? i know i stopped fucking with him after that

    • Kay

      if you stopped fuckin with wiz after rolling papers, then why are you on this thread about WIZ new shit and commenting ?

    • Black!

      your loss my ninja! he admitted that it wasn't true to himself... hence "forcing it" based on what the label wanted. clearly you haven't heard Taylor Allderdice! get ur wiz game up boi!!

  • NICK

    WORK HARD, PLAY HARD got top 20 on Billboard 100 in America, That was a good start, Its now gona go to waste & will probably end up as a BONUS CUT now, Don't understand what more they want.

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