Immortal Technique Explains Why He Doesn't Think Mitt Romney Will Win Election

Immortal Technique drops knowledge about the upcoming presidential election.

Immortal Technique recently sat down with Vlad TV to discuss the upcoming presidential election. During the interview, the outspoken rapper explained why he doesn't think Republican nominee Mitt Romney will win the race to the White House, stating that the infrastructure of America is set in place to benefit current President Barack Obama.

"I don't think he'll be elected," said Tech. "No, I'm not saying there's no chance. I just think the chips are going to fall with Obama. I think a lot of people are very invested in that, and the infrastructure of America - especially finishing these wars and going through economic change - rare to see them oust a president that way. Although, Romney does have a huge, huge cash influx, which makes him able to put all these ads out. It'll just be up to the swing states. New York is always going to be Democrat for the most part."

He also touched on how Romney is portraying himself differently this time around, flaunting his personality to show that he's not an emotionless politician.

"I think that he was trying to portray himself as a very emotional being this time around, especially during the convention. He made a great emphasis on doing that, on playing up the fact that he has a personality, because up until now, nobody ever thought he did. They kind of just looked at him as a robot: uncaring, unemotional, the kind of guy that would work for you as a boss and you would ask him for a day off, and he would say 'No.' Like, 'My mom is dying.' 'No.' He just seems like that type of uncompromising individual, whereas to Mr. Obama's credit, even at the expense of a lot of his constituency in the left, he's been willing to make deals with Republicans, and I think that is indicative of someone who's looking to try and be a compromiser, but at the same time, someone when he had all the advantages of the Democratic Congress, the Democratic Senate, didn't push through what he should have at that particular point."

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  • Nick

    Yeah Tech how you gonna claim Obama compromises w/ Repubs? What was the vote on Obamacare? And historically its not about it being "set-up" for the incumbent. When the economy hasn't shown any real signs of improvement since he's been elected (other than taking about one and a half steps back for total collapse) people aren't gonna give him four more years to do nothing

  • Anonymous

    yeah another conscious coon if you were really real and talking about something you would either be dead or locked up. haha look at the panthers. there is money for speaking for those that dont have a voice and he knows it and just uses them. haha most are dumb enough to accept him without question.

  • Anonymous

    tech is one of the rappers that i respect the most...yea, hes got the skills and the the cred in the game to blow up and make millions..but he would rather put a message behind his words and speak the truth...never in my life have i heard a song where he raps about being in a club, his jesus peace, his dope cars, moving bricks, or the amount of girls he has on, hed rather tell you the truth behind america and let you know that most of corporate america is spoon feeding us bullshit from a silver spoon "You Swallow Propaganda Like A Birth Control Pill, Selling Your Soul To The Eye On Back Of The Dollar Bill"



  • c

    Realest, most down to earth guy, met him in El Paso. I might not always agree with his stances but still one of the truest kats in the game and one of the few that get respect from the streets

  • Anonymous

    Look ive been too all types of shows. All types of venues big and small.. ranging from Eminem too Lil Jon too Chakakahn. Ive NEVER been in an experience as amazing then when I was at His show here in Vegas. The man is gifted on the mic, if you deny that you dont really appreciate Hip-Hop! This guy stayed 2 hours after his show chopping it up and taking pictures with all of us in the audience. THIS NIGGA IS NOT ABOUT THE SHOW.

    • Anonymous


  • HaitianT

    Tech is a G. He's not arrogant he knows what he's talking about you, ever spend a ay in the hood or walking around the street he wont blow you off like these bitch ass artists these kids worship nowadays. he'll politic with you, and he's right this time. You have no choice but to respect that. Also the martyr was all the way in the pocket with the flow. so people hating on him for that are just smoking crack. crack baby you.

  • Fuck Harlem

    He's so arrogant, like he thinks he's the most inteligent person in the world. And he can't ride a beat for shit.

  • RC

    Hip-Hop needs more people like Tech that actually know and care about what's going on in the real world.

    • nibs

      He used a part of the proceeds from his third album (Third World) to build it. It's probably on his wik but if you watch his documentary (the revolution of immortal technique) it shows a lot of footage of the process of that, as well as the buying farmland in Peru.

    • Anonymous

      where do you read about him putting up 60k n buying farmland? i dont doubt i just want to visit a site that has real news i give a fuck about.

    • @throwaway333

      America as a whole is removed from reality. We put materialism over health. smh.

    • stfu

      Let me put u n ur place. This nigga opened orphanage n afghanistan wit 60 racks of his own money while ur fav rapper got a bugatti. He bought farmland in peru and colombia. U need to chk the facts before u say sum shits for show. Go on now listen to d4.

    • throwaway333

      I can't think of a single person further removed from reality than Tech, maybe Romney. Maybe. Tech is wack as fuck and his whole thing is just for show.

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