Nicki Minaj Responds To President Barack Obama, Thanks Him For Appreciating "Humor"

Nicki Minaj makes it clear that she was only joking when she spit a line on Lil Wayne's "Mercy."

Nicki Minaj encouraged speculation on her political views after seemingly endorsing Mitt Romney on Lil Wayne's "Mercy." Earlier this morning, President Barack Obama weighed in on her raps, stating that he wasn't entirely convinced she supports Romney and that she "likes to play different characters."

Finally breaking her silence on the matter, Young Money's resident rapstress took to Twitter to address the POTUS. “Ha! Thank you for understanding my creative humor & sarcasm Mr. President, the smart ones always do… *sends love & support* @BarackObama," she wrote. "Awesome! Now I can tell my grandchildren that the 1st black President of the United States took the time to address a Nicki Minaj question."

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    HAHAHA....Not a bigg Nicki fan but love how she plays the part tho. #HIPHOP

  • trashbag

    I'm just glad her album flopped. this bitch is overrated as fuck haha

  • Amazing Attention

    It's amazing how this young woman, garners so much attention from a mix tape verse. Her star power is about more than album sales.

  • JMG

    Like I said in another post before somebody said "she's entitled to her opinion" is that it wasn't an opinion, and was really silly of her to make such a comment RIGHT THE FUCK NOW! Especially if you were in support of Obama. I am trying to figure out the reason for the sarcasm. That is what I am saying, rappers who aren't trying to be apart of something for real should just rap about what they are good at rapping about. Leave politics to artists who are really involved in it and Nicki to stick to rapping about being a Barbi, a gay boy and a gay/straight woman with schizophrenia, but wants to have kids one day. Not sure you can breast feed through silicone though....

  • Trent

    Ha.. I am not a fan of Nicki but y'all hate so hard.. she DID get his attention.. and she was respectful when she did. WTF is wrong with y'all? Oh yeah you mad the president has no reason to talk to your doing-nothing-ass..

  • GBtha G

    fuck dat!dis bitch jus wanted 2 get the attention of the muthafuckin president??????? but wait yall muthafukcaz diz lazy democrats bastards havent secured victory yet. fuck politics.Hip Hop 4va yo.

  • truth

    she is turning 30 in a few months and dresses like ronald mcdonald. she knew what she was doing, attention-seeking FLOP

  • Texas44

    Usually I don't comment on others views, but wanted to say I have been paying income taxes for all the people who are having children that refuse to work or does not contribute to the American dream for us all. I vote because so many people died for me to have this right in America. I believe in God because this world is only temporary. Whomever I vote for is mine and your choice because we have that freedom in America. Whatever President is elected (past/present) does not have total control over the government. If you want or need to make changes in your community or your life, please take a stand and do so. Blogging and twittering is not going to make this country better, nor is blaming one man on all the troubles of this country that were created by a government 8 years prior to his win. It did not take us 4 years to get into debt and sure is not going to take only 4 years to get out of debt. Give this man a chance like some of you did when re-electing Bush for two terms when everyone knows the story. Race doesn't matter, but please stop blaming everything on President Obama. I have lived in several countries and currently have personnel working for me of all nationalities and I see the bigger picture and nothing ever gets accomplished when everyone continues to blame "all" problems on one person. One person or party is not the entire government.

  • Jesus-titty-fuckin'-Christ

    Why is this even news? smmfh

  • Anonymous

    what did the bitch say?

    • Anonymous

      or maybe you should. think about it.

    • Mu

      "I'm a Republican voting for Mitt Romney, yall broke bitches is fucking up the economy". It wasn't at all clever of witty in any way. Whoever thinks Nicki has talent should probably stop listening to music altogether

  • Anonymous

    look at the melons on this heffer..marvelous

  • ramses

    I would eat her pussy because of that picture of her at top ,, im sorry that is a secret ,,an that was a statement goddess not a question

  • Bom919

    These rappers are dumb as hell for voting for Obama, Im sure as hell not voting for Romneys 1% ass, but really the rich will benefit way more if they vote for Romney rather than vote for Obama just because he's half black, which is f**kin rediculous. It doesnt matter what color you are, all that matters is if your the best candidate for our country, and Obama also hasnt yet lived up to that title. #Independant

  • Anonymous

    Dont think this Nick dude knows that men can't have babies.



    • Anonymous

      haha real talk they should fuckin do press on that shit. pppl neeed to fuckin vote. yall americans are gonna get fucked by romney

  • Anonymous

    Wow what a shock! The Lil Fame Whore said it for publicty! Sad part it worked.Minaj=Garbage!

  • Anonymous

    this bitch really think she gonna have grandkids.

  • dum dum

    if you truly think either candidate is here to make the world you live in everyday a better place. DUMB FUCK! My hard earned money goes to everyone but me. Its goes towards paying greedy politicians, lazy welfare n section 8 abusers, foreign wars, paying the crooked cops to harass me, the war on drugs etc etc etc etc

    • greatness p

      the world doesnt revolve around you douche. it's like you have knowedge, but ur brain doesn't know to use it constructively.

  • dum dum

    this presadint rilly nos whats going on in my comoonity. obama 12

  • Anonymous

    Obama talking to Nicki and Nicki talking to Obama... yea and they say Illuminati don't exist *rolls eyes*

    • Anonymous

      Ok. I just got done reading The Secret Destiny of America by Manly P. Hall. and The Hidden Life in Freemasonry by C. W. Leadbeater....... what books have you read my uneducated troll

    • Anonymous

      Your not a psycho! "rollin my eyes" go read book you have to much time on your hands!

    • Anonymous

      Obama talking to Nicki, Kanye, and Jay.... all accused for having Illuminati influences in their music and videos

  • real talk

    Real talk... the POTUS should be concern with bigger issues, he should be addressing the poverty rate, crime rate, especially in the Chi, and the employment rate. Nicki shouldn't be on the man's radar. She is just a pop star, with bubblegum subject matter that attracts people that are not old enough to vote. Seriously, the man should focus on serious issues that have a direct impact on the working and middle class.

    • JMG

      He was ASKED about it in an interview. You act like he held a press conference about her. I hate when people do that shit. If the President is seen out eating at Burger King, someone says "he should be more concerned with the war in Iraq, ozone layer, and the shortage of toilet paper....what is he doing EATING FOOD!"....smh....

  • Anonymous

    yall know she droppin another album in fucking November ? Young Money is on their No Limit shit.

  • sun_god7

    Ha! Obama Jedi-mind tricked Nicki. lol. You know her confused-ass really meant what she said. Now she's shufflin' after the DNC-hype and is playin' like it was a joke. But is Obama a Jedi or a Sith...?

  • Anonymous

  • ramses

    guess goddess nicki seen that wasnt good for business ,,we understand your flushtration with these morons ,,you are part of the world an it ask so much of you

  • Anonymous

    DAM i wanna c dat ASS

  • DL Dub

    Next it'll be someone hacked her raps, that wasnt really her...

  • d.k

    nicki minaj is a stupid hoe

  • Anonymous

    Or she couldn't use a rhyme scheme to fit what she actually believed, that's what you get when you work with Lil Wayne.

  • Anonymous

    There's no humor in Nicki's music.

  • RC

    If she even voted she probably would vote for Romney. 98% of rappers do nothing but flash their wealth & money in the faces of the poorest people. Thats the most Republican thing in the world you could do.

    • Anonymous

      ^ says the poor lazy man

    • georgel

      Not everyone has the same opportunities you dumb ass. Your not always poor because of your own choices. You telling me the people who work in fields picking produce arent working hard. thats just a dumb statement, its hard as shit to get rich or well off in todays world.

    • mitt

      people are rich for a reason and people are poor for a reason. u r where r u bc of the decisions you make, dont hate bc u aint got no cake

  • jayvon28

    "Ha! Thank you for understanding my creative humor & sarcasm Mr. President, the smart ones always do... *sends love & support* @BarackObama" SHe has to be the funniest rapper troll i have seen in my life! If you really believe her intention (when she spit that line) was to get Obama attention..smarten up and exercise some critical thinking or find a better hobby This is what we call damage control. No different when someone card gets pulled for looking like a fool and they back peddle with a excuse like "I intentional said that comment to manipulate you sheep mind as part of my social experiment" lmao... It was just a line she said to get people attention "cough" for her album she is re dropping this fall.

  • jayvon28

    here comes the Young Money stans and trolls in 4 3 2 1.......

  • Anonymous

    She didn't tweet that. Her white PR agent did.

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