50 Cent Says Chris Lighty's Death Won't End Feud With Fat Joe

50 Cent says that the death of his manager Chris Lighty will not have an effect on his feelings towards Fat Joe.

50 Cent and Fat Joe recently attended Chris Lighty's funeral, putting them in the same place after years of feuding. But according to Fif, the run-in doesn't change his opinion on the Terror Squad chief.

During an interview on "The Ricky Smiley Morning Show" (via SOHH), the G-Unit leader said that Lighty's death doesn't inspire him to want to reconcile his issues with artists like Fat Joe, Rick Ross and Young Buck.

"Nah. You know what I think? A lot of times it's people who choose not to like you," he said. "Regardless, they could be across the street from you, they don't have to have a conversation or have anything to be a source of why they feel that way about you. You can't fix it in conversation with some of these people so I don't even look to resolve any of that. I just move forward without focusing on it."

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  • www.marlosbeats.com

    50...be relevant for hit records...not for interviews

  • Anonymous

    "D Block dissed the livin daylight outta 50 n g unit" Did wonders for their career.

  • g-player

    I can't belive this is the same guy that did get rich and ruled the mixtape scene for years

  • Anonymous

    "one who ruined terror squad" Joe gave them chances they couldn't get on their own. Then they thanked him by being lazy.

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    D Block dissed the livin daylight outta 50 n g unit... You can say anything you want about game but he dissed them in the most funny ways. At the end of the day, 50 came in the game as a bully now nobody cares anymore...the gimmick is over.

  • mo

    50 is a clown. this interview was embarrassing. shows how far he's fallen. he has to explain why he isn't a sellout. that means you're a sellout. 50 cent is this generations mc hammer. mc hammer had a hit song 50 cent had a hit album. both are fads that were hot one second and ice cold the next. they didn't have the talent to come back musically. also notice the lack of confidence in 50 cent giving this album a date. the radio host even checked him on that. "you sure?". 50 just laughed nervously knowing interscope isn't behind it and never will be. the man has crossed everyone that put him in a position of power except eminem. and eminem is a shell of himself who embarrasses himself every outing. the whole label is nearly dead. jimmy is branding outside of music now, with beats and american idol. 50 brands outside of music but he does his own thing. never liked 50 but he was a boss. cant deny that. seeing him now is just sad. promoting his little bullshit DVD movies that go straight to video with ROBERT DENIRO and FOREST WHITTAKER. 50 cent is a loser. anything he touches now is doomed to fail. the single will flop even after he puts all kinda money into radio so they play it. he will stop at nothing to win again and seems to be the only one who doesnt realize he will never win again with his music. even his long time fans know he's done.

  • HipHopSince1977

    I read some of these comments and just start laughing. I used to like 50, the real g-unit 50, the mixtape 50, Get rich or die trying 50 and then he just went BONKERS. Calling everyone out for no reason, I mean no reason!!!! N then if yall noticed on his docomentry he film part of it in the back of the police station. And thats what did it for me don't call people out and hang wit the law!!! No street points I used to love the fact he was going at Irv and them for his mom but he just was mad at the world and then went to the law. How yall think he got the Ross picture? 50 knows people in the right places get it!!! As for Rick Ross hey all I can say is alot of the muscic he does is hot hands down and right now with alot of uneducated hip hop fans and kids anybody sells all you need is a hot beat a good feature and you on!!! So Rick did what he was supossed to do get in where he fit in, in todays world of hip hop. I guess what Wayne did at the VMA's was hip hop? Its just music now either you like it or you don't hip hop is so droad now East Coast, West Coast, South, its different elements to each and every sound, I bet some of them would think Rakim is wack its just how it is now!!!! SMH We need to get our minds right!!!

    • ROLL

      I stopped reading after you said he filmed part of his documentry behind a police station. Please tell us which documentary this is or put a link because I think you're full of shit. I do remember they filmed a music video close to a police station and banks tried stealing the cops gun.

  • skinny jim

    50 u finished boy,

  • The Game

    too bad 50's career is over #RED ALBUM

  • Anonymous

    Doing a song with Ja Rule will resurrect any rapper's career.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule could kill all rappers if he wanted, all he needs a beat and a mic

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule kills and resurrects niggaz left and right

  • Anonymous

    50 cent is an irrelevant ass nigga since ja Rule killed him

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule made 50 cent his bitch back in 2003.

  • Deborah

    50, do not reconcile with Rick Ross, whatever you do. Do not make Dre's mistake. The rest, it's up to you.


    Fifs all bout that paper

  • Be Easy

    You know what even though 50 is garbage now i'm going to have to agree with him on this. It's ridiculous to think that every single issue can be resolved through conversation...like its going to make things better or provide closure, it doesnt. Sometimes the best thing is to put those people in the past and do you.

  • godson

    Who is Chris Lighty? Is he a rapper or producer?

    • Mu

      It baffles me when I see questions like this on this site. You're obviously familiar enough with the internet to post this question, so don't you think a simple Google search will get you a response quicker? Lol

    • Anonymous

      producer and he distributes cocaine

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule gonna kill all you niggaz

  • da1

    Tell me why he Reconciled with Jadakiss and Style P? Those guys dissed him way more then Ross, Buck and Joe combined. But he only has nothing but good things to say about them. lol


    ja rule gnna die of gettin shot nd the pig gnna hav a heart attack


    dam lil JoJo dead, Chris lightely dead, the big black guy dead. Who the fuck next. !!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This nigga never answers a question directly. Google The Pretty Goon.

  • MegaRevr

    They really do need to stop this nonsense. C'mon man, Chris is DEAD. The last thing anyone needs in hiphop right now is more feuding from a great artist (50 Cent) and an pretty good rapper (Fat Joe). Let's diss all the whack niggas like YMCMB.

    • Afi K. James

      Fat Hoe & 5-0 are just as much dreadful rappers as YMCMB, look what they did to their rappers, one who ruined terror squad and the other who fucked up NY & U.S. hip-hop.

  • Anonymous

    You wanna hear some real rap? Listen to Ja Rule.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule fucked 50's bitches.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule is a real ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule killed 50 back in 2003, why is this article even here? I thought this site is about relevant niggaz.

  • DAA

    LOL the same 1 "anonymous" ja fan just commented on this post 8 times in a row. Guess you have nothing better to do since you can't ride ja's dick while he's sitting in jail

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule is a real ass nigga.

  • Anonymous

    i love how 50 plays like hes the victim and not the bully. His music been wack but he's mogul for real!

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule fucked 50 cent up.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule already killed 50 lyrically, now he'll literally kill him if they don't reconcile.

  • Anonymous

    50 should try and reconcile with Ja Rule before he kills him.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule pil 2 sold 6 mil.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone, PIL 2 by Ja Rule is the best album in the world.

  • Anonymous

    Y'all mothafuckas talk about these irrelevant ass niggaz, when you should be talking about Ja Rule.

  • Anonymous

    50 is referring to himself in that answer...He's the one who has chosen to dislike so many of his rap peers for no reason...he's proof that all the money in the world cannot make you a "good" or even "happy" individual....Rich or Poor, someone with a black soul will continue to have a black soul.....i think they called him ugly as a child, lol.......

  • rn506

    50 got asked a question, so he answered it..he's not holding press conferences talking about fat joe lol. They don't like each other, but rarely say a thing about one another..who cares? were not f'ing hippy's..we all don't have to love each other.we all have people we dont like. follow me @noles506

  • Anonymous

    bisd wack, shit even that relapse was better than bisd bp3 was the best album 2009 LIFE IS GOOD BEST ALBUM OF 2012 - NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP

  • Anonymous

    BISD = best rap album of 2009. Murder by numbers = best rap album of 2012 LOL GOOD JOKE



  • Anonymous

    His paranoid mind believes everybody's constantly thinking about how they can get at him. Fat Joe seems like an ok guy, so I bet if 50 tried acting human for a change, their little beef could be resolved.

  • Shyne's Pe'ots

    At first I was going to say come on fif but then I thought about what he was saying. We all know that one asshole or group that hates you for no reason. Sometimes being the bigger man is only going to open you up for more bullshit from those people

    • Anonymous

      he's the one who was hating on Fat Joe for no reason almost 8 years ago. Fat Joe never did anything to him so what the fuck is 50 still mad about after all these years?

  • Anonymous

    50 is so stubborn and hardheaded.. end that beef shit and start making hit records with joe and rozay!

  • Anonymous

    OFFICER RIICCCCCKKKY You support a cop who stole his entire identity, your opinion is invalid no such thing an opinion is an opinion its not right or wrong dumb fuck

  • Anonymous

    50 is a fake fraud bitch curtis wack bisd wack murder by numbers wack fuck this snitch

    • Arttu Stachon

      BISD = best rap album of 2009. Murder by numbers = best rap album of 2012 That officer ricky GFID shit is fucking wack. Hope that fat nigga retires soon. Pirates, hold me back and 911 only good tracks.. rest of it is shit. Hope freeway ross handle the fat boy.

  • 50 cent #SK

    That fat nigga thought Lean Back was "In Da Club" My shit sold 11 mill, his shit was a dud

  • Arttu Stachon

    How 50s manager killing himself would end beef with people he has issues with?? Appearing on same funeral will end it?? Hell no. It aint like that, I dont even realize how people think like that. Sounds stupid as hell

  • Really

    Its a shame that the only time you hear about 50 is when it comes to news like this. This dude is washed up...Put out some GOOD music and stop the soap opera bull shit. Rick Ross says hello by the way

    • Arttu Stachon

      Hey officer.. freeway ricky will hit you with truck when you driving on your fancy maybach and think everything is allright:) and thats end of william bitch ass robets

    • Anonymous

      OFFICER RIICCCCCKKKY You support a cop who stole his entire identity, your opinion is invalid

  • Anonymous

    I would like to see 50 make peace with Buck and Joe but Officer William NEVER

    • Afi K. James

      That's not gonna happen, 5-0 fucked up young buck's career to get what he wanted, which makes him no better than fat hoe.

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