President Barack Obama Addresses Nicki Minaj's Supposed Mitt Romney Endorsement

President Barack Obama responds to Nicki Minaj's line on Lil Wayne's "Mercy."

On her verse on Lil Wayne's "Mercy," Nicki Minaj supposedly endorsed Mitt Romney, rapping, "I'm a Republican, voting for Mitt Romney / You lazy bitches is fuckin' up the economy." Now, President Barack Obama has responded to the line supporting his opponent, stating that his daughters Malia and Sasha don't listen to the Harajuku Barbie very often before sharing his views on the rap.

"You know, I don't think they really listen to Nicki Minaj that much. But let's face it, they are now hipper than me," he said. "There's a certain point where your kids get old enough where they're just hipper than you are, and Michelle and I, for folks of 50 or as she likes to point out close to 50, because she's not 50 yet, we try to keep up so we've got a nice Hip Hop collection on our iPods."

Asked directly about the line, the POTUS said that he wasn't sure "what's going on there" and chalks it up to her "playing different characters. "Yeah, I'm not sure that's actually what happened. I think she had a song on there, a little rap that said that. But she likes to play different characters. So I don't know what's going on there."

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  • Anonymous

    ohh & btw.. for the people who didnt get that. she supports obama, she believes in national healthcare. and she pays her taxes!

  • Harley

    Nicki was mocking republicans. she was saying that republicans are lazy and they dont want to pay taxes so they vote for a president who will give them that 6 figure relief. and for hiphopdx. get your fucking facts straight before you make a post. dumbasses.

  • GBtha G

    fuck dat stupid ho know what i mean? I bet dat muthafucka would suck the presidents dick.after rapping dat shit it was so afraid of dat half negro president.and of course the president wud love to have a sample of dat ass..... these fuckin democrats r callin 4 a defeat.

  • Anonymous

    Is obama not a terrorist? Did he not pass the NDAA bill which allows them to detain you without due process? For you dumb fucks like the sheep above me, that means you don't get a trial by jury. They can detain you because they SUSPECT you are a terrorist. What does that mean in laymen's terms? IF you try to be a revolutionary and rebel, they will just throw you in jail ++++++++++++ NO HE DIDN'T PASS THE BILL HE EXTENDED AN ALREADY IN EFFECT BILL WITH AMENDMENTS WITH HIS SIGNATURE CONGRESS MAKES THE BILLS WEIRDO LET'S TAKE THE KID GLOVES OFF THO' THE ONLY REASON Y'ALL WORRIED IS NOW U R BEING LOOKED @ Y'ALL BEEN TERRORIZING AMERICAN CITIZENS FOR CENTURIES GIVIN UNFAIR TRIALS & LOCKIN PEOPLE UP "JUST 'CAUSE" & STEALIN & KILLIN Y'ALL WANNA TAKE IT BACK TO THE 50'S SO Y'ALL CAN "DREW PETERSON" A COUPLE OF PEOPLE & GET AWAY WITH IT BECAUSE UR A GOOD OL BOY WITH A JOB DON'T THINK WE 4GOT ABOUT OKC Y'ALL NEED TO B WATCHED

  • joe

    like seriously if nicki minaj took the time to rap over beats at lets say and aid all that no one would care lol

  • Anonymous

    the president of the united states shouldn't even be addressing something as insignificant as rap music. smh


    LOL! People still vote..?

  • Anonymous

    Yo Obama, ever heard of "Death Certificate"???

  • Brandi

    The fact that the President even takes time out of his day to not only analyze and comment, but also listen to the song, exemplifies exactly why he should never be allowed in the White House again. He fooled us once, so shame on him. But if he fools you twice, SHAME ON YOU.

    • Anonymous

      You sound stupid. Do you listen to music when you study or are at work? You take time out of your "busy day" to comment DON'T YOU? SHAME ON YOU! Now go vote for Romney so they can tell you how you should go see a doctor, ask your parents for that college money, and work in the coal mines digging "clean coal" for minimum wage. Idiot.

  • ThePrezRocks

    Mitt Romney's campaign song will be "Starships"

  • Deborah

    I doubt Nicki Minaj is smart enough to use 'humour' where politics is concerned, but hey, oh well. The Pres. has got more important things to attend to.

  • Deborah

    Love for Obama. Keeping it real as always, and always has a witty comment somewhere. Actually, he is quite hip for a 50 year old. He's right, Nicki Minaj is probably playing around, but she shouldn't have used the word motherfucker. But mostly, good for Obama. Hope he is reelected.

  • jg

    Obama played it off nicely lol. Well at least he's not the first prez to end up in a beef with a rapper.

  • Anonymous

    the president is always talking about the young money squad quit hating on wayne and everyone else

  • Anonymous

    he didnt wanna ask about that Lupe line though?

  • tonystark5151

    I wish that dumb bitch would just disappear. I mean seriously, no talent bitch

    • Real-Hip-Hop

      Because she has NO LYRICAL ABILITY!!! Its all ABC children rap.

    • Deborah

      Too right. I deplore her music. Its an insult to the legacy of female rap- MC Lyte, Missy Elliott, Lauryn Hill? Remember them? No, probably because this lady has elbowed her way in, and ripped everything off them. Except lyrical ability.

  • illone

    Where the fuk is Baraka Flaka Flames at when you need him! Douse this 'stupid hoe' nigga.

  • da1

    I like how he was quick to say that his daughters don't listen to Nicki Minaj. But I bet if she went out of her way to support him he would say not only does his daughters listen to her, but that he does too. Politics as usual. As for me I don't know yet. They both suck in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    have we become retard as a society nobody is stand up for anything or saying shit and bullshit has now become the headline story hahah. i think i have to give up on media it pissing me off. if i dont i will be dumb enough to believe bin laden was buried out to sea. bunch of hopeless dumb idiots doomed

  • daddy yankee

    Obama, his ape wife, MInaj.... all actors.




      Wow. These trolls are becoming dumber every day. They're starting to run out of material.

    • Anonymous

      we dont have brain to think with right. you internet marketers decide whether or not a album is good or poor haha this is just have dumb we have gotten. this world makes me want to throw up

  • Anonymous

    Damn, have Obama ever heard of Ice Cube's Death Certificate album? I would love to see him talking about that record

  • sun_god7

    Obama just pulled a Jedi-mind trick on Nicki. Woooow! Has her back-peddling on a rhyme WE KNOW she meant.

  • yes

    yo fuck anybody that got a problem with the commander in chief. straight up. im tired of all these fuckin haters cus no matter who's in office yall gonna hate and blame ya problems on another man.

  • Anonymous

    Yo yall need to pipe down. He's talking about it because they asked him. I'm sure if they asked him about Lupe Fiasco, he'd address that as well. It ain't like he's talking about Nicki Minaj in his speeches. And even if he was, its a superior political tactic to appear as if you can relate to the youth culture. All you internet pundits just want something to be mad about. STFU.

  • Anonymous

    why are all these people in power addressing rappers quotes ????????????????????????????????

    • osiris

      hmmm maybe because they asked him haha. its not like he had some state of the union speech on every television responding to what she said. he is campaining like most presidents or candidates do at this time and they asked him a question

  • Anonymous

    And on top of it, he doesn't address any artists that have a spec of intelligence. Say something to Lupe Obama. Say something to Dead prez. Fuck you.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, and please read a book called 1984 by George Orwell. If you have heard the term "Big Brother is watching"... that's where it comes from. It'll open your eyes you sheep.

    • Anonymous

      Lupe will shit a port-a-potty on your illiterate face. Is obama not a terrorist? Did he not pass the NDAA bill which allows them to detain you without due process? For you dumb fucks like the sheep above me, that means you don't get a trial by jury. They can detain you because they SUSPECT you are a terrorist. What does that mean in laymen's terms? IF you try to be a revolutionary and rebel, they will just throw you in jail. Fuck outta here. BTW I am the original poster of this comment. One.

    • osiris

      haha ask lupe? yall be ridin that dude hard. that nigga is average and he isnt even that intelligent dog. have you heard him speak about politics. Dude embarrassed himself when he said obama was a terrorist and bill o'reilly had him on the show. I dont even care that he said it, I just wanted to hear some intelligent reasoning behind it. he had nothing just "stuff" like this or that. dude is smart enough to fool yall simple minded dudes who dont know shit or dont do research...smarten up. I'll give you dead prez, and immortal is a dude who I know understands politics and what he is talking about.

  • Anonymous

    What the fuck is wrong with this country? Ever since Obama became president, he has been addressing shit irrelevant rappers say. Something is very wrong here. There is no fucking way he should have the time to even listen to a Nicki Minaj song, let alone fucking talk about it.

    • osiris

      yall are all dumb. he is campaigning!!! do any of you know what that consists of? yes going on radio shows, chruches, resturautnts, local neighborhoods, yes they do that sometimes and dude has to have a life, I mean apart of the reason he became president was the fact that he was "just like us" and they asked him a question. so he answered it. I dont get the confusion behind that hahaha. lames

    • p

      a multitasker... lol are you fucking serious? some seriously annoyingly dumb people here

    • Anonymous

      Don't you realize the bigger picture that I'm addressing? This president is more of a fucking celebrity than a president. Stupid half-wit. "A multi-tasker" lmao you're a joke.

    • Shaan M

      You the truth bruh. Preach on.

    • Really??

      Um he is a multitasker who knows what he was doing while being interviewed. This is the same guy who conducted a press dinner telling jokes and KILLING OSAMA BIN LADEN!!

  • MegaRevr

    Damn, Obama dissed her with class. "We try to keep a GOOD collection of hip hop." CLASSIC.

  • triPAUD

    obama knows whats up. its just a line

  • james

    Nicki Minaj did this for attention. Do you think she really cares about the election?

    • Ahsan

      haha right! That's such an everyman statement "you guys are fucking up the economy." Had she known anything she'd be able to cite that unemployment has been steadily decreasing over his tenure.

  • anoymous

    nicki minaj who, ia a asshole !!!! and about to be a thing of the pass

  • Anonymous

    I dont see the big deal even if she was voting for Romney, I dont agree with it but we have something in america called "Freedom of Choice" to vote for who we want. People acting all mad like she raped a child or summin, ya'll on some Nazi shit. People can vote for who they want, its not in a rappers contract that they have to vote democrat

  • Swordz

    My whole take on this is, 1) The clip is edited to include Nikki quote and cuts of 95% of the conversation that wasn't about HipHop 2) The general level of niggerish brain washing on these comments is baffling to me. Obama has successfully handled the biggest economic depression since the 1930's 3) He slapped Nikki up by saying his kids don't listen to her, 4) Obama is G. TWO WORDS Health Care - them Devils fought him every step but he said fuck it! 5) Change is hard. All politics are shady!! Deals have to made to get things done. If you want to LEARN about how the REAL world works... try watching bloomberg or press TV - read the FT - stop sucking you tube bullshit conspiracy video -FACT CHECK 6) Two Words. NOAM CHOMKY



    • Anonymous

      Clearly one can be better than the other asshole... its called thinking. You might as well as said - APATHY IS ONLY WAY TO GET THINGS DONE To which we'd all reply- FUCK OFF

  • Anonymous

    That bitch career was already busted, that shit about to be in shambles!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jayvon28

    For those who say why Obama is addressing the Nicki comment, one must consider that he was just asking a question that the radio D.J was asking him. Its a hip hop station so what else would they ask to be honest. So its not like he brought the subject up out of the blue. Also, who cares who she votes for. Shes not even a registered voter and one you know she isn't serious about it, because the candidate in questions goes against 80% of her base fan core values.

  • Obama

    My fellow Americans. I've left this post today to let you all know. Fuck Nicki Minaj.

  • BK


  • bigkit80

    yo, you all young peep don't know what do you talk about but my old job is government build when you don't know government are a lie and beyond before they cheat math to cut your bounce money that's greedy you don't know .

  • Really??

    Did anyone else catch the shot fired? you semi endorse Romney and "You know, I don't think they really listen to Nicki Minaj that much. But let's face it, they are now hipper than me," He endorses you as a has been....Obama FTW

  • yourmomsballs

    So this man can comment on Nicki Minaj but nothing on Chicago's murder rate? Oh. I support the President, but come on son!

    • Anonymous

      wow your mom balls heard obama dodged a murder rate question??? Post the link or shut up.

    • Anonymous

      nigga - how they gona ask that on pop radio - in the morning??? Obama is real - he would of answered it if they asked....

    • RDCJ

      He was asked a specific question. Youre sounding really ignorant. If the radio host would have asked about Chicago he would have his opinion on the matter.

    • Really???

      I mean was that the setting? What city is this radio station in? Does he need to talk about everything everywhere? Didnt they ask him the question. Aint like he unprovokingly brought it up

    • yourmomsballs

      How is commenting on Nicki Minaj's comment doing anything? If there's a mini war going on anywhere INSIDE of America, nigga you GOTTA say SOMETHING...

    • Anonymous

      How is commenting on the murder rate in Chicago going to help Chicago? What do you want him to say? "Oh, that's unfortunate"?

  • RAJ

    Im sure the only reason he responded to her lyric is because due to the new generation looking up to the wrong people as role models, Some people look and listen up to her and their decision good be swayed into whatever is said by her without any logic to why they are going to make that choice other than "because nicki(or any other celebrity) said so"......he is trying to reach a demographic that is controlled by pop culture and him responding to something in pop culture will get to that demographic and it will get them aware and hopefully involved in voting to get him another term.

  • Anonymous

    Obama seems to know how to laugh off things pretty well. He may promise more than he can deliver, but he's closer to change than Romney ever will. Romney just wants to pick up where Bush left off, and totally fuck our country.

  • TheON

    Nibiru is in the motherfucking sky and you guys are worried about an election

  • Bigcam

    I pretty much hate both of them but when Obama responds to hiphop verse is when i really start to worr about more important shit you fucking idiot

  • TheFuck

    and our nation is still fucked up why? bc instead of asking about real issues the interviewer wants to talk about some stupid bitch and entertainment shit. why does obama give a shit if she likes mitt? hes too busy concerning himself with being cool and what the celebs are saying than helping the nation and its citizens are saying. and his daughters are ugly as fuck. and b4 ya'll try to run your stupid mouths about shit you know nothing about, FUCK MITT ROMNEY TOO!!!

    • Anonymous

      its pop radio morning show... not Piers Morgan... wtf??

    • Anonymous

      I'm going to assume that this is only a portion of the interview. Besides, why can't the interviewers have a little fun with our President? If they wanna ask him about a line in a rap pertaining to him, the more than have the right to do so. And what's with the unnecessary shot at his daughters?

  • UktoUs

    Only thing Mitt is going to do is start World War 3 by taking a harder stance on Iran. If you know whats best for you America then you'll keep Obama, your all much safer with him then the other.

    • Anonymous

      you stupid little fucks, he ended the war in iraq, all the troops are home. what the fuck are you talking about! Obama will do anything possible to stop a war because he knows the cost of another war would bring this country to it's knees finacially.... how the fuck do you think the economy was so fucken bad, it took millions of dollars per day to operate in iraq. know something before you run your dick suckas biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch

    • Lawless

      If you think Obama's foreign policy is the same as Mitt Romney's then you're too fucking ignorant to speak about foreign policy.

    • Anonymous

      TRUTH!! these coolaid drinkers

    • Anonymous

      are you on LSD or what? obama has the same foreign policy you dumb fuck , he said he will stop the wars and he didn't do shit , that's why usa is in the shitter because people like you

  • xghs

    Fuck this immigrant, anti middle class clown, and fuck romney too they both can suck a bunch of fat ones

  • LJofSpades

    If anyone has a problem with the Lupe Fiasco "American Terrorist 2" comments section, go to the "Contact Us" page > "New User Feedback Page" > "Recent activity" and vote for the problem. It's not a big deal, it's just the principle. Appreciated.

  • The Truth

    It would have been really cool if he didn't give a shit about what a rap artist said and focused on more important issues at hand. Fuck outta here

    • This Guy

      I gurentee he didn't just go in there talking about Nicki's sorry ass. They asked a question and he answered it. uck out of here

    • ramses

      wha's the difference between going to a pizza parlor an commenting on rap like he did the other day ,,on anotha note i think nicki cool ,,but while she admitting shit ,, tell the world how she had to let wayne an baby bless her in by suckin em up

  • black nobiliy

    Hey Barack... Y dont you talk about all your lies U promised the american people... 1. Close Gauntanamo Bay--- NOPE 2. End the War n Iraq --- NOPE 3. End the War In Afghanastan --- NOPE 4. Give FREE health care to the people --- NOPE 5. Allow Canadian Prescryptions --- NOPE 6. End the War on Pot --- NOPE Heres what he did do tho.... 1.Raise te Debt 9 trillion 2. Start 5 more wars 3. Has DRONES SPYING ON AMERICANS! Way to go buddy!! 4 more years!!!

    • Swordz

      wow - that list is crazy. Where did fact check this, Disney?

    • KILLuminattI

      Hey ignorant negro's who NEVER have read a book.... funny thing is Mitt Romney and Obama work for the same people. FUNNY how you niggas dont try to argue the fact that OBAMA created a police state, has drones flying over our fucking houses, and yet you still try to defend the dude, Y because YOU THINK hes a black man like us???? OBAMA was brought into this world (KENYA) by a white women. The NWO would never let a REAL BLACK MAN in!!!!! WAKE UP

    • Anonymous

      U guys are sooo EFFING ignorant... is that ALL YOU do is watch TV, OBAMA had the house and congress for 2 YEARS NIGGA!! 2 YEARS... he didnt get shit done... u dnt need congress to close Gautanamo Bay... its called executive orders... SHEEPLE

    • Anonymous

      You're correct. But Mitt Romney would be an unmitigated disaster.

    • Anonymous

      haha thank you anonymous... the president has no control over making the laws get passed. he proposes them to congress, and givin that congress is mostly republican no laws get passed. blame congress you ignorant son of a bitch. mitt romney isnt gunna do shit either. so dont go voting for mitt.

    • Anonymous

      get in a car crash dumbass. every bill obama passes the republicians in the house shoot it down. take your head out your moms pussy

  • Nike Champ 718

    I was hoping for a reply over the "Takeover" beat, Obama.

  • Fossie

    She is an excellent rapper ,horrible singer and she doesn`t know what the fuck she is talkin about !!

  • Anonymous

    what a fucking joke..romney and obama are two sides of the same coin anyway, they both answer to those who really control the country.

  • Anonymous

    Dear HHDX. Do yall have to call Nicki "Harajuku Barbie" EVERY SINGLE TIME you do a story on her?

  • Anonymous

    I can't believe The President responded to her. Wow.

  • Anonymous

    he doesn't have to fucking respond to her DAFUQ , fuck obama and fuck romney


    Damn Obama, why even respond to someone so wack?, Nicki Minaj is a international success but a disgraceful role model to young women.

  • Anonymous

    romney wants to cut taxes for the rich and screw over the poor and middle classes. wake up fools!

  • who cares

    Is there a reason why she isn't entitled to her own political opinion? Is there a reason, other than the fact that she's black, that it is unexceptable for her to think this way? And why is the POTUS answering questions about a line on a mixtape? And why was the answer anything but "she's entitled to her opinion"

    • JMG

      Ehhh...I guess. It's actually NOT different than mine personally, but it is the extreme opposite of the majority of her fanbase. I mean, it's cool to be her opinion, but at the same time, what is wrong with getting backlash for your opinion if it is one that is controversial? It happens to famous peole all the time! Why should Nicki be any different? She is still making money and still the schizophrenic rapper we all love and

    • Anonymous

      Timing? Is irrelevant, she has an opinion and you dont like the fact that its different to yours.

    • JMG

      It's opinion, but uneducated in her way of putting it out at a very high poloitical time. I mean, sh*t, if she could put out an album big upping the KKK on MLK's birthday, wouldn't people consider that, despite her opinion, poor in taste and timing? That is all people are saying... She obviously only did it for shock value as well...

    • Anonymous

      is she black? or Caribbean

  • Burmy

    Personally I don't care...if Obama gets re-elected, he'll become a dictator, and if Romney gets elected, he'll become a dictator too. GARY JOHNSON 2012-TRUE hope and TRUE change.

  • JahRandom

    Obama should put out a diss track

  • bmoc

    Obama you arnt cool. And you have been a bad President. Romney Ryan 2012 for me. And if Nicki actually believes that..I gained a lot of respect for her

  • Nopes

    It woulda been cool had he not responded

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