R. Kelly Owes Over $1 Million In Taxes For 2011

R. Kelly's tax troubles continue to mount.

R. Kelly's government tab keeps on increasing.

TMZ reports that R. Kelly owes $1,379,695.11 for unpaid taxes in 2011.

It was previously reported that Kelly owed $4,848,072.71 in unpaid taxes for the years 2005-2010. The additional amount brings Kelly's total to $6,227,767.82.

A representative for Kelly says, "He takes this very seriously and is already communicating with the IRS about the payment process to quickly resolve the issue."

Last year, Kelly was faced with a $2.9 million foreclosure lawsuit on his Chicago, Illinois home.

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  • Deborah

    This is why I support Obama. These rich folks are allowed to get away with too much money-wise. How hard is it to pay tax? Especially if you can well afford it?!

  • trent

    you got to understand r kelly publishing is worth more that tax money put together

  • FuKKK R. KKKelly

    LOL this rapist just keeps on losing

  • Anonymous

    His next album is going to be called Brokaveli.

  • BTMoney

    Could someone please explain me how the fuck you can owe that much fuckin' money in taxes ?

    • Hip Hop Fan

      The other thing is most entertainers spent first before the year is even up, and when it comes time to owe the government they don't have much left. Best thing to do is wait after you owe before you buy. Also, I don't know how it is in America but in some countries you can file up to 5 years after. Lastly most entertainers never went to school so they don't know how to manage money so they lost from the very start.

    • TheJKR

      Well, if you make a lot of fuckin' money you have to pay a lot of fuckin' taxes ya dig?

  • Anonymous

    same thing happened to Micheal Jackson he spent all his money paying people off

    • Deborah

      No, as much as I respect MJ, it was his fault. 1- Buying Neverland- electricity, water, staff costs aare already massively high. 2- Buying ridiculous ornaments, zoos, figurines- and probably not paying tax on them. 3- Buying drugs continually. 4-Paying off a greedy ex wife Debbie Rowe. 5-Travel. 6-Staff and personnel. 7-Tax if he paid it. 8-Lawyers for child abuse case- which he brought upon himself, unfortunately. 9-So many other things that come with being a spendthrift.

  • Anonymous

    better call up that lawyer that got him off for pissing on that lil girl

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