Family & Former Ruthless Records Artists Gather For Eazy-E Birthday Memorial

B.G. Knocc Out, Kid Frost, Lil Eazy-E and the Gangsta Rap icon's mom honored the N.W.A. founder this weekend in California.

In honor of what would have been Gangsta Rap pioneer Eazy-E's 48th birthday, a small gathering took place in Downey, California on Friday September 7. The late rapper and founder of N.W.A./Ruthless Records was honored by family, friends and former business associates at a small private event, according to Sergio Hernandez of Ruthless Propaganda, who provided HipHopDX with this information.

Guests included Eazy's mother Kathie Wright, his son, artist Lil Eazy E, B.G. Knocc Out, Kid Frost, Rhythm D, Loesta, Dirty Red and DJ Speed.

The event was videotaped, with footage being made available soon. Ruthless Propaganda is already at work on a documentary on the Compton, California icon.

Born September 7, 1963 Eazy-E died on March 26, 1995 due to complications from the AIDS virus.

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  • Tamara aka BlackFinnGypsy

    Terve/Hello to the team at Hip Hop DX, you've been doing a GREAT job holdin it down for the Hip Hop/Rap community. Just coming through to introduce myself and add a quick note here. I got to meet Eric Wright Jr.aka Lil Eazy-E few years back through a mutual friend of ours and since then I've had the honour of calling Lil E a friend and helping with his events and promotions from my hometown of Vancouver, Canada. Mr.Randy Rana aka Dopemanvancity and Sergio are always hard at work on the website/Ruthless Propaganda! The EAZY-E Birthday Tribute Show was UNREAL. So many amazing artists in one place. Also, Eazy-E's two other sons Marquise aka Yung Eazy and Derrek aka Baby Eazy-E(E3) also performed and they were So Good! Talent definately runs in the family. Had to give a shoutout to them as well.:o)Lastly, the posts here are important..your input, comments, feedback is appreciated. The straight disrespectful ones-hey you're entitled. @ewrightjr @BlackFinnGypsy @dopemanvancity and of course @ruthlessthugsta

  • 1time rider

    was down with death row from the start of 94 and very few niggas there knew what suge was planning, he was paranoide eazy and heller would have him murdered so he hired some shady mob guys to kill them both, when eazy was killed the problem with ruthless went away so suge bailed on the plan to kill heller, how they did the aids shit i dont know and suge never even spoke about the shit that was going down in the weeks before eazy got sick, the crazy nigga then walked around like he owned l.a and shit disrespecting eazy in interviews like nothing happened, but a few niggas knew and a couple of them are dead now, i left the row and moved to atl in early 96 right after pacs album blew and never looked back, i dont even live stateside no more but its crazy how that psyco nigga is still out there

  • TG Knucc

    Kelly Park CC. CIP homie Eazy

  • Anonymous

    The fuck was Kid Frost doing on this shit

  • Anonymous

    Most overrated nigga ever. But anyway, RIP.

  • Eazy-ECPT.COM

    R.I.P. To The Godfather of Gangsta Rap. A Very RARE/Unknown Fact about Eazy-E is that he was REALLY born in 1964. He turned 48 in 2012. I know his tombstone reads 63. Its a error that was made and has spread all over the web. everyone thinks he was born 63. I have confirmed with his family that he was born in 64. Spread the word! more info about it on

  • Anonymous

    "imma c him in heaven" Wrong zip code homie.

  • cocaine_priest

    imma c him in heaven im pretty sure he past threw purgatory alredy were all gnna hve to go there for all of r sins its gnna fucken suck!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Eazy was ahead of his time. I said all along he didn't die from aids. None of his kids or baby moms have it. Where the heck has lil eazy been??

  • Anonymous

    First of All R.I.P. To The Godfather Of Gangsta Rap King Of Gangsta Rap The Hip-Hop Thugsta The Compton Thugsta Real Muthaphuckkin G Real Nigga Nigga 4 Life R.I.P. Eric Eazy-Muthafuckin-E Wright second of all it's his 49th birthday not 48th

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