Cee Lo Green Set To Star In New NBC Sitcom

Cee Lo Green is preparing to make his acting debut on the small screen with a new sitcom for NBC.

As one of the judges on NBC's widely successful talent show "The Voice," Cee Lo Green is no stranger to primetime network television. Now, in a recent report from Deadline, it looks like the Goodie Mob emcee is looking to expand his role into the realm of scripted TV.

Cee Lo is in the works to star in a new multi-camera, as-of-yet untitled sitcom for NBC. Based on Green's relationship and experiences with his ex-wife and children, Green will play himself as he juggles his family life and recording career.

The sitcom is set to be penned by TV veteran Ali Leroi, co-creator of "Everybody Hates Chris" and developer of "Are We There Yet?" Green will also serve as the show's executive producer, along with Leroi and Happy Madison's Doug Robinson, Andrew Jameson and Larry Mestel.

This program isn't Cee Lo's first foray into the world of acting; the Atlanta singer/emcee recently starred in the feature film Sparkle.

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  • Anonymous

    "cee-lo is a disgusting tub of lard" Even Blake Shelton wouldn't say that about him. Show some respect.

  • Its Um

    Speaking of are we there yet, is they returning or 2 season was it? Cedric show is funny, and ceelo has guest starred in the show, he was alright in it but his own show? I don't it will go well.

  • dfsell

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  • Anonymous

    Cee Lo's a personality for sure, but a TV show? Let's remember that Cedric The Entertainer currently has his own show, and it leaves alot to be desired.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, Ceelo was able to do a lot with just one song...His career is stronger then it ever was.

  • death2KEEF

    He'll be playing Hanging With Rollo starring Rollo Goodlove

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