Chicago Police Probe Chief Keef Tweets In Connection To Slain Rapper JoJo

The Chicago Sun-Times reports local police are investigating Chief Keef and his related tweets after his reaction to the murder of fellow Chicago rapper JoJo.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, local police are investigating possible connections between Interscope rapper Chief Keef and slain fellow Chicago rapper Joseph “Lil JoJo” Coleman. Chief Keef, whose real name is Keith Cozart, sent a series of mocking tweets after Coleman was shot and killed September 4. Chief Keef later said his account was hacked, while his manager, Rovan Manuel, gave the Sun-Times what could be construed as a conflicting explanation.

“Manuel told the Sun-Times he didn’t believe the message meant ‘anything personally,’” a Sun-Times report stated. “He said Keef had a beef with JoJo only because ‘that kid made songs like Keef.’”

“A lot of the stuff Keef does, that’s just cause he’s a kid,” Manuel added. “People forget that he’s a kid, a teenager…and kids make mistakes. He makes mistakes the hard way.”

Chicago police are investigating if Coleman’s murder is related to the ongoing feud between the Gangster Disciples and Black Disciples street gangs in Chicago’s Englewood community. Other alleged members have either made threats or referenced the feud on various social media sites. Some believe the #300 hashtag Chief Keef often uses is a reference to the Black Disciples.

Through March of 2012, shootings in Chicago were up 40 percent citywide over the same period as 2011. Murders were up 66 percent. Through the end of June, shootings were up by 9 percent compared to 2011, and murders by 37 percent. One of those murders includes Southside rapper Joseph “Lil JoJo” Coleman, who was gunned down roughly a block from where Chicago R&B singer Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew were slain in 2008.

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  • John Doe

    Stop acting like the GDs and BDs not at each others head! It just so happen JoJo got murked first sad to say. The gang rivarly shit taking over the world!

  • SouthSide's Finest

    All of this is funny 2 me (not JoJo's murder, but u ppls shock @ it). These kids been gettin' whacked all across the city 4 decades! Now everybody got sumthing 2 say B'cuz the industry invested money N 1 of 'em. The fans demand it so the media & industry R try'n 2 give y'all that authenticity. But chicago is not 1 of them places where U can fake the funk on records. Either u about or u ain't! Of course Chief Keef laughed at JoJo B'N killed. What he care 4? JoJo would've whacked him! Chief Keef is NOT a rapper. He's a gang banger that happens 2 rap (if u can call it that). These kids ain't out here playing...Y'all get y'all view N2 the hood from records. These kids R livin that life 4 real! This IS what U wanted rite?! Well like Orpheus sed "Welcome 2 the REAL world..."

  • Anonymous

    "I'd punch my son in the face" I'd give him permission to spit in your face.

  • Anonymous


  • Pathetic

    What happened to the pioneers of Rap, even they just cannot save us anymore, back to the Underground people..the basement is real hip hop.

  • Future of Rap the future of Rap... Rap is in trouble.

  • Anonymous


  • YEBO



  • anonymous

    yall callin Chief Keef a kid? While he's waving around guns in videos like he's in the middle of a warzone? Not buyin it. He had one catchy song. Time for his "career" to die. Shit I can't believe Kanye fucked with this dude at all. I was just lookin at that video of him rapping for Luda and Jay-Z spitting bars trying to get in the game. He paid his dues and he's just gonna let Keef coon his way in?

  • Anonymous

    lock this little nigga up. just another destructive little no talent coon dancing for the white man. the white man promotes chief keef and u niggers eat it up. pathetic. society is brainwashed. rap music had a message. rap music is dead. this is what's left. chief keef laughing at dead kids on twitter. how exciting. everyday i'm asking these young brothers what they like about rap, and everyday i'm shaking my head at their answers. yall need to stop talking about this boy but you won't. cuz these kinda niggas are the ones that stick around now. no talent? check. controversial? check. being a clown on twitter? check. immature fanbase? check. sounds like he got everything it takes to win in 2012.

    • John-Boy

      He is actually speaking the truth but since you dont understand it you call it hating. I challenge you all to research the Minstrel show from the old days. Whites in power have always used sterotypical blacks to make the entire race look like crap. We have allowed this to go on for centuries and nothing has changed except the media used to clown us. Why else do you think every image of blacks on TV is negative including the ones we present ourselves?

    • Anonymous

      stop with ur hating!!!!!!

  • im happy

    Im happy this happened, i hope this dudes carear is over becuase of this. I hope no one wants to touch him. its bad press, and these young kids need to learn to read before they hit send.

  • Rn506

    Man, unless there is some evidence, cops cant do shit over some god damn kidding me? Keef didn't pull the trigger...streets dont talk, this will go unsolved.

  • BPSN

    Either a GD go put one in Chief Keef head, or a Moe. Alot of the Moes already hate his ass and everybody hate BD's in general. I give it 3 to 4 weeks until we see an article on here about Chief Keef gettin wiped off the earth.


      Man Moe u right! I dont see how that BD vs GD sht came back anyway! That shh seem like it only happening in Englewood! Nobodyelse under that Act!

  • RicoF

    It's past time for real G's and MCs to have beef with ignorant muthafuckas

  • Anonymous

    another can this kid slap Lupe?? punch in the chin and this dude is down

  • Anonymous

    LMAO...@ this stupid ass retard...

  • YucBeats

    word around town chief keef is using beats from

    • Make1

      Son, Seriously? You that desperate to get into the game you using a "opportunity" such as this one to promote your beats? Hell outta here champ.

  • BOY

    Fuck yea! This some real nigga shit. Thats why Wayne wanted to sign him kuz Wayne is a real nigga and he done put in his work already to be a Chief Blood. He owned Rikers. YMCMB!

  • kennyken

    you talk about slapping a brother because he spoke the truth about your ignorance and buffoonary, and now that the police are probing you i haven't heard a word from you. you are a coward. BD-bus driver.

    • growup

      word, its sad that kids/some moron adults dont understand what Lupe is trying to explain. Ignorance. 90s babys are a serious headcase

    • real talk from gudda

      lupe ain't no brother, he is just a coward trying to gain street credibility from critizing a street credible artist. it was all for marketing purposes and it backfired on lupe, because it only exposed him as being a coward and fraud.

  • f

    this retARD ,i dont get his lame flow, Idont like!

  • Anonymous

    i can't knock him cause when i was kid i use to do and say a lot dumb shit. haha for that tweet dude put his life in danger it just goes to show you how immature he is. he could be your son if was your son and young and going make mistake would you still put him down no.

    • Make1

      Obviously you are a fan to some degree, to excuse laughing at one person's death as a "mistake" you are excusing Keef's ignorance and cold-blooded nature. Keef had my support @ 1 time for attempting to help better him and his family situation, b.u.t. this ish right here??? SMH, Keef is either going to be the next statistic count, end up behind bar's for this or get dropped and no label is going to want to touch him. his life is definitely in the balance alongside his career. b.u.t. young minded kids such as yourself is why these types of situations are continually perpetuated. grow up

    • Anonymous

      I'd punch my son in the face and explain to him why he's being a dumbass and if he can't seem to understand that his gang mentality is bs then he can live on the "streets" with his gang niggas. Real nigga shit my ass.

    • Anonymous

      you were probably a douchebag problem child.

  • Anonymous

    Ha this dude's a fukin clown and his music is unbelievably horrible n that's an understatement

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    But yet you're mom's still getting her back blow'd out by Jo Jo's brother...why mad Keef.

  • CecilRhodez

    Haha can you imagine the cops, trying to search through this dudes twitter, reloading old tweets and having a serious conversation searching for connections. That shit is a hilarious picture.

  • Anonymous

    Trust and believe me Chief Keef will be dead within two weeks.

  • Anonymous


  • watch dis!

  • Anonymous

    LMAO even his own manager isnt pulling the "he got hacked bs" Someone get this guy out of rap hes a terrible rapper/influence.

  • Anonymous

    His music thats that shit I dont like!

  • Anonymous

    "and i'am with his manger you have to leave him alone and remember he is still a kid." ^ kids kill Mr. Softee. If these "kids" murdered your mother and laughed at it on Twitter would you be so forgiving? Especially when they know they will do juvenile time and come home when they are 20-ish and score a major recording deal off of your mother's murder? You sound like a fragile minded human, grow some balls and stand up.

    • rell

      kids don't do " juvenile time " for felony offenses dumbass. If you get hemmed up in a murder case they will wave you as an adult. Lmao its so funny when people THINK they kno wtf they talkin about but really have no clue.

  • crazypee

    Everybody claim "they about that life" but forget that they are consequences living that lifestyle. Two options death or jail. Its gonna happen whether u like it or not. Dont have ur manager pushing BS saying "he is just kid and he makes mistake"" but got sense enuff to rep ur set 24/7 in ur videos any chance u get. FUCK OUTTA here. If u about that life accept that life to the fullest and dont bitch up when shit hit the fan

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    "Yeah..never going to Chicago" It's cursed anyway cause the Cubs never win.

  • Anonymous

    Damn good thing lil wayne him and his bloods would have killed like 40 people#lil wayne so gangster

  • DAmn

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaAHAHAHAHA and that nigga wanted to be just like.... oh wait.... still i mean how you gonna fuck yourself on twitter #stupid. whatever did this fool even have his 15minutes yet ?

  • Anonymous

    you can take the nigga out of the ghetto, but you cant take the ghetto out of a nigga. keef murdered him no doubt chicago is like a fucking battlefield thats why i stay on the north side.

  • haha

    Yeah..never going to Chicago.

  • Anonymous

    as long as there are still NIGGERS in America, there will always be racism towards AFRICAN AMERICANS fix your shit black people.. tell your brothers to stop being NIGGERS and be human beings

    • Anonymous

      African Americans? You mean the AFRICANS who are here in America, or The BLACK AMERICANS who were born here? Because THEY see us ALL as N*GG*RS.

    • ayo

      he kinda got a point in that niggers and african americans are not the same people and they (niggas) do give us a bad name. hell, i dont even like being round niggas unless of course they are... my niggas hahaha

    • Anonymous

      Weren't the Arizona and Wisconsin shooters white? Didn't some white bread shoot his boss because he lost a SUPERMARKET job? Wasn't that a white guy from Washington State who had an arsenal and a bunker who killed his family? Isn't Sandusky white? Wasn't Columbine done by whites? Wasn't Timothy McVeigh white? Fix your sh*t white people, you're better than NOBODY.

    • Anonymous

      Because we all know (white cop) Drew Peterson didn't just get convicted of killing his wife!!!!

    • A. Kay it still okay to have niggas in paris?

  • FuKKK Chief KKKeef

    This is why kids shouldn't rap.

  • Anonymous

    i dont think he could be able to make it out of there without having some gang ties. heck one of the gang is probably who promoted him. and i'am with his manger you have to leave him alone and remember he is still a kid.

  • Anonymous

    I hope they bag this fool

  • Anonymous

    If anyone's likes his music then they are definitely brain damaged. And I can say unfortunately I've heard a few songs by him and I felt I was getting dumber by the second.

  • Chicasal

    We gotta get it together out here in the Chi. Man U a sick fuck for those tweets

  • Anonymous

    "xzibit apologized for eminem" Go back and listen to 40 Dayz & 40 Nightz.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Chief Keef. Lupe is the only one with the balls to stand up against such a violent movement. Fuck Kanye too for supporting him.

  • Anonymous

  • bugatti boys

    man its sad how many lives we lose over music i guess it is really deeper than rap ... 99% of rap music promotes violence and sadly thats the only way to sell

  • Anonymous

    finally the old ganster violent rap is comn back we need more rappers like him

  • Anonymous

    everyone in Chicago knows Chief Keefs group murdered that kid. they were the only ones that new about when it happened. they were talking about JoJo's death before the freaking NEWS CHANNEL did.

  • @mindelsewhere

    anybody that knows the dynamics of chicago, chop it up with another chicago nigga on twitter, some of ya'll dont even know what yall talking about, so for those that do fuck with me

  • Gary

    Let's hope that him and his cronies are involved and they lock them under the jail. Black , White , Blue or Green / Murder is f'n murder , even if you're Seventeen

  • Hardy Har Har

    Jimmy Iovine strikes again... introduces another savage and markets it to America as the face of Black culture. Did the same thing with 50 cent. I wish both of these Steppin' Fetchits' failure in life. Kids dropping left and right and these troll gets a record deal and marketing dollars... Stop supporting this music industry, it has been turned against us and your favorite artists are the culprits(jay z, 50 cent, beyonce, rihanna). Hopefully he swallows a tapeworm....

  • A-Game

    Why do people make it seem like 17 is such an innocent age? I understand kids make mistakes but when I was 17 I knew right from wrong and I wouldn't have laughed at a dead person. Keef is 17 not 6, so he should have higher brain functioning by now and should know the difference between right and wrong. A 17 year old is damn near a grown man, stop making excuses for this nigga.

  • Anonymous

    Jimmy Iovine is a dumb ass for signing this worthless piece of shit.

    • Giovonni

      I was just starting to like Chief Keef and thought the record deal would take him out of the ghetto- but looks like he's already caught in mischief and its not looking good. The dude that got killed must of clowned them all really bad for this reaction

  • fuck

    I dont particularly like Lupe Fiasco, he comes across like a whiny little bitch, but he was spot on with this Chief Keef statement. This kid is a clown , and thats the thing HES A TEENAGER, Interscope should have never gaven this kid the kind of contract he got. If this kid is really about that life, then lets see him take a charge and do some time, well see how tough he really is

  • agna

    HAHAHAHAHA FUCKING FAGGGOT throw this dumb piece of fucking shit on the electric chair after throwing salt in his gashing wounds for a few days

  • Anonymous

    hahaaha stupid niger

  • Anonymous

    imagine cheef kief getting killed soon, for having such a big mouth.. his fucked up stupid songs is making chicago have more murders.

  • Anonymous

    Damn Lupe was just talking bout this cat and look what he may be connected to.

  • N/A

    2012 and Rappers are still going on with this bullshit really!!!?? A lot of these Cats need to work on making better Music and bringing other Rappers together instead of acting like little Girls beefing. And at the end of the day they're gonna say Hip Hop has something to do with this. Wow!!! when is this shit gonna STOP time to grow up People STOP with all the senseless killings. Since a lot of younger Kids and Rappers look up to Emcee's maybe we need a "2012 Self Destruction" track that might make some of you knuckle Heads think a bit more. Not even sure who started this whole Beef but at the end of the day it's not worth someone dying over it. RIP JOJO

  • Anonymous

    "and mocked christopher reeve for being disabled" Xzibit has already apologized for that.

  • That's That Shit I Don't LIKE

    "Snitched on myself on Twitter! That's that shit I don't Like!"

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • AnonisGuilty

    Because BARACK OBAMA is BLACK & Just so happend to be raised in CHICAGO, Doesn't have any fucking thing to do with this post besides your being Racist!! Not all Black people Do the same thing So stop Stereotyping everyone off one person!! and you people are as Retarded as Keef himself to believe the lies you see in front of you! This is sorta like that Drake & Cb Conflict at the Club, It started from a comment someone made But that don't give them the right to go kill/ or fight over it! its crazy that Black People Specifically bash White people cus they use the word "Nigga" But Honestly if you Cared that much Why is it you Bring GUNs to a Fight with those you represent? & Whats Crazy is Keef & JoJo use to be Cool Years ago! Them youngins is Cray! But they will see someday, "LIFE IS NOT PROMISED AN HOUR FROM NOW OR TOMORROW" what you do falls back on you!! KARMA is a Slut & believe yall do have niggas after yall!!

  • Meadowlark Lemon

    Someone needs to take this kid, slap him up the side of his head and then send him to a prison so he can meet cats like these: and soil his underwear

  • Anonymous

    Interscope gon drop his wack ass, wish no body buys his garbage music

  • Anonymous

    People use that "He's just a kid" excuse too much. I got a kid, if she acts like this degenerate piece of trash at 16 I'll get a 2nd job just to send her to reform school and fix that shit ASAP

  • Anonymous

    This kid hasn't said much they need to go and check a lot of twitter accounts cause other people been saying mad shit and snitching on themselves

  • Anonymous

    "you have Black people, and you have Niggas"...Chief Keef, you sir are most definitely the latter...aye, but on some shallow shit, Does this dude only own one pair of shades?....geez, give them hoes a rest playboy....

    • Anonymous

      You're an idiot. You just gave people an excuse to marginalize black people into certain categories. "you're not like the n*ggers that steal and shoot each other". GTFOH with that bullshucks!

    • Anonymous

      shut up you coon. when you create a false distinction between black people and "nigger" it gives white people an excuse to be racist. that's the most niggerish shit ive ever seen.. black people validating white supremecy. you're just giving white a pass to call you a nigger and claim they're not racist against black people just the "niggers". there are idiots of all races. when you start marginalizing your own people youre only validating the entire history white racism trying to label blacks as savages or, as you put it, "niggers". GTFOH with that uncle tom shit.

    • Anonymous

      LOL G SHIT, I BE THINKING THE SAME SHIT. trademark shades dont work, it just looks cheapp

  • Anonymous

    ladies and gentlemen this is the result of "sticking your foot in your mouth"

  • Anonymous

    These stupid ass kids got the boy killed and then went on twitter to start laughing and bragging.

  • Interlope

    When is everyone going to get to the root cause and that is Jimmy Iovine's hatred for the fact his President is a Chicago black guy. Chicago is paying the price for this countries First Black President! And Chief Keef just another way to deliver the small pox blankets to the Indians.

  • Anonymous

    GOOOOD... lock up this stupid MONKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fuck Chief Keef

    stupid motherfucker

  • kush administration

  • kmarx10

    this dude a black face clown to the fullest. sad ass world we live in.

  • Anonymous

    Po-po has over 500 comments to skim thru on HHDX. Hashtags, dry snitching, "insider" neighborhood talk. I said it before, this kid is BAIT. He will draw out the knuckleheads into plain view because they are DYING to ride the wave. The videos with guns and drugs, the talk, THEY ARE WATCHING AND LISTENING IDIOTS.

  • Anonymous

    his whole crew gonna be locked up by the end of the year

  • Phamous

    Look, I'm all for entertainment, but this kid is a virus. And like any virus the more exposure it get's the more likely it is to spread... Someone please vaccine this nigga before it's to late... Giving him money & power is essentially giving him MORE TOOLS to spread his disease... No 16-year kid should die off something as stupid as twitter beef or whatever the fuck. Peace!

  • Death To The 300

    Good! Let's allow him to learn a lesson in the worse way, a federal indictment for capital murder, conspiracy to commit murder and felonious mischief. #dumbazz300

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    "Chief Keef sent a series of mocking tweets after Lil' JoJo was shot and killed September 4. Chief Keef later said his account was hacked." When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong - Dave Chapelle

  • tha truth

    This guy is a cancer to hip hop. His lack of skills on the mic are further embarrassment to the game. He needs to be taught a lesson, and I hope the real respectable MCs in the game can do it. Nas, Jay, Em, stand up and denounce this fool. Defeat the trend of violence in hip hop, and save the youth of tomorrow.

    • Anonymous

      Eminem even said he didn't realize the guy died. I doubt he will say anythin case him and Chief are both on Interscope. NaS won't say anything against anyone cause he's scared it'll hurt his record sales. Jay probably doesn't care

    • JaiBeasley

      Nas said it on Life is God...'cant hang with these lil niggaz" I'm glad that at least all the comments on here are denouncing this dude's behavior. Never heard his music...don't need to though to know he is POISON...damn Nas again haha

    • Anonymous

      @sjgyeah but at least he came to the rap game knowing how to rap and making classic music plus nas gives back to the community what has chief kief done to help the community and what has he contributed to the rap game except making a single out of one long chorus

    • sjg

      nas the guy who mimmicked the mafioso lifestyle in his music and incited death and violence and named himself after a notorious gangster? dont get me wrong im a fan of all these dudes but i hate it when niggas falsely try to take the moral high ground when all the rappers they support are guilty of the very same destructive behavior.

    • hhatty

      and mocked christopher reeve for being disabled and disgraced him after he died? oh

    • Anonymous

      eminem the guy who talked about murdering his mother wife child and sucking his uncle's dick in the shed?

    • Al-B

      None of the rappers you mentioned have the balls to take a stand against an artist like Cheif Keef because it's not Politically Correct or it may make them look like old haters. I really wish that some really well known artists would speak out, because the bar is constantly being lowered in rap for no talent niggaz to spew their bullshit to impressionable kids and teens. The only one who might speak out is Nas, but I doubt it because I've heard him giving Waka Flocka props and shit so his realness is questionable when it comes to this issue too.

    • Anonymous

      amen my brother

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