Jay-Z Performs With Pearl Jam At Made In America Festival

Jay-Z and Pearl Jam perform a rocked-out rendition of "99 Problems."

The second night of the Made in America festival had Pearl Jam as its headliner, but fans who missed Jay-Z the night before were treated to a special performance by Hov.

Near the end of the Rock group's set, which included songs like "Alive" and "Jeremy," Jay stepped out to perform "99 Problems," with Pearl Jam, who handled the instrumentals.

Watch a video of the performance below, spotted at HHNM:

The rest of the day was star-studded as well. In addition to Run-DMC, performers included Odd Future and Jill Scott.

Odd Future's set included performances from Tyler, The Creator, Hodgy Beats, and a slew of other members as they performed cuts from their various projects. Watch the performance below, courtesy of Yardie:

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  • Anonymous

    "ellout means gain the world and loose your very soul" Sure it does.

  • NoMo Clature

    4 years after Pearl Jam "ruins" Kanye West's Bonnaroo set, Pearl Jam plays as Jay-Zs backup band. That Shit Cray. By the way, you've never heard "Good Morning" until you've heard it live, while the sun is rising after waiting an extra two hours. I don't know if Kanye still uses a live band but that show was the life-altering.

  • Big Mike

    This was a Sad weekend in black history...two of the most successful rapers in hip hop history did a festival less than 100 miles from each other that's some real Divide and conquer shit .instead of strengthening the hip hop genre they do a separate show.....willie lynch is still in the minds of many in 2012...this is a sad day in hip hip history....kanye and jay should of been headlining at rock the bells not doing shows with pearl jam!!!!! if you understand black history you will know where I am coming from Jay is the one of the greatest of all time..but that doesn't mean hes not a Uncle Tom, Sambo of our time Sammy Davis Jr...

    • NoMo Clature

      I'm pretty sure those two acts just finished touring the world together, for over a year. I think they even played a show in Paris together, where they skated to one song and one song only...

  • Anonymous

    "you side a record deal period you sold out, because you giving a record company the rights to you freedom of expression" You're right, but I think there are degrees of selling out. All A list rappers sold out. You have too. There's no way you can sell millions of albums and still be your own person. Yet in exchange, you get fortune beyond comprehension, and are set for life if you're smart enough to branch out and learn where all the opportunities are. Waka Flaka could sell out, but he doesn't seem smart enough to know how to then transition into better things like Ice Cube did. Nas sold out, and theoritically should have done alot more, but maybe at the time he was going platinum and touring that was enough. Not everybody has it in them to be like Jay Z.

  • Anonymous

    "Y U AIN'T SAYIN THAT ABOUT PEARL JAM & RUN DMC" Pearl Jam has sold 60 million albums worldwide. Run DMC 30 million. They need a paycheck about as bad as Oprah does.


    Anonymous: "Young Chris, Neef, Memphis Bleek, and Freeway made it out on stage" All the broke losers clamoring for another paycheck. ++++++++++++++++ Y U AIN'T SAYIN THAT ABOUT PEARL JAM & RUN DMC

  • Doubl Negative

    I love PJ's Ten record, especially Even Flow and Jeremy, but two rock albums from '91 dudes weren't fuckin' with are Metallica's Black album and Nevermind. Late eighties/early nineties was a golden-era for rock music as well as hip-hop.

  • hate revolver

    You can tell Nas and Jay Z are a perfect example of what you want your career to be. Jay Z chose the mainstream fame and paper chasing. Nas chose the music and Hip Hop. It so evident when you look at it.

    • ^

      Lying ass bitter Nas hater with no life. Kill yourself.

    • Anonymous

      Nas personality is bland...everytime he went pop nobody was feeling him...that Shawty song with Ginuwine, oochie wally song, and etc...That nigga sold out to...and what does selling out even mean...if you side a record deal period you sold out, because you giving a record company the rights to you freedom of expression and public image..atleast Jay started his own record company..Im just saying..people who cry sellout are bitter people who routinely do the same shit over and over again..they never have room for progression..sounds familiar (nas)

    • yeaaahh

      WHAT?! Jay became famous by hardwork and making good music.. and he's rich because he's a businessman, not by "selling out" with his music...Nas is a great technical rapper but that's it... you sound like a bitter hip-hop head..

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