Freeway Addresses Beanie Sigel's Arrest And Prison Time

Freeway opines on his former Roc-A-Fella label mates' legal issues.

Much has been made of Beanie Sigel's latest string of legal issues. Sig was sentenced to a two-year bid for tax fraud, an issue that was compounded when he was arrested on Wednesday (August 29) with drugs and a gun.

The arrest led to Sigel beginning serving time immediately, before the release of his latest album, This Time.

In an interview with, former Roc-A-Fella label mate Freeway spoke on the matter prior to State Property's performance at the Made In America Festival.

“It’s definitely unfortunate,” said Freeway of Sigel's situation. “I was just on the phone with his wife. It’s looking crazy, but Inshallah, he will get through it. It’s hard on me, it’s hard on his family, but he’s got good people out here who support him.”

During Jay-Z's set at the Made In America performance, Young Chris, Neef, Memphis Bleek, and Freeway made it out on stage.

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  • Anonymous

    Dumbass got busted with drugs and a gun. I'm tired of reading stupid shit about this nigger.

  • Anonymous

    "because corporations have been recently instituted by law to be people" For the second time. How does that effect the average citizen? Most people don't know who runs these big corporations. The reason why celebrities are usually targeted is because alot of them (including athletes) started off poor. Politicians & corporate power players have never been poor a day in their life, so it comes as no surprise how they go around laws.

  • Anonymous

    "Many of these celebrities are not financial wizards so you can't say they "simply don't want to pay" So what you're saying is Nic Cage doesn't know how to read his mail, or write a check to the IRS? Come on now.

  • Anonymous

    "So you assume that because they gross large sums of money that they can do long division and understand derivatives?" The funny thing is they have people who can do that for them, yet it's still their responsibility to know where their money's at, or that their bills are being paid.

  • @ brad

    You're better than no one because you paid your personal tax bill. You are very naive because corporations have been recently instituted by law to be "people" and these "people" who gross millions to billions of dollars annually do not pay a red cent or a very minute percentage of taxes. Is there an alternative reason why you choose to overlook this while you zero in on "celebrities"?

  • Anonymous

    "they make no other money all year from that all their expenses have to come from it" When you say expenses do you mean the $120 million Nic Cage blew on cars and houses? Not saying there aren't shady accountants who steal some of these stars money, but for the most part, alot of these celebrities simply don't want to pay. They want to continue living with the notion that they can do whatever they want. As far as corporations not paying taxes, that's corruption too, but I think it doesn't bother people as much because the activities of billion dollar companies aren't something most people follow. They don't know the names of the thieves in these corporations, therefore it has little to no impact on their lives.

    • Anonymous

      Many of these celebrities are not financial wizards so you can't say they "simply don't want to pay". So you assume that because they gross large sums of money that they can do long division and understand derivatives?

  • Anonymous

    "Young Chris, Neef, Memphis Bleek, and Freeway made it out on stage" All the broke losers clamoring for another paycheck.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah right! Their definality not going to get a pay check from J just a its a good look for you bro! but yeah thier trash free is the best of that bunch tho

  • YEBO


  • bucky

    black celebrities think their immune to government niggas are the first people on government hitlist,hip hop police,daily scrutiny from law enforcement,white people hate to see rich black people and they have the recources to git ya black ass lets face it white people made u rich white people will take it away,and u looking stupid trying to style on ya on own people(BLACK PEOPLE ARE MORONS)they deserve what they git i feel sorry for our CHILDREN.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, you must hate your skin. You just generalized black people into one large group of idiots didn't you? If you feel sorry for our children, you have yourself to blame as well!

    • noel

      your a dumb ass for that comment,,i feel sorry for your ignorance..

  • jackjohn

    Beanie Sigel's going to jail is the best thing to happen to Scarface.

  • brad

    Not really unfortunate, but due. I'm getting tired of people trying to act like these retard celebrities are living "so hard" when they have to pay taxes. I make 30k a year and I pay my taxes. You made a few million and you can't pay yours? Idiots like Wesley Snipes, Nicholas Cage, and now this dildo. These guys are just as bad as that scumbag who stole millions from investors, and that guy got over 100 years! When these ass clowns don't pay their taxes, they take money from services our children use, our school systems, food programs for poor families, the disabled, the elderly. Next time you feel sorry for one of these pigs, just remember the kid who didn't get food on the weekend, or the elderly woman who couldn't get her medication because one of these assholes are out buying private islands, sipping Moet, and buying 200k chains with the money that should have paid his tax bill...

    • brad

      @ Sco* Uhh, do you not realize that tax fraud by "individuals" over the entire US population is massive? Yeah, he's one guy and obviously not going to be bigger than Apple alone, but the fraud by all the scumbags like him is massive. Throw in the medicare, disability, and welfare fraud that equals hundreds of billions of dollars each year and you have a far bigger problem committed by "individuals." Get real bro. What are you saying? Let all the mediocre actors and rappers go? Ignorance.

    • aqw

      thank you Brad. One person who says some meaningfull on this site. rappers are idots and only care about material. Fuck a 600.000 house or car. Thats bullshit. And pay your goddamn taxes. Goddamn your kids also go to school and get healthcare and drink water etc.

    • Sco*

      ...Great points, but I really could give less about an individual not paying taxes on a couple of million vs. a large corperation generating billions of dollars on a yearly basis for decades exploiting loopholes and seeking tax shelters and only pay taxes on 10-12% on billions....they indeed are the bigger crooks....The proletariat is fiercely overtaxed in the U.S.....

    • brad

      We aren't talking about the corporations that don't pay taxes, we're talking about this low life that doesn't pay his. And YES, I am better than him for being honest and paying my taxes. I know paying his taxes really digs into the money he needs to spend on illegal pills, coke, and the pistol he's illegally carrying, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't have to pay them. And to the person saying "expenses" eat up all of their money so they can't pay taxes, you're an idiot. You or an accountant, whichever you choose, takes your income, credits all of your expenses, and you only pay taxes on the net, not the gross. If everything was eaten up by legitimate expenses, he would owe no taxes, legitimately. Additionally, almost 100% of these fools that don't pay their taxes don't pay their child support. What's your excuse for that? Let me guess, while he's sniffing coke and buying oxy cottons off the street all year, those "expenses" eat up all of his child support money? LOL. Out of here with that mess.

    • Anonymous

      You think you're better? You're the crab way down at the bottom with a cracked shell. The ones who made the barrel don't pay taxes and won't hire YOU because of a TAX INCREASE, NOT SUPPLY & DEMAND. You IDIOTS want to point fingers at Beanie or Wesley, WHAT ABOUT THE MAJOR CORPORATIONS THAT pay ZERO TAXES? Did you post that same comment on a tech website when you heard Apple is the wealthiest corporation and they PAY ZERO TAXES and MANUFACTURE THEIR PRODUCT OVERSEAS?

    • Anonymous

      you dont really understand taxes haha your quite naive. they make no other money all year from that all their expenses have to come from it and they watch themselves at the end of the year they wont have enough money to pay their taxes. also if you dont owe more than more 25 thousand they wont come after you.

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