Chris Lighty, Founder Of Violator Found Dead

UPDATE: Police reports confirm that Chris Lighty took his own life amidst a difficult year for the veteran music executive.

Longtime Hip Hop executive Chris Lighty has died. News broke today (August 30) first on Twitter and then confirmed on that the Bronx, New York native and founder of Violator Entertainment died from an alleged suicide. Details are still emerging.

Lighty was integral to the careers of 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, N.O.R.E., Diamond D, and many others. After growing up under the tutelage of Hip Hop icons like DJ Red Alert, Lighty began working professional at Russell Simmons' RUSH Management firm in the late 1980s, where he helped work with Def Jam Records artists and others in securing endorsement deals and touring.

A part of the Native Tongues at the turn of the decade, Lighty and his brother as The Violators, helped the movement alongside A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul.

The Violator name carried on in the late 1990s and 2000s, when Lighty launched his own firm. The management company handled clients ranging from Diamond D and Foxy Brown to Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip. In recent years, Lighty was working on Brand Asset Group with Lyor Cohen, his longtime associate and friend, and Warner Music Group. Last September, Violator merged with Primary Wave to form powerhouse management company Primary Violator.

N.O.R.E. mourned the passing on Twitter, saying, "I will be a Violator for life 4ever."

UPDATE: The New York Daily News confirms that Lighty was found dead at his apartment in Bronx, New York this morning at 11:30 am EST. He was shot in the head in what arriving officers reported was self-inflicted. Police officials also told the newspaper that Lighty, 44 years old, was newly divorced and owed the IRS several million dollars.

HipHopDX extends our condolences to the Lighty family, Violator and all of Chris' friends and associates.



  • Anonymous

    Let's be clear. Suicide is a punk move, especially because the families of these guys (Scott and Lighty's) probably had no idea they were going to do it. Money problems. Divorce. Recession. It doesn't matter what the excuse is. Life is tough for everyone. People just don't expect to hear that someone like Tony Scott, who made millions making movies, would go out like such a sucker. Lighty too. If you're feeling that dark, go talk to somebody and get it out.

    • Derrick

      NO, suicide is not a punk move. Its tragic and sad that anyone feels thats the solution to whatever they are going through. Whats a punk move, is voicing your opinion on the internet and doing so anonymnously. Now thats a punk move.

    • Anon

      Cosign. He's not talking shitt he's talking about suicide in general and relating it to the two recent cases. Why is he not here to defend himself? Ohhhh yeah he took the easy way out and committed suicide.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    "you didnt like what was said, why didnt you keep pushin?" Why didn't you? Just the fact you took the time out of your day to become emotional over an Aaliyah comment tells me just how weak and pathetic you really are.

    • Anonymous

      I'm glad you're here so we can all see how much of a condescending asshole you really are ++++++++++++ Y AIN'T RESPOND 2 THAT COMMENT? U WERE ROASTED ON AN OPEN FIRE THAT'S Y & U THREW A STONE @ A WEAKER COMMENT

  • Doubl Negative

    First Tony Scott, now Chris. Damn, I still don't know why Mr Scott took such drastic measures. It's messed-up when anyone takes their own life, but it's more even perplexing when someone who doesn't exhibit traditional symptoms of depression resorts to this tragic act. Both individuals seemed gregarious, erudite, full of life and came across as alpha males. It would be a shame if it transpires Chris took his own life due to money woes. The avaricious nature of hip-hop is having dire consequences on our community, and I can see this unfortunate incident being repeated. As for Mr Scott, I don't think such problems were his concern, which makes his suicide more mysterious. Last Boy Scout, Crimson Tide, True Romance and Man on Fire are all bonafide action classics. I was lookin' forward to his take on the Warriors and Wild Bunch re-dos.

    • Anonymous

      Tony Scott had a brain tumor which can heavily alter the functioning of his mind which leads to some1 doing things they normally would not in a normal state of mind.

  • HoustonTX

    R.I.P. man I was just wondering what happened to him since I saw him in the Tribe Called Quest documentary. It is a sad situation. I have seen first hand what suicide does to the loved ones left behind. My condolences go out to his fam and friends.

  • ata

    Didnt they say he lost a shit load of cash to madoff?

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    • Anonymous

      Kids, feeding the internet trolls are bad, M'kay?

    • vds

      Ft. J Dilla? Really? just because you use his beat illegally or chop a verse doesn't mean he's featured on your wack ass shit.

    • kato

      This is the main thing I hate about you local nobody rappers, you will never pass up an opportunity to promote your own garbage music no matter how tacky it is.

  • RodneyM(NY-NY)

    This just shows that Busta Rhymes is a manipulative, greedy and cold piece of shit. Busta was Violator's main artist and one of Chris Lighty's closest friends. Chris Lighty reached out to Busta on numerous occasions before his death due to money problems, but Busta never helped him or returned his calls. Busta is one of the most disgusting human-beings ever, someone who runs away when the going gets tough.

  • Anonymous

    kinda the last person you expect would have committ suicide. I mean the job title alone says your built for this R.I.P

  • Anonymous

    like i said before dont be quick to knock the man, when young you got all your strength and energy you have the will to fight anything. once you get older that will is not as strong. you think this man really wanted to go back to the ghetto. hell could he would off been killed. you wonder why these rappers sell out cause they can't go back to the hood after they get famous. calling the man a pussy is outline. if you good right now fine but be aware that a lot about life you dont know. live your life show dude some respect and humble yourself and know that you dont know everything.

  • K.S.

    Not sure what made him pull the Trigger but wow what a sad day for his Family, Friends and Hip Hop. This Man was one of the best Managers in Hip Hop and I remember Emcee's always saying his name in their Rhymes. My condolences go out to his Family and Friends. "What's Kris Lighty if he wasn't such a baby? What is a woman if she didn't say maybe?" Q Tip from my favorite Group A Tribe Called Quest "Peace to the Native Tongue from the J.B.'s to the Black Sheep and a special thanks to the founder of this My manager and my partner Baby Chris" Chi Ali from "Chi Ali Vs Vanilla Shake" RIP Chris Lighty

  • Anonymous

    the same reason those ex athletes (mostly NFL) kill themselves probably.. broken down body/mind, money issues, girl leaves u when you're at your worst... It's kinda sad but it's the life these dudes chose to live. You want money, fame, and power well there might be some other baggage that comes along with it too. Lots of these guys get money, overspend it, and when their career goes to shit they're stuck paying off mad bills for their lavish lifestyles, when they can't pay the bills the Gold-digger they call their girl leaves them, then they end it.

    • Anonymous

      you might be right once that lifestyle is up whats left and aint no going back. when you become that famous how the hell can you come back to around the way spot any more. niggas either going rob you or bug you to death.

    • jpeezus

      Spoken beautifully from someone who probably never had anything worth spit in their life. You sound like someone who couldn't make his /her dreams happen so you hatin on the next person that did. SMH

    • Anonymous

      This man played a very big part in hip hop. I never wish on any man to ever be placed in situation where you lose everything in life at the same time only to lose your own life by your own hands. I hope in my heart that he didnt do it and it was someone else.

    • Anonymous


  • NinaK

    My prayers are with his beautiful family, Mr. Lighty death is a great loss. (Found his wife Veronica's article with tons of pics here

  • NinaK

    My prayers are with his beautiful family, Mr. Lighty death is a great loss. (Found his wife Veronica's article with tons of pics here


    This post has been flagged for dumbassedness, and bafoonery

  • Anonymous

    why all these black people in the entertainment industry dying, yo? everybody aint suicidal, accident prone, heart attack prone, and drug over dosing. Rodney King cant even swim in his own pool without dying? man get the fuck out of here! if this shit is natural where the white people dying from these incidents? dont they work in the entertainment industry? dont they take drugs? dont they have heart attacks? we damn sure know they get suicidal over loosing money and shit. wesley snipes and red foxx owed taxes they held it down. i dont know man, something aint right...

  • Anonymous

    You sound like a paranoid delusional nut job. These people work in high stress jobs, working inside a business like the music industry that loses more and more money every year. Add on to that his Marriage falling apart & his tax troubles, people commit suicide in those situations every day. ^ I'm glad you're here so we can all see how much of a condescending asshole you really are. You READ A HEADLINE. Were you there to investigate the scene? Will you submit a forensics report or perform the autopsy? Or did you read the same press story I did. Where in the residence was he found? What was he wearing? Now everyone with a high stress job and private issues wants to commit suicide? THEY SAID Natalie Wood died from an ACCIDENT, now THEY SAID it was foul play. THEY SAID Micheal Jackson died from an overdose and WE FOUND OUT LATER a greedy doctor slowly killed him. NOT WITH HEARSAY, BUT EVIDENCE. EVIDENCE WE ALL LACK in this recent breaking news. How do YOU know everything about it? As they say on the internet, STFU, back away from the keyboard, and enjoy the MUSIC.

  • Anonymous

    Bottom line , even though it was suicide which i dont have sympathy for , RIP Chris Lighty , you were a legend and the game will miss you, Rest in power

  • Anonymous

    "What's Kris Lighty if he wasn't such a baby?" - A Tribe Called Quest from the song "What?" ( R.I.P.

  • Anonymous

    You want to see how ignorant our culture has become, take a trip to a hip hop blog and read the comments any time a tragedy occurs. All you need to know about where we're at is on these pages. R.I.P

  • Anonymous

    ya'll some real cold assholes. i hope no one hear has to suffer losing a family member that way because you;ll never be the same.

    • Anonymous

      your brother was a bitch made pussy ass nigga, nigga!

    • L

      Exactly speaking from experience with losing two brothers it's hard on any family losing loved ones especially suicide because that's self inflicted which one of my brothers did so keep the negative comments to yourself because who are we to judge that's for God to do not us send the family your condolences and speak positive about Chris Lighty or don't speak at all Peace!



  • Anonymous

    I say BULLSHIT! Shakir Stewart now Chris Lighty?! Why the brothas at these labels all of a sudden committing suicide? I dont buy this bullshit! I think some calculating very shady bastards are knocking people off and making shit look like suicide! I say it was ahit because someone knew they werent getting their money back..

    • Anonymous

      fuck both of you first two commenters! forgive me for thinking some of my people who come from the struggle have the heart to survive tough shit life throws at them without doing some rich white folks shit! I still dont believe he killed himself over that shit! you mutha fuckin right i think outside the box and always will! if im wrong im wrong. i'll never be a fuckin idiot and just accept anything told to me just because it was said. thats why you smart mutha fuckas live in a world thats fucked up now because you trust everything told to you dumb ass!

    • thought dog

      Its because they worship money and when the money is gone they dont know how to live.

    • anonymous

      To the person most directly above me, I agree with you. The guy who posted that is a complete fool. He most likely lobotimized himself when he started getting all into paranoid 'alternative' culture. He's the definition of idiot, anyone can look it up on

    • Anonymous

      You sound like a paranoid delusional nut job. These people work in high stress jobs, working inside a business like the music industry that loses more and more money every year. Add on to that his Marriage falling apart & his tax troubles, people commit suicide in those situations every day.

  • Anonymous

    all you young bloods quick to knock a nigga down, i can tell you first hand getting old aint easy. health problems, love issues money problems you name. unless you been 44 and in his shoes you can't say shit.

    • Anonymous

      "No human being should murder themselves..." Who the fuck are you to judge? People can end their life on their own terms if they so wish.

    • anonymous

      No disprespect to the poster, but how many people do you really think are 44 or older on this forum? They would have to be born 1968. Its not likley anyone but a small handful on this forum are......anyhow, I see your point, but this man shot himself in the head on purpose. Regardless of what you have going on in your life, no human being should murder themselves. I may recognize LIghty's business intuition in getting rich off of up-and-coming acts, but I will never respect his final move of suicide, nor defend it.

    • Not Anonymous

      I'm assuming your at least 44 right.. That the problem with you muhfukas born in the 60s or before 1975. Don't get fuckin mad cause our generation has the internet and has surpassed our previous generations (intellectually). Dont be bitter. We are living in the information age, we know more at a younger age. a 25 year old in 2012 can empathise with a 44 year old. In 2012, thats not much of a difference. However if it were 1985 you would have a point. You just on your old bitter shit Get off that high ass horse you stole. a mule suits you way better. Fuckin jackass...R.I.P Chris Lighty

    • rnp

      Neither can't you, B. Quit talking like you knew the guy.

    • WeakMinds

      suicide is a cop out for pussies. idc how old u are or what the fuck u going through, man up and fight. dont be a bitch and off yourself. no sympathy.

  • Anonymous

    the mother fucker was probably sick of life i can understand it and i'm nine years younger than him. god this struggling down here gets so old, but i march on

    • Anonymous

      dont let none of this shit beat you down. we all gettin put thru the ringer, believe that, but people forget all this man made shit is not the reason we exist. we exist to enjoy the experience of life, my dude. as long as you put all your joy in shit man made or another person, you will suffer endlessly. manifest a purpose beyond that frivolous shit to give your life meaning and enjoy your time on this world for all its worth. dont ever let no shit another human being who has the same gift you have, steal the meaning of your existence or your joy. always be able to laugh, appreciate the beauty of the simplistic, and dream no matter how fuckin dark it is outside. we only get to do this shit once. fuck being in despair the whole ride! Peace.

  • Anonymous

    Perfect for this situation:

  • 8/30/2012

    No matter how bad things get, I would rather be an endebted broke dude, with a somewhat famous name, rather than kill myself. Not saying I know what he was going thru, because I don't, but just going by the facts that have been presented reading this excerpt, it seems like he killed himself cause he owed the government money, and he couldn't handle his fall from grace (financially not celebrity). It's very sad to me that this can cause a man to off himself because he owes the government and is broke. It's not like he owed the mob, I don't get it. Now if he couldn't handle his divorce mentally, it would be somewhat justifiable. But that's still no reason to kill yourself. I guess I just don't get it. Sad... These are my opinions, and not trying to argue or start a debate. I'm just saying. R.I.P. Nevertheless.

    • 8/30/2012

      No shit i'm just talking. I clearly said that in both of my previous posts. Are you illiterate? It's called reading comprehension. Learned it in Elementary. And how in the fuck u know i ain 44 or older. That's a very asinine statement to make. And are you sayin that if im 18-43 or 45 & up, that i dont and cant poiisbly understand his situation? You're a fuckin idiot, and therefore are disqualified from any intellectual convo. Due due the chronic head up your assedness syndrome. Cunt.

    • Anonymous

      man you dont know that nigga and you aint 44 years old so how do you know you just talking

    • 8/30/2012

      Yeah, I feel like I qualified my opinion in that second sentence. Re read it. Assumptions, is a better word than facts, this early in the matter. The I agree, I but I still stand my my comment. I know I can't win either way, but I just wanted to vent that. When it comes down to it. I do only worry bout myself. I still was merely just saying.

    • Anonymous

      They're assumptions, not facts. None of us were inside Chris' conscience or at his residence. Nothing you say is going to be right. Worry about yourself.

  • Mack

    ...May your soul rest Bro.

  • Anonymous

    This is publicity stunt.

  • Hene

    I respect the story, & RIP Chris Lighty, but Viro The Virus also died by committing suicide, & DX has yet to even acknowledge it. For those who don't know him, check out "Starlight". I just find it musically uneducated that DX has not mentioned it. All that being said, RIP to both!

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    Holy sh*t. Dude had a amazing career. RIP

  • TheReal

    How you gon call somebody a coward and/or weak for committing suicide??? You never know what folks are goin through, That's just rude and disrespectful.. Let's see how you feel when a friend or fam of yours does it. Then u gon be crying like the true bitch you tryna cover up by saying wanksta shit on these blogs. #whatgoesaroundcomesaround


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    • the real

      @Anonymous- Yea, you're right. No one cried when you got shot, no one cried when you got robbed because no one cares about you. That's your fault, not mine. Matter fact, you should've been the one to kill yourself instead of him. P.S. I'm not even white. I'm blacker than you and you're an embarrassment and the pure definition of a NIGGER with your ignorant comments. gtfoh

    • Anonymous

      Fuck you. Cracker bitch. Seriously. You didn't know the dude, and you don't have any business talking about how I would feel. No one cried when I got shot, no one cried when I got robbed, so you can't tell me to feel sorry for someone who can't handle life and decides to put an end to it.

    • i'm at work and bored

      fo real man, my childhood friend took his own life last year. It ain't no joke

  • mike

    Crazy how guys will take their own life over money. Women dont do that so much, but men... Its mostly always money.

  • Blaq Gavin

    All you self righteous, evangelical fucks make me sick. You call a man weak and a coward when you did not know him or his situation. Money and fame do not instantly equate to happiness... You are the real cowards. Maybe you all should consider suicide, because this world would be a far better place without you.

    • Anonymous

      i agree, but from the sounds of article saying he owed millions to the IRS makes it seem he didnt have any money. So his fame may not have equated to happiness, but maybe his lack of money effected his depression

  • Big Dan

    God bless the dead, but I certainly don't understand this. Dude used to have a blog - he stopped updating a long time ago, but he used to try and bring the positive message, so I'm shocked. I do think 50's success and subsequent fall off had a lot to do with this though. Chris was taking a lot of credit for the Vitamin Water hookup and was starting marketing companies off of all that, then came the private jet trips and all that other good stuff. I used to read the blog and think, besides 50, I see Busta, Missy and others who are not selling records, Violator can't be doing that well. 50's checks slowed down and now this. Sad. We don't know the exact reason, but I really hope you don't grow up in the hood through all the hardship that entails and then kill yourself over a divorce and back taxes.

  • hiphophead 247

    too bad, too bad. Oh well, at least he just took his own life and didn't go on a killing spree like so many other crazy motherfuckas!!

  • Anonymous

    Coward...selfish move...fuck all that Illuminati bullshit, only dumbos believe that dum shit...believe in GOD the highest one on dry land is even close so miss me with that fuck shit. All the riches, lavish lifestyle, vacation, bottle poppin' etc...folks out here dying for just a chance...working hard to do just a third of the shit this man did..and you smoke yaself????? Over a divorce...prolly was cheating his ass off...I mean what about the kids, parent(s), friends...all that $$$ you could have seeked the appropriate help...but instead he prolly smoked a blunt...just a sad, selfish cowardly way to go out...just a smack in GOD's face...

    • Anonymous

      I hope and pray you seek help/guidance...wishing someone to off ya life sucks...

    • Anonymous

      Naw brah, neva gonna do that coward shit like kill myself, just venting the truth. Fuck whatever "holes" your speaking on lame, and you read the post so it caught ya interest. See the light!!!

    • Anonymous

      So many holes in this post. So little interest to give a fu"k. I hope you kill yourself. No puns intended.

    • d

      Disrespectful shit. At least wait a day before you go blasting a guy who JUST died.

  • Blockerz

    Way to cop out, coward.

  • yaboycx

    so wats going to happen with the debts that he owes the IRS

  • ????

    the suicide story sounds fishy to me

  • D Nice

    Never, never, never would I commit suicide. You mourn for him, but there's a thing called intestinal fortitude. He helped promote the "hardcore", you have to embody it. To take his own life was cowardice, to say the least.

  • Anonymous

    I respect him for his contributions too hiphop. r.i.p.

  • yolo

    damn all we got left is lyor true warriors for real music you kids just dont know

  • yolo

    his was the hero of my era rip man real talk nigga getting choked up on some real shit

  • yolo

    RIP he brought that raw hip hip to the mass population DAMN

  • willrock07

    Straight ill! R.I.P.and my condolences to the Lighty family.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, didn't know the man but I've heard his name thrown around for years. Gonna dig out that old Violater compilation and play it in tribute

  • Anonymous

    "and keep our opinions to ourselves? Bottom line is someones loved one is now departed" If he's not your loved one then what does it matter? It's a story being made public, and people, especially on a blog site, have the right to express their opinion. I bet the day Aaliyah died you called off work didn't you?

    • JustNic

      How stupid can u be? How could you not understand the exact part of the statement you're commenting on? If you didnt like what was said, why didnt you keep pushin? The comment is in reference to the meanspirited and hateful things being said about a man to whom most up here didnt know personally. The person expressed their opinion and you have a problem with it, how ass backwards is that? And that Aaliyah thing, smh, wtf does she have to do with it? An intelligent opinion is one thing, being belligerent is another. You fall in the latter. I bet when this whole shit shuts down and you can no longer troll you'll die a slow lonely painful death with kno one to share your asshole, i mean, opinion with. Just because you can doesnt mean you should.

    • Anonymous

      ^Condescending Wonka!

  • Smarterthantheaveragebear

    Is there ONE person up here who knows the FULL story on what happened and why it happened? Unless you do then this is all speculation. depending on the "news" for accurate information is like thinking school teaches you everything. How about we shut the fuck up and keep our opinions to ourselves? Bottom line is someones loved one is now departed. They should've never gave some of you mfs a computer. Jerks


    Shakir Stewart and Chris Lighty RIP

  • Tech DIgital

    Damn, Im sorry to hear that, My Prayers go out to the Lighty's, Honestly i smell a cover up! Why would somebody like Chris take himself out? Never that.

    • respectthyhomey

      Tech Digital YOU ARE RIGHT my nigga! They took Lighty out because he was about to expose all the homosexual, satanic elements in the HipHop/Music Culture. KILLUMMINATTI!

    • Anonymous

      How is he above suicide? Why be so suspicious? Sadly, it is what it is. RIP.

  • ...

    my condolences to his family for having to foot the bill of his unpaid debts....sorry i dont feel sorry for weak people who take their lives and fuck over their loved ones

  • rip

    This is suspect... I cant see Baby Chris committing suicide... I sense foul play... Lighty was notorious in the streets. Ask anyone from NY about the Violators

  • Anonymous

    This is very shocking...He must have been having the tax issues because his ex-wife took all of his money...Something needs to be done about the system...It's ruining mens lives.. RIP

    • Big Dan

      nas has an interview in the recent Complex where he blamed others (sounds like a manager, definitely not his wife) and himself for not paying close attention for his money woes. As far as CL, he supposedly is recently divorced, so I don't think his wife took the money that he was going to pay last year's taxes with. Plus dude could not have been making more than a million a year if that, so if he owes millions, that's from not paying a lot of years' taxes. Stop your misogyny. Its not her fault. And when you lose in court for alimony, they don't seize your bank account, you have to cut the check, so even if he was told he had to pay everything he had to his wife, he should have known the tax man is a bigger bitch and cut a check to them quick. Like someone said, he was probably cheating, since he wanted to be a baller and if your actions cost you, then you have no one to blame but you. And can I make an appeal to all those rappers who knew him closely. Personally, I hate when a famous person dies or something happens and his friends are all on Twitter. Screw that, don't twit, its not a publicity opportunity. Use the phone to make phone calls instead and call his family if you really care.

    • Blockerz

      Blame him for marrying the gold digging bitch. Should have killed her, no kill himself. Dudes be living good until they are not.It's no one fault but his.Sleep in your own bed, we all have to pay the tax man. Dumb bitch.

    • Anonymous

      Yep. Same thing happened to Nas...He's been in the game 20 years and never had tax issues until he divorced Kelis and she took his money. Have you seen Chris Lighty's ex wife? She looks like a goldigger, I blame her.

    • lol

      wow its funny how stupid people are. you just blamed a mans ex wife for taking his money and ruining his life-causing him to commit suicide. it was his wife's fault he owed over $5 million in unpaid debts???/ no that would be his fault you idiot-now his kids have to deal with the debt

  • Rocbeats

    What's Lighty if he wasn't such a baby. R.I.P. To "Baby" Chris Lighty

  • Ice Cube

    just another nigga DEAD

  • Anonymous

    cue GRAVEDIGGAZ...

  • Anonymous

    how you owe the fucking IRS millions and you're a business man?

  • Rap92

    Sad Day for Hip Hop :( A True Legend, Hip Hop Manager For Many Years Has Gone. He Worked With So Many BIG Artists, This Is So Shocking News, To All Hi True Friends, Artists. My Heart Goes Out To His Family & Friends. REST IN PEACE! Gone But Not To Be Forgotten.

  • Rap92

    Sad Day Hip Hop :( A True Legend, Hip Hop Manager For Many Years Has Gone. He Worked With So Many BIG Artists, This Is So Shocking News, To All Hi True Friends, Artists. My Heart Goes Out To His Family & Friends. REST IN PEACE! Gone But Not To Be Forgotten.

  • land lord

    I know its no joke out here but, U have to keep matter what. RIP C Lighty. If only dude knew how many ppl respected him & loved him I bet he would've seen a betta way or another solution. Sad day.

  • :(

    Wow. What a sad day for Hip Hop. R.I.P. Christ Lighty.

  • Anonymous

    Damn brothas just pay ur taxes, you kno theyre let anyone get away with not doing it. Especially a brotha.

  • Phill

    you people that argue or debate by stereotyping someone for being black or white or latin are idiots. Also if you black and you use a racist comment or hate on someone for being white you are a fucking moron, especially after everything people of your skin color have gone through. As far as im concerned all you people who judge someone by the color of there skin can line up front to front with a rifle, close your eyes, and pull the trigger.

  • Anonymous

    "We would have loved to have been in Chris' spot" Even Lighty didn't want to be in his spot. The music biz is so deceptive. Most of the people involved, whether it be the artists or the label people, aren't ballin like people assume they're.

  • My 2 cents

    Owed millions of dollars to the IRS? Pussy didn't want to do the prison time, so he killed himself.. What an honorable man..

  • w h o k n o w s

    R.I.P. damn.. I was just watching that Tribe Called Quest documentary the other day with him explaining how he had to snatch Low End Theory from Q-Tip for taking too long perfecting it.. sad news

  • theone

    Oh shit Suicide shouldnt be takin Lightly!!!!ahahaha get it! lightly, suicide!

  • Anonymous

    RIP. Nice to see a thread with no trolls and angry people projecting their misery onto others.i was dreading reading these comments.

  • hate revolver

    Life is a trip. R.I.P. Chris Lighty from your Hip Hop family.

  • Anonymous

    Wow & dude was always tweeting positive shit , life's ill

  • Anonymous

    You never know what's going on in someone's life man. Many of us who are struggling to make something out of ourselves.. from the outside looking in... We would have loved to have been in Chris' spot... but no one knows what his life was really like.. but him...

    • Horgo

      Co-sign bro people think the ones with all that cheese are the happiest its just not the way it is, mo money mo problems thats real.

  • 123

    Wow. No way. RIP man. Suicide? I'm every interview he was always smiling and laughing joking around. Damn

    • Anonymous

      on the real those are the ones you have to watch..I had a homeboy like that...always upbeat and always appeared to be in a good mood...he commited suicide

  • 7figures

    wow... shakir stewart and now lighty...suicide? very suspect that all these young black execs dying...illuminati perhaps?

    • Juice Jenkins

      @muurlin_terrapin You took the words right out of my mouth.

    • muurlin_terrapin

      Or maybe these brothers are going thru something in there life and have no way of handling it...stop giving some power to something you know nothing bout we give more conversation to Blacks and Mental Health instead of fairy tales of secret socities...Oh yea if its supposedly a secret society why do so many people know about your eyes and stop being blinded by what they want you to think sheesh

  • Hoodgrown Magazine

    RIP man...

  • A

    Terrible news. RIP Chris....

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