Cory Gunz Previews New Mixtape "That's WTF I'm Talkin' Bout"

Cory Gunz explains why he's been quiet in the game for a minute.

Cory Gunz recently sat down with to preview his upcoming mixtape That's WTF I'm Talkin' Bout.

The YMCMB explained how he initially signed with the house that Birdman and Slim built and his relationship with Lil Wayne. He also spoke on why he's remained silent for a minute, stating that he's been putting in work on records that he's gearing up to drop.

"I've been working, I've been real quiet but it's been for a good reason. In all honesty, I haven't released a record. I never released a single. To maintain and be relevant for so long at this point in the game without having a debut is unheard of, bro. I don't want to say whenever I'm ready, but when the time is right, the time is right. The records are going to speak for themselves."




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  • Shhh

    He been quite for a min cuz nobody's listening!

  • The Guy On Tha Couch

    Dude sucks a bag a dicks, that is all.

  • Anonymous

    this kid is crazy on mic.check some freestyles on you tube,his videos is legendary,then do your math n shut the fuck up.dope flow respect it

  • Anonymous

    He's following Jay z's formula on how to get on, Jay was doing mad features before RD dropped except he's doing a mixtape. Question why are mixtapes are getting promo like albums? Is that a really good investment considering it will found for free? I get the buzz part, but to make commercials, video promos and articles but for something with no barcode for something which is usually hotter than the album seems like a misguided effort. IMO

  • Anonymous

    "How is that??" His father could rap, albeit not very originally, but I'm sure he would be the first to tell Jr. that having a successful career in hip hop is not something you can bank on.

  • Anonymous

    His father only saw one album. Maybe being a rapper isn't the best career choice for Gunz Jr.

    • matrix

      How is that?? Gunz can rap his ass off and he can make hits. I think to me, too many ppl in his ear about what he should do as far as this rap thing. And gunz isn't speaking his mind enough.

  • Anonymous

    what ever happened with that gun charge he caught earlier this year? that's what i'm wonderin... i thought the reason we hadn't heard about this dude all this time was because of that.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. This dude is not relevant at all. Dude is whackness personified.

  • Anonymous

    he been quiet cause he knows he's wack

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