Chino XL To Release "RICANstruction: The Black Rosary" Double Album Through Immortal Technique's Viper Records

Exclusive: Now signed to Immortal Technique's Viper Records, Chino XL announces his first album in over six years.

Veteran New Jersey lyricist Chino XL has announced his first album in nearly seven years. RICANstruction: The Black Rosary is a double-album planned for September 25 via Immortal Technique's Viper Records imprint. The album will feature Bun B, Travis Barker, Tech N9ne, B Real and also Immortal Tech.

The album is said to touch on issues including Chino's daughter's battle with cancer.

Chino, a former Rick Rubin protege, said of RICANstruction in a statement, "It’s a complete unbottling of a lot of stuff, things that I probably had suppressed. The human psyche has the ability and the power to do that in order to keep it functioning. I felt that it was time to let most of it out so I could move on and get past some of those issues. Whilst on tour last year, I realized how many people I connected to when I expressed a lot of those more painful, emotional songs. It seemed like a lot of folks really needed to hear them. I can learn from that to help them relate so they can also get past what they had going on. I realized that’s part of my journey.”

In 2006, Chino released Poison Pen.

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  • mike

    never in my life has another person's opinions made me change my outlook on an artist. that being said, haters fall back. real hip-hop fans and real lovers of lyrics will always appreciate this dude and the brand of music that he represents

  • opti72

    I just per-ordered the "Ricanstruction" album at Best Buy for only 11.99! I hope this is not a typo in their website cause I just got a order confirmation and it will ship out and arrive no later than October 2nd, 2012. I cant wait! My new Chino XL fix that I needed has come in due time! Cocaine is a hell of a drug but Chino XL is hella of a Lyrical Prophet!

  • Anonymous

    I dont see why ya'll are complaining about the Double CD. First of all, 90% of you wouldn't come out of pocket and spend money on music if it was $1, you would download the album anyway and spend the money on a pack of gum...... 35 tracks of new Chino XL is fine with me, sure there will be some I dont like but thats why the skip button was invented. People treat hip hop like baseball, quit worrying about an MC's batting average, if your a chino Fan your sure to find at least 14 tracks out of these 35 that your feelin, and like I said, aint like you spent money anyway.

  • Legend

    HRSMN brand or movement cannot die...remember when Goodie Mob lost their most prominent member, 'Cee-lo'...their attitude was , 'one monkey don't stop no show Chino XL and Pharoah Monch are confirmed as HRSMN members, so Chino XL to replace Ras Kass

  • Anonymous

    The newest horsemen bye bye rasskass

    • Legend

      dope dope ofcourse...if they could replace Kurupt with Pharoah Monch HRSMN would be the strongest hip hop group in history

  • Anonymous

    chino xl fuck you too lol

  • Wayne

    Chino is a Talented lyricist. my only question when are you going to start giving credit for the title of these records... Poison Pen... Bk emcee strong hold rep/ Ricianstruction Ricanstruction is a New York City based Puerto Rican punk/hip hop/salsa/jazz/reggae fusion musical group in the 90's

  • insanemacbeth

    will defo be buying this.

  • gbdb

    And people are laughing at slaughterhouse?? This bum will sell 1,000 copies if hes lucky..9 hours and 7 posts too LOL

    • tanya

      and you have done what??? great artist create without SALES in mind ,its a bout the art, YOU are what is wrong with music today! CONGRATS IMMORTAL CONGRATS CHINO this elease is a step in the direction of creative revolution.

    • Yangwanhoe

      Honestly why do people have a fixation with sales just be glad this dude is coming out with something new we can listen to and then you can masturbate about your favorite artist sales number.

    • Anonymous

      hey watch ur mouth mutherfucka...SH is cut from the same cloth as these dudes...if SH can do it so they can...they lack marketing thats it

  • Anonymous

    Hell yeah! thats whats up! First Rittz now XL. Todays a good day.

  • Immortal XL

    Immortal & XL on the same label. Is someone trying to build an underground team dream? lol

  • The Fresh Fest

    To make a double CD in this musical climate is a recipe for failure. People don't want to purchase a regular cd with 12 cuts, or even a single for that matter, why would someone buy a double CD? It's a waste of music. Should have saved 1/2 of those songs for another project to capitalize on the buzz of the 1st cd.

    • Anonymous

      but with all that said, i will say that 35 tracks is pushing it. lol. come on son

    • Anonymous

      Recipe for failure? that's an alarmist exaggeration. No album in history has "failed" commercially because it was too long. The only downside is that you may see a decrease in sales quickers when you're exceeding that $12 sales mark. i.e. Prince's last album. He sold 1.2 Million but he dropped out of the top 200 after just 5 weeks. If an artist is popular their music will sell. Even these days they sell albums for cheaper so if it was a double album they would still do decent numbers. And most importantly how can you tell an artist how much music to make? That's like telling michaelango his canvas is too big. I think too many of you are getting to comfortable behind your computers trying to sound like label execs and a&rs and forgetting to just respect an artist's passion to create.

    • bob cobb

      Word, double albums were so 2nd half of the 90s.. with some spillage into the 00s. First putting out a double LP seemed like a statement.. for others, it was a way of artificially "doubling" sales.. But now? Def doesnt make sense. He should cut it down to a single and use the rest as mixtape/teaser EP/free album.

  • PuCho

    Its about damn time been waiting to long for this shit. One of best lyricist alive been bumpin buried in vocabulary for good minute now.


    cant wait for this .........with chino and immortal behind it!! wow just wow!!

  • Cadda

    Yes, this should be good, big fan of Chino XL.

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