Lupe Fiasco Says He's Fearful Of The Culture Chief Keef Represents

Lupe Fiasco shares his thoughts on Chief Keef, speaks on violence among the younger generation.

While Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like” single has garnered remixes from the likes of Kanye West and Game, there’s one rapper who isn’t terribly impressed with the content the young rapper chooses to rap about in his music.

During an interview with Baltimore’s 92Q Jams, Lupe Fiasco had quite a lot to say in regards to Keef. The rapper even went on to state that he’s frightened by the kind of culture that Keef’s music represents.

“Chief Keef scares me. Not him specifically, but just the culture that he represents,” said Lupe in a video posted on “Specifically in Chicago. And I don’t speak this about any other city because I’m not from there. But like my family lives in Chicago. So my nephews, my cousins, my friends, and my peoples they all in those hoods that he represents. When you drive through Chicago…The hoodlums, the gangsters, and the ones you see killing each other. And the murder rate in Chicago is skyrocketing and you see who’s doing it and perpetrating it, they all look like Chief Keef.”

Lupe broke down his thoughts on Keef further as he spoke on the violence that has plagued the city of Chicago and numerous other cities and the damage that can be done when music similar to that of Keef’s is celebrated.

“When it comes to the point that you know that the kids who are doing the killings, and they’re kids 13 to 19-years-old, and you can replicate that in New Orleans, you can replicate that in Oakland. All the kids look the same,” Lupe explained. “But to know that those are the kids doing the killing and you take one of those kids and you celebrate that…When you’re at high schools speaking to students, telling ‘em how to survive the summer and you turn on the radio and you hear that? You like, ‘Aw nah.’”

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  • Anonymous

    smh hes a p[uppet another one that's bits the dust

  • Johnny Blaze

    "Before you do a drive by think for a second, why use a four-five when your mind is a weapon?" But kids don't understand this anymore. They want ignorant shit that rap about guns, drugs, money and women and so rappers give it to them. If we all stop listening to the radio and fake ass shit then they'd have to start playing real rap, with real messages. Rappers wouldn't have to talk stupid. They would start to talk sense or never talk again. Supply and demand. "That's why do sing for these kids who don't have a thing, except for a dream and a rap magazine". REEAL RAP. And the worse thing, people like this Kief guy and the Lil Waynes and Drake give hip hop a bad name. Unless you really know what hip hop is, you don't know. The media place them under the genre of hip hop so the public think it's hip hop. So hip hop gets a bad name. And in the process, when real rappers e.g. the Lupe's, the Cubes, when they start rapping with metaphors and similies, the public take it literally so the media give it a bad name. Which goes down to poor sales. And then rappers who had real shit to say, get filtered out like the Obie Trices (no lie he was actually dope). Like the old Em's and Snoop's. So they succumb to pressure of keeping up with what the radio is playing and in the end, real hip hop gets filtered out of the system. There are some people, like Lupe, like Naughty by Nature, like Warren G, Kendrick Lamar and J Cole who try keep it alive, but in this world where money is so important, if you aren't making it, naturally you go to where its being made. Damn. Lucky for us, right now we still have the real rappers with the real messages and our ipods so we don't have to listen to the bull from the radio.

    • Anonymous

      Lol at this clown naming Drake among the people that gives rap a bad name. Is Drake a gangsta? U ever heard son rapped about guns and gangbanging?? U are just a hater and I am not even a Drake's fan. Take his phallus out of ur mouth, u faggot

  • Anonymous

    he's talking some real shit, and even the djs didnt know how to respond because they are used to people talking dumb shit

  • Anonymous

    All this kid ever does is complain about shit

  • Anonymous

    "In each of the songs he rapped about money, women and drugs" No way! That must be the first time a rapper has ever done that.

  • Afrika

    I think what Lupe's saying is true. It scares the crap out of me though am not from around yo from Africa..Gangsta Rap is tight, only if you know the person who is rappin wouldnt do it, take Cube for example..LOL..or when Eminem talks about stabbing you with the handle of a simply is entertaining, BUT Keef looks like he do that isht..jus sayin..and if he is encouragin murder, then thats a I agree with Lupe

    • ETK

      @Handsome hell yeah because he holds a lot of influence over kids his age

    • Anonymous

      The winds of change are happening in hip hop...just look at the record sales! we are killing our selves in the streets and we are killing our music! WE...NOT the white man! We celebrate this garbage with our money...(i dont)!!!

    • Handsome Dude

      So you're saying you're scared of what a 16 year old says???

  • Anonymous

    oh shit a rapper with a brain be afraid

  • 777bernie

    Proverbs 23:9 King James Version (KJV) 9 Speak not in the ears of a fool: for he will despise the wisdom of thy words. Every time a rapper has something truly real to say, something positive to say. The ignorance comes out of the wood works and calls it hate, I'm reminded of this Proverb.

  • Anonymous

    didnt his peoples get knocked for moving bricks? what is this bird talking about smh

  • Anonymous

    lupe is turning himself into a troll just do you stop hating

  • Ye said it

    I'm living three dreams: Biggie Smalls', Dr. King's, Rodney King's Cause we can't get along, no resolution

  • Anonymous

    Although lupe sound like a bitch , it's true! I remember when NWA came out, niggas that like basically any true hiphop pioneers.They where saying the samething (rap has gone to far). Same could be said about RnB. I bet Smokie Robinson had a problem with R Kelly bump in grind.

  • Anonymous

    I'm fearful of the culture Lupe represents, raising our kids to be obnoxious, arrogant, self righteous, ego-maniacal Douche bags

  • TruthSpeaks

    Niggas. Just by reading these comments goes to show that niggas will never be united as one. "oh he's got an album coming out so he needs promo", "who does he think he is", "chief keef is a better rapper". As soon as someone speaks on the fucked up cycle that we as black people deal with, niggas hate on it. It's almost like, you fuckin niggas enjoy selling dope and shooting each other up. You fuckin niggas is stupid man. Somebody needs to speak on this shit from time to time. And I guarantee if you actually educated yourself about black people and the history of us, you wouldn't want to keep this retarded ass cycle going either. When I read these comments I realize how doomed our culture really is. And fuck any dumb nigga that's about to say some stupid dumb ass reply too!



    • babygirl

      your comment said everything that needs to be said. I often think we are doomed as a race as well, but knowing there are people out there who choose to face the truth gives me some hope it may get better.

    • Anonymous

      ........real talk, the optimist in me says that one day we can actually pull it together as a people, however the pessimist in me says we are indeed doomed as a people in this pagan land.....

  • muse

    this guy lupe is somethign else. STFU already. he thinks hes way more important than he really is. you made a cpl songs ppl liked dude, you're not saving the world. every day he's got some new quote or soundbite that gets blasted out. oh look he has a record coming out. thats how he generates buzz. this guy is not rakim. this guy is not nas. this guy was created by atlantic records to sell albums. skateboarder shit was all a gimmick to move units. he rejected his labels wishes last go around yet put out the most commerical album of his career. hes a puppet getting strung along and these kids that love him are too stupid to see it. cant stand this guy or his music. go climb another rock lupe. retire too no one cares you're not jay-z or nas man you're lupe fiasco the nerdy skateboarding rapper that thought he was nelson mandela.

    • Blaze

      Never talk unless you've been through that shit , till then keep you're baby opinions to yourself kid

    • Nick

      What crack are you smoking?

    • gee

      Dude you sound crazy I live on the south side of chicago and Lupe is right unless you live in this city you would not understand

    • Anonymous

      stfu u sound like a undercover lupe hater i dont fuck with lupe music but what he is saying is dead on..unless u want them lil dirty niggas pullin triggers on ur scarey ass when u walking your kid to the store shut up dude makes a great point!

  • joocemoney

    Let me first say that Lupe is entitled to his opinion, second Lupe actually does care about his city and his people and on each album he offers something that speaks to that compassion that he has. For all of you who keep saying that he only speaks when he has an album coming out you are stupid, he speaks a lot but most artist only get attention when an album is about to come out so he could use this time just to promo the album or he can recognize that the media is giving him a platform to speak and he doesnt waste his words. Now for the young dumb niggas who think everyone is hating let me just say that everything that you are doing has already been done and the reward or punishment has already been given so it is up to you to listen and learn from those lessons. Onyx gave us Throw ya guns in the air back in the day and NWA was very expressive until Eazy took it all the way gangsta to counter Public Enemy so Keef is not the first to be reckless and he wont be the last. I just wish that both young and old niggas could learn from each other instead of shutting down each other, hip hop if done correct could do so much good without being corny. Positive records don't have to be corny that's the thing, you can rap about chicks and money as well but offer balance

    • Chi_guy

      I have to have agree with you. It's said people look at these type of situations with such a narrow scope.

  • Tee

    I'm reading most of these comments and ya'll are really the problem as to why our community is consistently killing each OTHER the most. Gotta respect this man's mind and that he's trying to expose positive light! It's good to see someone actually sincere about the youth, and YES rap is influential amongst other things as well but he can't focus on other things that doesn't pertain to him. He's a RAPPER and he speaks on what rap does to the youth. Truth be told rap DOES IN FACT influence young teenagers that's why you see 80% tatted neck to feet trying to be like Lil Wayne

  • THT

    Please, What's the name of the song that we hear on the background?

  • real talk

    Usually when I see another 'Lupe Fiasco Says...' I'm like 'Hush little nigga hush' but he's right about this one. People, black folks especially, get mad when someone says rap music encourages the crimes like murder, drug pushing, thuggin etc that black people commit. Like it or not, rap has some responsibility because people imitate art. It doesn't matter if they should, they just do. A drug dealer could say "Oh I didn't make that kid grow up & deal drugs like me" but if you knew your child idolized this drug dealer & later became just like him, you would feel like that dealer has some responsibility for that, not full responsibility, but some. Ultimately, nobody makes us be whatever we become, but your environment and the things you entertain yourself with have a big impact on the kind of person you are, that's a known fact. So for all this people saying that hood rap doesn't make criminals, you're partly right, but hood rap does encourage it very strongly, and whether these rappers want to believe it or not, you have some responsibility for what happens in general in these streets because you glorify and hype it up in your songs that you know people listen to and live by.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Chief Keef would outrap diz old ass nigga. fuck Lupe! swag

  • Anonymous

    I understand the method behind putting yourself out there prior to dropping an album. You want to create some type of buzz so the consumers will anticipate your next offering. However, Lupe is really beginning to bother me with his comments about the state of hip hop. Why don't you just focus on your album and STFU already? Drop a decent album and then speak your mind!

  • Anonymous

    this nigga actin like he a saint or sumthn....smh

    • cody argumaniz

      yea lupe thinks he is holy and so wordly and blah blah, stfu. he made one good album. he does have good shit but will never go down in history as one of the greats.. he is a winey bitch and im waiting for a rapper to call him out on his preaching ass..

  • Anonymous

    We got this whole motherfucker on a mission Now the whole entire world's gotta try to come up with a quick decision They claim we threats to society And now they callin on the government to try and make somebody quiet For the bullshit they done to me Gangsta Nip, Spice 1 or 2Pac never gave a gun to me So gangsta rap ain't done shit for that I've even seen white folks from River Oaks go get the gat So why you tryin kick some dust up America's been always known for blaiming us niggas for they fuck-ups And we were always considered evil Now they tryin to bust our only code of communicating with our people Lets peep the game from a different angle Matt Dillon pulled his pistol every time him and someone tangled So why you criticize me For the shit that you see on your tv That rates worse than PG Just bring your ass to where they got me So you can feel the hand of the dead body -Scarface

    • jp

      I can't ride with you on this Facemob. The whole 'White people do it too' defense is a lame excuse, no race should encourage the thuggery period. And niggas, like it or not, are responsible for a lot of things that happens to us because of the bufoonery we get involved in. Rappers are quick to say that we're just reporting to the world about what happens in the streets, but there's a difference between a reporter who tells the news & somebody that encourages the crime. These same rappers/reporters talk about how they still push weight and keep a tool on deck and how much weed, purp, X, etc they smoke/snort.

    • Anonymous

      WTF is your point? How is this relevant to the story?

  • jester

    People who blame entertainment for their actions need to be sanctioned on the spot. It's crazy how music gets the worse publicity when you can only hear unlike films you see & hear. But still that's not fuckin excuse for being a killing murderin rapin cunt!!!

  • Anonymous

    chief keef is cancer. i though we were over the "kill people, get money" music?

    • Anonymous

      Not even close...The other night I was watching BET (not a big fan). They showed about 5-6 videos with Rick Ross as the headliner or featured artist. In each of the songs he rapped about money, women and drugs. The majority of the music that gets air play is doo doo! There's a lane for everybody, but unfortunately the ones who are buying the music are at a very impressionable age so they are getting targeted by these no talent idiots.

  • Anonymous

    im from chicago, and it is pretty much like new orleans in the 90s, its a straight up wild west motherfuckin warzone .

  • Anonymous

    Haters gonna hate. Good point Lu

  • Anonymous

    have ever literally counted up the prision and jail vs colleges. there are 32 pubic collage in cailfornia and 32 prisons. the government is actually expecting a lot of the poor to go off to prison. every little bit of negativity helps keep this complex going and they know it and count of that money every year haha

  • Anonymous

    the people that listen to lupe music want to hear him say things like this this comment only help him to define his lane. at the same time if he is truly sincere he on point. chicago is the closest thing to genocide i have ever seen.

  • K-RUZ

    e-Gangstarz, actin like d Net scarface's....SMDH

  • Quedawg5

    Its crazy as I sit here and read the comments...Black people as a whole....we are fucked up. A guy comes out and speaks his opinion on a huge problem in his area and niggas quick to say he hating or this "shut the fuck up and make music" bullshit. Why is it everytime a rapper or an athlete speaks out about something real, they are told to shut up and rap or play ball?? Its a modern day minstrel show with this whole "Shut up and entertain me NIGGER" mindset and its black people who feed into it. Why dont more ppl speak out about rappers who glorify killing other blacks, or selling drugs, or mistreating women? I tell you, when I saw the video of Lupe shedding tears for his city and the youth, I knew dude really cared for his people and I see now that he can speak about it and try to do all that he can, NIGGERS will hate him for that

  • riyuiofiuu

    I'm a fan of Lupes's music but am i the only one getting tired of seeing articles about him all the time now i hate even reading his name on a headline now


    Sad people don't see why Chief Keef and what he reps is so VITAL in the elimination of black people in this country. Don't be fooled people. How a 16 year old kid get signed over night with just becuase of one damn song??? Because of the destructive things he talks about and he's very young. Talk about anything progressive and your ass will be nothing more than a bedroom rapper unless you got some money to put yourself out there. Talk about killing, money and SIMPING and you'll be a rich man overnight...

  • Anonymous

    They both suck and should kill each other

  • Anonymous

    if lupe was white hed be called a racist



  • tokyo tony


  • tryesz

    wow I'm surprised someone even mentioned the prison industrial complex. There are some knowledgeable people out there in the world

  • Anonymous

    bout time. u can always count on lu to keep it g

  • gfds

    Im pretty sure alot these record execs and movie producers invest in private prison stock, then promote music/movies that encourage violence & negativity. I doubt people will read this comment but its sad to see people overlook the "prison industrial complex."

    • pxi12345

      yea, "CCA" is a perfect example of a private company that owns and runs prisons that you can invest. Yep. even judges can invest in them. Makes you question their ethics.

    • BashinEmDown

      oh sht thats that stupid ass judge who was bribed to send kids to jail/detention centers. Fckin sad man! Its amazing that anyone can invest in private prisons, even judges!!!!!!!!!!

    • ZzzMIT

      historical problems such as parchman farms to the systematic destruction of cities that lead to ghettos are major problems that people dont address. I see what you mean but the music and movies are just part of the problem. Yes, its sad no one addresses how private prisons work and how they can be rigged for profit. For example: "Mark Ciavarella"

  • Mortis

    maybe someone will kill chief world a favor...he is shitty

  • Apollo

    A lot of you who are saying that Lupe talks too much about various shit forget one vital thing, he's in an interview where they ask for his opinion and how he feels. Every time Lupe come up in an article voicing his opinion all these internet posers come out the closet and start talking that bullshit as if he's forcing the information down your throat. He's being asked a question as an entertainer and a person, so it's only right that he deliver his honest opinion every time whether you like it or not. what he's saying is right, the whole Keef movement is something that we need to be concerned about, and it's way past the music. ya'll quoting "Pac, Biggie, Ice Cube, NWA" for talking about the same shit as Keef, but you forget they also preached about the injustice in the black community at the same time. from B.I.G you get "warning", "kick in the door", and "hypnotize" but you also get "juicy", "sky's the limit" and "i got a story to tell". quit with the bullshit and grow up.

    • Deezy

      Forreal, lol.. "I got a story to tell" was about robbing a dude because that same guy was getting cheated on and came home. Not exactly positive.

    • Anonymous

      good point, but "i got a story to tell" wasnt bout shit positive lol, good points nonetheless

  • Anonymous

    Stop blaming rap for Americas dirt.

  • Anonymous

    A Chief Keef exists for a reason. The generations before him created him. Now you mad?

  • Really

    Keef, Ross and Wayne aren't the problem. Maybe some of you in here live in crime infested hoods but the majority of blacks are law abiding citizens. Don't try to lump us all in the same box. Fuck you on that. A lot of us blacks are hard working and forward thinking citizens. We've just about had it with the jiggaboos and the sellouts. We can't put our lives on hold waiting for them to get a clue. And to the white folks they got serious problems themselves that need addressing. You seem to think that your hands are clean and somehow you built America all by yourself. Miss me with that bullshit.

  • QBN

    LMAO.. I know this is a running joke for the editors on this site. EVERY week, they run a "Lupe Says" article, which is guaranteed to get tons of hits, and comments/hate. Just change the site name to "LUPE SAYS.."

  • HE'S Right...

    Lupe is right. Chief Keef is wack anyway. That video him talking shit about Wayne.. Dude is a joke. And all these people supporting him. I shake my head at you guys.. If you want real, go listen to Meek Mill. At least he has a head on his shoulders.

    • truth_cutz

      Meek Mill and Keef are the same dude.. There is nothing "real" about him either. Mill is not doing anything positive..Still rapping about drugs, sex and violence. They are all one in the same.



  • Anonymous

    Lupe is right but he's the same nigga who was ridin Lil B's dick, talkin bout he's revolutionary lol. And sayin every kid committin crimes looks like chief keef is stupid to say, cause some dudes who look like chief keef are in college annd actually trying to obtain a degree, and on the news I see jus as many dudes with fresh cuts, fucked up linins, bald,wack ass boosie cuts as there are dudes with locks. Fuck is Lupe tryin to grow dreads for, the nigga not even a rastafarian, his ass lookin like chief keef.

    • SameGuy

      he doesnt mean they look like Keef physically. he is talking about his appearance, dress, demeanor, acts, what he says and does, etc

    • Anonymous

      Chief Keef jus a hard version of lil b, so if he wasnt rappin bout poppin niggas and fightin and gangbangin, and started rappin bout random shit and still had the same lyrical ability lupe would prolly think he's a revolutionary

    • Anonymous

      man lupe wasted like a sentence maybe 2 or 3 ..but c'mon man stop reaching he just shouted out his movement and how he's able to get so many fans..Keef preaches violence and money thats all...lil b basically raps about nothing..he may touch on a few subjects here and there but no can understand him so.....

  • Fuck Chicago

    This guy is talking too much. He needs to be shut down.

  • Anonymous

    lupe is saying everything that needs to be said


    Lupe is the best because he's the only rapper that knows about politics and the only rapper that speaks on real issues. If you think there's other rappers that are doing this, you don't know hip-hop. Lasers was the best album of 2011 and 'Words I Never Said' was the best song. If you disagree, it shows that you don't know hip-hop. It sold 200k first week and because numbers don't lie, it proves why it was so good. Another reason why Lupe is the best is because his new album is all black, it's genius and only Lupe would innovate something so spectacular. Stop hating guys. F&L2 will be the modern day 'Recovery'. Eminem is 2nd best of all time behind Lupe. Let's get Lupe 4x Platinum like Eminem!!!!

    • Anonymous

      retarded dickrider 'if u dont agree with my opinion than you dont know anything about hip hop' going to assume this was a troll post

    • anynomys

      and another thing you think lupe really cares about politics and social causes think again he is nothing but an entertainer who is signed to a major label he makes money talking about that stuff but he never TAKES ACTION lol and its not that he is not a bad rapper either its fans like you that make people hate him talking about he is the ONLY rapper talking about politics ARE YOU CRAZY he is not even hardcore about politics he only touches on certain topics

    • anynomys

      What the F*ck are you talking about there are so many politically conscious rappers out there the Roots,immortal technique,Jedi Mind Tricks etc... you are nothing but a close minded lupe dickrider there are so many better underground artists out there that will BURY lupe go eat a dick

    • Fuck Chicago

      Immortal Technique > This fag.

  • BPSN

    And the niggas who's puttin the drugs out on the streets and causing the murders and roberies aren't goin to give up makin 10k-20k a week or even a day to get a 9-5 makin 7.25 and hr.It's like racism. As hard as everyone in the past has tried to kill off racism, it still exists today

  • BPSN

    This isn't just a black problem. Black people aren't the only ones livin in poverty and growing up ignorant and idolizing chief keef, it's blacks, latinos, and even white people. I've seen jus as many white people in trailer parks drivin around in raggedy ass chevies with 24 inch rims and sounds as I've seen black people. Niggas have no race, niggas are niggas. As long as young people see that they can get record deals and be in videos makin music like waka flocka, it wont stop. As long as record labels signin these little niggas and no lyrical talent havin niggas, the trend wont stop, especially since all you need to blow up is a youtube account.Lupe is 100% correct though. Doesn't mean anything though cause it wont change because of the money involved. Got LKs killin LKs, GDs killin GDs, etc. all because of money and stupid little petty shit. You have rappers like lupe who never was gangbangin, real, intelligent, prolly would never ever even touch a pistol and trying to do somethin positive, then you got young ruthless dummies like chief keef who have trigger fingers. Then you got niggas who are jus rappin about the life they've actually lived or witnessed in a more lyrical, intelligent way, and aren't necessarily promotin the violence, they're just tellin it like it is like freddie gibbs, and even though he talks about a lot of crazy shit, eminem. As long as the media is around though, the violence and ignorance will never stop, cause truthfully if the violence and ignorance stops, alot of people goin to miss out on a lot of money and I doubt the 1% would ever give up their riches and power to make the life of someone they never met better

  • the truth

    a black man speaks on real issues going on right now & the violence in chicago, and niggas are the first to try to discredit him and call him a sucka. ever heard of divide & conquer? it still works and you stupid mother fuckers don't even realize what's going on. wake up.

  • l8ers

    Some thoughts: The music represents a harsh reality but at the same time the glorification of the street life isn't a good thing. Does Gangsta rap sell? Sure but its impact is also very deadly. These kids (especially the black/minorities)see their favorite artists rapping about that lifestyle and they want that. I think every artist is entitled to share their lifestory but at the same time they have to think to themselves, would u want any1 to have to live & face the everyday struggles u did? Or do u want your fellow black man to do better? To find a way out of his situation and move on to a better life. We're killing ourselves in reality & by the lyrics in our music. Now some might say,"Im no role model or hero, I was just telling my story and my life" but in reality, the entertainer or athlete dont determine whether their a role model or not. The fans do. If your selling millions (or thousands) of records, your somebody's role model or atleast a person of influence. It's no secret,alot of Black fathers dont stick around for too long so who do u think these kids are looking up to? The music shapes part of the way they think. If every1 says you gotta smoke weed or have gun or be in a gang to be cool, that's what they're gonna do. Rappers just have to be aware of the messages they display in their music & the messages THEY WANT TO DISPLAY IN THEIR MUSIC. If we did a survey and asked Chief Keefe,Waka, Ross,Wayne & other rappers if they intended for their music to encourage black-on-black violence or degrade women, I think they would say no. They're just rappin about what sells at the moment. Hip-hop tho in some aspects is the voice of black-America(or atleast the young black generation). Rappers have to think how they wanna represent the culture and black-America.



    • truth_cutz

      "MOST IMPORTANTLY HE REPRESENTS OUR TIME" Speak for your got damn self..that dude does not represent what I'm trying to do or what I'm about. He doesn't represent black america...he represent niggas that ain't bout shit. There is a difference.

    • Anonymous

      @YESSIR Dude.... Not everyone lives in the hood day in day out. You sound like the type of guy I see on my way to work hanging out on the corner doing absolutely nothing. Same group doing nothing when I'm on my way home on the same corner. That shit is not the future or the present. You're kind is a lost cause. So please stop acting like Chief is spitting knowledge. I saw that dumb ass video. A bunch of dudes with their pants sagging bird chested as hell in his grandmas house cause he is on house arrest. All I could think was these same clowns will be in jail in a few years or out on the street homeless. Grow the fuck up!

  • Anonymous

    this white boy Lupe hella racist talking about "All Black People look the same"

    • Anonymous

      You dam well he didn't say that..he said all the kids look the same.(hair,clothing,habits)...dam i hate niggas like u...he's tryna do good for society while being active in hiphop while being black...and niggas like you just got to hate ..for what?

    • Really?

      So most young black males nowadays don't look like clones of Lil Wayne or Chief Keef? Lupe didn't make that trend nigga so don't get mad.

  • Sensaye252

    It's true. Nobody wants to say it but rap music is a bad influence on kids. You speak out on it, and people call you a 'hater', and thats the worst epidemic among minorities, the fear of speaking out and how you can so easily become a pariah for doing so. Hip-Hop used to be reality music. Some was positive, some was negative, but there was enough of a balance where the kids were getting a realistic depiction of how shit was. I grew up listening to Wu-Tang, Nas, Big Daddy Kane, NWA, rappers of that ilk. Even though some of their content was violent, the underlying message was always a motivational one, and the music uplifted us and made us stronger and made us proud to be who we were. The music now talks down to the listener, insults the listener, doesn't care about the listener, and yet the listeners for some reason feel like they HAVE to listen to it. I see everybody driving around listening to the same shit and I say to myself 'I know motherfuckers don't really like these weak ass songs this much, they're just afraid to go against the grain and listen to something that's not popular'. But that's part of this new age rap culture, there's no individuality and there's no sense of self-respect or self-worth. Honestly, shit got super ignorant like this when the South took over, just to keep it 100. Peace.

  • Youngindy21

    I respect Lupe Fiasco because he is speaking intelligently about the problems that plague the black community. Anybody that lives in Chicago or goes there a lot like myself knows that Chicago has a ton of crime. Chicago having a lot of crime is nothing new, BUT They said Chicago might even overtake NYC as the city with the most murders. I personally think it has a lot to do with black culture. Any black person that goes to school or works hard gets told that they are acting "White" so a lot of black youth on the Southside don't try as hard to do well and instead resort to gangbanging and other destructive behavior. And any black rapper or politician that brings it up is called Uppity and they ignore him/her. But at the end of the day, It all comes down to parents teaching their children the difference between right and wrong.

    • Anonymous

      @Youngindy21 Sadly that's in most black communities. They get stuck on what they think is cool and look at music like De la Soul or Arrested development and think it's stupid. It really is up to the parents. But some of them act like kids too. So what do we do?

    • BPSN

      You a goofy, New York hasn't even been in the top ten or probably even 15 as far as the murder rate goes since like the 90's. The police cracked down on NYC. Niggas in the chi poppin police and some of them even carry assault rifles. If you look at the crime rate of new york compared to the population, crime isn't even that bad. And neither chicago or NY toppin the murder rate list, detroit, flint, memphis, oakland, st louis,Gary ((i can walk from my crib on the south east side of chicago and be in gary in 10 minutes)). And if you want to count crime in general, ny definitely not as bad as people assume. ny hasnt been on any serious crime shit since like the 80's when crack came out. In the 90s it started to slowly decline

  • Anonymous

    Real Talk From real Nigga

  • South CHI

    It don't really matter, Keef will be murdered shortly.

  • illestmaninnyc

    Lupe is a truth speaker. go listen to Biggies first album,Pac,Nas,Pun,Dre,Snoop,IceCube,Scarface... yes that is G rap... but those artists have social commentary also explaining the downfalls and evils of the negative actions taking place in the hood. some of this new school G rap is just fucking b- movie straight to dvd crap only exploiting the stereotypes with nothing to actually make a juxtaposition to. which is why the new school gobbles the shit up like fast food and waits for the next copy paste rapper to come out. the truth hurts.

  • Anonymous

    This is the realest shit Lupes ever said. Thank God someone called Keef out. But not just him, Wayne, Ross, all those guys feed the violence in the streets.

    • Anonymous

      At least Wayne grew and overcame that shit. But people complain about his change EVEN when its for the positive ! Wayne NO LONGER feeds violence. He did rap about the negative but THEN AGAIN WHO HASNT ?!

    • The Fresh Fest


  • X

    Intelligent people understand what is going on. Dumb nigras are like whatever. Because they think that is how black folks are supposed to live, making babies, collecting a welfare check and being on drugs/ in prison. Black folks need to continue to disassociate themselves from the nigras as much as possible.

    • The Fresh Fest

      DAYUM I AGREE!!! All my nigra folks are getting dropped from my facebook page and deleted from my phoen tonight! #ignorancegottadie.

  • The Fresh Fest

    He's saying the stuff I've been saying for years, Black folks get more and more ignorant as each day passes. We want to glorify "the life"-stick by a no snitch policy until your mother is killed in the street like a dog, then you want everybody to speak up and we applaud this ignorance. Here in Detroit, folks are walking around like dumbass zombies, no jobs, highschool (or middleschool) drop outs, selling weed at every corner gas station... It's like these dudes have their minds made up that they are going to be failures in their life. rather smoke weed, listen to ignorant music and be in the hood. What people fail to see is fast forward 10 years-where are you? Do you own anything? A house? 401k? Stock options? College degree? Highschool diploma? Insurance?---naw man, these dudes are content to sit on the corner with a bag of weed and waste away. Sad.... oh--SWAG!

    • aks

      Has that org, the 500 effected any kind of change out there. I was listenin to their stories and the shit was nothin less than horrific. Grandmothers gettin raped by teenagers type shit man. That is satanic. Yea... thats that shit that I DONT LIKE..

  • Anonymous

    Nice to hear him speak out, but I'd rather he drop a remix of the song calling it out like he did to Ross' BMF. Then again, there has been a deluge of Lupe songs as of late... Who am I kidding, more Lupe is a good thing. FnF UP, Lasers!

    • Anonymous

      The less Lupe the better. Dude is a clown with a big mouth. He needs to STFU and learn that he isn't that great.

  • True

    He has a good point, but when that's what people see, people such as Keef will rap about that because they're minds are stuck in the gutter and that's all they know. Sadly.

  • Oaklands Own

    I agree with Lupe 100%. He's right on point with whats happening. Chicago is a war-zone right now. And its nothing but Kids killing Kids.... And to then celebrate music about kids killing kids is just self destructive.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Lupe..Chicago is becoming the new Compton...You can't even go to a nice area of Chicago without seeing project niggas posted up trying to holla at everything that passes them..and if their boyfriend/husband is there and he don't like they will jump his ass..There is no escaping them niggas at all so if you not in Chicago don't live there or go there...



  • Anonymous

    If you don't understand what Lupe is trying to say, you're just as dumb as these kids killing each other. I'm from DC and I see that shit every where I go.

    • LemonDC

      I'm in DC myself and the area isn't as bad as Chicago or as dangerous as the 80's-90's crack era but it still isn't a safe area either. Murders still happen daily, dead bodies are discovered all over the DMV often. And just like what I've seen in Chicago, Oakland, Atlanta, Birmingham, New Orleans and Memphis the main guys doing the black on black killings look like Chief Keef.

    • Ayre

      I'm from DC as well Champ, but I don't ever remember reading about 30 people shot in 30 minutes like in Chicago, and that was during the Crack era here when it was the murder capital.

  • Anonymous

    He's right quit promoting this bullshit. People getting killed over nothing here in chicago. These bloggers thinks its fun and games until their helmet gets blown off for looking at someone a half second to long..

  • Alex

    Nigga you look like cheif kief wit that new hair do so wtf does that mean - your message is right, but you suck at trying to make it clear

  • Ayre

    Whether you hate what Lupe said or not, the message is clear: WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ignorance begets more ignorance, the labels give these niggas metaphorical bullhorns to spew this shit to undeveloped minds. They don't care as long as they get $.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    its like our generation is blind...they use the word hate when a dude is speaking WISDOM and are you stupid ?? are you really THAT ignorant to the real ??...smh i pity my generation its really really sad, and i look up to people like lupe, he's a POSITIVE ROLE MODEL and he's SMART, all you other niggas need to wake the fuck up and quit thinking you're "About that life"

  • Listen simple monkeys

    Once again he is being asked these questions and answering with honesty... He is not trying to be on some preaching shit... Not his fault he is asked some dumb questions, and has to reply with honesty and facts. He ain't your simple "NIGGA"

  • fcvs

    tired of this guy thinking he is albert einstein stick to rap and shut the fuck up

  • Anonymous

    Niggers vs Black People Keef is the former.

  • Anonymous

    Keef represents the IAMIGNORANT era...

  • avallejo86

    Damn. 1 man has an opinion and people are hatin on him like he is spittin' facts. Get over it. Besides. Chief Keef and Lupe almost look alike anyways.

    • Naaman

      He's also older that Keef's Target Demographic 16-20 (i'd really say). Whether they look like Keef or not doesn't matter. He really meant their social economic class and that their black in general makes Keef's message dangerous...

  • Anonymous

    lol lupe is a bitch thinks he has to control everything what a fuckboy just let the niggas in the CHI do what they want not everything has to be serious smh fuck lupe

    • Max

      Oh yea, it's such a great idea to remain silent while almost 30 BLACK people die a day in the CHI..... yea just sit there quiet, it's all good. That's pu$$y talk.

  • Slruim

    As far as I'm concerned the lyrical content in Chief Keef's music (hate, materialism, violence, misogynism, drug/alchoho, ect.) and the Notorious B.I.G's lyrical content from his first album is the same. If Lupe is so concerned with this issue he should lash out against Eminem too, for his misogynistic lyrics and subject matter. Or better yet, Lupe should stop rapping and just preach about this kind of stuff. While the music may slightly fuel the tragedies happening all over the country, it all stems from greater socioeconomic issues that are harder to get the bottom to. Lupe talks alot.

  • doja

    This is the same dude that doesn't vote, right? Because music has a bigger impact on crime/poverty/violence/drugs than voting, right Lupe?

  • Plan B

    OK Lupe here's what you do: Call Keef and ask him if he would go to Chicago with you and speak to the kids. Not rap but do a town hall meeting. THEN pressure Interscope to build community centers in every hood of the rappers they sign as part of the contracts. Next the music, only record labels can stop allowing self destructive lyrics but then that attacks free speech. So you must attack source of the pain and the lyrics will clean up over time.

    • Anonymous

      because everyone knows that if keef did that it wouldnt be genuine and the same ignorant niggas who are saying Lupe is wrong right now are going to be the same niggas that say chief keef is a fraud now lupe has keef's party and his label coming at its more effective to just say that what keef stands for is wrong its not singling him out.

    • Chief Beef

      Yeeah...why do he ask me?

  • Anonymous

    hes 100% right, same way i feel about keef

  • Wow

    And this is the same guy who said Lil B was a revolutionary.


      That's what I'm saying. I'm a Lupe fan, but his need to "speak on mad shit" gets tiring after a certain point. Really, nigga needs to pipe the fuck down every once in a while... Wait, I got a better idea: come out with an album, and then you can go back to talking your shit... Dude's actin' like he's KRS or some shit...His fucking quote didn't even make sense in this article, it just sounded like he was talking shit to talk shit... Whatever...

  • Anonymous

    chief keef is one hit wonda.

  • Anonymous

    I see a company like INTERSCOPE taking advantage of a 16 yr old kid. Period. Why crack on the kid, the adults behind the money are the enablers.

  • realtalk82

    Man Lupe is that dude. He's smart can rap about non typical subject matter, he keeps me interested...but he always reminds me of Prop Joe from The Wire whenever I see. H'es his little skinnier brother or his son! Lol! he makes valid points though.

  • Da Civilizator

    Civilize an 85er!

  • Ephraze

    First and foremost, Lupe should've addressed that Chief Keef and majority of the "New Chi" movement is wack as hell. Second of all, Keef's content is so one dimensional and is too focused on violence and clothes. I see all these youngins wanna-be-thugs and they don't even know what they're getting themselves into. If anyone thinks that chief Keef is going to even sell $100k units, they're mistaken.

  • Anonymous

    Look all you cats defending Lupe, NOBODY said he was wrong about what's going on in the streets. But cats like Lupe are a dime a dozen, talk, talk, talk, talk. You can't be part of the machine and then crack on products of the machine. These problems go beyond Rap. Rap is just a byproduct of hood life. It's an outlet, always has been. You people think a Chief Keef was raised right? He wasn't. And neither was his parents. It's a vicious cycle that goes way back. America projects the image of money over everything and thus the kids follow suite. ESPECIALLY the hood kids who see all kinds of horrendous shit before the age of 10. They are not in their right minds. But why does corporate America get a pass on their bullshit?

    • Nayman

      Then there's a reason to defend Lupe from the ignorant masses. Most of such do not know how corporations work. Also corporations tend to be untouchable by the individual and Lupe sought to make the group aware in-order to possibly facilitate discussion and thought among the group. From that possibly comes change.

    • jay415

      simple supply and demand, we buy it so they push it. same reason hip hop has no substance. lil wayne sells 4 million copies while people like Lupe sells 400K

  • kayaman

    Lupe looks like Chief Keef rockin the same hair style jamie foxx did in bootycall

  • Anonymous

    This sounds like a stupid Republican argument.

    • jay415

      he does not sound like a republican, he sounds like social commentator. he is pointing out the major flaws in our community and not saying chief keef is the blame but saying how we were raised is. and it is all of our responsibility to change that and not just enable it. the culture he represents is a product of our failures.

  • Brandon

    As most people do when they get older they notice things and think about how things became the way they are... Its just apart of life. This man "Lupe" Has been able to notice what he doesn't like about older generations passing down aggression in an already desperate community to younger generations, mind you he was making an example of a 16 year old new comer ... The culture he is talking about happens all over like he said New Orleans, NY, I've notice it In DC etc etc.. If we don't like how things are turning out, then we need to hold ourselves responsible... No need to point fingers what can I do if I don't like what I see... What will you do if you don't like what you see.

  • Mu

    OK, here's the thing. Trapping', gun violence, gang culture, killing, materialism, etc. are all real and exist in the hood so for that reason alone, we can't say that these issues shouldn't be discussed in hip-hop, BUT.. there is no artistic value in just saying "trap, trap, bang, bang, murder, murder" over a trap beat. Even though some hip-hop fans (I'm assuming a lot of the 21 and under kids) have tried to shit on Jay-Z late in his career, he was one of the first to show that street culture could be expressed in an artistic way on Reasonable Doubt and other albums. Rappers have to be able to get listeners into the mind of the hood dudes that do this shit. You can't just talk about shooting niggas, having a lot of money from trappin, the glamourous lifestyle and the women without also discussing "D'Evils" of the streets and the reasons behind those actions. When you only glorify the most extreme aspects of street life, you reduce the music and music videos to a modern day minstrel show. If you think that analogy is out of line, ask yourself this question: what were minstrel shows? They were exaggerated representations of the WORST stereotypes about black people at the time (mostly for the amusement of white people). Today, the watermelon, exaggerated smiles and dancing, and blackface has been replaced by big chains, face tattoos, and video vixens. The audience has remained the same (white people are by far the biggest consumers of hip-hop music in America). Lupe has good reason to be "scared" about what Chief Keef represents.

    • Tobirachi

      Wow, that is 100% true. I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't know what he's talking about.

    • Anonymous

      Rappers don't come from planet rap dude. They don't all have the same knowledge. They speak what they know. Right or wrong. When the adults act right they'll act right.

  • SameO

    Blah-Blah-Blah. Yawl don't want rappers flipping the script. Wayne starts skating and has a skating line- You get mad. Jay-Z owns businesses and does philanthropy work and employees folks- You get mad. Will I am is working with NASA- You get mad. Drake speaks on love and relationships- You get mad. KRS One, Mos Def, PE- talk politics- You don't care. Master P- Has a host of clean material and kid networking- You don't care. Russel Simmons- Big philanthropist, self-made- You don't care Rick Ross- Giving multiple underground artist REAL shots at success and stays out of trouble- You get mad Ice T, Ice Cube, Will Smith, LL Cool J, Marky Mark are all movie stars and business owners- But yawl still say rappers are dumb. Lupe you have had MULTIPLE chances at doing great things and still do but you like a lot of boo hood focus on the negative. You give energy to the negative by NOT offering an effective counter weight. Not everybody is in your space or have the same origins. Maybe they need you to talk to them and not at them. In other words LEARN how to communicate more effectively.

  • Anonymous

    And once again he is being asked these questions and answering with honesty... He is not trying to be on some preaching shit...

  • MMG Uncut

    Is there a topic that Lupe hasn't touched? I mean- every week it's like "Lupe said/Lupe disagrees/Lupe denies/Lupe disrespects/Lupe condones/Lupe fears". Come on hhdx, you can do better than that.

  • yeaaahh

    You people are idiots for calling Lupe a hater because of his opinions/views, but you'll comment on this site all day long and pretty much say the same things he does.. I guess it's cool for you to say it but not another rapper, huh? I'm glad rappers like Lupe and Hopsin call out the bullshit instead of cosigning it like others..

  • Whipsta article of a rapper actually saying something specific and of substance/thought and all the ignorant comments come out the woodwork. I could care less for Lupe's music but he's actually saying something and all the ignorant knuckleheads all go off like he dissed their Mom's. Nice way of exposing yourselves.

  • Anonymous

    Grow some balls like King and X and get your ass out there and preach Lupe. Put the music on the shelf and get out in the community. You know like the so called "terrorist" Obama did when he was your age. GET IN THEM STREETS and WORK!

  • Trayvon Martin

    If I was still alive I'd be listening to the three best rappers in the world: Rick Ross, 2 Chainz & Chief Keef.

  • Anonymous

    HERE WE GO...Lupe man, just make your music and STOP COMPLAINING! Damn! None of these cats you speak on say shit about you but you think you can crack on them and expect people to like your shit just because. Respect is earned.

    • Anonymous

      Its called an opinion that happens to be a fact! Let Lupe be....

    • Skoolz da Teacha

      Dud this is beyond music. I don't want this to read as a personal attack on you or other like minded individuals but we all want to see violence decline and for kids to have a chance to survive 10weeks of summer. He is right about the extent that kids are impressionable, at the very least this is the implication. We need more real men, individuals that have a voice in the community that is revered, to speak out against violence and ignorant. Lupe is becoming one of those dudes we need in the culture to counter balance ignorant forces within it.

  • milehighkid303

    MUCH respect to Lupe, I LOVE my "gangster" music, Scarface, 50, DMX, Pac, Mobb Deep, LOX, etc. BUT I'm also old enough NOT to glorify or REALLY TAKE HEED to the "stories" or rather "fabrications" some of these dudes spit. Lupe will get another purchase from me cause LIKE TALIB KWELI HE SPEAKS TO KIDS, WOMEN, MEN, WHITES, BLACKS, MEXICANS, ALL OF US UNDER GOD dude writes for, not too many like Lupe and he not even my favorite. Bless ya Lupe for bein true.

  • VS

    I hope Keef gets it into his ignorant head to diss Lupe and gets ANNIHILATED!

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Lupe is usually saying some ill ignorant shit when it comes to politics but he is on point with this one. Chief Keef definitely has the hardest and most gangster music out right now though lol.


    Finally somebody in hip hop industry who actually CARE about things and is not scared to open his mouth and say his opinion. And is not the stupid opinion like "He is wack, I'm the best" or fucking twitter beefs. Lupe clearly doesn't do it for attention, he has all attention he has and need as a rapper. Now he tries to etablish himself as a voice of people who are smarter than some killing-talk-ass-rapper, as the voice of the FUTURE, we need more people like Lupe, hip hop needs to grow up finally. Don't get me wrong, for example, I respect NWA, I even respect Chief Keef as an artist (but that doesn't mean I'm fan of his records, actually, his songs are "this that shit I don't like"), it's all about art and violence themed songs was and still is part of hip hop. I like it as long as it is made-up, as long as it is just a fiction. That's why the people like Rick Ross is okay to me, I don't listen him, but I like him because all that drug shit he raps about is not real, just fiction. So there is not another dumbass drug dealer rapper who destroys thousands of lives by selling drugs. "I think that all the silence is worse than all the violence Fear is such a weak emotion, that's why I despise it We scared of almost everything, afraid to even tell the truth So scared of what you think of me, I'm scared of even telling you" yes, maybe Lasers is not as good as his previous work, but he made a point in that song as always

  • CJH120

    Lupe needs to stop hating on "97% of hip-hop" and "Chief Keef" and whatever or whoever else and maybe make some music that's relevant. Put your money where your mouth is.

  • Anonymous

    Chief Queef makes Bill Cosby proud.

  • Anonymous



      You mean you don't like him "complaining" about the glorfication of drugs and guns in the hood. You'd prefer murder and incarceraton rates rise? Keeping us fucked up and impoverished? SMH if your from the hood n fuck you if your not!

  • Anonymous

    I believe this is the real reason Dre wont put out an album....he's too grown to keep talking all tha madness. You cant help but feel guilty after a while. Does hip hop create the environment-no. but if you live in the hood, surrounded by violence, then you listen to nothing but violent music, of course its gonna help guide ur actions & influence ur decision making if ur 19 or younger. Only a fool would deny that.

  • Ice Cube

    Violence in Hip-Hop lyrics didn't start with Keef. If you're going to be mad at someone go at Ice Cube, Ice-T, 2Pac, Biggie, Big L, etc, etc, etc... Keef is an easy target, but he's just carrying on tradition.

    • Anonymous

      co-sign @horrible915

    • OUCH!

      @Ice Cube. so you say we should be mad at you? alright

    • cano

      tradidtion look what happened to pac, biggie, and big l.....that tradidition needs to stop.

    • RDCJ

      Lupe is talking about something very specific not about violence in hip hop music. He's talking about his hood and a very specific type of gang movement that is going on in Chicago. Keef represents that like any other hiphop artist represent the place they come from. It's the mentality of the youth that is involved in gangs in that part of the country that worry's him.

    • horrible915

      that maybe right cube, however...lupe ain't from LA, or Harlem etc. Like he said he's talking about where he stay. There has to come a point where we stop saying so and so is doing it why you mad at me, tell them something too and start saying this is bullshit. This is wrong. This isn't all we are. This isn't what we represent. This isn't what I represent. This isn't what I am. Instead of steadily making excuses. Watch Chicago my block with Lupe and then watch him and Sway watch that shit five years later and see dude cry because his homies are dead. Not in jail. Not moved away. Not in the military serving over seas. Fucking dead. I miss my dudes who ain't here and seeing their kids bugs the shit out of me because their daddy dead. Quit glamorizing this bullshit people.

    • Anonymous

      hes talking about the young generation of Chicago you dumb fuck, not in general.

  • Anonymous

    Chief Keef is helping destroy black people but his very young and stupid and is just copying what he has seen and heard

  • Anonymous

    this nigga lupe fiasco needs to just die. hate this nigga

    • Anonymous

      lupe fiasco is a bitch nigga. nigga be a popstar lmao rap is about killing peoiple and fucking sluts if u dont like it get the fuck out u bitch niggaaaaaaaaaas! meek milly all day.

    • ha..

      im sure youll die first if hes the person he speaks of..

    • Anonymous

      Why dont you show him how to do it correctly. Go Kill youself

    • ETK

      STFU, he's making a good point and you know it. What was even the point of posting that? No one give a fuck who gets under your skin, at least say why you don't like him or why you disagree with him... comin out here like the fuckin Grouchy Smurf

  • OUCH!

    Chief Keef responded: Lupe FIasco? I DONT LIKE!

  • Bobbert

    I think that the feelings in art should be more selective and that at least the artist should be responsible to try to perpetuate the feelings which he feels will be most benificial or those feelings which will most contribute to a better world.



  • Preach this NOW...

    Preach. I remember the movement to ban hiphop in the past, it will return one day soon. We must fight for clarity. Death metal, pop rock, and country aren't viewed as the same genre, so why must hiphop, trap, and R&B viewed as the same? Is anything must be banned, it's the Trap music. Let's get the facts straight before the battle begins.

    • LV

      its bigger than hip hop, its freedom of speech. you can say whatever you please. it would be unconstitutional and illegal to ban somebody from speaking freely, and it will never happen, so no argument required. if you can make movies about drugs violence and sex, you can make music about it.

    • Dwayne

      I disagree with both of you, its all hip hop...crunk, trap, lyrical,club, whatever ...its all hip hop whether you like it, listen to it, or despise it you have to accept it, because once u ban one genre of hip hop whats to stop banning all genres of hip hop and eventually hip hop itself


      *if anything must be banned, it's Trap music. Trap is NOT hiphop, it is in its own genre. BAN TRAP, not rap.

  • Bang Bang

    Lupe is an attention whore.

    • LV

      no... hes pretty much an attention whore, whether you like him as an artist or not. maybe not in this scenario, but he is and always has been a whore for people caring what he has to say. and food and liquor is one of my favorite albums ever.

    • Anonymous

      you're ignorant as fuck.

  • More BASED then BASED

    Lupe the SAVIOR!

  • steve

    Holy shit, I swear to ya'll I said this exact thing to my friend yesterday! And I even used Cheef Queef as an example

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