Ruffhouse Records Releases Statement Addressing Beanie Sigel's Arrest

UPDATE: Beanie Sigel's label stands by their flagship artist was arrested just two weeks before he was due behind bars for an unrelated conviction.

Beanie Sigel was arrested earlier this morning following a traffic stop on Interstate 95 in Delaware County in Pennsylvania.

According to ABC Local, the former Roc-A-Fella rapper was stopped around 3:15 a.m. after State Troopers noticed a tan Ford Fusion swerving out of its lane and tailgating another car. The Troopers pulled the car over and ordered the driver, Gerald Andrews, out of the vehicle. A check for weapons turned up several prescription bottles and a small amount of marijuana.

Meanwhile, Sigel was sitting in the passenger seat. Troopers performed a search on him and found $4,650 in cash, a bottle of codeine syrup with a scratched off label and several prescription pills wrapped in plastic bags located in a cigarette pack.

During the search, Troopers also found a firearm in the center console. Both Sigel and Andrews are convicted felons and are not permitted to carry any guns.

Both men were detained and brought to Pennsylvania State Police barracks in Media to be processed and arraigned.

Sigel is scheduled to serve two years in prison for failing to pay more than $728,000 in federal income taxes since 1999. He will report to jail on September 12th.

UPDATE: Ruffhouse Records, which released Beanie Sigel's This Time yesterday, has issued a statement regarding his arrest earlier today. "Obviously, we’re very disappointed,” said Chris Schwartz, CEO of Ruffhouse Records. “However, Beanie has done nothing but display the utmost professionalism in all the initiatives related to the promotion of his new release. Beanie obviously has been struggling with some personal issues, and we continue to support him now and throughout his impending incarceration.”

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  • Anonymous

    where is your pride at beans, do you really want to the world to see you like this. i dont understand him and lot poor blacks. i meant one nigga once that told he got throw of the basketball team and after that he started smoking crack. shaking my head you give up that easy. i have no family and no friends and i'm too proud to get hooked on drugs. i wonder why aint he.



  • Anonymous

    Like someone just said this is why Jay don't fuck with this dude he's just reckless not smart at all. You know your situation and yet u gonna b riding dirty yea that's brilliant. How you suppose to help someone that seem like he don't give a fuck about life he's gonna b in and out of jail for the rest of his life cus he never learn. Don't get me wrong beans is my dude i just want some good music from him and yet he do this dumb shit. I'm just tired of this shit to b honest. I thought he was finally gonna get it together make some good music and keep it moving but nah he wanna b in the streets for the rest of his life. Funny thing is niggas think that shit is cool that shit ain't cool you can't do the same shit forever and if u do b smart about it. Oh well gonna listen to this "This Time" album since it's prolly gonna b his last album knowing him when he get out he gonna go right back in for doing something dumb.

  • Eric

    And now y'all see why Jay don't fool with this cat,in my Joe Budden voice YOU CAN BE ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD THAT YOU WANT TO BE,BUT YOU'LL NEVER BE MY DOWNFALL

  • Big Dan

    I read that last interview a week or so ago where dude was talking like he'd figured some things out and I posted that I was skeptical. Ghetto mofos just always know how to talk slick. You've got some problems and you riding like that. And even if that gun wasn't yours, why you even close to it? Jeez!! Dumb ass. Hopefully, your boy can claim the gun and the other charges you can get to serve out your time while doing the tax time. beans you really useless. You've probably blown through all your bread and your career is over. You won't sell enough to see royalties, especially since your new label is probably footing some legal beans. You dumb dude. Why can't you stay in your freaking crib and get as high as you want if you can't stay away from the nonsense?

  • OUCH!

    i smell....promotion? free promotion?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, many of these guys are getting high, going to jail and messing up their lives just so some little punk like you can buy music.

  • chillthrills


  • MMG Uncut

    Ross is the real Black Jesus. He can pull a Suge Knight on Sigel and save his career with bail money.

  • bigdummy

    to be honest i dont want to hear him on records no more. what can he tell me other than some bullshit thats going have me going in and out of prison. no thanks beans i dont hear nothing you got to say.

    • Anonymous

      I understand where you're coming from but watch that, you're not perfect. Your job, girl, or judge may not want to hear what you have to say.

    • fo sho

      I agree Bigdummy. youre right. That goes for a lot of these idiots making music. their words are just rhetoric bullshit

    • Anonymous

      If something an entertainer tells you is enough to get you into trouble, your an idiot and have bigger problems then music. Even if your a kid, I grew up in the Gangsta rap era and the only arrests I ever had was a speeding ticket, I guess we can blame that one on "The Fast & the Furious" People who blame the entertainment business for the choices they make in life should all commit ritualistic group suicide ASAP

  • chicago niggaaaaaa

    sigel my nigga....but he's a fkn IDIOT!!!

  • Anonymous

    i cant help but laugh. beanie looks like he been on drugs since he was two minutes old he he looks like walking piece of shit. there are no words for this type bullshit. gangsta rap keep you real nigga your plain stupid.

  • milehighkid303

    WE ALL NEED HIM, but the kid Beans NEEDS to give his heart TO GOD and find peace and clarity, I feel HELLA bad for homie, dude had SO MUCH potential that has just seemingly fell to pieces. Hope Beans can find the Man Upstairs. Like that song on his latest album "Prayer" homie needs to have that on play right now.....

  • George Zimmerman

    I wish I could have been the one to pull him over.

  • Ray X

    dumbshit! sad, but he fucked his own career up with dumb ass choices@ the wrong times... will there even be a fan base for him to capture, after two years in the bing ? Now add this new case to the mix... amazing :(

  • Ray X

    dumbshit! sad, but he fucked his own career up with dumb ass choices@ the wrong times... will there even be a fan base for him to capture, after two years in the bing ? Now add this new case to the mix... amazing :9(

  • The_Observer

    Beanie Sigel the new DMX

  • Anonymous


  • Pirate7X

    No sympathy at all fam? It's obvious Beans is an addict with monumental challenges but some of y'all haters still throw dirt. Shouts to Sco, Ghost & Mu for being adults. It's true cats get loaded before a long bid (no excuse) and Beans needs to turn his life around. Stay strong Sigel and net thugs step off.

  • Stop racial profiling!

    i bet it was a racial profiling i know that.

    • Big Dan

      ..and we really need to think about our use of the term racial profiling. When we let them catch us like that, can we complain? If every time they stopped us, they found nothing, most of them would get tired of it. We, well Beans needs to stop!

    • negro please

      Racially profiling a Ford Fusion c'mon son. Swerving sure had to do something with it first. Plus if you gonna drive fucked up don't have shit like that on you, and vice versa.

  • Anonymous

    Beanie Sigel got the ugliest nose I've ever seen, this pic of him makes him look like an ugly homeless fat ass Oscar the grouch who just got kicked out of his Garbage can because he couldn't afford to pay for rent.

  • The Critic

    Beanie Sigel just needs to fucking retire already. His whole career has been Garbage. I've never seen him on TV since the fallout he had with Jay-z. His raps are starting to get lazy & he's not legendary material any more like he used to be.

  • Anonymous

    Why in the hell were they checking for weapons?

    • j-yo

      Its a quick search of the vehicle for weapons I believe its called a terry search, they have the right to do that when a person is looking suspicious...

  • Anonymous

    Dang,you can't even start a "Free Beans" campaing with that dumb shit unless you're giving away "Free Beans".

  • Sco*

    niggas abuse drugs when they have to turn themselves in for a bid, not saying its "cool" or morally responsible, but it happens more than you not making excuses in any way, but that is the reality of the situation....the judge tells you, you have to sit down for two years beginning on a certain date, and you get hella loaded up until that date....Niggas live like that forreal, just trying to numb the pain of the sentence.....Not promoting or even defending it, just providing the science behind his reasoning...#beenthere

  • J-Yo

    these ppl r dumb, you would think they would know the law a little better, siegel should go talk to a lawyer....They did a terry search n found drugs, giving them the right to do a thorough search of the vehicle. Had they had everything i the glove compartment, locked, they would have been STR8888 bcuz a kerry search only allos a brief search of the vehicle for everything thats in plain sight....#justsayin

  • Stacy Dash

    It's a wrap for beans.

  • BroadStreet Bully

    "Nuff Said" loves this bum!

  • The Fresh Fest

    Ignorance stikes again!! I'm sure "GQ" & "Nuff said" applaud Beanie for being a loyal addict.

  • Anonymous

    This dude stays losing.

  • raplhy q

    is he not the stupidest motherfucker ever?

  • BLT

    Jay-Z stays settin' this guy up, man...Cut him some slack Joe Camel, you already screwed with him enough...

  • Anonymous

    RIP Beanie Sigel been high for months trying forget all the missed opportunities...come home as DWIGHT and move out of P A...peace...

  • the ghost what up

    sigel is just to gangster for all this rap shit one the few whos lived what he raps its a fuckin shame he cant sort his shit out cause hes one the best mc's around

    • The Fresh Fest

      You don't know what dude is living, he got caught with some dope; that's it,-does that make him gangsta? Maybe it makes him gangsta that he failed to pay taxes, or failed to pay child support, or went to the clink a few times or can't keep his business right or is a habitual failure who can't get right. Is he gangsta for that? You're dumber than I 1st thought.

    • the ghost what up

      co-sign @Mu fresh fest try reading a comment before you start talking shit and he says im the ignorant one?

    • Mu

      @The Fresh Fest - Way to spin someone's words just to be hater. He was just saying that Beans isn't a fraud and he's really been about that street life. He wasn't condoning it or praising it. It just is what it is...

    • The Fresh Fest

      Are you serious? Does it make you a better person if you live out your music in real time? Is that what you enjoy? Does that make you better about YOUR life? Dayum. Ignorance always wins.

  • anon

    Jayz put the curseon beans

    • Anonymous

      Cut that shit out. If Beans was doing what he was supposed to back in the day he would be ok. Those years he didn't pay taxes was when his ass was in jail. HE should have had accountants. He seemed to have good lawyers. Why not have both? He has done his self in. His ignorance and bs fucked him up. Jay tried to give him another shot in 2007 and he fucked that up from acting stupid and hood.

  • justin case

    One day after Beans salutes Life is Good this happens. Damn,

    • Anonymous

      jay vs nas jokes in 2012 = youre a faggot

    • justin case

      Did you not see the "lol" at the end of my comment? Of course Jay had nothing to do with it. It was a joke. Beans brought this all on himself, which is why he deserves all the clowning and jokes he gets.

    • Anonymous

      Jay Z was at Nas' album release party and they are good friends. What are you talking about and where does Beans getting high somewhere have to do with it? That's right, shut up punk.

    • Anonymous

      Cut that shit out. If Beans was doing what he was supposed to back in the day he would be ok. Those years he didn't pay taxes was when his ass was in jail. HE should have had accountants. He seemed to have good lawyers. Why not have both? He has done his self in. His ignorance and bs fucked him up. Jay tried to give him another shot in 2007 and he fucked that up from acting stupid and hood. Jay and Nas are cool or do you not follow that?

  • Jaymauri

    I think been so gansta is not good after all, every one is doing money in a different way and Beanie Sigel want to still been hood, yo the hood is getting you in trouble grow up....

  • Anonymous

    what a fool. then he wonders why Jay-Z left him

    • BLT

      Get of Jay-Z's nuts, yo...he sold everybody out and everyone else is scrambling now, coincidence? I think not...

  • hek718

    when keeping it real goes wrong

  • Ayre

    "Sigel is scheduled to serve two years in prison" Make it five now.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO...This nigga can't get out of his own way.

  • Anonymous

    LEANie sigel, amiright???


    Beans needs to look in the mirror and stop crying about Jay did him wrong, Dash did him wrong, etc. The only one doing Beanie wrong is Beans himself. He made bad choices and now he's going to have to deal with them period.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like B.G. all over again.

  • Anonymous

    He stays losing... what a bum.

  • BONE

    Well, there's the Mac-N-Brad & the Kiss The Mac albums. Damn Beans, I just watched the WorldStar HipHop interview and maybe your Al Capone comments jinxed you. Keep your head up man and figure things out.

  • Reporter

    Hey, guys, just a heads up: You know this is pretty much the worst kind of news gathering, right? You guys rip the whole story and provide a small link once, giving readers no reason to check the real reporting done by the person who worked hard for this story. Love the audio section of the site. Hate the way you guys rip off other media.

  • Anonymous

    DUMB DUMB DUMB. Sigel is over. Add another 3-9 to his bid smh

  • Anonymous

    Ha Ha pretty smart guy

  • Sensaye252

    Listen man...I know the police are cocksuckers and they specifically target niggas to try to ruin their life. But with that being known, you should at least TRY to stay out of the way of the police. If you're a convicted felon, think twice about riding dirty like that. If you think twice about it, and you still think it's a good idea, then you get what you get. I feel bad for anyone who's going to jail, because I know how bad it is in jail. But at some point you got smarten up and play the game, for your kids sake and for your own sake.

    • God

      Here's another idea, you Baboon. How bout not riding dirty and not fucking up your life? You backwords ass people deserve to get George Zimmerman'd sometimes

  • Anonymous

    And people wonder why Jigga doesn't want this self destructive loser around him. Beans is dope but he's also a FUCKING IDIOT

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^ Sorry if my common sense bothered you, quit getting offended on other peoples behalf and throwing insults at people you've never met, nobody is impressed

    • Anonymous

      neither of you are in any position to speak on jay's behalf. i hate when niggas take one incident and try to misuse it as a confirmation for one of their own theories on some "no wonder" shit. shut the fuck up you self aggrandized blogger faggots. you dont know anyone. all you have is an internet connection.

    • Anonymous

      Yup I was thinking the same shit. Hov couldn't have someone like that around him anymore.

  • B.Dot

    Save this man from himself

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