Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's Bizzy Bone Addresses Drug Rumors, Blasts MediaTakeOut

Bizzy Bone, of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, says the group is "happy" and "paid" before blasting MediaTakeOut regarding drug rumors.

This year's Rock the Bells festival has reunited Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. As part of this reunion, the group recently participated in an interview to discuss the festival and more. In that interview, Bizzy Bone made it a point to address the current state of the group and the drug rumors he's heard.

"We happy," Bizzy shared on the group. "We paid. 18,000 people, 30,000 people. The kids is eatin'." As he continued, Bizzy explained that his personal life is also in a better place. 

"I'm off probation, along with child support. I'm smokin' weed. Nigga, I'm doin' it big. I'm havin' fun! I ain't even drinkin'. I'm just hash and weed." 

However, he also paused to blast MediaTakeOut for a post saying he might be on mollys and bath salt.  

"I'd like to give a special shout out to Media Takeout. You knockin' my money. You makin' me miss money saying I'm on the molly. But I'm gonna come talk to you about it. 

The full interview with Wild 94.9 can be seen below. 

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  • Anonymous

    lol what's he going to do? beat them up?

  • Anonymous

    their places in hip hop history is already solidified. E. 1999 Eternal is a (dare i say) flawless masterpiece and they recorded songs with 2pac, Biggie and Eazy, three of the most important legends in rap. i could honestly care less with what they come out with now, because we'll always have E. 1999, Creepin On Ah Come up and BTNH Resurrection

  • Fuck Cleveland

    That nicca Wish's ugly as shit

  • Anonymous

    cool interviwe and fuck media take out.

  • Anonymous

    Its bizzy but we get it. Watch how Krayzie looks at bizzy as bizzy speaks. Like he hopes bizzy does not give away the fact they just smoked CRACK. LOL, Damn shame but they still one of the best rap groups ever.

    • Big Dan

      :) Yeah, Krayzie was not looking right. See how him and Bizzy got that wide eyed look. Amazing. Wish Bone got a 10 year bid behind him and he's looking the most normal. Dude looks calm and happy. Well they all look calm, but it looks like they got help to look calm. Glad to see they could get together though, after the nonsense with Krayzie. Hope they survive, stay successful and keep enough to last them and their kids.

  • Oh Boy

    Got damn bizzie is smoked the fk out. Well that's what Rap Stars Do, Smoke Crack.

  • Oh Boy

    These niggas are on crack. Eye's wide open damn. Real nigs know smokers when we see em.

  • Anonymous

    Nigga don't even remember this interview...pahahahaha...fuckin' loser!!!!!

  • trooth

    watching these dudes reminds me of when the rap game was real. pac, big, bone, wu...

  • Anonymous

    I'll always be a fan of these dudes, but that boy does look super geeked in the interview the article is referencing......I used pop a bean or two so i know......


    See we can't tolerate no sissy that is layzie Broke out the blender and i made some krayzie gravy It's eazy, and when it was time to get bizzy Don't break, you can wish, but you can't escape Because we crave dead flesh Three 6 tricks, easily you can be next

  • Anonymous

    For the love of money...BONE4LIFE!!!

  • Nuff said....

    I Love these niggas! LEGENDZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ill JuJu

    Good to see them all togetherm layzie drunk as hell tho ahahaha wish I culd ba at rock the bells this year

  • Anonymous

    MediaTakeOut is a joke of a website it seems like its run by a bunch of 17 year old broke haters

  • The Fresh Fest

    Dudes need to grow up seriously, You 30 something years old, talking about smoking weed/hash and being off of probation? Grow up fool. Is that the ignorance of hip hop? "We Eatin'? Really dumbazz? Me too. And? Ignorance should be people's last resort, be we as a people make it our 1st choice.

    • Anonymous

      @The Fresh Fest I hear ya. It's all fun when you are growing up toking and what not, but you eventually grow out of that, or at least bragging about it like that. BNTH are too old to be bragging about that kind of shit.

    • The Fresh Fest

      Cornball? Is that the extent of your vast verbage? Dumbass. How about not siding on the side of ignorance and growing some ballz and be a man that says I'm not with that dumb stuff? But No, what do you do? You follow the crowd and try to be just as ignorant if not more to appeal to someone else. Don't worry though, you'll pay for it later when begging for scraps.

    • Anonymous

      Bizzy bone is wild ass lame nigga

    • Anonymous

      Nigga ur a CORNBALL!!!

    • The Fresh Fest

      @ GQ& Nuff said, thanks for proving my point. Ignorance prevails. I lose.

    • Nuff said...

      @The Fresh Fest You gay... nuff said....

    • GQ

      youz a fuckin lame! i SWEAR!! the fuck u do? sit at home all day and eat oat meal and drink milk?? U judgmental nerd type pussy!

  • Anonymous

    bath salts lol omg...

  • acidrap

    I hope these niggas got a better ear for beats this time around.They just been bullshittin on these records for 10 years or more.You get maybe 2 good songs and the rest is trash.Not because of what they sayin' but by the kinda beats they pick,just wack.They need to quit tryin to be relevant and give the fans what they want

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