Big Hutch "The Only Solution" Tracklist & Tour Dates

UPDATE: Above The Law's Big Hutch a/k/a Cold 187um will release a retail mixtape this October, with familiar beats by some of his new associates.

Big Hutch (a/k/a Cold 187um) of Above The Law has announced plans to release his The Only Solution retail mixtape on October 9. The former Eazy E protege and Ruthless Records star artist/producer is now closely affiliated with Insane Clown Posse and Psychopathic Records. The Only Solution, released through InGrooves/Fontana Distribution, will feature the veteran rhyming over existing beats by I.C.P., Twiztid and others.

Hutch will announce a corresponding tour in the coming weeks.

The tracklist to The Only Solution is as follows:

1. Born 2 Kill
2. Job Well Done
3. Layn’ Low
4. An Offer I Can’t Refuse
5. Swan Song
6. Judgement Day
7. L.A.
8. 3 Brothers
9. Swan Sighting
10. Capitol Hill
11. Interrogation
12. Alive & Free

(August 28)

UPDATE: Big Hutch's The Psychopathic Assassin (as Cold187um) will release on October 22. In conjunction with the retail release, Hutch will be touring with Insane Clown Posse at the following dates:

      Lifestyle Communities Pavillion
      405 Neil Avenue
      Columbus OH, 43215  USA

      Stage AE
      400 North Shore Drive
      Pittsburgh PA, 15212  USA

      The Rave / Eagles Club
      2401 W. Wisconsin Ave
      Milwaukee WI, 53233  USA

      Town Ballroom

      681 Main Street
      Buffalo NY, 14203  USA

      Royal Oak Music Theatre
      318 W. Fourth Street
      Rayal Oak MI, 48067  USA

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  • Anonymous

    man theres a lot of shit talkin. ima have to agree with rob, hutch is a real G and a very talented producer. Its very typical of shit talkin tho that has anything to do with psychopathic, but even a lot of juggalos wont give hutch a chance. I got the cd and i think it is really good.Just saying dont talk shit til you have heard it. As for the regular trolls you can gobble nutz and Whoop Whoop bitches

  • Rob Worth

    Hutch aint selling out, or jumping at a paycheck cause he's broke. You will never find a more real G. He helps out younger guys coming up that are hungry, he keeps his biz 100. All of you that just sit here and speculate are morons. I have worked with Hutch personally (check Ad Kapone's album 6 Year Theory) and can say that homie is happy with what he is doing, and if he wasn't he wouldn't be doing it.oh, and I am not Ad Kapone, but I oversaw a lot of that album. Rob Worth

  • Anonymous

    lol @ hutch having to go to work for the circus to make ends meet, I knew he was broke but were they really the only ones hiring?? Not even hating I feel bad for him

  • RealIzBack

    Them wack comments is bullshit. Hutch never dissed Ruthless and as for Dr Dre the nigga bit hutch shit and got paid. Black Mafia LIFE and Uncle Sam's Curse are two of the geates rap albums of all time. I dont know much bout ICP never followed they bshit, but I peeped the first single from the mixtape - AN OFFER HE CANT REFUSE - and that shit tight. Quit hating onthe architect of G-Funk and do something wit yo life haterz

  • Fuck Pomona

    Fuck this ungrateful faggot, talking shit about Dre and all that. Just drop dead nigga.

  • Kevin

    Mike E Clark grammy nominated, you an asshole with a computer. Everything you ever say will not matter so suck it

  • Anonymous in this article makes sense.....

  • acidrap

    Poor Hutch.He's such a solid producer.Dude had a lot of good shit wit Above the law and his solo stuff was good too.He needs a paycheck I guess.Mike clark is one of the WORST producers ever.Sucks that Hutch has to get down on that clown bullshit.Dayton family had to sign wit those clowns too,but at least their album was tight and only had 1 or 2 clark tracks which were the worst.

    • Anonymous

      Poor Hutch? Come on, Hutch is happy where he's at. You can also bet, you will never hear any whack crap from Hutch. Don't act like you got love for homie and talk trash like that. He did HAVE to work with Psychopathic, and he didnt just jump into a deal. He knows what he's doing and he's good with it. If you a Cold 187um fan, be happy fools.

  • Anonymous

    ICP has some of the worst production ever, why would Big Hutch, who is a great producer, step from behind the boards and rap over their garbage?? Desperate times lead to desperate measures, the thirst is real in 2012, ask Big Hutch when you see him wearing face paint next time how much he let his pride and integrity sell for, hope it was alot of money

    • Saint

      Not a fan of ICP, but there beats are by Mike Clark hes a talented producer, Grammy Nominated for his work with Kid Rock.

    • timm

      I've always liked Psychopathic production, if it weren't for the beats I don't think I would have liked their shit at all. How bout we judge the taste of Hutch when he handpicks these beats and see how it turns out.

    • GOD

      Cmon man, be nice to the kid. He's 12 and still learning about the world, Lord Willing he may become 13 and realize ICP and Twizted both suck something fierce and hop on the band wagon for Odd Future or maybe Hopsin.. if he's truly lucky he may be able to jump on the dick of Tech N9ne

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^ Delusional Juggalo First off, Hutch is no where close to rich bout 4 years ago he was in interviews complaining bout how Ruthless didnt pay him shit. As far as ICP's & Twiztids Production go, I wont argue with you bout that, you just have bad taste, so be it.

    • Fernandop

      Fuck off, ICP and Twiztid have some killer production. check out twiztid's ''mostasteless'' album and tell me theres wack beats on there. Big hutch do whatever the fuck he wants and he can cook up his own classic beats. hutch already rich and he wouldnt do nuttin he didnt want.

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