Snoop Dogg Says Hip Hop Is Ready For Openly Gay Rapper

Snoop Dogg thinks Hip Hop's opinion on homosexuality has shifted.

Much has been written about Hip Hop's changing stance on homosexuality after Frank Ocean penned an open letter about his sexuality.

Now, Snoop Dogg can be counted among the emcees who believes Hip Hop is ready for an openly gay rapper.

"People are learning how to live and get along more, and accept people for who they are and not bash them or hurt them because they’re different," said Snoop Dogg in an interview with the Salt Lake Tribune.

"When I was growing up, you could never do that and announce that," said Snoop of Ocean's letter. "There would be so much scrutiny and hate and negativity, and no one would step (forward) to support you because that’s what we were brainwashed and trained to know."

Other artists to have announced their support for Ocean include Busta Rhymes and Lil Scrappy.

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  • Jim Jeffries

    Yes, I know. I was speaking in hypotheticals. IF, hypothetically he did exist, etc. Sorry, I forgot to put that point.

  • Jim Jeffries

    I'm seeing a lot of people here quoting Bible scripture. Now, I respect that you have the right to believe whatever you like, but please know that you're wrong; after you die, NOTHING HAPPENS. Stop being a fucking child. But let's think about this logically. Now, I know as a Christian, logic isn't your strong suit, but bear with me: The whole universe is run by God, except for hell, which is run by the devil. Now, they don't get along at all. Now, if you've been a giant prick your whole life and go to hell... Why would the devil punish you? He's gonna dig you! Plus, that's where all the hookers and drugs are going to be, you really think God is keeping a few pounds of Coke behind the pearly gates? Oh, and I thought that God's love was "unconditional"? That's what we were told right?

  • Anonymous

    I think people accept Frank Ocean the person making the decision to come out, but FO the entertainer probably just shot himself in the foot, unless by chance he goes 10x platinum.

  • Lawrence H.

    SMH ..... I can't listen to this shit man. I don't hate anyone but I'm not down for this coming out party shit and a gay rap artist?..... So I suppose a gay rap artist would talk about sex with a man right? Now if I'm straight, how in the fuck I'm suppose to listen to that shit Snoop? There are gay artist other than Frank Ocean in N.O. Go look up Sissy Nobby. I can't listen to that cause they talk about sex with men and shit. That can't fly Snoopy. I listened to some of Frank Ocean album and it's like a coming out party album. Man the fact is Straight people don't want to hear that shit man. I don't wanna hear men fucking men straight up. I'm out.


    If you think about it, all of your favorite rappers are gay. *Jay-Z's best friends are Kanye West (who's also gay) and Chris Martin from Coldplay (one of he gayest bands in history) *Kanye West wears women's clothes *Lil Wayne kisses men on the lips and wears lepoard print jeggings *Eminem hates women *T.I. and DMX kept going back to jail (they musi love the prion sex) *Drake and Big Sean are closet homosexuals *Rick Ross and DJ Khaled are always together (they're life partners) *Ludacris is Bieber's butt buddy *Tupac was a ballerina as a teenager *Biggie talked about sucking a man's dick (on Me And My Bitch) *Dr Dre wore some suspicious wardrobe in is time in the World Class Wreckin Crew *Eazy E had AIDS *Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa are weed (butt) buddies *2Chainz dickrides Kanye West (literally...) *J Cole dickrides Jay-Z (literally...) *Kendrick Lamar dickrides Dr Dre(literally...) and has a gay voice *Diddy fucked every artist in the business (figuratively and literally) *Young Jeezy's voice is fucked up (from sucking too much cock) *50 Cent is super hyper-masculine (meaning he's really a homo) *Waka Flocka yells on every record (from letting Gucci fuck him in the ass) *All female rappers are lesbians

  • Anonymous

    Leviticus 18 and 20 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is an abomination [2](Leviticus 18:22 KJV) If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.[3 (Leviticus 20:13 KJV)

    • Richard Wilkins

      See, the whole "repenting" thing doesn't work for me, so I don't think I will. God is not real, and you're nothing more than a fully grown child believing in fairy tales.

    • ^^^

      How convenient of you to not believe in God. So you can go on sinning right? Ignorant fool. You think yourself so wise but your own arrogance will be your demise when the Lord of Lords judges you at your time of death. So go ahead, laugh it up and act smart while you still can. I recommend you repent.

    • Richard Wilkins

      If you believe in God you're a fucking retard. Grow up and realise that God is a Myth, just like the Easter Bunny. Jesus was a cool cat with a handful of good ideas, but quoting Leviticus is just stupid.



  • Cole World

    Isn't Danny Brown gay? If not, the dude looks extremely suspect.

  • Anonymous

    A singer is VERY different from a rapper, especially in touchy stuff like this.

  • The G.O.D.

    PEACE Message to Calvin/Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion or whatever the fuck you call yourself-this is not how you remain relevant-wait... you haven't been relevant since...your first album, black man. PEACE

  • yardie

    Supposed to be a rastafarian .....Snoop Lion>>> Snoop Pussy

  • Snoop Lyin

    Snoop, WTH I been follow'n ur career since you was a young buck. and here'z where all that "Giving a f*k about You" stops.

  • BOY

    According to the Bible, God HATES gays. It also says that they are mostly black people and they will burn in hell for eternity if they dont repent. Im just saying the word of the good book. REPENT! Wayne is still KIGN of HIP HOP! YMCMB!

    • Anonymous

      Nigga please. God loves everything.

    • ^^^


    • BOY

      God says their acts are an ABOMINATION! Therefore CHECKMATE bitch! and Wayne is not gay TRUST ME. I know him. He is my homeboy. He is a real blood nigga and has ties Triple OG T.Rodgers. YMCMB!

    • TheMo

      "hiphop ready for an openly gay rapper"...#looks over to lil wayne#

    • Max

      Can you please point out the chapter and verse in the bible where God explicitly states he hates gays, or any human beings for that matter? I'll wait...

  • Southside Ninja

    You fag people better stay the fuck away from the Chi, cause I'll kill all y'all.

  • Anonymous

    The putters will rott in prison..... Death is certain to all......

  • X

    Meh whatever. If gay rappers can rap and talk quality over quantity I could give them a listen. However once you start bringing your personal life into the situation. I can't relate and that's where I don't support your shit. Call it what you want. But I can't relate to a man on man relationship or female on female relationship for that matter. And personally im not fucking going to.

  • Anonymous

    all homos, especially the flamers, will be put to death and will burn in hell forever and ever - Malachi, 4:15

  • Victor

    I am a GLBT / Out Hip Hop artist. Find me on band camp. I have a new album out.

  • Victor

    I am a GLBT / Out Hip Hop artist. Please check out my new album titled "Phat Kids Never Win" at

  • JJ

    Thats it! I let the Lion thing pass but this nigga has officially lost it! Fuck what he say.

  • 614grind

    It could happen but to be successful, they gotta be a conscious rapper who speaks on social issues. James Baldwin was openly gay.



  • Teen Mogul

    Yeah I think its about that time .. but I think it will be a female first

  • Up North

    Hip Hop would "accept" an openly gay rapper if they're new to the scene. Anybody that has been in the business for awhile, especially if they are prominent, would be committing career suicide. Just an opinion.

  • Anonymous

    what about drake, we already got one gayjew making money doing rap

  • casiino

    Erase all homos from Earth

  • Anonymous

    you people think every rapper is gay anyway. so what difference would it make.

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck cares anyway. you niggas call every rapper homo's whether they rap about pussy or not. you call young money gay, yet those niggas never talked about sucking dicks ever. yet eminem has been known to rap about suck dre and his uncle's dick. so if even straight niggas are getting called homo's despite not showing any characteristics of such in their music, then what difference will it make if there's a real gay rapper? you nigga gonna called everything gay either way. so just shut the fuck up.

    • c

      @greg: lil wayne is gay and he kisses birdman on the lips... look it up. People been giving him a pass on this for too long!

    • Anonymous

      yet i think so icy is right

    • Grimreaphood

      Couldn't have said it better my self

    • greg fockr

      so would listen to eminem's music which is full of gay references, incestuous behavior and homoerotic activity, but then you refuse to support wayne's heterosexual music because u think he dresses gay? LMAO. you are a fucking retard. i knew u homophobic gay bashing rap fans were hypocrites and defied logic but the level of idiocy in your thinking is shocking.

    • Anonymous


    • So Icy Boi!

      EMinem is a comedy rapper. but Lil Wayne and Drake are homos in real. they dress like a homo, they act like a homo, they smile like a homo, they talk like a homo. get it?

  • imTravi

    And what I mean by trend is labels allowing the flamboyant homosexuals to get rap deals if a few masculine homosexuals get rap deals...want an example...

  • imTravi

    Snoop is right, the hiphop may be ready for an openly homosexual artist...doesn't necessarily mean they will make gay songs but my concern would be that homosexual rappers would become a trend and hiphop may become more pop/dance/techno than it already is

  • jase

    snoop u been acting gay forever. ever since suge slapped u and pac went hard at u. and no room for no faggot ass mf's in hip hop. if you see one beat his ass. simple as that.

  • So Icy Boi's Dad!

    so many gay niggas on this site. you gay supporters are crazy. gay is wrong. god hates gays!

  • Anon

    As long as the music is dope then who cares.

  • Anonymous

    Leviticus 18 and 20 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is an abomination [2](Leviticus 18:22 KJV) If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.[3 (Leviticus 20:13 KJV)

    • Lucifer

      All you ignorant humans, keep on bashing the bible! Your doing exactly as I planned. Be seeing you all down here in Hell real soon hehehe...

    • gerg focker

      stop acting like you do everything the bible tells you. posting quotes and shit that u probably had to google/blow the dust off your bible which you never even read. self righteous sinners are the biggest morons on the planet.

    • imTravi

      EXACTLY, and the same homophobes who preach about homosexuality being detestable and an abomination are the ones who are either DL or havin sex out of wedlock...hypocrites indeed bro

    • Anonymous

      the bible also says no sex before marriage and a bunch of other rules you selectively ignore. stop preaching hypocrite

  • The Critic

    Snoop Dogg or Lion whatever the fuck his name is now must have obviously smoked himself stupid causing irreversible brain damage. Remember kids the lesson learned here is to never get high on your own supply.

  • guerilla jones

    eh pretty gross

  • Anonymous

    what is a homosexual? Because last time I checked... oh..

  • iT

    anyone who jacks off to lesbian porn but "hates" gay people is a goddamn fucking hypocrite.

  • MMG Unuct

    I thought everyone knew about Aesop Rock's homosexuality?

  • Ali

    Being is gay is NOT OK. It's fucking mental, and un-natural, simple as that!

  • Anonymous

    hip hop is and has been ready for an openly gay rapper. Sounds like he isn't

  • tye

    snoop is laying the ground work for dr.dre's big comeback. dr.dre detox is going to be about quitting pussy and becoming a slave man lover. it will be very gay music. lady gaga features and queen hooks. this is groundbreaking. snoop is showing dre it's okay. mister cee still gets air time. lil wayne is a hero. look out for detocks

  • Anonymous

    no. everyone saying that homosexuality is ok is brainwashing people. homosexuality is totally wrong! not to mention disgusting! hip hop doesnt need no openly gay rapper at all! wtf is this played out heap of shit talking about? you career ended after chronic 2001! get a life snoop lion HAHAHAHA

  • Drake

    OHHHHH ;p I am coming out of the closet! I am gay as fuck, every person in YMCMB is gay. Baby and wayne kissed each other in public and sucked each other in their mansions. I do that to Jay Sean hehehehehehehehhehehehehe heheheheheh hehehehehehehe single guys holla at me

  • icy

    Half of these niggas that yawl listen to is gay anyway so who really gives a fuck who somebody else is fucking.

  • LastWordMobster Theraflu remix ^^^^^^^^^^ Last Word Clique

  • redrum

    snoop need 2 giv up weed dudes is not rght anymore gettin put in sand in some pop video come on snoop what happend i thort it was "nothing but a g thang"

  • nigerian

    I don't understand why gay people are being accepted in the society today. Being gay is wrong, it is not normal and it should not be accepted. Gay rapper my african black ass this either a really desperate attempt for attention or he has probably been smoking a different kinda weed lately first the snoop lion name now this.

    • hnic

      no one thinks they're righteous fucking faggot the nigerian just said being gay is wrong. just because accepting gays is in right now dont bash him for his beliefs because you have your own beliefs too. Just because its not cool to be racist anymore it doesnt mean all the racists magically disappear, this is the same shit right here. all you gay lovers fall back.

    • Anonymous

      whats funny is this nigga would volunteer to watch 2 women make up. But then he wants to talk down to gay men and acts like he's righteous.

    • ASEE

      just because YOU are disgusted by something doesn't mean it's wrong. what the fuck kind of logic is that?

    • Anonymous

      it might occur but its totally wrong and disgusting

    • Anonymous

      Homosexuality occurs all the time in nature. Educate yourself.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i use alot of drugs and use binatural beats it makes it possible for me to understand a lot different things. the beats also change me sexually the more i listen to them. i went from being a homophobic mother fucker to guy that can have gay thoughts. it was a brain thing my brain was in a certain position where only heterosexuality could exist. i think its the same way with them. if they use enough drugs their brain might go in different direction. drugs use on the brain show how trivial sexuality really is. how can you discriminate against somebody for the way they think. when in months and years later they make think different if they use drugs or binaural beats and if listen to them and use enough drugs you might also have different desires that are not heterosexual.

  • gilliedakid

    youtube/lil' wayne comes out of the closet at 2011 vma

  • Anonymous

    Check out the openly gay rap group The Money Boys. Their album is called We're Gay (We're Homosexual).

  • Anonymous

    we already got lilwayne

  • Anonymous

    yo what about lil zane

  • Suge Knight

    too bad i exposed this clown as a fake ass crip #DEATHROW

  • Ricky Rozay

    most of these rappers aint real niggas. Word, Nas bankrupt never was a drug runner, Lil Wayne aint no blood, Jeezy aint no BMF, 50 a snitch, Game a stripper, 2pac a ballerina. None of these niggas real you guys. If they was all real they all be dead now. Like it or not Ross is the new biggie. BAWSE!!!!!

  • Frank Ocean

    i want to suck some dick so bad i want to get fucked in my ass i want to be all oiled up and then I'm grind my ass on your dick you lick my asshole while jerking you in my mouth I'm gay

  • Anonymous

    Dont know why u guys always hate on 50 cent.So what if his last album didnt measure up to his previous 3 albums?500k insnt bad. He makes money by other means,u dont and he is a upright and model law abiding citizen, pls check ur facts. Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent got busted for minor DUI IN 2000.Becos of his wrap sheet full of minor offences he was offered a deal to snitch or face jail.Curtis Jackson beig an upright citizen and wanting to walk a straight path offered some information to the feds but they wanted more.Curtis further offered to gather more information from his neighbourhood drug n crime activities and report back to the feds.Since meeting up with the feds was risky, Curtis Jackson being a smart guy opted to put his gathered information or "Snitching" in a record called "Ghetto Koran".A good number of cold cases in New York has been solved based on this Affidavit ..sorry..based on that single. Now south jamaica queens is becoming safe. 50 cent can however not go back there bcos of threat to his life. What a selfless move to make hi local neighbourhood safe.

  • The Game

    u fools need to stop blogging here, get outta yo house and go grab a copy of my classic album that has ALREADY sold 3mil!! #RED ALBUM

  • King of Kingz

    Dont pay attention to the above mutha fucka. He's going on every page just copying n pasting his - lack of education frm his parents - bullshit. The fucknuts probably doesn't get any attention from his family, bullied at school for his lunch money.....don't even front, he soft! A lil boy, look at his name, probably a dude that sticks his dick in the fan of his pc just t get off!

  • Gamer501

    Asian countries for Asians Black countries for Blacks but White countries for Everybody ? Nobody is flooding Asia with non-asians and telling everybody to 'mix' Nobody is flooding Black countries with non-blacks and telling everybody to 'mix' Every White country,and ONLY White countries are expected to flood themselves with 3rd Worlders and 'assimilate' (inter-marry) to create a mixed up 'blended humanity'. This is nothing but an attempt to Genocide White people. 'Anti-racism' is a codeword for Anti-White

    • nigerian

      get your facts right fool the reason why white countries consist of all type of races is because a lot of countries were dominated by the whites through colonial rule and also slave trade anti-white my african black ass

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      i see you guys cut copy and paste this shit well good luck brother get your message out and the best way you can.

    • Anonymous

      This comment was already obliterated on the Big Krit thread. Now look down at the other person trying to say "minority politicians don't back Obama" and you should see the trend is misinformation, confusion, and separation. Look at the other weirdo trying to say there's a "white conspiracy" when history says otherwise.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      lol small brain alert

    • anonymous

      what does sexuality have to do with race..?

  • Anonymous

    these "we already have onee, lil wayne/drake etc" jokes are so fucking predictable and unoriginal. not even the hip hop fans got original material anymore.

  • anon

    Snoops just checking the male. Get it? Checking the mail? *clicks tounge*

  • Anonymous

    yeap weezy, birdman, gucci, soulja boy its time to come out of that closet like lil B

  • InducedChalice

    Openly gay rapper already here


    is snoop dogg the next rapper to come out the closet..cause i would not be surprised one bit

  • Dr. JohnnyACE GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}


  • Anonymous

    look how many people want to Blame and disrespect the President for our current problems, when HE HAS NO POWER, THE POWER LIES IN THE HANDS OF THOSE 60-70YR OLD CONGRESS FOLKS WHO VETO EVERYTHING. Things will remain the same or worse the next 4 years +++++++++++++++ ALLADAT Y'ALL KEEP WORRYING ABOUT WHO GAY OR NOT

    • donnie mac

      you stated there were NO VOTES...then YOU posted percentages of every one else EXCEPT CAUCASIANS...we can see the lies of "his own didn't back him up" this 29% has more power than the 71%? Don't do it to yourself. Caucasians with forums have even been saying...this is ALL ABOUT RACE...and CORPORATE GREED...

    • Anonymous

      Votes were cast, and they are cast agains the budget bills. The first time the budget was proposed, the Democrats controlled both houses. The second time, the Republicans and Democrats each controlled a house. Its not about segregation or any other racial politics. Caucasian has nothing to do with it. Black Congressmen/women didn't even vote for Obama's budget. How ironic is it that one will rail against segregation, yet disparage an entire ethnic group, in this case, Caucasians? Does this hypocrisy not strike you at all???

    • donnie mac

      we expected one like you to come NO VOTES were cast? Or was there a CONTROLLING PARTY that said NAY...56/62 is old enough to REMEMBER SEGREGATION...your statistics are PROOF, not CORRECTION...WHY DIDN'T YOU INCLUDE 71% ARE CAUCASIANS...

    • Anonymous

      Obama tried to pass a budget 2x, and on both attempts, he received zero votes. No Democrat would support his legislation, and that's his own political party. Also, the problems aren't solely the result of the "60-70yr old congress folks". To additionally clarify, the average age of a person in the House of Representatives is 56, and for the Senate, it is 62. There are 91 women (16%), 44 African Americans (8%) and 31 Hispanics/lLatinos (5%).

  • Lil B

    My album is called "I'm Gay".

  • Anonymous

    what about the guy who rapped on "friday" by rebecca black? isn't he gay?

  • LJofSpades

    Surely HipHopDX should be referring to "Snoop Dogg" as Snoop Lion?

  • Anonymous

    I don't see men going gay as much as I see women. In Philly there are a million dyke chicks. Every where you go you see them. The craziest part is that you usually see them with a chick with a bunch of kids. Think about this. Is a girl really gay if she is dating a woman that want's to be a man. Act's like a man. Dresses like a man. That's some real mental freak shit where you just act like the person your dating is a guy even though they aren't. Since they are going to treat you like a guy and most of the time try to hard. Like when a dyke chick see a real dude they always start hugging up on the chick. The shit is hilarious. That's what I see in Philly. I don't see a bunch of gay dudes running around like the dyke chicks. Far as gay rappers. Your favorite rapper is probably gay. Kanye Lil Wayne Gay Sean. That's just a few.

  • i love it

    lil wayne is mad gay that faggot is always sucking my dick like a hungry dog

  • Anonymous

    Fishing for album sales, Mr. Lion?

  • Lil ''Weezy'' Wayne

    IM Gay with Birdman Its About Time I admit it there are videos and pictures on the net to prove it thats why im the greatest becuz im gay and the whole world is blind to see it thanks to frank ocean letter i am now brave enough to say im gay with birdman were homos pce ymcb

  • Anonymous

    How is Snoop Lyin talking baout he a rasta but he accepts gays?

  • ETK

    I think it's moreso that a gay rapper is not ready for hip-hop

  • Anonymous

    Man, this is disgusting. Brainwashing the future to let them think being HOMO is O.k, please stop spreading this mixed message. It is not acceptable and has no place in HipHop. First Im purchasing trees getting a receipt now this...SMDH what next?

    • Anonymous

      Typical faggot responses, they'll either say you're stupid or say you jerk off to (insert fantasy) porn. It's funny cuz saying things like that only reaffirms how perverted their savage minds are to begin with.

    • Anonymous

      please stfu. you probably go home and watch lesbian porn every night, stop preaching cause youre not righteous.

    • Anonymous

      Humanity will be fucked if we follow the words of someone with a IQ smaller than that of a grape (You).

  • Anonymous

    List of gay niggas: Erick Sermon Lil B WC U-God Posdnous Mos Def Gift of Gab Kurupt Kam

  • Anonymous

    Until they start heavily depopulating this bitch, they got to slow you horny fuckers roll, so be gay everyone its the new cool fad. It'll keep you bastards from reproducing so fast, confuse the children and destroy the family structure. Besides that, you peasants can argue over race, class, sexuality, and gender while Cobra and them jet up with all our shit and make us slaves with their new world dominating order. Yay! Get in where you fit in everyone...even if its a casket! WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    people aint learning how to accept shit! if they were every fuckin time i turn on the news it wouldnt be another cop shooting some black kid and a society that looks for every way the victim just HAD to be guilty to deserve it. It wouldnt be a bunch of racist white mutha fuckas who slept the whole while our country was going to shit, but decide to wake up, pay attention, and become critical the moment a man with color became the president. Homosexuality is being accepted because its being pushed WITH money behind the shit. snoop doing what he's told to do...INFLUENCE. thats what stars are for. push new ideals and influence the thinking of those who respect or look up to them. i dont have nothing against gays personally. they can fuck who they want i aint interested in who anyone other than me, my current bitch, and my children are fuckin. this world is been fucked up a long time and now a lot of the walls that were hiding the bullshit from sight are being took down to let mutha fuckas see just how ugly this shit really is. you know when the villain lets you see his plans it only because he knows at that point he's too far gone for you to fuck with them. think about that shit and get ready for a more ill shit happening because its coming.

    • Anonymous

      Real Talk. Like how that Judge in Texas is citing a race-war if Obama gets re-elected. Really!? A Judge who is a sworn in elected official? And He had a sheriff next to him who said, Hell ride with him?? Things are not getting better, it's getting worse and the reality is starting to materialize more. Racism has not gotten better, it's gotten worse, look how many people want to Blame and disrespect the President for our current problems, when HE HAS NO POWER, THE POWER LIES IN THE HANDS OF THOSE 60-70YR OLD CONGRESS FOLKS WHO VETO EVERYTHING. Things will remain the same or worse the next 4 years no matter who the president is, we need to clean house on CONGRESS then real changes will occur. Sad to know my kids will have to deal with this corrupt world, that's why it's important they get their education and not be a statistic.

  • Anonymous

    Well snoop your music sounds really gay nowadays. So whats up homie? Are you coming finally out the closet?

  • cstewart06

    I have nothing against homosexuals or bisexuals. I still bought Frank Oceans album despite his sexual preference because that has nothing to do with me. But hip hop will NOT accept an openly gay rapper. Hip hop is more competitive than all the other genres and an openly gay rapper would just open themselves up for so many disses that they may not even see it worth the time to come out. In short, are there some in the closet rappers? probably. But are any of them ever gonna fully come out? Hell no

  • A$AP Rocky

    ....I'm Gay.... Thanks.


      ^^ He's a detractor. Ignore him.

    • Anonymous

      you have a "feeling" that someone is gay. the same way zxmmerman had a "feeling" that trayvon was no good. please enlighten us some more with ur wisdom.

    • anon

      Wow u nyggas is on the ball today

    • Anonymous

      A$ap is that guy, but i suspect dude may be in hiding tho. Just the way the machine keep his shit filled with liquor and drugs i feel like him, odd future, and a few other new kids music is being trojan horsed with that self destruction 2.0 for the new generation.

  • RC

    It ain't gonna happen, you might have some R&B wannabe types parading themselves as rappers but a full blown straight out the closet emcee I don't think will ever fly. It simply gives other emcees too much ammunition to diss or use against you. I know people like to knock Hip-Hop and say its not "progressive" but honestly I think homosexuality & Hip-Hop are two completely different ways of life that just don't go together very well.

  • Super Gucci Rap

    Okay its time for Gucci Mane to come back and kill this "Snoop Lion" character. He is despicable saying he accepts a gay rapper right now. No. Gucci Mane will NOT tolerate such buffoonery. He is "El Chapo", he is like a hardcore Mexican drug dealer. He will NOT accept homo's in hip hop PERIOD. Gucci!!

  • Sir Smoke-A-Lot

    Snoop you gay

  • The B

    No faggots in hiphop period!! If you're a faggot go sing r & b or something.


    Wayne will have a 3 some with Tupac and Biggie when he ascends into the heavens.

  • Anonymous

    that's Snoop Lion the peace-loving rastafarian talking, not S-N-double O-P

  • BOY

    KenDICK LAME-ar is a homosexual rapper. He wears leopard jeggings. You can only wear them at the VMA's but this nigga wears them at home. Gay ass nigga. YMCMB!

  • PSY

    Lil Wayne You Could Come Out Now

  • Anonymous

    I thought he goes by Snoop Lion now. lol

  • Anonymous

    Drake and Lil Wayne anyone

    • d.k

      ^boy looks like u just came out and admitted ur a homo.try real rap eminem,tech 9,hopsin etc

    • BOY

      Fuck you pussy! I will bust a cap on yo ass for disrespetin the KIGN of HIP HOP. Wayne is a real blood nigga. We are YMCMB, dnt fck wit a real nigga, nigga! YMCMB!

  • BOY

    Not only am I part of YMCMB aka the Greatest Music Empire of All Time, but I also have the gift of prophecy! I predict the next BIG rapper will be a Gay rapper and he will have the same Impacting power as Tupac, Biggie and Lil Wayne PUT TOGETHER. And he will also be signed to YMCMB ofcourse. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST. YMCMB!



  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    We are slowly creeping towards sodom and gomorrah again...

  • Anonymous

    the hip hop industry might be ready for an openly gay rapper but the fans aren't all you have to do is read some of these comments or the comments on Ocean's letter article it's a shame really you would think a culture that's been discriminated against most of their lives would be more accepting

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    cue the homophobic posters who will make generic gay jokes about Drake, Lil Wayne and Kany West. HHDX community is so predictable.

  • Ja Shua

    Yea thats cool, but what does Ja think about all this?

  • Anonymous

    No!hip hop is ready for a good rapper Weather hes gay, straight, disabled, Does not matter. This genres in trouble.

  • 001

    honestly why would it matter. it's not like niggas havent been listening to homoerotic lyrics for years...... "lick on these nuts and suck the dick" - Dre

  • Anonymous

    LMAO for a second i read the title wrong. I thought it said "Snoop Dogg Says Hip Hop Is Ready For Him Being a Openly Gay Rapper"

  • Anonymous

    wayne been out for years bruh

  • slick

    back in the day big daddy kane posed naked for playgirl and the streets stopped fuckin with him. tevin campbell did some gay shit and they ran him out the game. it's way different now. the gay shit been creepin in look at the skinny jeans trend

  • jr88

    honestly what would be the difference? wayne wears girl cloths..fact..he kisses men on the mouth...fact...he makes gay ass dances (throw that d dance) far as i know we have a gay rapper and thats lil wayne

  • Fossie

    Snoop is one of the best of all times!!!Fuck all you homophobic assholes!!

  • slick

    all i know is wayne kisses a man on the mouth every day, wears jeggings and furry uggs and still sells more than anybody. kanye is a gay rights activist who wore a skirt on the wtt tour and he's a superstar

  • Anonymous

    why are hip-hop artists so persistent on letting gay rappers into the industry as the game ain't fucked up with rappers like soulja boy and wiz khalifa now sending open invitations to gay rappers

  • A

    SMH. Everyone is so politically correct nowadays. Pandering to every group so they can make more money.

  • Anonymous

    lil wayne is the proof

  • Anonymous

    but we will never see 1 and if we do the fans will never let him in hip hop fans are very childish because most of them are teenagers who still haven't grown up

  • Anonymous

    he talking about wiz

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