Missy Elliott Announces Single Release Dates For "9th Inning," "Triple Threat"

UPDATE: Missy Elliott preps the release of two singles, originally slated to drop over Labor Day weekend.

Fans of Missy Elliott can rejoice. Not only as Missy Elliott dropping a single soon, but the Virginia rapper/producer will actually be dropping two.

Moreover, it appears Missy will actually be gracing fans with the singles on Labor Day weekend. If longtime collaborator Timbaland's tweet is accurate, the song titles will be "9th Inning" and "Triple Threat":

Missy waiting to drop her seventh album, which is her first since 2005's The Cookbook. Since 2005, the album has suffered numerous delays, some of which have been attributed to Missy's health problems.

[August 25]

UPDATE: According to Missy-Elliott.com (via Rap-Up), Missy Elliott will now release her highly anticipated new singles "9th Inning" and "Triple Threat" on Monday, September 10th.

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  • YucBeats

    MISSY SHOULD OF BOUGHT THE BEATS AT WWW.YUCBEATS.COM!!!! for reals she could used it otherwise it wouldnt of flopped lol

  • www.marlosbeats.com

    A Missy single flop? Never in history. She's the only reason why "Nobody's Perfect" made it on the radio...besides...even if it don't do numbers...it'll get looped a million times over on America's Best Dance Crew.

  • youngsta

    both these singles are going to flop. old ass missy and timbaland's time have passed. they probably wish they were on board with the new aaliyah album right now. drake and 40 gonna make that album sell like hotcakes.

    • Anonymous

      Drake & 40 O_o the Canandian Jews? Pfffftt BWAHAHAHAHA please do NOT continue to make me laugh. I checked out their material, and 40's production is the same depressing generic crap like today's mainstream techno/dubstep sound. Compared to Timbaland's beats, 40 & Drake ain't got nothin' on him. Furthermore, what you little kids fail to forget is that Aaliyah wouldn't collaborate with someone who disrespected her close peers (Lil' Kim & DMX) that's like saying Beyonce working with Wayne & Nicki, when it's not gonna happen because Jay has beef with them. These new songs from Missy & Tim are straight hip-hop & fyi these two "flops" have worked with several of your favorite artists (Kanye, Dre, Jay, Beyonce, Drake, Aaliyah, TLC, Rihanna, may I go on...) And don't ever compare "it" artists to legendary hip-hop figures unless you want to make a complete dumbass of yourself, which you just did.

  • So Icy Boi!

    they cant fuck wit me. lol Check out ma new single bitches. Im da best rapper alive. swag: soundcloud (dot) com/so-icy-boi/so-icy-boi-ladies-feat-so-icy So Icy Boi! - Ladies (feat. So Icy Mob & ?uestlove)

  • imTravi

    Finally! Been waitin on some new Missy since Timbaland said they would be droppin somethin back in June. Hope this acutally happens

  • Anonymous

    There's a bonus track that I hear is already causing quite a stir in your family, "Penn State is where you first learned about the birds and the bees"

  • Anonymous

    Missy has a third song ready to drop called, "Has been".

  • 3 headed monstah

    now bring back ginuwine, get some unreleased shit from the angels aaliyah and static and its a wrap ... like old days all over again... longs timbo and missy together .. its like dre and snoop.. dre n eminem...puffy and mase..puffy and big...pac and jonny j...good days..old days but damn sure the best

  • So Icy Boi!

    old ass niggas. pop producer and pop singer. who gives a fuck? Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Gucci da GOATs. swag

  • Anonymous

    One of them few female MCs that don't just talk about popping pussy or saying they're a "Bad Bitch" in their songs... What a coincidence she's in the category of better female MCs, yes that is a coincidence. Do you think the two are somehow related?

    • Anonymous

      @Houston, yeah, Missy was never the greatest rapper but she could rock a party. Besides, I can name a lot of rappers out now who have more elementary rhymes than her.

    • imTravi

      "Go listen to her second album" If you're referring to "She's A Bitch", she was speakin from a hater's perspective. B more precise bout what you write. "She's a bitch! When they say my name. Talk mo junk but wont look my way."

    • Anonymous

      LMAO being an ignorant fuck! Listen to the other 5...

    • Anonymous

      "don't just talk about popping pussy or saying they're a "Bad Bitch" in their songs" Go listen to her second album.

    • Anonymous

      @Houston ... Oh wow you have an opinion, guess what I don't give a fuck.

    • Houston

      Missy is wack with her elementary rhymes.

  • Its Um

    Well let me be the 1st to say yey on this site.

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