The Hip Hop Week In Review: Lil Wayne Blasts New York, LL Cool J Stops Burglar

Lil Wayne said that he "flat out" doesn't like New York, while LL Cool J stopped an intruder from burgling his home. Brother Ali touched on his relationship with Public Enemy's Chuck D.

This week, Lil Wayne made some controversial comments about New York City, New York, stating that he “flat out” doesn’t like the Big Apple. Donny Goines and Senator Malcolm A. Smith lashed out at the rapper, while Busta Rhymes and Birdman came to his defense. Meanwhile, LL Cool J used his muscle power for good after an intruder broke into his home. The burglar didn’t make off so easy, ending up with a broken nose, ribs and jaw. Brother Ali also chopped it up with HipHopDX this week, detailing his relationship with Public Enemy’s Chuck D and explaining why Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar embody “the hood.”

LL Cool J Stops Intruder Who Broke Into His Home

Earlier this week, LL Cool J used his muscles to pull off the ultimate home security. While sleeping in his Los Angeles, California residence, Cool James awoke after hearing a commotion downstairs, only to find a burglar trying to steal from his home. The intruder tripped the alarm system, but the veteran rapper decided to take matters into his own hands by putting the smackdown on the burglar, breaking his nose, ribs and jaw during the melee. The cops arrived on the scene shortly after to arrest the man, who had been convicted of previous crimes including involuntary manslaughter. He is reportedly waiting on $1.1 million bail and could face up to life in prison.

Lil Wayne Says He “Flat Out” Doesn’t Like New York, Birdman & Busta Rhymes Defend

Lil Wayne made some controversial comments earlier this week. The rapper, who had spent many months in the clink for arrest for gun possession following a show in New York City, New York, Weezy said, “Flat out, I don't like New York,” eliciting barbed responses including the Big Apple’s Donny Goines and Senator Malcolm A. Smith. But his YMCMB cohorts came to his defense. Birdman said that anything that Wayne decrees is “law,” while Busta Rhymes said that he “completely understands” why Wayne would hold a grudge against NYC, referring to his past arrest in El Paso, Texas as a good reason to snub a city.

Brother Ali Explains His Relationship With Public Enemy’s Chuck D

Rhymesayers recording artist Brother Ali chopped it up with HipHopDX this week, doting on his relationship with Public Enemy’s Chuck D. The Minneapolis, Minnesota native explained how he ended up on PE’s “Get Up Stand Up,” stating that their relationship dates back to 2008 when they were put on a bill together for an event called “A Conversation With Chuck D.” He also touched on Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar, stating that they’re perfect examples of artists who embody “the hood.” Read the full interview here.

Other items of note:

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- Benzino Apologizes For Feud With Eminem

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  • Craig

    It happened on Wednesday... I came up with the idea Thursday... We shot it over the weekend. A spoof video in honor of LL Cool J doing what he did....

  • r

    Life for burglary? only cos it was a rich mans house, u'd get less than 5 for a regular house. bullshit

  • 5Burroughsandup

    Reasons rappers hate NEW YORK 1. Michael Bloomberg 2. 34,000 Police Officers n NY 3. Most kurrupt state in the union 4. NY politicians are gangsters 5. There are hardly ANY freedoms in NY 666. NY = Modern day babylon

    • .

      This whole country is modern day Babylon you clown, pay attention

    • Anonymous

      The new moon rode high in the crown of the metropolis Shinin, like who on top of this? People was tusslin, arguin and bustlin Gangstaz of gotham hardcore hustlin I'm wrestlin with words and ideas My ears is picky, seekin what will transmit The scribes can apply to transcript, yo This ain't no time where the usual is suitable Tonight alive, let's describe the inscrutable The indisputable, we new york the narcotic Strength in metal and fiber optics Where mercenaries is paid to trade hot stock tips For profits, thirsty criminals take pockets Hard knuckles on the second hands of workin class watches Skyscrapers is collosus, the cost of living Is preposterous, stay alive, you play or die, no options No batman and robin, can't tell between The cops and the robbers, they both partners, they all heartless With no conscience, back streets stay darkened Where unbeliever hearts stay hardened My eagle talons stay sharpened, like city lights stay throbbin You either make a way or stay sobbin, the shiny apple Is bruised but sweet and if you choose to eat You could lose your teeth, many crews retreat Nightly news repeat, who got shot down and locked down Spotlight to savages, nasdaq averages My narrative, rose to explain this existance Amidst the harbor lights which remain in the distance So much on my mind that I can't recline Blastin holes in the night til she bled sunshine Breathe in, inhale vapors from bright stars that shine Breathe out, weed smoke retrace the skyline Heard the bass ride out like an ancient mating call I can't take it y'all, I can feel the city breathin Chest heavin, against the flesh of the evening Sigh before we die like the last train leaving

  • Anonymous

    Show a picture of the dude LL roughed up. Probably a crackhead. Or Schwarz looking for things to pawn so the family can eat tonight.

    • Anonymous

      the first thing you think of when you see someone in your home, your first instinct isnt to check on that persons health. your first instinct is get them the fuck outta my house

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