Big Boi Considering Joint EP With Indie Duo Phantogram

Big Boi says there are talks of joining forces with Phantogram as "Big Grams."

Big Boi has enlisted other-genre acts for his upcoming album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, releasing November 21st. For the LP, he's collaborated with Little Dragon, Sleepy Brown and Kid CuDi, as well as indie-pop duo Phantogram, with whom he's thinking about recording a joint EP.

During an interview with Billboard's The Juice, the Outkast member, who said he is "90 percent" finished recording the LP, revealed that Phantogram's feature on Vicious Lies could give way to something more.

"Phantogram. Recording with them was one of the best studio sessions we've had. It was really good. We have a little side project that we're thinking about working on right now too, called Big Grams. [It's] a collaboration with me and Phantogram. I think we'll put out a little EP or something after they drop the next record. Me and T.I. just did a song as well. I have a couple tricks up my sleeve but that's enough for now."

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  • lumburjak

    I'm so stoked for the new Big Boi album. Dude never disappoints. Not only is he a great rapper, but I loved the live instrumentation of the last album. He straight up makes great music.

    • Daz

      Big Boi is one of the greatest in my eyes. Everything he touches has a quality that a lot of other artists would kill to have. He even put on a free show in my town (Syd, AUS) - real respect for this artist.

  • micah dancy

    I would love for people to know Outkast is the Greatest Rap Group Ever!!!! they will never be another group like this period big boi and andre 3000 are still relevant they still pumping in my radio everyday they made timeless classic all their cds are great and innovating cant be duplicated period.Big boi is getting ready to drop another classic i like that song he did wit little dragon it's innovating gotta admire it.Cant wait for some real hip hop on nov 21 peace

    • o.O

      Everyone you just named is not better than OutKast. The closest is Tribe, as they dropped four classics back to back. But everyone else didnt have the longevity or creativity OutKast did. Besides 2Pac, I cant name another hip-hop artist, that managed to keep it real and be highly successful at the same time. OutKast gets respect from Jay-Z , Nas, Eminem, Joe Budden, Killer Mike , Q-Tip, and everyone else! They never claim to be the best , they just do what they do, and do it well. Quit hating dude. And Rakim and Eric B dropped what 4 CDS together before calling it quits? And they never reached the success OutKast did......but whatever man im done talking

    • nignog

      nwa, public enemy, and tribe are all better, hell i'd throw de la soul before outkast too. and since outkast is a duo you got the likes of eric b and rakim, kool g rap and dj polo, gangstarr etc. i never understood the massive overrating of outkast. not saying they're bad or anything but c'mon

  • Anonymous

    Maybe overseas he pushed another 25,000, but for someone with his track record, 200,000 has to be discouraging.

    • o.O

      Ok you think he expected to sell millions of records? His album was pushed back like 2-3 years before it even released. His label told him they wanted him to make a song like Lollipop from Lil Wayne, and he wasnt having that, so he went to Def Jam. I dont understand yall. Yall try to find negatives in every little thing in hip-hop. Just be glad, its still people supporting real hip-hop . Big Boi is a legend and deserves respect imo

  • Anonymous

    Can't wait to hear that song with Sleepy Brown. Any time Outkast & Sleepy link up is always supa fresh

  • Anonymous

    His last album sold over 200k" More like 175,000.

  • Anonymous

    "What else is there to prove?!?" Unfortunately, with success comes expectations, and artists can't live in the past. Alot of rappers have had success, but still have to fight to remain relevant. To each their own. Obviously you love Outkast. I'll agree on Aquemini, but everything else they did veered into pop.

    • -___-

      How did they sell out? Name anything that sounded like Stankonia and The Love Below/ Speakerboxxx at the time.......NOTHING DID! Just because it was singing on the album did not mean they sold out. They were just making dope music. Basically everyone said that you couldnt predict the success of Hey Ya! It was either a hit or couldve failed miserably, but it didnt. Give these boys respect man. Nothing they have did, should be considered selling out. Their message never changed on their albums. Did you ever hear them talking about the stacks they got? Or the money they throwing in the club? Whats a sellout song to you?

    • Anonymous

      After Aquemini I might agree but before nah

  • bmoc

    his last album was real good. pumped for this shit

  • Anonymous

    This is gonna flop harder than both Sheek Louch and Prodigy's albums combined.

    • BlazeDatIshUp

      ^^^ You are right they having nothing to prove. They've made classic records, sold a lot of albums, made a shitload of money and they can basically make whatever music they want to for the love of it. Big Boi's last joint was dope. I still bump 'Shutterbugg'....

    • -___-

      His last album received critical acclaim and sold over 200k, without a hot single. Hes choosing not to sellout, and I commend him for it. He has nothing else to prove. Show me anybody else in hip-hop that has done what OutKast has did. Dropped 3 classics back to back (ATLiens and Aquemini are considered masterpieces of hip-hop from everyone), got a 5 mic album in the source, dropped one of the most critically aclaimed hiphop albums of all time with Stankonia (95 on metacritic) , and then went and got a Grammy of the Year with Speakerboxxx/ The Love Below. To boost, they also have went diamond with it! What else is there to prove?!?

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