B.o.B Announces New Mixtape Due In 2012 & Discusses Pleasing Core Audience

B.o.B says his next mixtape will drop before his third album.

B.o.B recently revealed that he is working on his third studio album. However, the Atlanta emcee has more projects in store.

In an interview with Bootleg Kev, Bobby Ray said that he is working on a currently-untitled mixtape. "Before 2013," said B.o.B of the project. "I don't know [what the title is]. Up until this point, it's been relatively effortless naming my projects. Now it's a lot more challenging finding a name that really speaks for what I'm doing. I don't over-think it, though."

B.o.B also spoke on pressure from his core fanbase. "When I was making 'Haterz,' the thought came to me - if I make a song like 'No Man's Land,' or if I make a song like 'I'll Be in the Sky,' how will I connect that to my 'Haterz' fans?"

"That challenge, and that idea, has always been there. What has gotten me here has been fearlessly - without any inhibitions or any doubt in my mind - really just doing what I feel like doing musically. Never in my career have I made music to fit into a certain [style]." 

Watch the interview below:

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  • art

    I want the "Who the Fuck is B.o.B." and the "Cloud 9" B.o.B back

  • Samwise G

    i liked no genre and epic, how can you not like songs like wrong, what are we doing, and new york, new york (i know it came out earlier). those are classic bobby ray

  • Anonymous

    No Genre was dope as fuck, IMO better than Strange Clouds but I wasnt feeling E.P.I.C. that much so I hope he gets back to that or B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray quality... With no DJ please.

    • BW

      Yes, E.P.I.C was awful, I hope he comes with smtn like B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray , but No genre was great and strange clouds was very creative as well ; )

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